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Star Wars: Mercy Kill (GA Based FanFilm)

Discussion in 'Fan Films, Fan Audio & SciFi 3D' started by Danne, Dec 6, 2012.

  1. Danne

    Danne Jedi Youngling

    Dec 6, 2012
    Hello everyone!

    I am Danne. And this is my project!

    Currently, I'm writing the Screenplay. I'm looking for feedback, later, I might also need people, depending on who I can find in my area.

    So, here it is:

    Intro: Forest Clearing
    The story starts on the moon of Vetalax 9, a planet with a mild climate. It is covered mostly in lush forests. Scarcely inhabited due to its position in relation to Galactic Trade Routs.
    PAN: Treeline down
    Pan: Across clearing
    The forest surrounding the clearing is very dense, while the clearing itself has little plant life. The scene is serene.
    CLOSE UP: Side view of a bush bordering the clearing
    All is still> Then, the bush rustles slightly. Slowly, the barrel of a Blaster Rifle pushes through the bush. Tension rises as a group of 4 more barrels push through the bush.
    Lucas: (Whispering) Clear
    MEDIUM: Bush
    Slowly, a large, armored figure steps out of the bush. he stays low to the ground. Exiting the bush, he kneels and makes a 4 fingered gesture with his hand. After a few tense seconds, 4 other armored figures step out of the bush and kneel beside Lucas. Lucas stands to his full height. He looks left, then right, then center.
    Scene flashes out, and is replaced by the title
    Star Wars
    Mercy Kill
    Fades to black
    Scene 1: Forest Clearing
    MEDIUM CLOSE UP:Lucas's upper torso, head, and arms
    Lucas brings up both of his fists to shoulder level. He extends two fingers from each and points around the clearing.
    High shot down: Clearing and surrounding trees
    The 4 commandos spread out around the clearing.
    One of the Mandalorians, Sarsk, removes a pair of binoculars.
    POV:Through the Binoculars. Through the trees, a compound can be made out. The camera shakes slightly
    The compound is low to the ground and camouflaged from above.
    MEDIUM CLOSE UP: Tracks lucas's head.
    Lucas surveys the clearing. The mandalorians have taken up positions around the clearing, their various weapons trained at the lush surroundings.
    MEDIUM CLOSE UP: Sarsk and Lucas
    Sarsk can be seen looking through the binoculars. Lucas walks from the middle of the clearing to kneal beside him.
    Lucas: We got a clear shot to the target?
    Sarsk: Can't see much through the foliage. I can make out the compound.
    POV: Through the Binoculars. The Binoculars Zoom in on the compound.
    Lucas: Can you see any of the rebels?
    MEDIUM CLOSE UP: Sarsk and Lucas
    Sarsk: Too many trees.
    Scene switches to a tree with a shody view of the clearing.
    PAN:Around the sniper
    A teenaged girl with a sniper rifle is seen aiming at the group.
    Sniper:Currently wearing green shirt, brown pants, a camo cloak, and has a pair og gogles on her forehead
    OVER THE SHOULDER:The sniper
    The sniper rifle moves slightly as she takes aim at Lucas.
    CLOSE is placed beside the sniper scope and angled towards her and the scope
    The snipers eye squints and she bars her teeth, about to take the shot.
    PAN:Across clearing, settling on lucas and sarsk
    Lucas is pointing towards the compound, currently behind the camera
    Lucas: We can move to the east. We can get a better view from that area. Once we're there, we can-
    A blaster bolt hits slightly behind the two, kicking up dirt and rocks. Both Lucas and Sarsk turn towards the sound, while at the same time moving to various rocks and trees for cover. The Mandalorians in the background do the same.
    PAN:through clearing, towards mandalorians
    The Mandalorians quickly look out of cover in the direction of the shots. The Sniper continues to shoot. Dirt and rocks, along with leaves, are sprayed where the bolts hit. Ocasionally, a Mandalorian takes a wild shot, hitting wide in the trees. A few leaves and branches fall when this occurs.
    CLOSE UP:Lucas pressed up against a tree
    Lucas is taking cover behind a tree, popping out to fire 3 shots, then returning to cover. Soon after, a blaster bolt hits out of the shot. Rocks and dirt spray up into the shot.
    Lucas: Smoke Grenades!
    OVER THE SHOULDER:Mandalorian
    Two of the mandalorians nod, each removing a grenade.
    Far Shot: Woods facing clearing
    Two mandalorians lean out of cover and throw grenades. The Mandalorians enter the cover as the grenade sails out of the shot. Soon after, one of the grenades lands right center of the camera and starts relasing a cloud of smoke.
    POV:Sniper scope
    The scope is filled with smoke. None of the Mandalorians are seen.
    Pan:Following Lucas and Sarsk.
    Lucas raises his fist with 3 fingers out. Silently, he counts down. Once there are no fingers left, he and Sarsk race out of cover into the smoke cloud.
    MEDIUM:Smoke cloud
    Lucas and Sarsk come racing out of the cloud, skidding past the camera
    MEDIUM:Lucas and Sarks prone
    Lucas and Sarsk stop and quickly crouch, aiming their weapons into the trees, searching for the sniper.
    MEDIUM:Sniper from the side
    The sniper continues to fire shots off screen. The Cloak she is wearing allows her to blend with the trees.
    MEDIUM:Lucas and Sarks Prone
    Sarks points towards something off camera (The Sniper) Lucas takes aim and fires
    MEDIUM:Sniper from the side
    The blaster bolt is seen impacting the shoulder of the sniper. She cringes visible, clutching her shoulder. Due to all the movement, she looses her balance and falls from her perch.
    The sniper is seen laying on the ground, clutching her shoulder. Her cloak is singed, and the hood previously drawn over her face has fallen away.
    WIDE:Lucas and Sarks, standing behind a nearby tree.
    The two watch the fallen sniper writh in agony. Lucas hold his hand to his helmet.
    Lucas: We took the sniper down. Looks to be a rebel. Female. Unknown age. Took a blast to the shoulder. We're going to approach.
    CLOSE UP:Sniper
    She is still clutching her shoulder. She hears the sound of a twig snapping, she turns and looks up.
    Above her, Lucas and Sarks are looking at her. Shot starts to fade to black as the pain causes her to black out.
    Sarsk: She's just a kid.
    Lucas: Get your Cuffs out. We got a hostage.
    Fades to black. Shot fades back in.
    Scene 2: Forest Clearing, Night