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CT Star Wars Misconceptions You Had as a Kid. (RE-MADE)

Discussion in 'Classic Trilogy' started by Jedi_Saber101, Jun 9, 2011.

  1. Seeker Of The Whills

    Seeker Of The Whills Jedi Master star 4

    Jan 20, 2015
    I heard the line "And he was a good friend" as "Ani was a good friend."
  2. SateleNovelist11

    SateleNovelist11 Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Jan 10, 2015

    Yes, I thought that's what Obi-Wan in particular was saying during the first couple of times I watched ANH.

    I'll never get over how I thought Luke said, "He's kind of a strange, old Kermit," instead of, "a strange, old hermit." [face_rofl]

    I also thought that Obi-Wan severed the arm of Evazan, not Ponda Baba.
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  3. PCCViking

    PCCViking Force Ghost star 10

    Jun 12, 2014

    Luke was probably foreshadowing his meeting with Yoda. :p
  4. Seagoat

    Seagoat PT and Music Section Dictator star 5 Staff Member Manager

    Jan 25, 2013
    I had thought the arm thing too, but I wouldn't think it's uncommon. We hear Evazan groaning in pain. I assume Obi-Wan like slashed him across the stomach or something, but it still gives the impression
  5. bizzbizz

    bizzbizz Jedi Knight star 4

    Dec 16, 2015
    first time watching star wars as a young kid i thought it was dark vader instead of darth until my cousin told me
  6. Anakin.Skywalker

    Anakin.Skywalker Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Oct 11, 2016
    Luke's face! They did a good job on that video.

    Not exactly a Star Wars misconception.....more like a real life misconception. I used to think comlinks actually existed. :(
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  7. dva3842

    dva3842 Jedi Master star 1

    Apr 2, 2008
    I thought when Alderaan was blown up they were actually blowing up the half-moon in the night sky.
    When Obi-wan and Vader were fighting I thought there were more lines said than just "your powers are weak old man!" like Vader said something else possibly praising Obi-wan that wasn't there.
    I was scared crapless when Porkins and Red Leader went down. Like hearing someone die in an airplane crash. I'd thought they all went down like that except Luke.
    For some reason right before and when Yoda topples over, I thought Luke was exclaiming "God!" but he never said it. I also thought Yoda was telling Luke to pray and it was
    the work of god that the rocks started floating..
    I do remember I was scared crapless when the scenes would change from yoda on dagobah to han/leia in asteroids or cloud city. For some reason yoda was scary at times,
    or there was some kind of witchcraft or demonic posession in the woods/swamp.
    When they showed Luke's hand being replaced, I thought the high tech to do so was possible if one could pay millions for a new hand.
    Jabba slobbering the twilek girl almost felt like a rape scene as a kid. Also scary was dumping the twilek down the chute. Like ROTJ suddenly became a horror movie dropping down
    torture chutes and jabba's home being like trapped in a hellhole of deformed beings/turned off by twileks big time then, and such.
    thought Leia was pretty cruel choking Jabba like that. It was also traumatizing for a kid to see a woman like that. Later on the only similar
    scene that was as initially disturbing of women depicting hateful violence was that "i spit on your grave" movie scene. Brought Leia down a lot in my eyes then.
    I thought Boba Fett's rocket pack was broken or an antique because he couldn't fly around in it for long.
    When McDiarmid changed his voice to friendly-like sly, I thought it was a different person like the emperor could change his face like a mask or something.
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  8. SateleNovelist11

    SateleNovelist11 Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Jan 10, 2015

    ;) Good one.

    I suppose the stupidest misconception I had was that Luke was using Obi-Wan's lightsaber in TESB. I forgot that Obi-Wan had given him his father's. It was because the blades were both blue. Lol. I kept wondering how Luke got the lightsaber after Vader's duel with Obi-Wan. It didn't help that, as a child, I did not watch TESB for over a year after my first viewing. I would watch ANH and ROTJ and skip TESB, given how horrified I as to see Vader sever Luke's hand.

    This is going to sound odd, but due to my synesthesia, I was dyslexic with sounds and had difficulty spelling before I was thirteen, since I'm an extremely visual learner. So, when Palpatine says, "...your insignificant Rebellion," in ROTJ, I thought he said, "...your insignificant Rebinyon." Ridiculous, I know. And then I rewatched the CT, I thought that people were saying Rebinyon instead of Rebellion.

    Not sure if I mentioned this yet. But there were a couple of instances that I had trouble understanding Yoda. I thought he said, "Take it to him I will!" as opposed to, "Take you to him I will." I thought he was saying that he was going to take Luke's flashlight to Yoda! And the very first time I watched ROTJ, I thought that Yoda said, "Not ready for the burger were you." [face_laugh]
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  9. AndyLGR

    AndyLGR Jedi Master star 4

    May 1, 2014
    That all the equipment and soldiers that the Empire had was in the Death Star.
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  10. miasma

    miasma Jedi Master star 3

    Mar 29, 2013
    Can't recall if I ever posted this, but one of my biggest misconceptions after seeing ROTJ for the first time is that I thought Anakin was the same species as Admiral Ackbar (I didn't know the term Mon Calamari at the time.) I have no idea why I thought this. I just remember going to school the next day with a ROTJ picture book, and one of my friends asked me what Darth Vader looked like without his helmet. The book didn't have a picture of unmasked Vader (oddly), so I turned to a photo of Ackbar and said, "He looked just like this guy, but really pale." My friend said, "He's not human?" I said, "No, he's like some weird fish creature."
  11. ezekiel22x

    ezekiel22x Force Ghost star 5

    Aug 9, 2002
    I thought the trilogy would always be my favorite. Never entered my mind that one day my taste in movies would mature, causing me to gain enjoyment out of the series in a different manner.
  12. ForcePushUp

    ForcePushUp Jedi Padawan star 1

    Oct 19, 2016
    As a kid, I totally heard his name as "Dark Vader" instead of Darth.

    This kind of retroactively became wrong with the addition of Mitchlorians, but as a kid, I always assumed that anyone could be a Jedi or Force sensitive with the right level of training, commitment, and belief in the Force. I felt like Han could have been a Jedi if certain aspects of his life were different BUT he didn't believe in the Force, was never trained, and was too self centered to ever become one with the Force (at least the Light side). But no, I was wrong. Mitichlorians!
  13. Bazinga'd

    Bazinga'd The Man / Also Known as Bazinga'd star 6 Staff Member Manager

    Nov 1, 2012
    I thought Han Solo was "Ham Solo" :p
  14. sarlaccsaurs-rex

    sarlaccsaurs-rex Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Apr 10, 2007
    The second death star was the damaged first death star, this lead me to think yavin and endor were the same planet. I have a bunch more, but i'm pretty sure i've posted in this thread before.
  15. SateleNovelist11

    SateleNovelist11 Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Jan 10, 2015
    I thought the second Death Star was the first, as well, during my first two viewings.
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  16. 11-4D

    11-4D Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Apr 6, 2015
    I thought Darth Vader and Lord Vader were two different people. One had a fully black mask, one had those three silvery things around the "mouth". Not sure if I had even seen the movies at that point. Lol.
  17. Martoto77

    Martoto77 Jedi Master star 5

    Aug 6, 2016
    Sounds like a promotional sandwich.

    Maybe we should copyright that as a trademark then sell it to Subway.
  18. Bazinga'd

    Bazinga'd The Man / Also Known as Bazinga'd star 6 Staff Member Manager

    Nov 1, 2012
    Also, I think the gravity of A New Hope was lessened by watching "Hardware Wars"

  19. listrie

    listrie Jedi Youngling

    Sep 12, 2017
    I know this is an old thread, but I have a few I'd like to share!
    I used to think Admiral Ackbar was an Imperial Officer because his ship was white on the inside like a star destroyer, and that the "trap" was set by the rebels rather than the empire, who is defeated, and Ackbar would turn good for Force Awakens. Also a long time ago I thought the Millennium Falcon was bigger than the Death Star!
  20. Nipuhanipera

    Nipuhanipera Jedi Grand Master star 5

    May 25, 2014
    I thought Lando said to Han: "How're you doing, you old parrot?" instead of "pirate" in ESB.
  21. SateleNovelist11

    SateleNovelist11 Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Jan 10, 2015
    That's priceless!
  22. Dread Pirate Roberts

    Dread Pirate Roberts Jedi Padawan star 2

    Feb 28, 2017
    When TPM came out, I thought Luke was Ani's dad. Timeline was too difficult for me to grasp.

    I thought "Master Sifo-Dyas" was Qui-gon Jinn, because Obi said he was his old master.

    When Yoda rounds the corner to fight Dooku in AOTC, when the shadow of him first appeared I was sure it was a clone trooper who'd come to save the day.

    I thought TPM was just Star Wars 4, didn't realize at first there'd be two more movies.

    *Just realized this was the Classic Trilogy forum. Unfortunately I can't really remember any misconceptions I had with the OT as a kid, just the PT. I guess I thought Luke and Leia would be a good couple, so much for my matchmaking skills at age 4.
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  23. MatthewZ

    MatthewZ Jedi Master star 4

    Sep 21, 2003
    So the misconceptions never cease. ;) I keed. I keed.
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  24. Finland Skywalker

    Finland Skywalker Jedi Padawan star 1

    Nov 13, 2016
    My brother used to think that Jabba the Hutt was Obi-wan's father.
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  25. Bob Effette

    Bob Effette Jedi Knight star 3

    Dec 20, 2015
    I used to wonder who "Peter Lay" was from when Greedo stops Han Solo and during the conversation he says something that sounds like "Some Peter Lay..."
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