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Discussion in 'Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by SkywalkerShine, Jun 26, 2009.

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  1. GenOochy

    GenOochy Jedi Master star 5

    Jan 8, 2003
    Name: Commander Sage Parvil III

    Age: 27

    Gender: Male

    Species: Wolatarian

    Appearance: "Wolatarians were caterpillar like beings, with four eyes and multiple appendages. Usually walking with part of their body upright and two appendages extended outwards for arms, with their face was merged into the underside of their body just beyond the top two appendages. Their fur was deeply matted atop their exoskeleton which is supported by layers of heavy muscles. From end to end a Wolatarian could stretch more than 2.6 meters. Average standing height was just over 1.5 meters."

    Personality: Relaxed, rarely gets upset. Drinks a large amount of stemcaf and enjoys light, but moody music.

    Homeworld: [link=]Or'rac[/link]

    Occupation: Commander, Technical Research Vessel-923, the Moonchild

    Weapons: 6mm hypersonic rail pistol (48rds clip); 12.7mm autorifle (45rd clip); vibrosabre

    Ship: TRV-923 Moonchild, a Vandar Dusk-class research ship. Crew of three; missile bay (five drones, five anti-shipping missiles); two duel automatic, high-speed 38mm rail cannons for ship-point defense. Vessel is highly automatized and used primarily for the interception of signals and planetary scans. Drones can be used for electronic warfare (jamming and deception) or high-speed suicide attacks.

    Bio: Sage Parvil III attended the Military Institute of Or'rac after graduating his primary school. Receiving his degree in an intelligence specialty, he began a successful, yet uneventful military career with the Woltarian Navy. His current assignment is out-of-system intelligence gathering mission to the Tatoo system to support anti-piracy operations. What he did not expect was to be drawn into the hunt for a far more sinister threat.
  2. GenOochy

    GenOochy Jedi Master star 5

    Jan 8, 2003
    OOC: It has been too long since I RPed.. This should be fun... Those who haven't played with me and my Wolatarians before, I'll explain things as I go along. They are very alien juxtaposition against the other Star Wars races, which makes sense as they followed a technological evolution that was mostly sheltered from the rest of the galaxy. As a note the rank structure for Wolatarian Naval officers is as follows: Ensign, Lieutenant, Commander, Senior Commander, Captain, Commodore, Master Commodore, Vice Admiral, Admiral, and Fleet Admiral.

    IC: Cdr. Sage Parvil III

    Wheelhouse of the Wolatarian Navy Technical Research Vessel Moonchild; day 12 of out-of-system operations in the Tatoo system; 398km above the surface of Tatooine, NE of Mos Eisley; en route for port call at Mos Eisley

    "Mos Eisley Control, Naval Forces Theta-Rho-Niner-Two-Fife, en route on landing declination three-eight degrees, fife-two-four out, northeast." Said the Wolatarian commander over the comm-link.

    It had been twelve days since they had left the Vandar system for gathering operations in Tatoo. The Moonchild was gliding into the atmosphere towards the smuggling town where the crew planned to make a twelve hour port call to refuel and take on provisions. It would be the first of three port calls on this thirty-eight day deployment and Sage and the other two crew members of the Moonchild planned to enjoy the experience. Sage himself had only been out of the Acare star cluster twice, and both were short stops to hyperspace stations. This would be his first chance to see an alien world. They planned to be back on station near the Ghost Tide Nebula in twenty-seven hours.

    "Understood Naval Forces Niner-two-fife. Hold heading and contact docking port four-six on final. Advise traffic, two at angels fifteen, track west; one, angels seven, track south-west-south. Eisley control, out."

    "Niner-two-fife, roger, out." Sage said and climbed out of the command seat, the automated systems aboard the ship guiding them in. "Any caf left?" He said to Lieutenant Ubi Coltar, who was sitting behind him at the main console, browsing the holonet.

    "A cup, maybe. I'd say it's burnt.. Tis yours if you want it." Ubi said, glancing at the stemcaf maker at the back of the wheelhouse and then turning back to his screen, typing a stat post for the holonet page that read: 'one hot, barren world to another.. most unpleasant..'

    "Never mind then, I'll get something on the surface. About four minutes 'till we hit the atmosphere, aye?"

    "Roger that.. Hey, looks like the expected high for today in Mos Eisley is a balmy hundred and seven.. That's cooler than Vandar, at least.." Lt. Ubi said, with a bit of annoyance in his tone. The heavy set lieutenant was not looking forward to spending anytime baking in the scorching heat of Tatooine. He had been on Vandar for the last two years where daytime temperature hovered around one-hundred and twenty degrees on average.

    The third member of the crew was a female Wolatarian, Lt. Stona Chandeen, who was the lead engineer and monitored the several droid mechanics in the lower decks. As they descended into the Tatooine atmosphere, she was in her station on the second deck, double-checking the engine readouts. The engines of the Vandar Dusk-class ships were prone to failure, and an engine failure during atmospheric transcendence could be disastrous.

    The Moonchild slipped into the atmosphere of Tatooine and headed for the surface. Twenty-five minutes later the vessel nestled itself into the docking bay and the crew opened the hatch. After a short chat with the ground crew, the vessel was connected to the refueling nodes, and coolant, hyperdrive fuel and fresh water began to pump aboard. Armed with just their auto-pistols, the three officers fro the Moonchild headed for a establishment known as Chalmun's Cantina, which according to Lt. Ubi's research on the holonet, was the prime spot of the town.

  3. SkywalkerShine

    SkywalkerShine Jedi Master star 3

    Aug 16, 2007
    IC: Jinala Hills

    Mos Eisley streets

    Finally, Jinala, Cade and his two crew were out of the cantina. They began to walk off towards the docking bay. "Okay. So far, we got one guy and you, Hills. Now... I don't know about the Jedi guys, but I'm pretty sure they'll soon follow."

    Jinala nodded. "Right. So once we get in your ship, we'll discuss the plan?"

    "Yeah. By the way, be on the look out for more Sith. I'm gettin' pretty tired of 'em..." Cade added.

    Jinala nodded. Suddenly, she could see three strange looking species. She never seen them before. But it didn't matter. What matter was that the Dark Minions should be brought down.

    Tag: Anyone around/in Mos Eisley cantina
  4. GenOochy

    GenOochy Jedi Master star 5

    Jan 8, 2003
    IC: Cdr. Sage Parvil III and the crew of the Moonchild

    Streets of Mos Eisley, >50 meters from Chalmun's Cantina


    They were classified as a high-value alien intelligence target by Wolatarian Naval doctrine; and per doctrine Sage was to interact with them at first chance and try to get any information he could out of them in casual conversation. Though basic collection and counter-intelligence was part of his training, he had never actually employ any of the techniques, and knew if he tried to hard, it would come off as an amateurish attempt. Still, it might be a great opportunity and if he gleaned something useful, it might help him get the promotion he was seeking for Senior Commander. 'Hopefully this won't interrupt drinks', he thought.

    "'allo and afternoon to you," he said, gesturing towards the cantina. "What's going on in there?"

    TAG: Cade Skywalker and the others in the area.
  5. darthvecron

    darthvecron Jedi Youngling

    Sep 14, 2007
    OOC: Sorry I have not posted in a while, I lost internet at my home and have been constrained to the library for my internet doses. My postings won't be as regular now.

    IC: Cedric
    Mos Eisley Street
    Cedric followed in step behind Cade and his crew. Might as well find out what the activity was all about. On their way out he saw three of strangest creatures that he had ever seen. Kinda cute, if they weren't so big. Cedric rather disliked bugs taller than his ankle. He took a sideline to this one, let the Skywalker big shot take this one.

    Tag: Skywalkershine
  6. galactic-vagabond422

    galactic-vagabond422 Jedi Master star 4

    Jul 11, 2009
    OOC: I have been allowed by the GM to take control of Darth Miklains. This will be short.

    Darth Miklains

    Mos Esiely Cantina

    Miklains felt a new presents enter the cantina. Miklains took note and focused on the Jedi in front of him. He raised his arm prepareing to strike at the older man. Another blaster shot rang out. In an instant Miklains felt the sting, he lost feeling in his legs. He fell forward carried by the momentum of his swing. Crashing to the ground he look to the origin. "You will pay for this!" Miklains called out to the man. He looked up the the Jedi. "You'd best strike me down or I will come back to kill you in your sleep.

    TAG: Sam or Thraell
  7. Xaja_Silversheen

    Xaja_Silversheen Jedi Youngling

    Jul 31, 2009
    Are you still accepting Jedi characters? I'd PM you my sheet, but I don't have enough posts to do said PMing... Grr...

    NAME: Zara Tsarin
    AGE: 23
    HOMEWORLD: Lavisar
    SPECIES: Human
    DESCRIPTION: Petite, waist-length red hair and green eyes.
    RANK/OCCUPATION: Jedi Knight
    BIO: Zara was found in a Lavisarian orphanage by a Knight when she was an infant and was trained in the Temple. Since she was Knighted, she spends her time planet-hopping on various undercover assignments for the Council.
    PERSONALITY: She has a fiery temper, held back only with years of training. She has opinions on virtually everything and makes them known by whatever means necessary. She subscribes to the code of "the ends justify the means". She has no problems with trash-talking people into submission. (A/N, will not use language though ;))
    WEAPONS: Dual bladed lightsabre, one side blue, the other green. While undercover, she also carries a blaster under her robe attached to her right thigh, and small knives hidden in her sleeves.
    CLOTHING: Standard Jedi apparel, under a too-large grey robe, with knee-height brown boots.


    Again, sorry it's not a PM...
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