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Spok, WA Star Wars Persona

Discussion in 'Pacific Regional Discussion' started by JarusSarn, Nov 2, 2004.

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  1. JarusSarn

    JarusSarn Jedi Padawan star 4

    Feb 10, 2004
    We've all made one at one point or another ^_^ admit it! Everyone has made an alter-ego for themselves in the Star Wars universe. Post your persona here. Post whatever you want, Name, Species, Profession, Home Planet, Weapons, Ships, Droids, Appearance, a Bio and a Picture (if you've got one); or all the above!!! Post it! I'll start...

    Name - Jarus Sarn
    Species - Human
    Profession - Smuggler, Pilot, Gunslinger
    Home Planet - Corellia
    Weapons - Modified Metal (Silver) DL-44 Blaster Pistol
    Ships - Light "scyk" personal fighter "Crimson Rogue"; SoroSuub Luxury Yacht 3000 "Wanderlust"; Unknown freighter (believed to possibly be a YT-2000) formerly known as "Terus' Pride" (currently being restored)
    Droids - R8-D4 Green Astromech Droid
    Appearance - Scruffy, short brown hair with sideburns and a chin goatee. Jarus Wears black boots, a black side-buttoning shirt, Second Class Corellian "Blood Stripes", a black pistol belt, and a grey "rugged" jacket.
    Bio -
    - Chapter 1 -
    Jarus Sarn hails from a long line of Corellian Jedi Masters, most notably his uncle the great Jedi Master Laosus Sarn, who served the Republic at the height of its power. Laosus and his Padawan Aleon Mael were thought by many to be the ideal Jedi, loyal, trustworthy, and honest. After the Empire killed Jarus' parents for consorting with the Rebellion, he sought out his only living relative, Master Sarn who had gone into hiding to escape the Imperial-led purge of the Jedi. The wise Jedi Master took in his nephew, and helped him to control his emotions, and not let his anger over his parents death take control. Laosus decided early on that it would be best not to train the boy as a Jedi, which he believed may lead to an early death for his young nephew. Laosus taught Jarus all he knew about the galaxy, space travel, other species, weapons, and galactic trade. When there was no more to teach Jarus, Master Sarn became one with the Force in his home on Yavin IV. Jarus left his uncle's home, and now travels the galaxy smuggling for the highest bidder...
    - Chapter 2 -
    Jarus Sarn's parents were merchants by trade, they travelled the galaxy trading goods between shops, making a living where they could. Jarus mother, Marna Sarn, was a proficient tailor; and his father, Terus Sarn, was a skilled pilot and one of the fastest racers in the Galaxy. When Jarus was born, Terus gave up racing for a safer profession, that of a trader. While still being known as an excellent pilot, Terus yearned for the thrill of the race. So Terus began modifying his freighter, he bought larger engines, and upgraded controls. When he was finished, Terus had the fastest freighter ever built, which he christened "Terus' Pride". He continued trading, and business went well, but soon things took a turn for the worst. The Empire shot down the Sarn's ship for transporting Rebel supplies. Only young Jarus escaped, Terus put him in the ship's only escape pod. After many years, Jarus has discovered the wreckage of "Terus' Pride" and identified it as his father's ship. With the help of his brilliant engineer friend Tralmek, Jarus is working to rebuild and repair his father's ship to it's former glory...


    For those of you who haven't ever thought about your character's clothes, or maybe want a new "look" for your character, check out this website [link=]TK Fashion[/link] it was designed by a Tailor from "Star Wars Galaxies" it's an awesome collection of Star Warsy clothes that are in Galaxies, I found it extremely useful ^_^
  2. Jito_Najiyyah

    Jito_Najiyyah Jedi Youngling star 2

    Apr 26, 2004
    [blockquote]We've all made one at one point or another ^_^ admit it! [/blockquote]

    Only one??? You'll see several of mine.

    Name:Najiyyah Azah
    Age:20 years
    Weight:140 lbs
    Hair Color: Fiery Red
    Eye Color: Green
    Height: 5'9"
    Faction: Smuggler's Alliance
    Profession: Smuggler, Assassian
    Current Planet of Operations: Coruscant
    Personal Ship: Namaarie
    Current Weapons: Sword, heavy assault rifle, blaster, knifes, and handguns. Has the ability to get hands on other weaponry when needed within a short period of time.
    Appearance:Waist length red hair is most often pulled back in a braid woven with leather straps. Armor is custom built to fit her perfectly and is light but strong. Altered deep blue Gi fits nicely over armor and is embelished with two dragons in the same piercing green as her eyes. Black leather boots are knee high and Najiyyah's knifes are sheathed nicely on the inside of both boots. Handguns and blaster are holstered at both hips and both rifle and sword are slung across back.
    Quick bio: Najiyyah saw her parents killed at the age of three. Her parents had always read stories to her about smugglers and thus she did all in her power to enter the trade. She took on the job of assassain as well. She has an extremely hard time trusting people. She is very rough around the edges. She has a hard time responding to affection, since it is very foreign to her.


    Najiyyah means friendly and affectionate, but don't let my name fool you. After all, I am an assassian!

    Azah means strong and bright.

    ~Cunning and Savage to the extreme~
  3. ChamllellaLlewellyn

    ChamllellaLlewellyn Jedi Youngling star 1

    Oct 19, 2004
    Name: Chamllella "Chameleon" Neysa Llewellyn
    Age: 19
    Gender: Female
    Affiliation: Galactic Empire
    Rank: Student
    Current Location: Caridan Military Academy
    Hair: Red
    Eyes: Green
    Height: 6'0"
    Weight: 145lbs
    Appearence: Fit teenager, long legs
    Weapon(s): blaster pistol, blaster rifle
    Quick Bio: Rough childhood. Given two options for career choice. Choose the academy as the lesser evil of the two. After barely escaping with her life from the other evil. Mom died when she was 4 years old and her little sister, Yasmin Quartney was 1 years old. Her father was a gambler prior to her mother's death and immediately after her death, he gambled away his wife's fortune. He was also a heavy drinker. He deadened the sorrow to the point that anything could enrage him. He took out his anger on his daughters. Yasmin died at age 5 from injuries inflicted by her father. Chamllella was 8. She was forced to work in a sock and glove stitching factory throughout her childhood. At age 13, she ran away from home. Her father found her again when she was 16 and sold her to a slave trader. She escaped with a bounty placed on her head by her father. She was captured again at age 18 and taken to the creature that had purchased her. Her innocense was stolen from her at this point. She made her escape again and the bounty hunter that found her was willing to let her go into the Caridan Military Academy, provided that the inheritance from her mother that she had just discovered was given to the bounty hunter in payment. Chamllella agreed and paid off the bounty hunter. She is now living off the funds that her mother had left for her little sister while training to become a Stormtrooper.

    No picture available at this time.
  4. HeulwenLleuluMeical

    HeulwenLleuluMeical Jedi Youngling

    Oct 10, 2004
    Name: Heulwen Lleulu Meical
    Gender: Female
    Age: 32
    Species: Wolatarian
    Homeworld/Province: Alpha Prime; Southern hemisphere
    Affiliation: The Woltar Defense
    Division: Command and Control
    ---Traits: Very quiet. Tends to speak only when spoken to or given/giving orders. Keeps to herself and is very devote in service to the Woltar Defense
    ---Likes: Quietness and not being yelled at.
    ---Dislikes: Making mistakes, being yelled at, and chaotic noise.
    ---Habits: Likes to remain in the shadows and unnoticed, shakes when nervous.
    ---Skin Color: Black under her fir.
    ---Hair Color: Dark brown with 6 light brown bands.
    ---Eye Color: Dark grey
    ---Clothing: Blue uniform or simple brown clothing.
    Weapons: .4 inch pistol, .6 inch assault riffle and sword.
    Spirit/Force: None

    ---Personal History: Joined the Defense at 16 after some military schooling. She quickly worked her way up through the ranks to her current position in the Defense with hard work and valor.
    ---Military History: Current Rank: Lt. General in Woltar Defense, joined at age 19 and has fought in one small engagement with the PDF defending Wolatarian villages.

    Behind the name
    Heulwen is Welsh and means "Sunshine."
    Lleulu is the Welsh form of Lucia and Lucia is the feminine form of LUCIUS. (Saint Lucia was a 4th-century martyr from Syracuse who had her eyes gouged out.) Lucius is a Roman praenomen, or given name, which was derived from Latin lux "light".
    Meical is the Welsh form of Michael. Michael is from the Hebrew name Miyka'el which meant "who is like God?". And it is in honor and in memory of my little brother Mikey .
  5. Alternyanaalasse

    Alternyanaalasse Jedi Youngling

    Sep 9, 2004
    Name: Alternyanáalassë Beujâ Dômilindê
    Gender: Female
    Age: 13
    Species: Taurêmardo ? ?Forest Dweller?
    Homeworld/Province: Alpha Prime, The Woods of the West
    Affiliation: Kingdom of the Elves
    Division: Well trained in Elvish medicine and is contemplating training to be part of the Primean Medical
    ---Traits: Upbeat girl who is generally curious and gets into trouble a lot. She enjoys be mishievious.
    ---Likes: Archery, reading, exploring her surroundings, sneaking up on others, causing trouble, music, tracking, and having fun.
    ---Dislikes: Feeling trapped, talking in front of large groups, getting caught, seeing things die, and chores.
    ---Habits: Talking/singing to herself or nature. Twirls hair when nervous. Prefers to sleep outside.
    ---Skin Color: Peach with an aqua tint.
    ---Hair Color: teal with purple streaks
    ---Eye Color: purple
    ---Clothing: Hooded cloak, usually black. Dresses and pant/shirt sets are usually made of tanned animal hide.
    ---Other Attributes/Details: Pointed ears. A teal flowering vine with purple flowers imprinted in skin like a bracelet on both wrists (vine trials down hand or up arm in places).
    Weapons: Bow and arrows, sword, and spear.
    Spirit/Force: Close attunement to the environment, can sense changes in plants and animals. Unable to read people accept when it comes to physical injuries..
    ---Personal History: Parents disappeared when I was seven. I set out to find them but after 3 years of searching, I returned home to look for more clues concerning their vanishing. I live off the forest, alone. My little sister died of disease when she was 3, I was 5. I feel responsible for her death. The woods have taught me many lessons.
    ---Military History: None at this time.

    No picture available at this time.
  6. Earwen_Lightrider

    Earwen_Lightrider Former RSA & Spokantina CR star 6 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Jan 17, 2004
    Name: (Aranel) Earwen Námië (Ancalime)Lightrider
    Gender: Female
    Age: 20 in Outcast RP / 37 in Primean Defense Force RP
    Species: Melmeolalaithian
    Homeworld/Province: Melmeolalaith
    Affiliation: None
    Division: Outcast / Retired Outcast joining PDF
    ---Traits: Cheerful, very social, mischievous, random, and loud.
    ---Likes: Family, singing, lore, flying, developing Jedi talents, Outcast friends, and reading.
    ---Dislikes: Royal hierarchy, killing living things, and feeling trapped.
    ---Habits: Talkative. Extremely curious.
    ---Skin Color: Faint blue. Gives the illusion of glowing when she is exceedingly happy.
    ---Hair Color: Fiery red. Layered cut, no bangs. Often has two small braids that form a tiara of sorts.
    ---Eye Color: Green
    ---Clothing: Green cloak with a leaf clasp. Often wears sleeveless dresses with special arm bands that have leaves trailing down to bracelets. Circular emblems of silver are found in the middle of the arm bands on both sides. While she was with the Outcasts the emblems were of the Outcast logo and the Preventer logo. Now she wears the Melmeolalaithian crest and a Primean symbol. With the dresses she wears short boots that come up to just above the ankle as solid and then wrap in a spiral open form up to just below the knee. She also wears shirt and pant sets on occasion. Her outfit is made complete with her silver leaf belt with her lightsaber attached (and decorated with the same leaves) also has a detatchable holster for her blaster.
    ---Other Attributes/Details: Ears are slightly pointed.
    Weapons: Lightsaber. Blaster and mini blasters. Bow and arrows. Knives.
    Spirit/Force: Received extensive Jedi training. Connection with the Force is still strong, but the ability to use it is weakening with age.
    ---Personal History:
    0 years born into the Melmeolalaithian Royal Family as the crown princess and heir to the throne
    3 years old began Jedi training in secret with an uncle
    7 years old began head of state lessons
    8 years old began flying lessons
    10 years old co-presided over matters of the people
    13 years old left Melmeolalaith and set out on her own
    18 years old joined the Outcasts
    19 years old married Skye Lightrider
    21 years old gave birth to Menelluin and Elerrina
    35 years old retired to farming
    ---Military History: Served the Jedi Outcasts for 17 years moving up thru the ranks from Flight Officer to Commander. Was a part of the Special Ops force, the Preventers.
  7. Elerrina_Lightrider

    Elerrina_Lightrider Jedi Youngling

    Jun 19, 2004
    Name: Elerrina Calassë Lightrider
    Gender: Female
    Age: 16 (slightly older than her twin)
    Species: Primean/Melmeolalaithian mix
    Homeworld/Province: Mon Calamari MC80 Cruiser Stryke
    Affiliation: Civilian
    Division/Trade: Farmer on family ranch.
    ---Traits: A quiet girl, much the opposite of her twin. Her contemplative nature allows her to get along wonderfully with her father while wondering on occasions what in the world gets her mother and brother to do some of the things they do. She gets along with her mother well enough, but finds that she has trouble relating to her mother?s oddness. Her brother?s argumentative nature gets on her nerves and, like her father, she enjoys solitude on a regular basis.
    ---Likes: Studying lore, beating her brother in a game of wits, singing.
    ---Dislikes: Too many distractions. Combat.
    ---Habits: Wanders off to be alone (constantly trying to find a way to get away from her brother). Spends hours studying lore.
    ---Skin Color: Caucasian with some of her mother?s blue tint.
    ---Hair Color: Red. Her hair is straight, going to about the small of her back. Large lengths to shoulder length are just in front of her ears, and bangs over her headband to ear length (triple layered hair)
    ---Eye Color: Green.
    ---Clothing: Long gi top with long sleeves that makes a skirt to just above knees. Pants that cover the rest of her legs. Simple boots, and a large headband that completely covers her forehead. So the gi top is long, held back by a wide belt.
    ---Other Attributes/Details: Nothing significant.
    Weapons: Self-Built Lightsaber as part of Jedi Training. Bow and arrows that her mother taught her how to carve, string, and align feathers.
    Spirit/Force: Due to lineage, Elerrina has a Force/Spirit mix. Her calmness grants her great control over her abilities. Elerrina is opposite her brother in that she is more in control of the mental aspects of her abilities than the physical aspects.
    ---Personal History: Born while parents were members of the Jedi Outcasts. Lived on the Mon Cal Cruiser, learning from her extended family. Military life soon taught her several harsh lessons in life and created her desire for a peaceful means to settle any conflict. Elerrina was delighted when her parents decided to retire to Alpha Prime and live a peaceful life out in the country, even though she would miss her Outcast friends.
    ---Military History: None Official. She did go on some missions with her parents while they were part of the Outcasts. Through her experience as a youth with the Outcasts, she learned much of military life, though was never officially an officer. She also learned a great deal about the technology as an apprentice of Lissa Rosqu.

    No picture available at this time.
  8. Menelluin_Lightrider

    Menelluin_Lightrider Jedi Youngling

    Jun 19, 2004
    Name: Menelluin Ráca Lightrider
    Gender: Male
    Age: 16
    Species: Primean/Melmeolalaithian mix
    Homeworld/Province: Mon Calamari MC80 Cruiser Stryke
    Affiliation: Civilian
    Division/Trade: Farmer on family ranch.
    ---Traits: A rambunctious, eager troublemaker. He looks to his father with admiration as the legendary hero and strives to be just like him. However, Skye's rejection of his heroic past has created a strong tension between Menelluin and his father, leading to Menelluin's almost constantly in trouble. He also argues with his twin sister, Ellerina, jealous of her seemingly closer relationship with his father. His mother Earwen is the only one who seems to still listen to his needs.
    ---Likes: His father, to the point of hero worship. The military life he had with the Outcasts. Combat training.
    ---Dislikes: Having to be still and quiet. The constant dissapointment he seemingly makes in his father. Constantly being held back.
    ---Habits: Constant troublemaker. Always in disagreement with his father. Overeagerness leads to a slight lack of control with his Force/Spirit.
    ---Skin Color: Caucasian with some of his mother's blue tint
    ---Hair Color: Grey, a few shades darker than his father's. Forms large spikes that fall around head, the largest past his shoulders.
    ---Eye Color: Light Blue.
    ---Clothing: Loose gi with decorative patterns in fabric. Top has short sleeves, but an undershirt gives more coverage. Pants stop just above knee. Simple boots that match gi.. As Lightrider's son, Menelluin wears the family crest, a large medallion given to the oldest son of each generation.
    ---Other Attributes/Details: Nothing significant.
    Weapons: Self-Built Lightsaber as part of Jedi Training. Small blaster given as present from an Outcast.
    Spirit/Force: Due to lineage, Menelluin has a Force/Spirit mix. His overeagerness often makes his control lacking. Menelluin is more attuned to the phsycial aspects of the abilities, with more contol over objects rather than mental abilities.
    ---Personal History: Born while parents were members of the Jedi Outcasts. Lived on the Mon Cal Cruiser, learning from his extended family. A few incidents quickly taught him some harsh lessons in life. Menelluin grew to adore the military life, praising his father as the legendary hero; his goal was to be just like his father someday. Menelluin was devastated when his parents decided to retire to Alpha Prime and live a peaceful life out in the country. Menelluin vows that as soon as he reaches the Age of Ascension, he will leave and join the military, despite his father's wishes.
    ---Military History: None Official. He did go on some missions with his parents while they were part of the Outcasts. Through his experience as a youth with the Outcasts, he learned much of military life, though was never officially an officer.

    No picture available at this time.
  9. JarusSarn

    JarusSarn Jedi Padawan star 4

    Feb 10, 2004
    Wow... Are those all yours Natalie... Wow... You're like one of those people who plays Star Wars Galaxies and has characters on like 12 different servers...

    Ok, perhaps I should specify... who is your MAIN persona ^_^ the one you like the best, the one you would cos-play as at a Con.
  10. Earwen_Lightrider

    Earwen_Lightrider Former RSA & Spokantina CR star 6 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Jan 17, 2004
    [blockquote]Wow... Are those all yours Natalie... Wow... You're like one of those people who plays Star Wars Galaxies and has characters on like 12 different servers...

    Ok, perhaps I should specify... who is your MAIN persona ^_^ the one you like the best, the one you would cos-play as at a Con. [/blockquote]

    Yes. Those are all mine (the twins Elerrina and Menelluin are shared between my boyfriend and I). I've never played Star Wars Galaxy. My main persona is Earwen Lightrider. The one I like the best depends on my mood. And I just realized that I am missing two of my personas :p in the above list. I may get them up tonight, or I may wait until tomorrow.
  11. Daramin_of_The_Way

    Daramin_of_The_Way Jedi Padawan star 4

    Oct 30, 2004
    Name- Aleon Mael
    Species- Human
    Profession- Jedi Knight
    Home Planet- Unknown
    Weapons- dual sided lightsaber; single bladed lighsaber
    Ship(s)- Republic Cruiser (never flew it), Republic gunship (did get to fly that), experimental two man fighter (blew up due to sabotage)
    Droids- none
    Appearance- short, crew cut hair, kept that way even after becoming a Jedi Knight; clean shaven, loose gray robes, with black boots and a dark gray, hooded robe.
    Chapter 1: Tales of Two Jedi:
    Aleon grew up in the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, a stereotypical Jedi life. At 13 he was apprenticed to then Jedi Knight Laosus Sarn for more personal training. Sarn was an embodiment of Jedi principles, seeking the Force in all his actions and refining his skills like the well-sharpened blade of a sword. Sarn trained Aleon in the ways of the Force, the basics of meditating and seeking answers before acting. Aleon learned all he could, taking on difficult projects in order to expand his skills, succeeding at some, failing at others, but still trying. Despite being a good student, Aleon retained a questioning, independent mind. There were times that he became so determined to learn, or accomplish, something it almost proved to be an obsession.
    In his studies he discovered the art of using a two bladed saber, a controversial technique due to the extreme danger presented to both the user and any allies nearby. He learned the style anyway, but later gave it up when he took on an apprentice.
    Chapter 2: Masters of the Force
    His apprentice, a female Zabrak, proved to be his hardest challenge. She was the former Padawan of a Jedi Master, who?s death Aleon felt responsible for, and sought the Council?s approval to finish her training. The Council agreed after granting him the title of Jedi Knight. However, Aleon had not realized how strong his attraction was to this girl and the two became dangerously close in their relationship. Unwilling to risk expulsion both sought consul from Sarn and were able to resolve their emotions before it went to far. She became a Knight, working closely with Aleon but their relationship never developed further
    The outbreak of the Clone Wars brought Aleon another challenge. He, Sarn and the Zabrak were working together to discover leads to the Sith threat when Aleon was called upon to lead troops into battle, while Sarn and the Zabrak continued intelligence operations, this time for the Republic about the Separatists.
    It would be nice to say the Aleon survived his tour with the many clone troops he commanded, but it isn?t so. On a critical planet, Aleon?s battalion was the last one, as Separatists had cut off Republic reinforcements. Dooku?s forces on the planet were marshalling against the locals and Aleon was not about the stand by and let that happen. Taking two platoons in two gunships Aleon broke through the droid resistance, decimating two lines before one ship was shot down, killing both pilots. Aleon regrouped his platoons, ordering one to stay behind to radio in artillery strikes, while Aleon flew the other gunship into the Separatist compound with the second platoon. The gunship took heavy fire as he drove kamikaze like at the main fortress, shoving the nose through the wall, cannons firing the whole time, shattering droids and turrets, creating much dust and smoke from fires. With iron core determination, Aleon brandished his blue saber, leading the platoon into the compound, countless droids falling in the wake of their path.
    No one knows how Aleon died. Perhpaes it was due to artillery strikes or a droid bested him. In any case, he did not survive the raid but his breaking of the lines forced Separatists to fall back, saving local lives as well as buying time for additional Republic troops to arrive.
  12. Daramin_of_The_Way

    Daramin_of_The_Way Jedi Padawan star 4

    Oct 30, 2004
    Name: Daramin Nasarim
    Species: Human
    Profession: Musician, Dancer, ventral gunner
    Homeplanet: None
    Weapons: Cannons onboard "Booster Blue", sword when necessary
    Ships: None
    Apperance: Tan skin, short brown hair, clean shaven except for a soul patch. He changes outfits for different performances but often wears black pants with white stripes and a white shirt with black shoulders.
    "We get in trouble; we get out of trouble. That's what we do."
    Despite being an aspiring musician, Daramin Nasarim seems to find himself getting into trouble quite a bit. But, as he states above, he and his friends usually work their way out as well, owing mostly to the skills of his friends that Daramin himself. But, this is getting ahead of the story. You probably want to know about his past, maybe? A conversation starter or some neat little fact? Rest assured, you will not be disappointed.
    Daramin's parents, Arum and Idella Nasarim, met on board a senator's yatch. He was a cook while she was one of the senator's aides, constanly running about on various errands, both on Coruscant and on board ship. One day, Idella needed to check on the food supplies and bumped into Arum. A friendship grew from their first conversation and from that came a marriage. When the senator failed to get reelected, the newlyweds decided that Coruscant wasn't the place to start a family. They opted for Corellia, to keep in touch with the changing political scene, but still find some isolation from the hurried life.
    On the trip to Corellia, Daramin was born. This is one of the reasons that Daramin doesn't claim a homeworld, even though his parents set up a nice house on Corellia, on the outskirts of Coronet.
    Daramin's childhood was a simple one; going to school, helping his dad at a nearby restaurant where Arum worked and running around doing what boys do. His mother would often remark that for being born in space, the boy seemed to be able to find mud puddles quite easily.
    Eventually, he went to college, not sure what he wanted to study but he knew he wanted to touch people in some way. Arum had always instructed Daramin to respect life, regardless of station. Daramin, though, seemed to be without a direction.
    This crisis deepened when Arum passed away and Idella soon after. It was crushing to be without the parents that had supported him for so long. But, financial necessity forced him to sell many belongings to make ends meet. Amongst the items was Arum?s mandvoil, a stringed instrument that was often used to serenade Idella, or sooth Daramin as a baby. As he remembered the memories, Daramin decided to learn music. His father knew only basics; cooking was his passion. But Daramin decided use both to sooth and help people as life got difficult.
    His desire to help was put to the test when of his college friends contacted him. She was in trouble with the Imperials for speaking out against the Empire. Refusing to let his friend suffer for a simple belief, Daramin contacted another friend, a Mon Calamari named Tralmek. Tralmek had given Daramin some pointers on earning money as an musician. Daramin asked and Tralmek pointed to a pilot, Jarus Sarn.
    Using the money from the sale of his parents? house, Daramin paid for his friend's passage to Tatooine, and from there, wherever. She thanked himand left to join the Rebellion. Daramin, now on Tatooine, with little money, found himself alone again. He's not very proud of some of the things he did to make money, but he learned from the experience on Tatooine, as well as got a nice tan.
    Sarn offered him a job as a gunner on board his ship, the Booster Blue, and that is Daramin is today. He's slowly learning to play instruments as well as applying his cooking skills. When he finally has the skill (rather, when he thinks he can meet his perceived idea of what his father would want him to be at), Daramin will return to Corellia to retrieve Arum's mandovial, from the bank Daramin had it stored in, so he wouldn't lose it. Until then, he's just here to bring a smile to someone's face.
  13. Bayard_Lem

    Bayard_Lem Jedi Youngling

    Mar 21, 2005
    Name- Tyrron Nex
    Species- Human
    Profession- Merc/ Bounty hunter
    Home Planet- Corellia
    Weapons- Vibro Staff, FWG5 Pistol "Bargain Chip"
    Ships- SoroSub Luxury Yacht "Nex's Gamble"
    Droids- None to speak of. Terrible luck with droids.
    Appearance- Medium length Dark brown hair. Goatee. Rough around the edges. Black hide jacket with armor underlay, burgundy undershirt. Black pants, standard boots. Tusken bandoliers, black gloves.

    A huge fan of gambling, Tyrron has lost and won his ship several times, hence it's name. He was born into a family of engineers. When Tyrron was barely a teen his parents were forced to work for the Empire as technicians aboard a star destroyer, leaving him alone on Corellia. He grew up on the streets, learning the ins and outs of a blaster.
    Began working as a mercenary when he was 18 and has recently started venturing out as a bounty hunter. However, his ventures into this arena have met with limited success, mostly due to his easy going nature.
  14. TuleenDonai

    TuleenDonai Jedi Youngling

    Mar 23, 2005
    Name - Tuleen Donai
    Species - Human
    Profession - Smuggler, Pilot, Gunslinger
    Home Planet - Tarsus 4
    Weapons - DL-18 Blaster Pistol (It's what I can afford!)
    Ships - Light "scyk" personal fighter "Derenai 1"
    Appearance - Scruffy, short brown hair with thin sideburns and mustache. Tuleen feels very comfortable in casual spacer clothes: black boots, a blue long-sleeved shirt, and cargo vest.
    Bio -
    - Chapter 1 -
    Tuleen grew up on Tarsus 4 learning to rely on himself. He spent the years evading local authority and learning to manipulate the system from within. He had also developed into quite the fighter Jock and Star Pilot. He got rather wealthy in his not so legitimate business endeavors, and even decided to retire once.

    He took a wife and the title of "Captain Tuleen Donai, Esq." and settled down on the Planet, of then, Elan. However, the death of his family, wife Tasmin and 2 sons Luca and Seth, forever changed his life. A couple of interesting associations and a re-juve or two, put Tuleen's life on a collision course with the Empire.

    Tuleen's been long know for his eagerness to jump into the frey, but a recent "imperial" accident resulted in the erasure of most of his long-term memory. Tuleen has had to start the long and arduous process of re-training as a Star Pilot all over again.

    The memory of his family still lingers ....
  15. bladex2

    bladex2 Jedi Knight star 5

    Mar 5, 2004
    Name - Jason Lightbringer(Jedi Outcasts Rp)
    Species - Human
    Profession - Jedi, Commando, Pilot, Close Combat Spec.
    Home Planet - Corellia
    Weapons - Dual Platnium 'sabers that join at hilt, Blue Dual phase 'saber, dual short 'sabers, dual heavy repeating blaster pistols, dual vibro katanas that join at hilt, dual vibroshiv in knuckleplates, numerous throwing vibroblades and grenades.
    Ships - XJ3 X-wing, Series 4 E- wing, "Bruiden" Heavily modified MYT-1300 light stock freighter, "Saber's Kiss" Modified Series 3 Skipray Blastboat.
    Droids - Modified MR10-A6 "Ace" dual internal heavy internal blasters, repulserlift.
    Appearance - 6"0', 180 lbs, short spiked dark blonde hair, tanned caucasion.
    Bio - Member of Page's Commando's, heavily trained in Hand to hand.
  16. Daramin_of_The_Way

    Daramin_of_The_Way Jedi Padawan star 4

    Oct 30, 2004
    This post was getting a little low.
    I figured maybe some of the new people may want to post here.
  17. Talitha

    Talitha Jedi Youngling star 1

    Mar 4, 2005

    Name: Talitha Syna Ryley
    Gender: Female
    Age: 24
    Species: Twi?lek
    Homeworld: Ryloth
    Height: 1.8 meters (6 feet)
    Weight: 65 kilograms (145 lbs)
    Eye Color: Green (bordering on Turquoise)
    Skin Color: Pink Hue with irregular purple markings
    Affiliation: None currently
    Personality: Friendly and curious.
    Weapons: Knife (and other hidden weaponry)
    Starship: ?Mischa?s Bolt? CloakShape Fighter, modified with a hyperdrive sled and equipped with a pair of laser cannons and two concussion missile launchers, painted red with orange lightning bolts adorning the sides
    Force Sensitivity: None
    Biography: Talitha was born into a clan near the ?place of twilight?. At a young age she was taken captive by a distant clan and sold into the slave market. There she was taught the ways of exotic and captivating dance. She has been passed from master to master as a Twi?lek dancer fetches wonderful prices from those willing to pay for it. Her most recent owner was Mischa Rolt, a man who took what he wanted when he wanted it. She happened to be what he wanted, and fearing for her life she broke into the hangar where his ships were kept and stole ?Mischa?s Bolt?.
    Military History: None

    Current mission: Infiltrating the Jedi Outcast organization in search of her target. Talitha is the cover for Bounty Hunter Chameleon (Chamllella).

    [hl=pink]?One cannot defeat a heat storm. One must ride it.? [/hl]
  18. Thumpernicus

    Thumpernicus Jedi Youngling

    May 19, 2005
    Name - Arlekan Khrysie
    Species - Human
    Profession - Rebel Alliance Pilot
    Home Planet - Lelithar IV
    Weapons - A pair of DL-44 Heavy Blaster Pistols (worn one on each leg)
    Ships - Certified to pilot A-wing, X-wing, Class 1-4 fireships and all land based speeders. Currently assigned as A-wing pilot in the Renegade Squadron, designation "Green-5"
    Droids - None currently
    Appearance - Tall, solidly built, short dark brown hair, brown eyes and a charming smirk.

    Bio - Born on the planet Ambria, ours was one of the first unlucky systems to feel the severe grip of the First Galactic Empire. My parents led mundane lives, my father was an engineer who helped design basic Imperial technology and my mother was a biologist for the Prathaak Wildlife Park in Ambria's 3rd largest city (Prathaak). I spent my youth participating in the Junior Imperial Cadets programs where I learned the basics of piloting and military life. Most JIC's went on to the Imperial Academy or Imperial Basic, but my Mom taught me a great deal about the time before the fall of the Republic and so I decided to take a different path. I turned my sights towards a different service and began my career as a firefighter and with my experience as a Cadet, soon promoted to fireship pilot. My piloting skills grew rapidly in this field and shortly after my 24th birthday, I was covertly contacted by a member of the Rebel Alliance. This was the opportunity of a lifetime. I began my snubfighter training at a base on Dantooine where I earned my X-wing cert. and my first assignment was to Recreant Squadron escorting ambassadors from sympathetic star systems to clandestine meetings with Alliance leaders. I was not in the squadron more than a couple months before the battle of Yavin took place. Our squadron was near Sullust helping to rescue thousands of prisoners destined for Imperial Interrogation camps and could not make it to Yavin in time to help. I did, however, have the honor of attending the award ceremony on Yavin and meeting those heroes. After Yavin, I was reassigned to Renegade Squadron and we left to rendevous with new pilots scattered throughout the galaxy. Meanwhile Yavin Base was being moved to Hoth. After we had collected our rather sizeable group of pilots and their new x-wings, our next mission was to escort transports destined for the new base on Hoth. Somehow our mission was compromised and we and our transport charges were ambushed by a massive Imperial Force. Our squadron was decimated along with all the transports. I, along with only four other survivors, ejected from our doomed fighters and were picked up by the Imperials. We spent less than a month in Imperial custody, but only two of us lived long enough to be rescued by a force of rebel commandos that assaulted our prison on Arkania. After a short respite I was reassigned to the new Renegade Squadron and was introduced to the new A-wing. It was love at first sight and I have piloted nothing else (willingly) since.
  19. TK-3374

    TK-3374 Jedi Youngling star 1

    Nov 1, 2004
    Name - TK-3374
    Species - Human
    Profession - Stormtrooper
    Weapons - E-11 Blaster Rifle, Thermal Detonator
    Ships - Super Star Destroyer codename "Salvation"
    Appearance -
    On Duty - Stormtrooper

    Bio - Born (CLASSIFIED INFORMATION), (CLASSIFIED INFORMATION) was (CLASSIFIED INFORMATION). At the age of (CLASSIFIED INFORMATION) enlisted in the Imperial Navy and became TK-3374. Thru numerous missions TK-3374 quickly (CLASSIFIED INFORMATION). Some of the missions that are worth noting are (CLASSIFIED INFORMATION), also in the (CLASSIFIED INFORMATION) where TK-3374 single handedly (CLASSIFIED INFORMATION). TK-3374 has been know to vaporize anything that mentions him being "Short for a Stormtrooper." On (CLASSIFIED INFORMATION) planet of (CLASSIFIED INFORMATION), he wiped out the entire race of (CLASSIFIED INFORMATION) on no other basis than they were taller than him.* TK=3374 is looked apon by his peers and Commanding officers to be a little senile. For the last 1.5 galactic years TK-3374 has been tracking a smuggler across the galaxy by the name of Jarus Sarn. Perhaps he tracks Jarus Sarn because (CLASSIFIED INFORMATION). On his latest mission stationed on (CLASSIFIED INFORMATION), TK-3374 (CLASSIFIED INFORMATION) while (CLASSIFIED INFORMATION) and (CLASSIFIED INFORMATION). For his valor TK-3374 was awarded (CLASSIFIED INFORMATION) and is now stationed on (CLASSIFIED INFORMATION).

    *Commanding Officers Note - TK-3374 is an excelent Trooper. For future commanding officers and personel, do not be taller than TK-3374, and do not call him by his real name of (CLASSIFIED INFORMATION) or you WILL regret it.

    -End Transmission
  20. Daramin_of_The_Way

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    Oct 30, 2004
    Um, Casey, is there anything about TK-3374 that isn't classified?
    Maybe, like, favorite food or something? :D
  21. TK-3374

    TK-3374 Jedi Youngling star 1

    Nov 1, 2004
    nope, all material relating to TK-3374 has been posted as classified. If a bounty hunter was to find out even his favorite food then it could be poisoned.
  22. Jinx

    Jinx Jedi Youngling

    Jul 25, 2005
    Name: Kama?jinx San?cia Blaze
    Nickname/Callsign: Jinx
    Gender: Female
    Species: Twi?lek
    Age: 23
    Height: 1.8 meters (6 feet)
    Weight: 170 pounds
    Eye Color: Orchid
    Hair Color: N/A
    Skin Color: Light Sea Green
    Description: Tall and slender, Jinx has the build of a dancer with well toned muscles. Her enjoyment of working her body to its limit is apparent in her arm and leg strength. Her skin bears no distinct markings save the three pinstripes of orchid that diagonally circle around her right thigh in a slant from inner thigh to outer thigh.
    Personality: Very easy going when off duty. Likes to joke around and let her kind personality shine through. When on-duty she is very much focused on the task at hand and gets irritated by jokes and messing around.
    Flight Suit Description: Arrives in the bright orchid flight suit that had been the standard of her previous squad. Black helmet, custom fit to her lekku, with details in the same purple shade of her flight suit. Upon arriving she will inquire as to where to obtain a flight suit and patches for her new squadron and in squadron colors. She will sew her own if needed. As for detailing the helmet, she will change out the detail color once she is made aware of the Howlrunner?s squadron colors. Standard military issued boots.
    Off-Duty Clothing Description: Has several dancing outfits with her to wear if given the okay to perform or to practice in on her own time. Also has several form fitting pants that flair out from the knee, several pairs of shoes, and a multitude of tops.
    Primary Weapon: Zenji Needles
    Secondary Weapon: DL-44 heavy blaster pistol
    Starfighter Name Blazing Jubba
    Starfighter Paint Schemes: Jet black save for the detailed painting of a Jubba in flight detailed along either side of her x-wing in a rainbow of colors.
    Astromech Droid Description and Personality: Currently a black Astromech R2 series droid with orchid colored details. Named Tallulah and responds to Lou. Lou is very protective of Jinx as they have been inseparatable all of Jinx?s life. Lou has a personality much like Jinx?s when she is not playing the motherly overprotective role.
    Biography: When Jinx?s father was young he defied his clan heritage and jumped the quickest transport off Ryloth to roam the galaxy for a few years. He eventually settled in as a student at a Pilot Academy and received top marks. He studied during the day and at night he bartended at a local cantina to make ends meet. He handled a fighter well, but was not prone to join the fight, he wished instead to teach. So he established himself as a flight instructor for fighter pilots, never again to step foot on Ryloth soil. In the bar he had tended, he met his wife. She was a dancer, enslaved into the trade since birth, but she loved dancing. Remembering the trauma her kidnapping had caused her, she made her husband vow that they would never raise a family on Ryloth and thus avoid worrying about a neighboring clan kidnapping any daughters they may have. And so Kama?jinx San?cia Blaze was born to loving parents far from her ancestors? native planet.

    The day of her birth, her beaming father presented Jinx with a astromech droid named Tallulah. Her father hoped to instill a love of the skies into his baby. Her mother had permitted the gift because the joy it had brought the eyes of her beloved in giving it to Jinx, but she desperately wished that Jinx?s passions would keep her on the ground and secretly hoped she too would be a dancer, since she had the choice. However ?Lou? as Tallulah became known due to Jinx?s lack of ability to say the whole name, became a constant presence for Jinx. When Jinx was five standard years old her father tried to replace Lou with a top of the line astromech droid, but after a year of battling with Jinx over keeping Lou and a year of the new droid sitting utterly ignored, he gave it to the flight school he taught at and found a use for it there. From then on Jinx?s father knew better than to try and replace Lou. Instead he purchased the necessary technology updates to ke
  23. Ziyrina

    Ziyrina Jedi Youngling star 1

    Sep 3, 2005
    Name: Ziyrina Chagor Drint
    Alias: Yri
    Age: 17
    Weight: 112
    Height: 5?2?
    Hair Style: Curly and falls below waist when loose.
    Hair Color: Black with teal streaks
    Eye Color: Silver
    Faction: Forsaken
    Rank: Apprentice
    Main Weapons: Blaster and various vibroblades and knives
    Secondary Weapons: Lightsaber and the Force
    Clothing: Slick black formfitting pants and top, black cloak is hooded.
    Brief Bio: Ziyrina was born into the Forsaken order as an illegitimate love child of one of the Forsaken leaders. At a young age she was taught never to revel that connection, for it would jeapordize her very life. The way of the Forsaken is all she?s known. Her mother was killed when she was very young, and thus she was raised by other Forsaken. Maturing, Ziyrina quickly learned how to defend herself. She is currently being trained as an apprentice.
  24. Artep_Nasirim

    Artep_Nasirim Jedi Youngling

    Dec 13, 2005
    I hope you guys don't mind seeing an old thread come back.

    Name - Artep Nasirim
    Species - Human
    Profession - Security Analyst (public), Mandalorian Protector
    Home Planet - Mandalore
    Weapons - Merr-Sonn Z-6 Rotary Blaster Cannon, Merr-Sonn PLX-1, SoroSuub Saber Dart Gun, DXR6 carbine, Blastech DC-15B, Westar GX-2000, various Menotrop Arms subsonic grenades, Basitech assassin vibro daggers, FWG5 and various other side arms, Mandalorian jetpack rocket launcher, modular wrist mounts (flame thrower, dart launcher, grappling cord, blaster, retractable vibro dagger, ship weapons controler, toxin dispenser, small Bothan disintegrator, compact EM mine etc...)
    Ships - Mandal Motors MT-21 gunship, other small craft for use through Nasirim Security.
    Droids - Never much into trusting droids, but has a few utility droids for servicing ships and other equipment.
    Appearance - Almost never without his armor. Wears a light Mandalorian armor set (similar to the kind worn by Jengo Fett) Dark green jump suit, Brown painted armor, with red painted on the front of the helmet, A dark brown Kama (leather Mandalorian half skirt), various ammo pouches and other storage packs, typically carries a jetpack and lots of guns. While on business, or in public, may wear the armor without the helmet and a brown leather cloak.
    Bio - Artep's parents were born on Coruscant, but when pretty young, emigrated back to their ancestral planet Mandalore. There they joined with the Mandalore police forces, and were pretty distinguished in their service there. When the Clone Wars struck, the ARC trained clone Apha 02 became obsessed with restoring the Mandalorian Warrior Supercommandos. He enlisted Artep's parents alongside 210 others from the mandalore police ranks. Spar (Alpha 02) and his newly formed Mandalorian Protectors engaged the Republic on several occasions holding their own in several bloody battles. In the end Artep's parents were killed (he was a two year old on Mandalore). The only two Mandalorians to survive, Fenn Shyza and Toby Dala, returned to Mandalore to help rebuild their culture and fight off the slavers left there by the new empire.

    Artep was raised by them during this time and learned many of the Mandalorian secrets through them on his way to becoming one himself. These days his time is split between working with his cousin Jorik Nasirim in their Security Specialists company, and fighting alongside the other Mandalorian Protectors under the lead of Fenn Shyza.
  25. Earwen_Lightrider

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    Jan 17, 2004
    I love seeing old threads come back. It prevents them from facing the automatic lock.

    Nice character :) Very interesting background.
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