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    Hey as promised here are some great sites on how to make Star Wars props and costumes.
    Very detailed site on Storm Trooper Armor, Tusken Raider (where I got mine from) and the every popular Rebel Fleet Trooper. The blaster rifle in this costs about $50.00 to make and takes 24-48 hours to build it is all metal and a wooden handle and once complete looks pretty realistic.
    Place that gives instructions and offers has the parts for sell on popular weapons including Han's Blaser and a few lightsabers
    Great place to buy Replica Lightsabers
    Great place on how to make costumes including Jedi outfits
    Another site on making costumes and blasters the blasters cost about $15.00 to make here because they are PVC and not metal.(not as detailed but gives you all the materials needed)
    Includes an excellent tutorial on how to build a Boba Fett costume.

    That is about all I have for now. Some of the costumes can be quite expensive and elaborate (like the Boba Fett one)

    Ben Sch-
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