CT Star Wars Redo

Discussion in 'Classic Trilogy' started by The Idea Driver, Nov 30, 2012.

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  1. The Idea Driver Jedi Youngling

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  2. gezvader28 Jedi Grand Master

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    I think its a terrible idea .

    for instance - OT Yoda looks better and more real than CG yoda .

    the OT is full of real sets , these look more realistic than the CG backdrops of the PT .

    I'm not against CG but only when it can't be done for real .

    plus - we've already had to suffer a lot of bad changes to he OT .
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  3. Julius Vernon Jedi Knight

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    Nov 7, 2012
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    I'm against redoing the SW film for two reasons.

    1) I view the original films as classics that do not need to be re-viewed.
    2) "But it is 2012, and these movies look terrible" is absolutely false. They've held up very well over time. They're not perfect, but they still surpass many effects from today.
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  4. hunter77 Jedi Padawan

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    The sets in the original saga, where actually real. Those in the Prequels are actually not there, just green screen, alot of green cubes, tubes etc... Also when i watched the Prequels, i kept having this feeling that it was all fake, because no matter how realistic they made the CGI, it was still obvius that the stuff where not really there, it was all fake. I can't see why removing a table in the OT and putting a CGI table would make it look more realistic or better?

    Also i like the more aged, darker style of the OT, and hope they won't change it and use that much money on something like that. Just my oppinion though :/
  5. DarthRelaxus Jedi Grand Master

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    Did you see Scream 4?

    Don't **** with the original.
  6. Darth_Nub Manager Emeritus

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    I think those are two of the most idiotic and utterly unsubstantiated statements I've ever seen posted on these boards, that's what I think.
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  7. Lt.Cmdr.Thrawn Manager Emeritus

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  8. Darth_Kiryan Jedi Master

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    Deja vu. THis thread has been seen before.
  9. Darth_Nub Manager Emeritus

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    This idiot's link has switched to something about smoking pot, anyway, he's obviously just fishing for clicks. Don't bother.

    What a jackass.
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  10. DarthBoba Manager Emeritus

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    Let's watch the personal comments, guys...but yeah, locking.
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