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Would you want to see an animated re-imagining Star Wars Trilogy?

YES 11 vote(s) 42.3%
NO 15 vote(s) 57.7%
UNDECIDED 0 vote(s) 0.0%
  1. Kenneth Morgan Chosen One

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    No, thank you. While I can applaud your effort and the apparent care you intend for the project, and while I don't object to fan fiction, I'm just a bit tired of the whole "the saga would be so much better if it was done the way I want it done" idea. I apologize if I'm putting this harshly, as that's not my intention, but that's my view.

    That said, I'm not against expanding the story within the limits already set. Brian Daley did that with great success in the radio dramas (and I'd love to hear an equally good try at the PT). And I also don't object to "what if" stories that move the saga in new directions (like the well-made "STAR WARS Infinities" comics). But I think it's your phrase "wipe the slate clean of all the crap" that turned me off. Perhaps it's just the way you put it, though.

    Still, just because I say no shouldn't deter you. If you're that enthused over it, give it a try, by all means.
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  2. JeremyJon Jedi Youngling

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    Yes, though the whole re-boot idea is a bit thin IMO
    I do think a whole new story based in a parallel universe is interesting, as a stand alone
    The canon is about to be rewritten (re-boot) anyways, by the JJ Abrams think tank, so the current and next generation of young viewers are going to be immersed into differing story lines of the Star Wars galaxy from the original Lucas anyways
    I'm not overly critical of lack of production quality based on low budget, so long as the story and characters have been strongly developed, and all is done with passion and care
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  3. Poor Greedo Jedi Knight

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    saw that! I wish they'd do more of those.
  4. Luke C Jedi Youngling

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