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  1. Lazy Storm Trooper Jedi Master

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    2014: End TCW/Start a new CGI series of sorts.
    2015: Episode VII
    2016: Release Underworld TV series
    2017: Han Solo/Boba Fett Film
    2018: Episode VIII
    2019: Han Solo/Boba Fett Film
    2020: Thrawn Trilogy CGI TV movie
    2021: Episode IX

    What do you think? Post your own timeline below.
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  2. Grimby Technical Consultant

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    I'd throw a Joss Whedon Yuzan Vong film in there somewhere, perhaps after IX.
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  3. Darth_Hydra Jedi Grand Master

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    Episode X? What happened to Episode IX? :p I don't think we'll see a LAS anytime soon.
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  4. Lazy Storm Trooper Jedi Master

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    Didn't like a month ago they said in was being made?
  5. Allana_Rey Jedi Master

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    Well they did say the ST will be released over the course of six years like the OT and PT and we'll be seeing spin off films in between each.
  6. chris hayes Jedi Master

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    2016 : VII
    2017 : Han Solo Origins
    2018 : VIII
    2019 : Boba Fett Movie
    2020 : IX
    2021 : The Seven Jedi Movie
    2022 : New Character Movie to bridge the gap between IX & X
    2023 : X
    2024 : More on the New Character
    2025 : XI
    2026: Another New Character movie
    2027: XII
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  7. BigAl6ft6 Force Ghost

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    Anyone get the feeling that the Han Solo spinoff flick will be released in 2015 before Ep. 7 cuz they can fast-track a fairly straightforward origin movie (featuring Harrison Ford cameo) than getting the whole machinery of the ST rolling?
  8. StarWars2015 Jedi Knight

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    2015.............Episode 7 summer, also Boba Fett spinoff in Fall (set post ROTJ)
    2016.............Han Solo Spinoff (set before ANH), Yoda Spinoff ( set before TPM)
    2017.............Episode 8 summer, Obi-Wan spinoff (set before ANH), Boba Fett sequel
    2018.............Darth Vader spinoff ( set after ROTS), Han Solo Sequel
    2019.............Episode 9 summer, Boba Fett Sequel, KOTOR spinoff
  9. 16AndPregnant Jedi Knight

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    Imagine if they had just scrapped the whole CW cartoon and made it a film to mark the gap in between E2 and E3. That would have been much better. The whole back story of Maul surviving, Anakin training an apprentice, etc.
  10. StarWars2015 Jedi Knight

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    Disney clearly has huge plans..........can't wait to see it all play out.
  11. Lazy Storm Trooper Jedi Master

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    They spent quite alot of dollars to do it and want to make it back.
  12. StarWars2015 Jedi Knight

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    Just the Solo & Fett movies along could be 100 million blockbusters if handled with tht grit & imagination of the OT to say nothing of the upcoming ST !!!
  13. Master Aizakku Rorensu Jedi Padawan

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    I'll go along with most of this. My schedule, with my additions and subtractions, would look like this...

    2014: New Star Wars animated series on Disney XD set prior to Episode VII

    2015: Episode VII hype kicks into full gear - ABC specials, prelude novels, prelude comics, prelude merchandise; etc.

    2016: Episode VII
    2016: Live-action series set during the Episode VII and beyond timeline (Fall 2016)
    2017: Han Solo spinoff movie

    2018: Episode VIII
    2019: Seven Samurai Jedi spinoff movie

    2020: Episode IX
    2021: First spinoff movie of popular new character from Episode VII thru IX

    2023: Episode X

    (And the rest would be just like yours... )