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Discussion in 'Literature' started by Ancient Whills, Apr 26, 2018.

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    Actually am looking forward to this. Hopefully we will find out more about the situation inbetween Episodes 6 and 7, politically, culturally and so on. Now I'm not expecting a political thriller here, but interlude shows like these tend to sneak things in, like say a MC talking to a politician or civilian etc.
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    THANK YOU. Everyone's talking about the fuselage design, is that one a Bothan, etc. and I'm here squinting at the screen like it's the last line of the eye chart just to figure out what all that is supposed to be. Thanks Senpezco for linking the larger version so I can lie to myself for a while longer about my need for a new glasses prescription.

    That guy in the back who originally looked like the guy in front was wearing a little green hat...originally I was thinking Nikto, but on further inspection I'm leaning toward him being a stylized Rodian. It's very hard to tell though.
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    Annoo-dat blue maybe? Green with orange highlights.
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    There's a You tube video with a better copy of that image if that helps?
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    Now that would be an interesting EU callback!
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    Bottom left Bothan...that is clearly a human. Jeez, it is like people thinking Sabine was a Mirilian all over again.

    Art style reminds a bit of Oban Star-Chasers, and even more of Skyland. So more French animation than anime then.

    Love the fighter design. Like a sci-fi version of a ww2 plane, specifically the corsair.
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    Wait did we never get an official death for San in canon?
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    Wasn't he one of those killed by Anakin at Mustafar or captured at Christophis?
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    Yeah that's what I thought. I checked the scene and yeah he is there, though I did not see him get killed on screen, Not that i doubt his death, just that it is easier to remember those who got cut to shreds in front of you. So many PT era characters are up in the air as to when and how they died so I get confused
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    Welcome to my hell!

    2006: (note the broken link to the 2005 thread that no longer exists. It was called "San Hill Lives!", the first of the copyright line)
    2006: ( @Only-One Cannoli that is a terrible fake screen name.)

    WTF @Ulicus ??

    So VNcredits, as you see, there is a long history here. And I've been slacking for the last six years it seems. Time to start spamming the reddit forums, printing enough pamphlets so I don't end up on Sakaar, making a twitter thing to counter Veers Watch, etc etc.
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    Ha that seems hectic. I guess I should be glad that at least the character I am obsessed with is one who we are likely to get some info on soon......I mean unless Wedge has been dead this whole time, which wow now I get your San Hill Lives thing even more if Wedge is just dead it turns out.
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    Hey, there's always hope. I mean, Veers Watch did recently find Veers.
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    I think it would be smart if they start the show no longer than a year before TFA because right after the end of the first season, the sequel trilogy will have wrapped up and there would be no point for secrecy about the events in between TLJ and Ep IX. Hopefully IX will take place a couple years after TLJ so we can have a gap of war ala TCW to play around in (with Rey, Kylo and other Force sensitives probably easier to throw into a story as well). It really all comes down to how much Filoni and crew know about IX's story and if they'd have enough prep time.
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    It might involve time skips between missions or episode arcs to demonstrate time passing instead of starting immediately after the destruction of a major First Order base even though there was no hint or reason to suspect they had access to Empire level resources.

    Is that Myrna whose playing the Maz or Rodian looking character at the back?
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    Well isn't that a cocky pilot, just look at how he's holding his jacket ;)
    I guees Hell be a mix between Solo and Dameron. Also i don't see resembelence between him and Ezra. From just this poster i think we'll have alot more Poe and Phasma then original tought. Can't wait.
    ps. This show won't go past Force Awakens, it most likley end right before the Poe comic. This i bet is a few years before and will last as long as Rebels, then another between 8-9 that involve Rey, Jacen, supreme leader Kylo Ren and knights of ren.
  18. Only-One Cannoli

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    When Phasma's helmet breaks you can clearly see san hills eyes inside. Confirmation he is alive.
  19. Endol

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    Nov 14, 2014
    the red trooper turns out to be the Cardinal, that'll be one great crossover with the Phasma book. He was extremely well written in my opinion and would love to see him again
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    So BB-8 is a main castmember? I'm very okay with that and only slightly perturbed. Slightly because they could have gone with a new BB unit but whatever. But more perturbed if it turns out that Poe keeps lending out or losing BB-8 to various friends and missions. He's supposed to be Poe's droid, dangit! Keep tabs on your buddy!
  21. Todd the Jedi

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    There's an off-brand BB unit in the image as well; I'm guessing the Chopper to BB-8's R2.
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    I'm fine as long as they use the Everbody Laughs Ending.
  23. Barriss_Coffee

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    So, guys.

    This is a show about a dude sent to learn more about the First Order.

    The First Order was mainly in the Unknown Regions.

    Snoke was hiding in the Unknown Regions.

    Thrawn is from the Unknown Regions.

    Thrawn and Ezra disappeared together to an unknown region.

    Probably they ended up in the Unknown Regions if Thrawn had his way.

    Even if Ezra isn't Snoke, we've got all the ingredients for an Ezra/Snoke joke, because the chances are good they'll both be in this show.
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    There has been no evidence the purrgils took Ezra to the Unknown Regions. Its possible they in Wild Space or have ended up elsewhere.

    I'm really sick of the Unknown Regions and don't want Ezra to have anything to do with it.
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  25. Mandalorian Riddler

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    Ouch.... missing out then you are.

    Overall can't wait for Phasma to get some more story, really cool character but wasn't fully presented for me in the films.