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Saga Star Wars Retcons So Dumb That It Actually Hurt

Discussion in 'Star Wars Saga In-Depth' started by E-Wocka-Wocka, Jun 10, 2014.

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  1. E-Wocka-Wocka

    E-Wocka-Wocka Jedi Youngling

    Jun 10, 2014
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  2. darth-sinister

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    Jun 28, 2001
    He doesn't recognize Threepio at first, but he makes the connection between him and Artoo when Luke says that they belong to Obi-wan Kenobi. Luke has only known him as Ben Kenobi. That's why Owen and Beru exchange a look and why he tells Luke to take both droids to Anchorhead and have their memories wiped. It is also worth nothing that Protocol Droids are generally mass produced in a series and thus it isn't uncommon for them to have similar voices and personality traits.

    Lucas's intent was that Anakin did do some bad things, but he wasn't completely evil yet. Reverting back to his pre-burned self was Lucas's way of showing us how he was before and to tie the films together. He's wrong about Midichlorians, but that's nothing new. Leia's memories come from the Force which grants visions to even those who have no training and Yoda says that they can see the past, the future and the dead. Hiding on Tatooine is fine since Vader believes his unborn child died with Padme and Tatooine is outside of Imperial jurisdiction. Artoo's booster rockets aren't an issue since he never gets stuck at any point in the OT and he loses his balance before he could activate them.
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  3. bstnsx704

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    Mar 11, 2013
    10.) Force abilities can be measured? "In The Phantom Menace it is revealed that Force powers are actually the product of microscopic organisms called midi-chlorians that live in the cells of all living things."

    The Phantom Menace never said anything like that. Midichlorians are their own lifeforms that seem to be attracted to the Force; they use it just as sentient beings like the Jedi and Sith do. Their inclusion in the first film felt like a natural way to further present the theme of symbiosis that was so prevalent in the movie, and even if midichlorians were presented as nothing more than a biological Force gauge (which, I repeat, they were not), it's not like that wouldn't fit naturally with Return of the Jedi's "The Force runs strong in your family." Clearly something was being passed down through the Skywalker family.

    9.) Boba Fett is basically a prototype Stormtrooper. "As it turns out, Boba Fett is just one of the thousands of clones of Jango Fett that made up the army of clone troopers – the precursors to the Original Trilogy’s stormtroopers. Sure, Boba was a younger clone and thus received different training than an average clone trooper, but ultimately he is just a clone trooper that was taken out of the test tube a little early. Is it an inventive origin? Sure, but not very interesting."

    So the opinion of the author of the article that something is "not very interesting" is considered a retcon these days? There was nothing to retcon with Boba; he never had an origin to begin in the films until the prequels gave him one.

    8.) Why don't people (like Han Solo) believe in the Force?

    Simple answer in Han's case is that he never saw it, and even if he did (in the case of Luke) he just simply didn't believe that the Force actually guided life in the capacity that Obi-Wan claimed it did. Sure, Chewbacca saw the Force in full effect, but given the nature of his relationship with Han I wouldn't be surprised if it's an argument that they had before. It's a retcon, I'll give the article that, but it's not one that shatters the story or the characters by any means. Also, the comment about Motti is really grasping at straws. Motti referred to the Force as ancient, which is 100% true. The Force as ancient, the Republic was ancient, and in the new Imperial world where a Death Star is a tangible thing men like Motti surely didn't recognize the need for the Force.

    7.) Anakin's ghost disappearing eyebrows and youthful ghost.

    I actually agree with this one. The Force Ghost thing is really the only special edition change that I don't really see eye to eye with Lucas on on some level or another. I get that he wanted the ghost Anakin to look like him as a Jedi, but as the article says he was certainly already on a very dark path in Revenge of the Sith. Sebastian Shaw's appearance makes more sense to me, but I do understand and completely respect Lucas' intentions when making the change.

    6.) Crouching tiger, hidden dragon style lightsaber battles.

    I feel like this would be a discussion best held in the aesthetic evolution thread, so I'll just keep this brief. The duels in each particular trilogy feel very natural and at home in the respective films. There are contrasts between the trilogies, of course, but that's what enhances the films to me. The contrasts make it so much more appealing; they tell the story on a visual level in ways that dialogue would never be able to achieve. I guess you could call the differences retcons, but I prefer to look at it as different ways of representing events (in this case, lightsaber duels) in different eras. Art evolves.

    5.) Leia remembers her mother... who died in childbirth.

    Even in The Empire Strikes Back Leia seems to be unknowingly using the Force, just has her father seemed to in The Phantom Menace. It's a retcon (it's well known that Lucas originally intended to have Leia grow up for a few years with her mother, but that changed with the prequels), but it's hardly inconsistent with what is established in the films.

    4.) R2-D2 can fly.

    Eh... again, it's a retcon, but hardly detrimental. R2 was involved with the Rebel alliance and saw numerous battles during the 19 years between RotS and ANH, and he was in rough shape by the time he wound up back on Tatooine.

    3.) Obi-Wan hides Luke in the most obvious place possible.

    "I don't like sand." One of the most hated lines in all of Star Wars, and one of my favorite. Anakin hated Tatooine, and after the Clone Wars and his mother's death he never returned there by choice (I haven't seen much of The Clone Wars TV show, but I do remember Tattoine being featured in the film. If I recall correctly, Anakin didn't want to go there but had no choice even in that). Anakin hated Tatooine, just as his son would go on to do. Obi-Wan knew that Anakin hated it and would never go back, and wound up being correct.

    2.) Darth Vader built C-3PO... and nobody remembers?

    This has been discussed to death already. By the time 3PO returns to Tatooine in ANH his mind is wiped, he looks different, and he never tells Owen his number. He might as well be any protocol droid to Owen.

    1.) Greedo shot first.

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