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  1. Jonathan_McEnroe Jedi Master

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    Hello folks!!

    Hope your all doin well!

    I'd like to announce that Star Wars Revenge of the Jedi is now officially in early pre-production now :D


    With casting completed, the script in the final polishing stages and the crew coming together, Revenge of the Jedi should be a very exciting production :)

    We have already begun Conceptual Design on the film from artists, Thomas E. Pringle, Jean Claude de La Ronde and Randis Albion, they have come up with some of the most visually stunning pieces of work which should make this Star Wars chapter very different indeed.




    I have given the newer version of the script a darker edge, and is a more adult film, but still not out of reach of the younger audiences, maybe need a parent with the kids for this one heehee :p

    I am looking forward to working with the cast and crew on this one and look forward to getting the final script out to em all to have a look at, it's shaping up nicely now :)

    I am currently in talks with a friend of mines and we'll be putting together a website which will document the entire making of this production from start to finish, and have plenty for you to download :)

    I am really looking forward to getting this one in the bag and out online for all to see, it should be something new for you the fans :)

    I'll be in touch :)

    Jonathan :D
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    excellent jonno, good work
  3. Jonathan_McEnroe Jedi Master

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    Hey Steve,

    thanks man!

    We're really kicking off now, and the new draft of the script is looking better by the day which is cool :) I've been looking over everything I am writing, watching clips of the films to make sure it has that feel of Star Wars and that the dialogue is sounding like Star Wars dialogue as well so all is going well :)

    I should have it finished within the next day or two so I'm exciting to start battering out copies for the cast and crew :)

    I'll be in touch,

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