LA, CA Star Wars Sequels?

Discussion in 'Pacific Regional Discussion' started by Varekeii, Oct 26, 2010.

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  1. Varekeii Jedi Youngling

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    Does anyone know how reliable this is:

    We've all heard Lucas swore he wouldn't do any more movies, but...
  2. SoccerRyot Jedi Youngling

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    Although the article's datestamp is Oct 23rd, it has an UPDATE farther down (with no datestamp) that says:

    "UPDATE: Underwire reports that Lucasfilm has denied the possibility of a new trilogy, but that's expected either way."

    If it's true, we will probably see something official in the future. And I would be cool with that.
  3. Sol_Jedi LA Chapter Rep

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    My film professor claimed to go to school with Lucas at USC and told us he had 3 trilogies planned but wanted to start in the middle instead of traditionally from the beginning.

    I also heard rumors that his oldest son (I think), who actually likes SW, wants to take over his dad's role as director and writer for the next set of films.

    This is all speculation and rumors, but if true, this should be interesting.
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