Star Wars Song Fics...Everyone add on!!!

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    Intrested in lame songfic???

    Got one ready

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    go ahead and post it Arwen!
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    Based on May it Be from LOTR soundtrack

    Summary: Obi discovers soething very interesting at his Master's funeral
    * * * * *

    (Obi-Wan?s POV)

    I suddenly come out of my trance and realize that everyone has left, even Anakin. I suppose they thought I needed time to myself. Yeah, how does forever sound? I stare at the bier that holds the ashes of my Master, Qui-Gon Jinn.

    Do they know how much it aches to see this. My entire being feels like ice and fire and all I want is to suddenly wake up and discover that this is all a dream. I stare at the ashes and notice something. This makes no sense, if there had been anything in his pockets they would have burned with him. Still, I get up and look anyway.

    I find it disrespectful to just reach in and grab what I see with my hands so I gently use the Force to pull out the three objects I see. When the objects come to my hand I discover that they are all durasheets. My mind goes blank: How could these papers have not burned up in the pyre? I fold up the first one. It is a letter dated the day before Qui-Gon was killed.


    You will probably never receive this letter but I felt like writing it. I know that you are hurt about my motion to take Anakin as my Padawan. Please know that I am not doing this to brush you aside. You are everything I could ever hope for in an apprentice, in a son. Anakin will never replace your place in my heart.

    I am also writing this letter to confirm that I am reaching my end. We will land on Naboo tomorrow and I will not be leaving there. Yes Obi-Wan, I had a vision: I will die on Naboo. I?m not going to tell you this because my vision was very, very disturbing. We will fight the Sith that attacked me on Tatooine and that you would be killed and not me. I can?t let that happen I WON?T let that happen. I don?t need the Force to tell me that if you are killed that the universe would be a very empty place. I hope you can understand if I don?t mention you when I die. I just want to be sure that Anakin will have someone that I trust to look after him. I also want to make sure that you are not alone.

    I love you and I don?t want you to ever forget that. I also want you to know that we will se each other again.


    I stare at the letter in my hand as tears stream down my face. I always knew that he had felt this way but somehow it feels better to have it said to your face. He had a vision and he never told me!! I brush my anger aside, he was worried he didn?t want me to die. If I had received a warning I would have gladly sacrificed myself for Qui-Gon. I pick up a second piece of durasheet and see a picture of me and Qui-Gon. I smile through my tears, the picture was taken on our first day of my reinstatement in the Jedi Order. I had a copy that I kept but I never knew he had one in his pocket. There was writing on the back of this one.

    When the cold of Winter comes
    Starless nights will cover day
    In the veiling of the sun
    We will walk in bitter rain

    But in dreams
    I can hear your name
    And in dreams
    We will meet again

    I never knew that Qui-Gon had such a way with words, I always found him to be a quiet and strong man. But he was always fond of poetry, I remember when he couldn?t find a certain book of his. I try to keep myself from laughing at the look on his face when he remembered that he lent it to me. Then I realize that there is another paper in my hand. This one is simile to the words on the back of the picture but longer.

    May it be an evening star
    Shines down upon you
    May it be when darkness falls
    Your heart will be true
    You walk a lonely road
    Oh! How far you are from home

    mornie utúlië (darkness has come)
    Believe and you will find your way
    Mornie alantië (darkness has fallen)
    A promise lives within you now

    May it be shadows call
    Will fly away
    May it be your journey on
    To light the day
    When the night is overcome
    You will rise to find the sun

    mornie utúlië (darkness has come)
    Believe and you will find your way
    Mornie alantië (dar
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