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    GM Approved:

    Name: Sora Bulq
    Gender: Male
    Alias: CIS
    Rank: Commander
    Weapon: One long lightsaber and one short lightsaber.
    Weapons Proficiency: Lightsaber. Proficient in all forms of lightsaber technique.
    Bio: Having fallen to the dark side while perfecting Vaapad with Master Windu, Sora has pledged his allegience with the Sith master Count Dooku. He is a well trained former Jedi Master, with not many equals in lightsaber combat.

    Ships on this mission:
    (1) Providence-class destroyer - 8 landing craft, fully loaded, full compliment of Vulture droid starfighters.
    (2) Recusant-class light destroyers - total of 80000 deactivated droids (used for boarding), 480 droid starfighters
    (2) Diamond-class cruisers - total of 1200 OG-9 droids, 4800 DSD1 droids
    (3) Munificent-class frigates - configured for starfighter support, hundreds per ship. Small compliment of 15,000 deactivated battle droids per ship.
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    In Character:

    468 Days After the Battle of Geonosis
    17 A.U. from Jabiim
    Deep Space Rendezvous Point

    Norman von Pelt, Commanding Officer, Confederate Navy Support Task Force Zayin
    CISS Lucretia, Lucrehulk-class battleship (Flagship)
    - CISS Bauhaus, Lucrehulk-class battleship (expanded electronic warfare suite)
    Destroyer Group One
    - CISS Xymox, Munificent-class star frigate
    - CISS Nephilim, Munificent-class star frigate
    - CISS Golgotha, Hardcell-class interstellar transport (configured starfighter carrier)
    - CISS Christabel, Hardcell-class interstellar transport (configured starfighter carrier)
    Destroyer Group Two
    - CISS Precipice, Munificent-class star frigate
    - CISS Apoptygma, Munificent-class star frigate
    - CISS Rosenrot, Hardcell-class interstellar transport (configured starfighter carrier)
    - CISS Spiegelglas, Hardcell-class interstellar transport (configured starfighter carrier)
    "The rest is up to you. Do not, fail me."

    Von Pelt liked that sort of leg room. A desired end state and a couple billion credits worth of resources to reach it. The rest.. up to him. Within sixteen hours, multiple scouting missions, imaging and some checks of other sources for the latest intel on the Republic forces, a significantly complete picture was drawn of the battlespace. The tactics needed were obviously apparent to Norman, and the spineless Neimoidian officers gave no objections to his plans, except, well.. The part where the two Lucrehulk-class battleships were going to engage the Venator-class at point blank range. Still, with the timing right, the small Republic fleet in orbit would be obliterated, hopefully with minimum Confederate losses.

    From the mission planning center aboard the Lucretia, von Pelt connected via the secure comms with Commander Sora Bulq, of the main assault and ground forces. He and the Neimoidian officers stood around the holo table, where Norman would brief the plan to Commander Bulq and the other ship captains.

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    IC: Alpha-32

    Adrenaline. The adrenaline always made him feel bigger than he was. The adrenaline could flood your senses and leave you useless, or like now, it could sharpen concentration to the point of a razor sharp knife.

    He could feel his hot, damp breath on the inside of his helmet. He registered everything around him. The shuddering deck of the LAAT transport ship he was standing in. The world outside of the shut doors that seemed to move in slow motion as they neared the drop zone. He could hear the pilot shouting into the comm. unit, 32 could hear him saying that the DZ was approaching in 20 seconds, but it was far off, distant in his mind. Right now, Alpha-32 was in his own world, his own state of mind. The rush before battle.

    He lived for moments like these. The moments where you could be killed at any moment with one false step, and accident, or by unforeseeable events that you had literally zero control over. All you had was your body, your blasters, and your speed. Sometimes you couldn?t depend on the man next to you to have your back, if he couldn?t keep up with you.

    As I walk through the valley, in the shadow of death, I shall fear no Evil, for I? am the baddest vat grown Chaakar in the land?

    It was some religious proverb that 32 had heard during his training, that he had adapted for his own use. Before every battle, he would recite the lines over and over again, until he believed it to the very core of his being.

    Captain Alpha-32. An Advanced Recon Commando. A leader of soldiers. A commanding force on the battlefield. He always led from the front. He always came prepared.

    And he, Did. Not. Fail.

    Short of death or an army standing in front of him, 32 was a wrecking ball of efficiency. And even then, one of those negative factors could be overcome.

    32 was perfectly content on letting the enemy find out exactly which factor that was, on their own.

    10 seconds

    32 closed his eyes and took a deep steadying breath as the deck shook a bit harder. His mind came back to reality as his comm. chirped again.

    ?Sir! The DZ is hot! I repeat, the DZ is hot!?

    32 opened his eyes and spoke calmly over his helmet mic.

    ?Settle in on repulsors and hover above the battle, I?ll rip in.?

    ?Yes Sir!?

    32 backed to the other side of the LAAT and went down to a knee. His left hand was pulling on a heavy duty black cord from the area he was just occupying. His right hand was in a fist, pressed to his visor in silent prayer. No one was an exception to the old saying, ?There?s no such thing as an atheist in a fox hole.? 32 wasn?t exactly religious, but he liked to think that there was someone watching his back at all times.

    As I walk through the valley in the shadow of death?

    The black cord clipped to his belt the instant he stood up and sprinted at the closed door.

    ?PUNCH IT!?

    The door slid open as he got to it and 32 took a great leap out into open air, arms spread wide to his sides. The battle was raging below him. He tried furiously to concentrate as the wind whipped past him. He saw soldiers entrenched to his left, and battle droids swarming to his right.

    3 seconds until ground impact.

    The wonderful thing about great technology was that it was constantly adapted to help situations like the one 32 was currently in. Back a few years, doing a freefall like the one he was in right now, would have resulted in a severed spine from the impact of when the secured cord ran out of line. As opposed to now, where the reel mechanism was programmed to add tension to the line the closer it came to running down, effectively slowing 32?s descent and putting minimal strain on his back.

    From his vantage point he could see that a huge explosion had just taken place, it saddened him slightly that he had missed it.

    The problem right now as that he was coming down right in the middle of a huge volley of blaster fire coming from both sides. He opened his comm. to broadcast to friendlies in the seconds he had left.

    ?Friendly Officer coming in from above!
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    17 AU from Jabiim

    Sora Bulq, CO of CIS Ground Assault Force Theta
    CISS Ruul's Revenge, Providence-class destroyer (Flagship)

    Space Assault ships:
    - CISS Shadow, Recusant-class light destroyer
    - CISS No Escape, Recusant-class light destroyer
    - CISS Star Wave, Munificient-class frigate
    - CISS Solara, Munificient-class frigate
    - CISS Sprinter, Munificient-class frigate

    Ground Assault transport ships:
    - CISS Nester, Diamond-class cruiser
    - CISS Blackout, Diamond-class cruiser

    Sora Bulq sent the roster of ships over to Von Pelt's command console.

    "Here is a list of my ships," Bulq said to Von Pelt, "Given that your fleet strength is greater than mine, and better equipped for orbital conflicts, I would suggest that you jump to Octvai 12 first. My fleet can join you a few minutes later, giving the troop transports from Ruul's Revenge, the Nester and Blackout, as well as my personal fighter, time to land our forces on the planet surface. At that point I would leave you in control of my ships in orbit. Our ground forces should be sufficient in number to overwhelm the Republic forces on the planet."

    Bulq knew that Von Pelt was an excellent tactician, but Bulq needed to set a few things straight first. On this mission he would be in charge of the ground assault, and he wasn't about to sacrifice his fleet, or droid ground forces. He doubted that Von Pelt would disagree.

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    In Character:

    Norman von Pelt, Commanding Officer, Confederate Navy Support Task Force Zayin
    Aboard the Flagship CISS Lucretia
    468 Days After the Battle of Geonosis
    17 A.U. from Jabiim
    Deep Space Rendezvous Point

    "At that point I would leave you in control of my ships in orbit. Our ground forces should be sufficient in number to overwhelm the Republic forces on the planet."

    "Very well," Norman said, nodding to the shimmering blue character of the dark Jedi. "Our surface intel is limited, but what I would advise is making at least three landing points on the surface of the planet, as seen here. The outpost is located in the eastern littoral area of the main continent in the southwestern hemisphere; about twenty-right kilometers inland in mountainous terrain. There is an island chain about three hundred kilometers east of the continent, that would make an excellent location for a staging base. There would be no land access to the island and we can maintain air cover to prevent any counter assault on the logistic operations. There is a plateau region ninety kilometers North-Northwest of the outpost that could serve as a staging ground for armor units. I would advise at least one further landing zone within five hundred kilometers radius of the Outpost, for further staging and perhaps the ground station of air units. The lines of communication, including roads, are limited in this area, however autoroute networks do exist that can be exploited and controlled for moving armor towards the outpost." Norman paused, changing the holotable to display a close-up model of the mountain areas around the outpost.

    "The shielding covers an area in this valley, approximately fourteen by thirty-five kilometers. Mountain shadowing leaves some gaps and does lead to holes that can be exploited for air strikes. We have limited data indicating what sort of air defense network in present, however there is no indication that any air defense sites exist outside of thirty kilometers of the Outpost. This is a very limited, near-point defense station, designed to prevent direct assault on the Outpost, not defend the planet. Most of the rest of the planet is indigenous populace and only very limited point-defenses air defense systems are employed. As far as we understand, there is no integrated air defense network for the planet. Are there any questions regarding the planetary situation before we get into the space assault part of this brief?" Norman said, catching his breath. It had been several years since he had to give a professional level brief in a military situation.
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    IC: Sora Bulq

    Sora nodded as Norman gave his briefing of the land schematics, and best ideas for troop deployment. Sora wondered how much more of a threat Norman would have been, had he been a force sensitive. It brought a small smile to his face.

    "Agreed," Sora responded to Norman, "the command center should be far enough away that we can defend it. I will note the other locations and make sure troops are evenly distributed, as far as the Republic is concerned at least."

    Sora punched a few buttons, downloading the DZ's to his datapad.

    "Please, continue." he said without looking up.

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    IC: Ryshin Thraell

    The evacuation was running smoothly as soldiers entered the transport and medical ships. On top of a small hill overlooking the operation Ryshin stood, with Commander Fox at his side. "General.." Fox began. "Yes Commander?" asked the Jedi Master. "We have clankers. Coming from sky. They are diverting most of their forces towards the east, towards General Leska and Cobalt Station." Fox said.

    "Hmm.." Ryshin hummed. "Wait, wait, a landing craft has broken off from the force, and it's headed here!" Fox commented.
    "By the force.." Ryshin said, before turning on his wrist communicator.

    "This is General Thraell. All evacuees, to the ships!! All Troopers outside of the Evac area, return at once. I repeat, return at once!!" General Thraell ordered.

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    In Character:

    Norman von Pelt, Commanding Officer, Confederate Navy Support Task Force Zayin
    Aboard the Flagship CISS Lucretia
    468 Days After the Battle of Geonosis
    17 A.U. from Jabiim
    Deep Space Rendezvous Point

    Music: [link=]The Card Game[/link]
    "Please, continue."

    Norman nodded again, typing into the holotable's computer. The view moved out to show the entire planet, and the tiny Republic task force.

    "Republic is being very, very typical with this deployment. No surprises. Three capital class vessels locked in geosynchronous orbit, around a thousand kilometers from the planet's surface. It's a Venator-class with two Acclamator-class ships above the surface. About twenty-thousand kilometers out from the planet's southern pole, sits another Acclamator-class. Our plan involves timed deployment of the battle group, as to spread the Republic forces. If they behave in any what of a logical manner, we'll frak them up without much trouble. If they do anything else.. we're still sending them to hell, it just might take a couple minutes. Destroyer squadrons one and two are going to exit hyperspace about five hundred kilometers from the surface and about eleven hundred miles to the east and west of the task force in orbit and appear to be moving towards the planet. That's two Munificent-class and two Hardcell-class per squadron. Standard for the Republic will to be to launch fighters; the Venator will defiantly hold position, but will be out of gun range to provide fire support." The holotable displayed the simulated exit from hyperspace of the two squadrons and the fighters launching from the Republic ships.

    "I wouldn't be surprised to see an Acclamator headed both east and west, to support the fighters. The third Acclamator is going to be too far to assist very quickly. Estimates run between a hundred and thirty and a hundred and ninety seconds till the Republic has fighters in the sky. Based on time estimates, in about six minutes, the Republic fighter waves should be within three and five hundred kilometers of the two DESRONS. That's when the Battleship Bauhaus will exit hyperspace about four hundred kilometers out from the Venator. It's going to light up the jammers bright enough to mask a supernova. Comms, Targeting, Scanners, the works. Just a blanket electronic attack. Now, to deconflict, all of our systems are going to be rotating in a series of nineteen frequency holes, based on seventy sets of logarithms, linked between all our ships. These sets will rotate on a seven and ten second interval, as the Bauhaus opens up slots. That keeps our comms, IFF and target acquisition systems running, while denying the Republic the use of the slots or any predictive analyst of what slots are going to open up." Norman paused for breath, looking over the audiance, and the holo figure of the Dark Jedi.

    "Now, at the same, those fighters, which are now wondering if they should turn to provide the task force some air support, are going to be met with a couple hundred Vultures zipping out of my Hardcells. Oh, wait, there's more." He said, with a bit of dramatic flair. "Because I'm jumping in about fifteen klicks ahead of the Bauhaus with the Lucretia and we're going to ram these two battleships up their shebs. Full complements of droid fighters and bombers to deploy when we leave hyperspace, and the best part is.. They'll be lucky if they even see us coming, until they have visual contact. At that point, they'll have a few thousand missiles and turbolaser bolts streaking towards them. I don't predict the Venator lasting more than a few minutes. With their fighter support scattered and sandwiched between fighters and capital ships, we should overrun them in under half an hour. The final Acclamator above the pole can be there in under fifteen minutes, but by that time, we can regroup and ready for a typical
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    IC: Sora

    "Any questions, sir?" Norman said

    Sora smiled, as best he could.

    "A brilliant plan, Von Pelt. If all goes well on the ground, we can have the shields down in a matter of hours. After that, we can just hammer the base from orbit, if we so choose."

    Sora stood up and walked, the holo camera following him.

    "My ships will jump into the vicinity of the plant about ten minutes after your last ship has dropped out of hyperspace. By that time the Republic should be more than engaged to worry about a dozen or so ships heading to the surface. My ships in orbit can provide us cover fire, if necessary. And again, Von Pelt, they will be at your command."

    He looked down at the deck for a moment.

    "I will be leading the assault on the shield generator, personally. There are some things you can't afford to risk a droid to accomplish. I figure a couple thousand Mark II Battledroids, as well as a hundred or so spider droids, should make an adequate attack force."

    Sora turned back to the image of Von Pelt.

    "I will see you on the other side, then."

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    OOC: I will be AFK until Monday. I will start landing my troops then. That should give ample time for Norman to take care of the Republic fleet. :)
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    In Character:

    Norman von Pelt, Commanding Officer, Confederate Navy Support Task Force Zayin
    Aboard the Flagship CISS Lucretia
    468 Days After the Battle of Geonosis
    17 A.U. from Jabiim
    Deep Space Rendezvous Point

    Music: [link=]The Signal[/link]
    "Excellent. About that time, I would expect the final Acclamator, and may redirect some fire support to mop his shebs up. We'll spin up drives here and be jumping within a couple hours. I'm sending the R-V point on the edge of the system we'll exit out, before making our final jumps into system. See you on the other side, sir." And with that, Norman cut the holo feed and turned towards the lift, which took him back to the bridge of the Lucretia.

    "Alright, ladies and gentlemen. Let's get this frakin' show rolling. Actions stations, set ship to condition three. I want all the checks into me within fifteen minutes. Check the datalinks and make sure we're on the same page across the task force. I don't want the Bauhaus stepping on anyone's signal. Last thing we need is a bunch of fratricide because no one can read anyone's IFF. Chief of the Bridge? Start the clock."

    "Start the clock, aye! Minus four hours, ten minutes and thirty seconds."

    Four hours later

    469 Days After the Battle of Geonosis
    -00:03:46 Z-Hour
    6 A.U. from Octvai 12
    Attack Force Rendezvous Point

    Task Force Zayin exited hyperspace, with the Octvai system's star a distant eight billion kilometers away. The group quickly reestablished comms and datalink, as well as connecting to a regional Holonet repeater.

    "Everyone here?" Norman asked, looking over the screen, making his own visual accounting of the nearby vessels.

    "Everyone reports in, and our datalink is online." A Neimoidian officer responded.

    "Very well, time?"

    "Minus three minutes, eight seconds." The officer said.

    "Contact the DESRON lead, jump eighty-one seconds past my mark.." Norman said.

    "DESRON actual, this is the Lucretia. Jump eight-one seconds past our mark.."

    "Mark in four... three... two..."

    "Mark, start the clock, eight-zero... seven-nine.." The comms officer transmitted to the squadrons.

    "DESRON One, jumping in seven four seconds. Weapons hot, will establish datalink upon exit."

    "DESRON Two, standing by for jump. Minus six-eight seconds. DESRON Two Actual, out."

    The seconds counted down slowly as the whole task force inched closer to battle. A minute later the two destroyer squadrons jumped away towards the planet, in a relatively slow hyperspace micro-jump. exactly a hundred and two seconds later, they reverted from hyperspace. Four ships in each squadron, just over five hundred kilometers from the surface and over just shy of twelve-hundred kilometers from the Republic fleet, orbiting over the outpost. Just as planned. They quickly tapped back into the Holonet and relayed a datalink to the task force.

    "Reset the clock to plus fifteen. Bauhaus, prepare to jump in two hundred and eighty seconds.. Mark!"

    Norman looked over the holotable, showing sensor data from the DESRONS, which gave him a perfect 3D model of the battle space. Now to see how the Republic reacted.
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    NPC: General Hoff

    The Jedi Knight, General of the orbital defenses of Octvai 12, stood on the Command Bridge of the Venator-class Star Destroyer Reaper. Clone Captain Nexi stood by his side. "Everything fine, Nex??" the Jedi asked. "Absolutely." Nexi said, before alarms flared through out the ship. "What is it??" the General asked.

    "Separatists. And lots of clankers." Hoff said. Hoff's eyes lit up. "All men report to battle stations. I repeat all troops to battle stations." Hoff called. "Relay that message to the Acclamator-Class Assault Ship, Leska and Boron. Now, with me, to the Holotable." Hoff ordered.

    The Commanding Officers gathered around the table as the General spoke. "Their forces have jumped here, we are here.." he observed, pointing to the table. "There are two squadrons, four fighters for each. They cannot be alone, so what we shall do is lure them in, and have our faster fighters flank them once they've come in. Place the Acclamator's to the left and right of us, as so we can create a triangle. When the destroyers come in, which I know they will, we can distract them with the Boron. Then we hit'em with our bombers who would be prepped and ready." Hoff said.

    "Order the Firestone, based at the poll, to land at the Outpost to give Supplies, and then head out to get help." Hoff said. "When the Capital Ship arrives, prepare boarding parties."

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    In Character:

    Norman von Pelt, Commanding Officer, Confederate Navy Support Task Force Zayin
    Aboard the Flagship CISS Lucretia
    469 Days After the Battle of Geonosis
    +00:02:15 Z-Hour
    6 A.U. from Octvai 12
    Attack Force Rendezvous Point

    Music: [link=]Red Moon[/link]
    Norman stared at the holo of the battle space. No movement, except the three capital ships realigning themselves. The two destroyer squadrons continued moving towards the planet, the two Munificent-class vessels holding back, while the Hardcells made a pseudo break for the surface.

    "No fighters launched, Bauhaus thirty-five seconds to jump, sir."

    Norman glanced up at the officer and nodded. 'Come on.. Launch your fighters already...' He silently said to himself. Still nothing, the Republic ships just sat there, except for the pole defender. He had begun motion towards the others.

    "ETA on that Acclamator?" Norman asked.

    "Twelve minutes, sir."

    "Okay, tell the Bauhaus to hold the clock another sixty seconds." Norman said still staring at the holographic battle space, waiting for motion. He waited.. And waited. Meanwhile his DESRONS were moving towards the upper ionosphere of the planet.

    "Now forty seconds to Bauhaus jump."

    "Dammit.. I swear this frakker is waiting for us.." He glanced up at the mission chrono. Five minutes, forty-nine seconds since the DESRONS had jumped out. "Spin up our hyperdrive and stand by to launch. Order the Hardcells to launch all fighters and have them head towards the Republic task force, but hold at five hundred klicks, no closer. I want their fighter cover drawn out."

    Twenty-seconds later the modified doors on the Hardcell-class transports opened up, pouring out hundreds of Vulture-class fighters and droid bombers that streaked towards the Republic task force from both sides, accelerating. If they continued their path, they would be in range of the Republic task force in four minutes. Twenty seconds after the first figthers and bombers began leaving the Hardcells, the Bauhaus lurched into hyperspace.

    Ninety-two seconds later it exited the jump, twenty-seven kilometers in front of the task force. The jammers were on less than four seconds later. Billions of watts of jamming noise raked up and down the electromagnetic spectrum, blanketing the frequencies in overwhelming noise, that the massive antennas directed straight at the Republic Task Force and the lone, polar Acclamator, while leaving most the space near the two destroyer squadrons and the hundreds of streaking fighters fairly clear. Still, the predetermined breaks in the noise were left to allow the Confederates clear broadcasting in the heavily saturated environment. Heat sinks began directing the heat from the antennas, which had began to glow a faint amber. The effect, however, should be devastating to the Republic's systems. Those it didn't physically damage, would be unable to function in the electronically complex environment.

    It had a side effect, however. In such an environment, the battleship was be unable to employ their fighters, or effectively use their comms and datalink. The moment the Lucretia came out of jump, they would have to tone down the power significantly to allow their fighters to launch and basic weapons systems to employ. They would still be able to degrade the Republic's systems and scanners, but not to the extent they were right now. Hopefully by that time, they would have cooked a few of the task force's receivers.

    Back on the Lucretia, Norman watched a ball of spikes and unintelligible noise formed on the holotable, as even the DESRONS sensors were denied visibility in the area.

    "Alright, set the clock. Jump us in thirty."

    Thirty-seconds later the final Confederate vessel jumped. Ninety-three seconds later, and one-hundred and fifty-two seconds after the Bauhaus exited hyperspace, the Lucretia dropped out five klicks to
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    NPC: General Hoff

    "Sir, more ships are dropping out of Hyperspace." Nexi reported. "Fighters being launched from enemy ships." a commanding officer said. "Ready the black hawks. Are the boarding parties ready??" Hoff asked. "Yes sir. We are waiting for the enemy capital ship."

    "Sir, enemy ship coming out of the starboard side." Nexi said. "Send out four squadrons from all ships. We need to distract them. Launch the Black Hawk squadrons to bomb the enemy ship jamming our readings. Tell all ships to ready their boarding parties for the attack on the main CIS Capital Ship. We need to finish this quickly." Hoff ordered.

    All of a sudden, the ship rocked. "Enemy fire. Shields at 95 Percent." Nexi reported. "Focus turbolaser batteries on the enemy ship. Launch fighter squadrons now."

    Red alarms flared throughout the ship as the clone pilots boarded their fighters. Hoff then turned and walked into the command bridge to see the fighters leaving the hanger. "Launch Black Hawk fighters. Now." Hoff ordered.

    The Black Hawk fighter squadrons were NTB-630 naval bombers and V-19 Torrent starfighters painted a special color as so they can blend in with the darkness of space. It would be the perfect surprise.

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    OOC: For purposes of play, we'll skip it, but there's no reason the task force should have seen the Lucretia drop out. Comms, radio ranging and detection like systems and targeting outside of electro-optical and thermal imaging should be nullified. This will degrade point-defense targeting down to electro-optical means (i.e. a sentient aiming the gun based on what s/he sees)

    Current Battlespace:
    Strike Group Zayin Lead
    -- Battleship Bauhaus, 17km forward of the task force, closing at 150m/s
    --- Full radio spectrum jamming in effect (IFF, targeting, comms), rotating breaks left for Confederate use
    -- Battleship Lucretia, 18km forward of the task force (3km starboard of the Bauhaus), closing at 110m/s
    -- 2,400x Vulture Starfighters moving from the battleships towards the task force at 650m/s
    -- 320x Advanced Droid Bomber moving from the battleships towards the task force at 450m/s

    Destroyer Squadron (DESRON) One
    -- 2x Munificent-class Frigates 430km to the port side of the task force, closing at 1900m/s
    --- 75x Vulture Star Fighters onboard
    --- 20x Advanced Droid Bombers onboard
    -- 2x Hardcell-class transports, 3,700km from the task force, moving towards the planet (14,900km away from surface)
    -- 550x Vulture Star Fighters, 110km port of the task force, closing at 2,100m/s (slowing to combat speeds)
    -- 125x Advanced Droid Bomber, 122km port of the task force, closing at 1,800m/s

    Destroyer Squadron (DESRON) Two
    -- 2x Munificent-class Frigates 390km to the starboard side of the task force, closing at 1800m/s
    -- 2x Hardcell-class transports, 3,900km from the task force, moving towards the planet (14,500km away from surface)
    -- 525x Vulture Star Fighters, 92km port of the task force, closing at 2,050m/s (slowing to combat speeds)
    --- 75x Vulture Star Fighters onboard
    --- 6x *Unknown Starfighters* onboard
    --- 20x Advanced Droid Bombers onboard
    -- 125x Advanced Droid Bomber, 111km port of the task force, closing at 1,600m/s

    In Character:

    Norman von Pelt, Commanding Officer, Confederate Navy Support Task Force Zayin
    Aboard the Flagship CISS Lucretia
    469 Days After the Battle of Geonosis
    +00:10:29 Z-Hour
    High-Orbit Octvai 12 (19,330km from the surface)

    Music: [link=]Lucretia, My Reflection[/link]
    Norman looked over the battlespace view on the holotable. Fighters poured from the two battleships like raptorwasp from a colony. Over two thousand starfighters, jamming up the tiny space between them and the task force. He could have spread them out like a screen and just rammed into the incoming fighters and ships. The bombers moved out and began acquiring the Star Destroyer.

    "Focus all attacks on the Star Destroyer's bridge. Blow the frakin' thing's head off." Norman said, as the first turbolaser rounds began impacting the front shields. "Shields forward, fire at will!"

    "Sir! Jamming is interfering with the bomber's targeting pods!"

    Norman picked up the comm. "Bauhaus, this is Lucretia actual. Open us up a slot between one-three-point-two-two and point-four-six gigahertz for the bomber's targeting. Six seconds, and then three second full burst on their point-defense target acquisition radars." In three seconds, the interference vanished and the bombers unleashed a massive volley of concussion missiles three per ship, that streaked towards the Star Destroyer at a thousand meters a second. Locked on to the captured image of the bridge, the missiles did not waver when the massive energy burst nearly blacked out most targeting frequencies above ten gigahertz, preventing the point-defense systems from engaging the supersonic concussion missiles. The droid control frequencies were safely rotating every seven seconds between one and two gigahertz, in channels only a couple megahertz wide and were unaffected. Less than ten seconds after launch, nine hundred
  16. GenOochy Jedi Master

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    I indicated in my last post that the Hardcell-class transports are 14,000+ kilometers from the surface. This is contradictory to what I had stated previously that their exit jump was five hundred kilometers from the surface. Allow me to correct and state that the Hardcells are just under two hundred kilometers from the surface now, preparing for reentry as of the end of the last post. I made the mistake looking at the estimated range of the of the polar orbiting Acclamator, and transcribing its distance to the Hardcells. Sorry for any confusion this may have caused.

    The same applies to the the distance indicated in the post header:

    High-Orbit Octvai 12 (19,330km from the surface)

    Instead, should read more like:

    Low-Orbit Octvai 12 (1,330km from the surface)

    Sorry, that was a huge continuity blunder on my part.

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    NPC: General Hoff

    "Sir, our sensors are clear for now.It seems they're electronic attacks are not going so well for they're side either." Captain Nexi pointed out. "Good, good." Hoff said, before he walked back to the Holotable. Things were not looking good. "Tell the Leska and the Boronto release all starfighters. Their bombers are to destroy the bridge and engines of one of the enemy Capital Ships(Bauhaus), they are to be escorted by a squadron of V-19 Torrent starfighters." Hoff ordered.

    "Sir, Boron taking heavy fire. Engines are starting to fail. And the Leska is taking a barrage of turbolaser fire." a Bridge officer commented. "Send two ARC-170 starfighter squadrons out to defend the Boron. The Leska can hold. Send a bomber squadron to destroy the Communications Array of the main CIS Capital Ship. No, disregard that order. Move the Reaper to the left of the Main Capital Ship(Lucretia) Once there, engage at point blank range torpedo and turbolaser fire, while sending boarding parties as they are distracted." the General ordered.

    The engines of the Reaper flared as the Pride of the Task Force lurched forward. Determined to finish this battle. "Sir, do you think it is wise to make such a move??" asked the Captain. Hoff let loose a smile. "The CIS Fleet are of trading vessels equipped and edited with heavy weapons. This ship was born for battle. It shall not fail us." Hoff said.

    "Sir, we have a breach on Deck B, inner ring, one and two. We're sealing it now." a Bridge officer informed. The ship rocked from another explosion. "When we board the ship, a demolition team is to be sent with a guard to the reactor to destroy it. I want to meet our enemy face to face on the bridge." Hoff said, before the ship again.

    The Separatists had come fully prepared. "Shield Capacity at 80 Percent." Captain Nexi commented. The General stayed quiet as he observed the dogfights ensuing out in the battle.

    TAG: Oochy
  18. GenOochy Jedi Master

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    Second approved character sheet.

    Name: Laisam Parvil
    Gender: Male
    Species: Wolatarian
    -- Height: 1.2m
    -- Weight: 140kg
    -- Hair: Brown and black bristly fur over his caterpillar-like body. Blue-dyed strips on his head
    -- Eyes: Four, coal black eyes
    -- Skin: Jet black, visible on arms and around eyes
    -- Clothing: Martial style dark gray vest and coat, holding equipment.
    Affiliation: Separatist, X-Zar Corporation Mercenary (Play Dead Squadron)
    Rank: Captain

    Hypersonic Projectile Assault Rifle

    -- 12.3x30mm Armor Piercing Rounds
    --- Muzzle velocity 1300m/s @ 4,310kg-force
    -- Fifty round magazines (x6)
    -- IR/Thermal 1/3/6x Optical Scope

    Automatic Projectile Pistol
    -- 12.3x30mm Hollow Point Rounds
    --- Muzzle velocity 615m/s @ 812kg-force
    -- Fifteen round capacity

    Weapons Proficiency: Hand-to-hand - Marginal; Fire Arms - Decent; Piloting - Expert

    Antar Engineering Re-190 Aerospace Superiority Fighter

    --- Two 37mm chainguns
    --- Six Launch Pylons (Rx-6k air-to-air missiles, G3-c precision guided free-fall munitions)
    Rx-6k Air Intercept Missile
    Manufacturer: Freeworld Warfare Design Bureau
    Type: Medium Range Air-to-Air
    Weight: 115kg
    Length: 1.2m
    Warhead: Directed durasteel cube
    Warhead weight: 28kg
    Propellant: Solid-fueled
    Operational range: 70km
    Speed: 2,300 m/s
    Guidance system: Active homing/Datalink
    Detonation mechanism: Command/Radar Proxy
    Steering system: 14 maneuvering jets; thrust vectoring
    Maneuverability: 22g
    G3-c Precision Glide Bomb
    Manufacturer: Freeworld Warfare Design Bureau
    Type: Free fall, precision strike munition
    Weight: 490kg
    Length: 1.6m
    Warhead: High explosive
    Warhead weight: 370kg
    Operational range: 16km
    Speed: 800 m/s (max release speed)
    Guidance system: Command/Laser Designating
    Fuze: Electronically selected (proxy, impact, delay)
    Steering system: Eight maneuverable fins
    Maneuverability: 8g
    Bio: Laisam Parvil is another edge-world mercenary, working for the security company X-Zar, from the Freeworld region of the A'care Cluster. He crossed paths with Norman von Pelt about two years ago, while working on a couple anti-pirate missions for a shipping company. Impressed with Capt. Parvil's flying, he hired the Wolatarian and his squadron of six fighters on when he joined the Confederate forces. Currently, the squadron is aboard the Hardcell-class Transport Apoptygma ready to assault the space port Balderas on Octvai 12.
  19. GenOochy Jedi Master

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    Play Dead Squadron
    Frame: Re-190 Aerospace Superiority Fighter
    Ordinance: 4x Rx-6k AA missiles; 2x G3-c Bombs

    Frame: Re-190 Aerospace Superiority Fighter
    Ordinance: 6x Rx-6k AA missiles

    Frame: Re-190 Aerospace Superiority Fighter
    Ordinance: 6x Rx-6k AA missiles

    Frame: Re-190 Aerospace Superiority Fighter
    Ordinance: 6x Rx-6k AA missiles

    Frame: Rb-139 Attack Fighter
    Ordinance: 6x G3-c Bombs; 2x Rg-22 Anti-Radiation Missiles

    Frame: Rb-139 Attack Fighter
    Ordinance: 6x G3-c Bombs; 2x Rg-22 Anti-Radiation Missiles

    In Character:

    Laisam Parvil

    Pilot Lead, Play Dead Squadron
    Call Sign: Green-11
    Aboard the transport, CISS
    469 Days After the Battle of Geonosis
    +00:12:39 Z-Hour
    Ionosphere, Octvai 12 (116km from the surface)

    Music: [link=]Worthy of Survival[/link]
    It was dark inside the Hardcell hanger. Only the glow of a few lights on the catwalks and the bat-like glow of dozens of Vulture fighters. In the darkness, six small edgeworld fighters were warming up, chattering on their secure comm.

    "Blue twelve. Hydro pressure almost up over here, I had a comp crash, so I'm resetting it. I swear these Techno guys know nothing about software."

    "Yeah, I hear you, I logged out of their network an hour ago and reset everything. Are we cleared to go yet, Green lead?" The female Wolatarian, in Green-13 said.

    "Just about. Blue flight, whenever you guys are ready..." Capt. Parvil said.

    "Bringing engines online right now, Captain. Straight down?"

    "Virtually. Try to level out around twenty, start looking for spikes. We're going for low collateral, so try to see if you can just get them to turn off so the Hardcells can land. If they won't, we may have to take them out. This isn't a droid job, that's why we're here."

    "Understood, alright. Blue flight, online... Open the bay doors."

    The massive doors on the side of the Hardcell transport opened and the heavier attack aircraft maneuvered out. The transport had already tipped over, and was flaring its chemical engines to slow it as it descended into the atmosphere. As soon as Blue flight was clear, the four fighters launched as well, diving into the atmosphere of the planet.

    Around twenty-thousand meters the flight leveled out, with the city of Genov and the spaceport, sixty kilometers north.

    Green flight formed up three klicks behind the attack aircraft.

    "Still getting that broadcaster from the ridge line, thrity-two klicks to the northwest." Blue-12 said.

    "Idea of what type?" Parvil asked, referring to a scanner of some sort they had picked up since they left the Hardcell

    "Uh, looks like a-- I don't know, I think it might be a traffic control from the patterns. Seems to be on the ridge top and its been continuous."

    "Alright, well, they know we're here.. Leave him alone. It's not worth wasting ordinance."

    "Right.. Oh, spike on two. Forty-three, twelve o'clock. Two emitters, about.. a klick apart.. Not showing up a type.. Seem to be searching..."

    "Acquisition radars?" Parvil asked, checking his own warning receivers. The Rb-139 had equipment to try and identify systems, while Parvil's fighter only showed the transmitter's location.

    "Seems like it.. I think they are illuminating us..."

    "Alright, let's go ahead and drop our altitude to angels ten. Blue eleven, go ahead and and put an ARM on them. See if that shuts them down or not."

    "Roger that, sir." The pilot of Blue-11 said, switching the [link=]anti-radiation missile[/link], which was designed to track emitters. The concept was, engage one of the radars on the surface and the others would shut off. "Blue eleven, hots-to-ground, suppress!" He called over the comm as he launched on of the Rg-22 missiles. It streak
  20. RuneEisahn Jedi Knight

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    OOC: Why would I approve myself

    Name:Rune Eisahn(Ironic, right)
    Alias(Clone, Jedi,Seperatist, etc):Jedi
    Rank:Jedi Knight
    Weapon: Cerulean Blue Lightsaber
    Weapons Proficiency: Lightsaber Combat and Fighter Piloting
    Bio: Part of the Legendary Trio(Which i'll explain later), Rune Eisahn was ordered by Republic High Command to serve with his old Master, Jedi Master Quin Kronn, on the far off world of Octvai 12, where Rune would lead the planet side air squadrons into battle.

    Name: Quin Kronn(Yep, last one)
    Alias(Clone, Jedi,Seperatist, etc):Jedi
    Rank: Jedi Master
    Weapon: Dark Forest Green Lightsaber
    Weapons Proficiency: Lightsaber Combat, Military Tactics, Force Techniques
    Bio: A member of the Legendary Trio, Quin Kronn was placed in charge of the entire defensive operations of Octvai 12. Having trained both members of the trio, Master Kronn is very skilled in both words and blade. So well, even Kenobi thought of giving him the title 'Negotiator'.

    NPC: ARC Captain Blank

    The Captain was having his routine day. Wake up at the regular time, eat breakfast, check troop equipment, send troops to designated areas of defense, then sit in the Command Bunker in Genov. Well, that was until one of the flak guns were hit by a missile. That sent everyone on high alert....

    "Pinpoint the attack, station all defense turrets to be ready. Ground Troopers, prepare for battle. Send word to the Outpost for more air support." the Captain ordered. "Sir, the Firestone has just left the outpost and is sending a contingent of two fighter sqaudrons to the air. They should be here in one hundred and forty seconds." called a command officer.

    "Great, turn those laser turrets online. Take out those fighters." Blank ordered. Explosions rocked the air as Flak guns fired.

    The Z-95 Starfighter Squadron raced towards the incoming ships to engage them, but had more sky to climb. It was then that the enemy fighters released missiles. The Squadron disengaged for a quick moment to dodge the missiles, but one fighter was caught and a great explosion followed. The Starfighters then responded with laser fire, hoping to burn their attackers to dust.

    "Sir, our fighters are approaching from the west. And it seems that one of the enemy fighters has dropped....bombs!!" called a bridge officer.

    "Order Null two and Null three of Null Squadron(coming from Acclamator) to destroy incoming bombs if they can. "Of course sir."

    NPC: General Hoff

    The battle did not look well for his Task Force. This was getting difficult.

    As the Reaper headed towards the Lucretia , fighter squadrons engaged each other and the Acclamators, Venator, and Confederate exchanged heavy turbolaser fire, with the Republic vessels taking most of the heat.

    "Sir, the Leska has lost her engines. And is taking heavy enemy turbo laser fire and bombardment. They are taking escape pods." Nexi said. "Sithspawn." Hoff growled. It was then the Boron made its move to flank the enemy, as it tried to round the Lucretia, but before it could, the CIS Capital Ship changed course to meet the Acclamator in a dead on collision.

    "Is he mad??" Hoff questioned, before he figured his answer. The enemy admiral had used his ships superior size and strength of the port arm of the Federation Battleship slammed into the Assault Ship with millions of metric tons of force. Instead of stopping, the much larger Federation vessel simply tore into the Acclamator, armor plates twisting and the smaller ship spinning over.

    Hoff watched in horror as the Boron flipped over and as the battleships unleashed their hellish fire at the deaths of hundreds of Crew Members. The Master could feel their deaths in the force. It was then he saw the opening. The rupture in the hull of the ship. The perfect spot to land there boarding craft. "Launch all fighters" Hoff ordered. The Reaper pulled beside the Lucretia. "Fire all batteries into that damned ship. If this be our last stand, then we'll let them remember why it took so long." />/>
  21. GenOochy Jedi Master

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    In Character:

    Laisam Parvil

    Pilot Lead, Play Dead Squadron
    469 Days After the Battle of Geonosis
    +00:15:13 Z-Hour
    Over Genov City, Octvai 12

    Music: [link=]Barra Barra[/link]
    Blue-11 watched the crosshairs on the [link=]vidscreen[/link] until two small orbs shot into view, and with a flash of white light, the flak guns vanished under a cloud of black smoke.

    "Wooo! Shack on the flak guns.. ..yeah, they're gone.." He said as the smoke cleared, reveling twisted rubble where the primitive guns had been. "Showing blank on the screen." He said, indicating that the associated scanners of the flak guns were offline.

    Meanwhile, Parvil watched as the Z-95 broke hard to avoid his missile, and failed. It took the round head on and shattered into hunks of burning durasteel and fuel. The other Z-95 fired towards him and he broke away, while Green-13, who was right behind him and fired two missiles herself. The Z-95 broke, but took the near hypersonic missiles to the aft as it rocketed by the two Wolatarian fighters. It twisted and fought to regain control, breaking off the the North.

    "Splash on lead. Second bandit is disengaging to the.. north.. I've got him about.. four o'clock right now, two klicks, egressing. Go ahead and take him?" Green-13 asked. Parvil rolled his fighter over, looking back towards where the trails of while and black smoke showed the fire fight. Pieces of the Z-95 he destroyed were burring themselves into the ground.

    "Uhh-- is he a no factor?" Parvil asked.

    "Affirmative. I think he's R-T-B.."

    "Just let him go, then."


    "Blue lead here.. Got a couple turrets.. about a klick from the spaceport, seem to be firing.." Blue-11 said.

    "I've got them, spiking.. whoa, spike Republic TARs on those.." Replied Blue-12, who was ingressing towards the spaceport.

    "Yeah.. that's affirmative.. Look two hundred meters east.. See those?"

    "Across the autoroute, there?"


    "Yeah.. I see personnel moving.. a couple vehicles.. definitely military grade.."

    "Going to shack the guns.. Watching those-- oh, yeah.. those are clones there.. Go ahead and take the two buildings there.." Blue-11 said, scanning his video screen across the ground, back to the guns and switching back to his final Rg-22, launching it at the laser cannons, and then breaking to avoid the laser fire that was beginning to come up towards him. He took the shot at twelve thousand meters from the target, and the missile landed on target less than ten seconds later, with Blue-11 already breaking to the south.

    Blue-12 was already designating and dropping four bombs, at seven thousand meters from the target, laser shots flying up towards him as he did. The bombs were set with a delay fuze to penetrate the armored buildings and then explode.

    "Blue twelve, hots-to-ground." He said, and watched the vidscreen, as he flew towards the space port. The bombs streaked towards the target, entering his screen for a fraction second before impacting. Four flashes, as two bombs struck each of the twin buildings as the complex. Columns of smoke boiled up, and the dust around the area rose as the shock wave rippled out. A couple of moving hot spots, just outside the fireball, flew away from the blast. "Impact, impact... I think that was a clean kill there.."

    Suddenly, Blue-12's fighter shuddered violently and he quickly broke left. He checked his systems, seeing that he had taken damage to the left wing. "Blue lead, I'm taking fire form the turrets still.. Are they down yet?"

    "Negative.. I think they got the ARM on the way in.. I'm designating now for a bomb kill.. something they can't shoot down.. as easily.. Hots-to-ground." He said, letting off two more glide bombs, that flew towards their targets silently. He broke to the right and pulled up as the laser cannons fired away at him. Moments latter two flashes engulfed the laser cannons in thick smoke. "Think I got them..."

    Ten klicks south, the fighters of Green group w
  22. RuneEisahn Jedi Knight

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    IC: ARC Captain Blank

    Explosions rocked the city as the bombs destroyed the remaining Flak guns. "Damnit." Blank growled. "Are those laser turrets online yet?!?" he cried. "Just about sir." a command officer informed. "Great." the ARC said.

    "Umm, sir. We've lost several fighters, with those two squadrons on the way. And it seems a CIS carrier is entering the atmosphere."

    The way it looked, they would not be able to hold the spaceport, let alone the city. "What is your command sir?" asked the command officers.

    "I-" Blank began, before red alarms flared throughout the complex. "Damn!" Blank howled, before shooting the view windows, grabbing an officer, and jumped out of a broken window as the bombs hit. The city of Genov had been damaged by the bombs dropped, even though they hit the AA Guns. The Republic Operations Compound was mainly destroyed in the main command tower and Communication towers. The Clones that had survived or escaped the explosions scattered around. Things looked bleak as the defense was compromised...


    NPC: General Hoff

    The boarding parties unloaded from their Gunships and readied they're weapons. "Breaking through the blast doors will cause an alarm to go off. So, we have to be prepared. Although there are probably other alarms going off as well. Bridge Commander, how are we doing?" Hoff asked.

    "Not very good, sir. Our engines are failing, we have multiple high security breaches in the hull. We are still in this fight. But we won't last much longer." the Bridge Commander stated.

    "Find an escape pod. Quickly, while you still can." Hoff ordered. But the communications fazed out. "Sithspit." Hoff cursed.

    "Lets get this out of the way." Hoff sighed, before activating his blue blade and cutting a hole into the blast doors. "Move, move." Hoff ordered. "Demolition Squad, head towards the reactor core. Destroy it. Commandos, sabotage the engines, shields, life support, something to cripple this ship. Nexi and I shall head to the bridge with the rest of the party, go." Hoff ordered.

    The Demolition Squad Consisting of four troops and the four Clone Commando's headed towards the same area and the group of eight clone troopers, with Hoff leading them, headed towards the bridge.

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    IC: Sora Bulq

    Sora had his fleet standing by, just as planned. He had long range sensors trying to determine what was going on, but most of the battle was interference. Sora looked to the timer above his holo-table.

    "5... 4... 3... 2... 1..." he counted down.

    "Helm, jump to designated coordinates. Have all ships go in hot, signal Von Pelt upon exit and synch up with his ships. Supply support as needed."

    "Aye, sir, jumping to coordinates as requested."

    Sora walked to the entrance of the bridge.

    "Helsman, you have the bridge. Inform all landing parties to stand-by. I'll be in my ship."

    He walked out the door, then stopped.

    "Helm, send a single message to Von Pelt: Bombardment."


    "Just send it. He should get the idea without alerting the Republic of what is about to happen."

    Sora turned and left the bridge, heading to his personal shuttle. He sprinted through the halls, knowing he didn't have much tim before the exited hyperspace.

    It only took a couple minutes for him to make it to his ship, as he used the Force to increase his speed and awareness through the halls of his ship. He jumped in his P-38 and put on his oxygen mask.

    "Bridge this is Commander Bulq, let me know when we hit the DZ. Once we do give the all go for the carriers and drop ships. We can't be hanging in space forever."

    "Aye, sir."

    It was only a couple minutes, but it seemed like an eternity to Sora. He felt the ship lurch from hyperspace, then a couple shudders from his ships guns.

    "commander Bulq, this is the bridge, we are at the DZ."

    "Give the go bridge," he ordered as he lifted his fighter off the deck and flew out into the vacuum of space. He flipped his ship around to the top of the destroyer to look at the damage Von Pelt had delt out. It was quite impressive.

    "All ships, go!"

    On command, the eight drop ships and two carriers decended into the atmosphere.

    Sora punched in the secure channel for Von Pelt.

    "Von Pelt, this is Bulq. Phase Two is under way. The ships are yours."

    He punched the drives and entered the atmosphere.

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    OOC: Sorry about the short post. I will try to post up more later today.
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    OOC: Another blunder, I switched names on a couple ships.. As of now, the Apoptygma is a Hardcell transport, instead of a frigate.

    In Character:

    Laisam Parvil

    Pilot Lead, Play Dead Squadron
    469 Days After the Battle of Geonosis
    +00:18:19 Z-Hour
    Genov City, Octvai 12

    Music: [link=]Thousandth Landing[/link]
    Four hundred meters above the surface, at just a couple hundred kilometers an hour, gave you a vivid picture of the city. The streets were jammed with sentients, trying to get a better look. Columns of smoke rose across the city, where bombings and downed fighters blazed. On'shy Tantur, also known as Green-13, saw a few muzzle flashes on the ground, just east of her, and a streak of red blaster bolts flew out towards her. The small arms fire went wide, falling mostly behind her. At about the same time, dozens of black dots were appearing and streaking in towards the city, and the Hardcell transports were visible, as they came in for a landing on the surface. The droid star fighters broken towards the inbound Republic fighters, while the forty droid bombers turned towards the Spaceport. The laser cannons didn't seem to fire at them, indicating they were down, as the bombers came in low and switched to their walking configuration and began to open fire on any personnel that appeared threatening at the Spaceport. She came back over where Parvil was down to check the area again. A older land speeder and a group of militant looking aliens were disembarking and walking towards the downed pod. She lined up with them, slowing to just a few dozen kilometers and hour. A couple of them spoted her and opened fired with light blaster rifles. The shots merely struck her shields and were absorbed. Looking of the thermal targeting screen, she switched to her chain guns and fired a half second burst. A score of heavy 37mm rounds tore out and the aliens vanished in a thermally bright cloud of gore, steel and earth. As she over flew the area, the targeting screen showed a line of craters, drenched in the remains of the militant party. She had actually managed to miss the landspeeder, and what seemed to be one of the militants, with shattered legs was trying to drag him or herself back to the speeder. For a moment she considered turning around and taking it out, when Parvil came back on the comm.

    "Setting off fireworks? I just got a face full of gravel over here." He said over the commlink, brushing dust off himself. Even at sixty meters away, the force of the shells tearing up the ground, threw rocks and fragments of a tree. If not for some of the light brush in the area, the debris might have posed a serious risk to him.

    "Securing you transportation. Head back to your pod.. there's a bleeder, doesn't seem to be moving much now.. looks clear.. lightly armored speeder about.. twenty meters from where your pod was.."

    Parvil got up and moved out of the brush, pistol drawn. Dust was still settling over the area, and a tree branch finally fell as he walked towards the speeder. The remains of two locals were twisted near the base of the trees so badly he couldn't tell what species they might have been. He approached the speeder cautiously, pistol raised.

    Tantur circled the area, watching the targeting screen and the thermal image. The humanoid being by the speeder seemed to move again when Parvil was within a few meters. She clearly saw the two muzzle flashes and a quick jolt from the humanoid, as Pavil discharged his pistol into the being's head.

    "Cleaned up.." Parvil said over the comm.

    "Check." She replied, zooming her viewscreen out as Parvil climbed into the landspeeder. "Alright, turn around and.. there's a dirt road above thirty five meters away. Turn left on it and it'll take you down to a main autoroute. Looks like you can take it around the city.. I'll be covering you." She said, as she circled back towards Parvil. Glancing up, she noticed the intense fire fight taking place high above the city. Trails of bl
  25. RuneEisahn Jedi Knight

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    NPC: ARC Captain Blank

    "Damnit!!" Blank growled, as he pushed a large pile of debris off of his back. The ARC was surprised he had even survived, but realized that as he had jumped away from the explosion, he had locked up his suite, to prevent very external damage as he landed. Looking for the command officer he had dragged out, he finally found him against the door of a destroyed speeder.


    "This is Captain Blank of the Genov Garrison. All units(in the city) fortify the central plaza as quickly as you can. It is the only way for the Clankers to spread throughout the city. From the looks of it, they've taken the spaceport. Sithspit." Blank ordered, before grabbing his fallen rifle, and heading towards the central plaza.

    As he turned the corner, he turned to see two Separatist Gunships unload two groups of ten battle droids. Which, in the fray of civilians and military personnel, began shooting and destroying everything in sight.

    "Droid poppers." Blank said quietly to himself, before throwing two EMP Grenades at the small droid force. The droids stopped firing their blasters to stare at the grenades, before an electrical shockwave emerged from the round container, shutting down all systems to the droids.

    "I love bein a clone." the ARC muttered, before he headed towards the Plaza once more. It wasn't much more then a five minute jog, being that there were not the many droids in the city...yet.

    As he reached the plaza, the ARC could see barricades being made, turrets being set up, and small trenches being dug.

    "Call for an evac. We're gonna need it." Blank said, as he watched the last of the Republic Fighters be destroyed.

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