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Saga Star Wars: The Children of Chuzan V

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by JediMasterYoda98, Apr 23, 2003.

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  1. JediMasterYoda98

    JediMasterYoda98 Jedi Youngling star 3

    May 26, 2002
    I'm posting the first two chapters (which arn't as good) because they're so short. Here it goes! ^.^
    Chapter 1: The Vision

    Peace. Peace was what Yoda felt, sitting on his perch, becoming one with the force. It was at times like this when he felt his best. The force was like cool water; it seemed to splash across him and through him, soothing his skin on a hot summer day. At this moment, he was truly at peace.

    The peace shattered, replaced by feeling of pain, fear, sorrow, and loss. He searched harder, trying to find a clearer picture, but darkness seemed to cloud his thoughts. It was like fog, only letting him hear. But hearing was enough.

    A child screamed, and he heard sounds of blaster fire, the cracking of laser whips, and the buzzing of vibro blades. He heard footsteps of children running, screaming in terror and pain, as they would get shot down or burned with severe wounds. They were helpless, and something was trying to kill them.

    Yoda heard a girl scream, right after a shot of a blaster, and he heard a 'thump' as she fell to the ground.

    "Hannah!" a boy screamed in horror, and with blaster fire still sizzling through the air, he seemed to run over to her. Although Yoda could not see what was happening, he knew she had died.

    He opened his eyes, and returned to the meditation room in the Jedi temple. His green eyes were now filled with worry and grief, and he brought his cane to his hand with the force, and hopped off his perch. He walked, using his cane as support, out of the door and to the Jedi Master's quarters. He came to a familiar door, which through it was Mace Windu's room, and opened it with his hand. Mace Windu was meditating on his sleep couch, and did not seem to acknowledge Yoda's presence.

    "You have seen the vision also." His voice was deep, serious, and would seem to be very harsh if it were with another soul. His serious eyes opened to meet Yoda's.

    "Know I will go, you do. Something I do personally, it will be," Yoda said, and started to turn around. "Who they were, I know. The Children of Chuzan Vi, they are."

    "May the force be with you." Mace Windu went back into meditation.

    "Always," whispered Yoda, and he then exited the room.

    Chapter 2: The Slayers and the Savior

    Yoda had informed the Jedi Council and Senator Palpatine of his departure, and packed the few belongings he would need. He then realized he might need something he had not used in a long time, which he always regretted having to use. Using the force, he opened a secret compartment in his quarters. Inside was something small, in the shape of a cylinder, made of a metallic substance.

    His lightsaber.

    "The ship is leaving now, Great Master Jedi. This way please." They were in a docking bay near the Jedi Temple, in which you could buy tickets for ship rides to other planets. They were on a floating platform, with people quickly walking to the places they needed to get to, and speeders and ship flying by. Yoda nodded his head once in the thanks to the man who directed the way to the ship, and used his gimmer stick to help him walk to it.

    There stood a large ship; its hull was made of a sleek metal, with laser cannons in the front. It shape was very arrow-dynamic, and it looked like a very agile ship.

    Yoda walked onto the ship, getting ready for the long and boring flight to Chuzan Vi.

    The ship had started into Hyperspace and was already heading toward the Spaceport, but it was near the outer rim, and would take at least a full day before they arrived. Yoda meditated while waiting for the trip to end. Once again, he was one with the force. But then the ship shook, as if it had been hit my a large laser cannon. It then froze, just like it had been captured by a tractor beam.

    It had been.

    "Emergency! Emergency maneuvers! Space Pirates have attacked us! They are going to bored the ship! Emergency maneuvers!" yelled a voice over the intercom. Yoda quickly stood up and used the force to run across a
  2. JediMasterYoda98

    JediMasterYoda98 Jedi Youngling star 3

    May 26, 2002
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