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Star Wars STAR WARS: The Chosen One (AU)

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by spycoder9, Mar 12, 2012.

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  1. spycoder9 Force Ghost

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    "No, my father was a navigator on a spice freighter."
    - Luke Skywalker to Obi-Wan Kenobi in A New Hope

    The galaxy is not as we know it.

    Anakin Skywalker is no more. He existed at one time. . .though at the age of four. . .he disappeared. Any records of an Anakin Skywalker were lost, except for tales told by mouth.

    Around the same time Anakin Skywalker disappeared and his mother died, Bren Swift was rescued. Little boy kidnapped from his mom and about to be sold into slavery, a captain of a spice freighter happened upon the ship and rescued the boy.

    So, with the ending of the boy named Anakin Skywalker, a boy by the name of Bren Swift came about. Are they connected somehow? Perhaps.


    Bren Swift was raised onboard the spice freighter. He learned the trick of the trade from the captain, and lived his childhood and teen years alongside him. Wild and carefree, Bren could care less if he lived the rest of his life onboard the freighter. He had fun and enjoyed it. But fate wished to intervene. It pushed certain circumstances together, allowing Bren to come into contact with some of the people who would control the rest of his life. A simple pick up of a bounty hunter and an old man could turn out to be much more than Bren would?ve ever bargained for.

    Around this vivacious young man, the galaxy is preparing for him subtly.


    The Republic is not in the most perfect of shape. The Chancellor who has been in office for several years was afflicted with a debilitating disease that has slowly taken its toll on both him and the Senate. With a faulty leadership, several things went unnoticed to the Chancellor and his associates. Taking rise in the shadows were the Crusaders. They formulated plans in the background, while the Senate feuded over simplistic things that had no matter in the current galaxy. The Crusaders were sneaky in their rise, and started on the backwater planets.


    After gaining some amount of support, they set up factories in some of the most well hidden places throughout these planets. Then they began their wait. Hiding in the back, they watched what was going on around them. Observed. And when the time came, they would unleash their army. Only one group of people would be able to stop them.

    The Jedi Order.


    Strict both in law and culture, the Order is controlled by a group of men and women who are the best wielders of the Force.

    Many, many years before, the Force users split into two sides. Those that believed to give into your anger and passion was the right choice named themselves "Sith". Those who thought following the lighter, more peaceful side of the path called themselves ?Jedi.? Unable to work out problems, the Jedi and Sith were involved in an all out war that devastated the entire galaxy. The Jedi came out on top, but on Ossus, their home planet, the Sith managed to destroy every bit of it before their death.


    Years later, the Jedi have taken up residence on Dantooine. They seek out children who are adept in the Force and train them to use their powers for peace and tranquility. Until now, the Jedi had assumed they had succeeded in defeating the Sith.

    But, after a famous Jedi Master was murdered on Ossus by a cloaked figure holding a red lightsaber, the Council and everyone in the Order are on alert. After some debate, the Council began to assign special missions to Jedi to investigate disturbances which are delved/>
  2. spycoder9 Force Ghost

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    Jul 23, 2008
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    Pertaining to the sign-ups, start date of the game, and the Move:

    Until sometime after the Move, sign-ups are allowed. Just fill out a character sheet and send it my way, and for sure you will see a response. Everyone will be accepted, as long as the character they wish to play is believable and understandable to the setting. So the sign-ups should last be a reasonable amount of time. The actual start date of the game comes after the Move. Chapter One of the first part begins after the Move. But, during the Move and our stay on the temporary boards, I?ll play out a prologue for all those who are willing. It isn?t required, and won?t affect the actual game, but it will allow for the players to get a feel of their characters. So, look for that on the temporary boards.

    Had to put this OP up today. Plans tomorrow prevent me from access to a computer, and then Wednesday-Friday I?ll be very busy with a ?school project?.

    I hope this game lives a long life and is completed on a good note, which I have no doubt it will. :)

    - Spycoder
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