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Discussion in 'Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by colbyclark, Oct 19, 2008.

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  1. colbyclark

    colbyclark Jedi Youngling

    Oct 19, 2008
    It has been 100 years since the fall of the Empire at the hands of Luke Skywalker and his father Anakin.For this time the people of the galaxy were all prosperous.But as all true Jedi know,there can be no such thing as true peace.As long as there are heroes there will be villans as well.Unknown to the innocent,the Empire was never completly destroyed.Several Siths remained,and some refused to except defeat.
    Without warning,cities and towns all across the galaxy were attacked and overthrown by the new Empire,who now called themselves "The Forgotten Shadows".Due to the peace that had been across the galaxy,few were prepared.Even the Jedi Order was taken by surprise.Now the only hope there is is that new heroes shall rise to defeat the Forgotten Shadows.Even this hope is spread far and few,for some have lost hope.May the Force protect us all...

    Now then.Here's the deal.You are to join in this war of wars.But who will you fight for?Will you join the Forgotten Shadows in their conquest for power?Or will you help build a new Resisstance to combat them?The choice is yours,but choose wisely.Only one shall win.

    Here's the biosheet for you to use;








    Force Specialty;(push,protection,dark side)

    Master;(person who trained them)


    Lightsaber Design;(what kind of weapon does it resemble?)

    Lightsaber Color;(if you use one)



    Brief Bio;(aside from history,if your character uses a lightsaber explain why they chose the design and color of it that they chose.)

    Here are my characters,Banyog and Reid Logos.

    Name;Banyog(pronounced Ban-Yog)

    Alias;Darth Cryos




    Weapons;Lightsaber,Force Shield

    Classes;Sith Warrior,Sith Assasin

    Force Specialty;Force Grip/Throw

    Master;Darth Bylantos


    Fighting Style;relies on speed and finesse,uses a combination of his legs' natural strength and the force to jump around his fighting area and confuse his enemy.

    Lightsaber Design;similar to a hand-and-a-half sword,the hilt has a special orb at the end
    that he stores his energy in for when he needs it.

    Lightsaber Color;Yellow

    Appearance;dark red and grey skin,yellow slanted reptilian eyes,three toed feet,and sharply tipped toenails.Also keeps a twig in his mouth that he constantly chews on,even in the middle of battle.

    Clothes;Wears tattered and torn black sith robes,does not wear the cape for he finds it cumbersome.

    Brief Bio;
    When he was 7 his city was attacked by the Empire and Darth Bylantos.Bylantos sensed great possibilities in him and took him in as his student in the ways of the force.After reaching the age of 13 he was declared a full fledged Sith Warrior,but he remained loyal to his master due to the fact that Bylantos had treated him fairly and raised him as if Banyog was his own son.He chose to make a hand-in-a-half style lightsaber due to the fact that he prefers to fight with a shield,but is often forced to fight without one.He chose a yellow lightsaber crystal to signify the joy of battle.His saber's color also let's him pass as a jedi.

    Name;Reid Logos(pronounced Raid Lo-go-s)

    Alias;Darth Bylantos





    Classes;Sith Lord,Sith Brute

    Force Specialty;Force Lightening



    Fighting Style;slow,but uses powerful sword strokes to stun enemies.Similar to a Berserker.

    Lightsaber Design;similar to a greatsword,can extend the blade to twice it's regular size

    Lightsaber Color;Silver

    Appearance;A tall,black man with many scars across his body from his many battles. His eyes are pure white due to the fact that he is blind.He wears his hair in dreadlocks and has a thick black beard.

    Clothes;Tan Jedi robes and a hood he attached to them so he can hide his eyes.Like Banyog,he does not wear a cape.

    Brief Bio;
    Although it's unknown when he joined th
  2. colbyclark

    colbyclark Jedi Youngling

    Oct 19, 2008
    (OOC:posting character intro)

    Deep within the forest of Kashyyyk,a lone soldier was heading towards a tall Rebel Base.High in the trees,a figure is hunched over,staring down at it.The figure speaks into the communicater on his head. "Blind Falcon,this is Wasp Lizard.Target sighted,permission to act. Repeat,target sighted."

    Down on the ground,a hooded person stands facing away from the trail. "This is Blind Falcon,you have permission to act.Repeat,permission to act."

    Nodding,the figure in the tree signals the Stormtrooper Snipers behind him. "Proceed with plan 29160." it said. "Yes,sir Lord Cryos!Move out!" said the lead sniper.As they climb down the tree,the figure,Cryos,stands and begins to follow the speeder,leaping from tree to tree.

    As the speeder reaches a sharp turn,the ground figure holds his hand towards a nearby tree.As he points,the tree is shot with electricity and falls,blocking the path.As the speeder turns around,the snipers come out and block his way.Jumping down from the tree,Cryos lands infront of the soldier.Starring at him,the soldier says in fear, "D-D-Darth C-Cryos!" he then looks at the second man and says, "And Darth Bylantos!".

    Smiling,Cryos looks at Bylantos and says "It seems our reputation perseves us.I'm suprised he knows who we are." "As am I,my Gungan friend.But,I find it sad he doesn't know our real names."
    "As do I." looking back at the rebel,Cryos says "My name is Banyog,and this is my master Reid Logos."

    Starring at them,the soldier screamed as they drew their lightsabers,Cryos's yellow,and Bylantos's silver.Before the sound could reach too far,Bylantos beheaded the poor man as Cryos examines the speeder.Looking towards his student,Bylantos asks "What are you doing?"

    Not looking up,Banyog says, "These forests are to big to navigate by memory.He should have some ki-" as he began to finish he lifted a small digital map. "Here we go.This should lead us right to those Rebels."
  3. Sith_King

    Sith_King Jedi Youngling star 1

    Oct 10, 2008

    Name; Marcus Alexander De Caliencio

    Alias; Darth Dynam meaning ?Force/ Power?

    Age; 25

    Gender; Male

    Species; Chiss

    Weapon(s); Light saber

    Class(s); Sith Lord, Sith Master

    Force Specialty; Force thrust, force choke, force speed, force strength, drain, lightsaber combat, duel wielding, meditation, insight, Force Sight, Force Hearing, etc.

    Master; Unknown

    Side; Empire

    Lightsaber Design; Double-bladed light saber, A.K.A Sith Light saber

    Lightsaber Color; Red

    Lightsaber Form/s: Form I and Form IV


    Clothes; Black breastplate over dark robes and clothes

    Brief Bio; Marcus Alexander De Caliencio, born to Lord Sonje and Lady Marsil De Caliencio of Csilla, he passed the best-documented means of acquiring Family Status of a Ruling Family, those of particular ability were said to be "born to trial", and given the opportunity to make their Family status permanent. Marcus was lucky enough to be born in the ruling family otherwise he would have had to join the military to be adopted into a family, many children died for this cause. Even in the era of the Galactic Alliance, the wider galaxy seems to have had no direct contact with Chiss civilians. What was known about them was, they mediated largely through encounter with military units, and through a few high-level contacts with political and diplomatic delegations. It is perhaps no surprise, then, that the military and the ruling class were the best understood aspects of Chiss society; or at least, the best documented. Choosing the traditional color of the Sith light saber of red, Marcus designed and uses his custom made double-bladed light saber made possible by Exar Kun of the Sith.
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