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    Tulsa Fan Force and The Tulsa State Fair present:


    Star Wars: The Fan Experience
    Celebrating over 25 years of the Force

    In 1977 the world was thrust headfirst into an adventure theater audiences could have never imagined.

    Star Wars...

    Capturing the true essence of action, adventure, romance and myth, Star Wars was the start of cultural phenomenon. Fans across the globe to this day relish in the continuing adventures of Luke Skywalker and his Rebel companions against the evil Galactic Empire and its lead enforcer - Darth Vader.

    Join the 2004 Tulsa State fair as we present a wide variety of collectibles and displays spanning nearly all facets of the Saga that has become Star Wars and the fans who enjoy it most.

    See a wide variety of toys, comics, books, music and other collectibles spanning over 27 years. See a variety of fan-made costumes and prop replicas - including a Full-Size X-Wing Fighter.


    In addition to the displays, a wide array of Star Wars costumed characters will be present during our weekend events for photos and appearances...

    Strap on your Blaster, get your Lightsaber charged up and Hyperspace on down to the Expo Square for a Fan Experience of Galactic Proportions... and most of all...

    May the Force be with you!!!!
    This is our goal. However, one fan group cannot do it alone. We are asking any and all fan groups to help us make this a true fan experience that will be long remembered. We would like to invite you to come join in the fun. The fair runs from September 30 through October 10. We don?t expect you to be there every minute of every day though. We mainly need people on those two weekends since that is when most of the action will be taking place.

    We need people to wear costumes on the floor, pose for pictures, and even answer questions at the tables. If you cannot attend in person, we would appreciate it if you could contribute in a different way. We need costumes to put in display cases for the guests to enjoy. Let me assure you that your items will be safely locked behind glass at all times.

    We would also like have an area to showcase each fan group/individual that participates. For that we will need pictures, logos, and anything else you would like to have to represent your group. Examples would be picture mosaics, a video of various events, and fliers telling about your club.

    We appreciate your cooperation and hope to see you there.

    For more information please visit the Tulsa Fan Force's offical SW:TFE Coordination site at

    [link=http://www.tulsafanforce.com/board/viewforum.php4?f=6]SW:TFE Official Site[/link]/>
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