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Star Wars Star Wars- The Final Resurrection

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by master-of-les-pauls, Oct 7, 2009.

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  1. Sith-I-5

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    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: Zoey (Virgillian nrc), Lieutenant Shaara Dawnstrider, Lieutenant Samanatha Irisa, Flurry hangar.
    Location: Hyperspace from Balmorra

    Zoey climbed out of the pilot seat of the snowspeeder he had shared with the Alliance?s Lieutenant Dawnstrider, and looked back as the rear ramp lowered finally, letting the bright hangar lighting stream into and illuminate the Raptor?s cargo area.

    He was disconcerted to see that of the original six T-47s, only four were in the bay, his included.

    Did that mean that two of his crewmates had not made it back? And if so, which ones?

    There was a crowd of soldiers, commandoes and officers, between the parked ?speeders, and the lowering ramp, and he had to wait for the exhausted looking ground force personnel to tread down the ramp and disperse into the hangar, before he was able to investigate further.

    He followed the troops out, blinking into the light.

    ?Hey, Zoe?.?

    He looked towards the speaker, and recognised the female pilot that he had been partnered with. ?Lieutenant.?
    He looked past the tall blonde, to see another woman, her flight suit stained, covered with dirt, abraded, torn, and in some places, actually burned! Which, if it told him anything, it was that one of them had managed to spend most of the battle in a cockpit of one sort or another, while the other had had to get down and dirty.

    ?We are missing two speeders,? He announced to them. ?Who did we lose??

    To his surprise, the second woman answered, her brown bangs looking as tired as the face under them.
    ?Dancer One, mine. And Dancer Three.? Irisa reported tiredly, rubbing her thumbs into her own eyes.

    Dawnstrider spun round. ?Dancer Three? But that would be Liam!? She pointed along the hanger's upper tier. ?And his B-Wing came up with us.?

    ?That?s Yav?. I ordered him to bring it in. I didn?t want to leave any more tech? on the planet than we had to.? Samantha released a deep sigh of regret. ?I am going to have to report in to Captain Manchuso, that I lost two of your people.?

    ?But that would be Ruth. And Danny.? Zoey mumbled aloud.

    Shaara turned back to her temporary gunner, and stepped in to give him a comforting hug, gathering the Virgillian youth into her arms. ?Zoe?.?

    ?I am sorry for your loss.? Irisa fidgeted, as if she had something to add. ?Ruth was a good girl; very bright. This might have been my fault.?

    Zoey disengaged himself from Shaara?s hug, and looked over her shoulder at the regretful officer. ?We are at war, lieutenant. Losses are inevitable. Report in to the captain, but do not think about it any further than that.?

    Tag: Has any other player made it back to the Flurry? Or is it just me?
  2. Sith-I-5

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    Aug 14, 2002

    IC: Stan Switek, Devon Robie, Nar Shaddaa docks, Warehouse Forty-Seven

    Stan looked up into the night sky to see if he could see Nal Hutta, the Hutt throneworld around which this shadowport moon orbited.

    He ignored the rest of the rodian?s joke, and re-sealed the warehouse after the two robo-haulers emerged with their cargos, leaving one third of the medical supplies still inside.

    Switek approached both mechanical drones, and programmed them to proceed in a convoy towards the landing areas, where the Dancing Remedy and Captain Robie?s Fluffy, were parked, not too far apart.

    The haulers preceded slowly towards the landing pads in an abbreviated convoy, with the two walking alongside, their eyes open, and weapons ready, in case someone tried to hijack the load

    They reached the landing area, a vast expanse of litter and debris-strewn ferrocrete, pitted with concave dips for ships to settle into, the shallow sides intended to absorb and re-direct the landing thrusters of visiting and departing ships, largely without incident.

    The only occurrence, and Switek was not sure if it had been a genuine attack, or some piece of extreme street theatre, had been when someone had dropped from a bridge that their convoy had been forced to go under, and landed on the rearmost of the cargo cubes, knees bent, a weapon in one hand, and said the one word: ?Hah!?

    A glowing shaft of green light, possibly a metre in length, had spun out of the darkness, neatly dissecting ?Hah!? Man at the through his torso, and spun out of sight, leaving the newcomer to topple in two halves on either side of the cargo.

    Stan, had gotten the trouser and boot-clad legs.

    ?Hah?? He had echoed, uncertainty colouring his tone. ?Was that a lightsabre??

    ?Wouldn?t know.? Captain Robie?s voice had sounded over the medicine pallet. ?Never saw one before. Look, can we pick the pace up a bit, but I don?t think the locals are entirely stable.?

    Switek could not help but smile at the thundering understatement. This was Nar Shaddaa! The people who called this twilight megapolis home were likely to be bat shat loco! ?Not entirely stable? Thank you, Professor.?
    If he had recognised the published Han Solo quotes, he might have had cause to wonder at the Rodian?s political leanings, but truth be told, the broker did not get out much.

    Soon, the darkness that was the street, gave way to the bright lights of the docking bays, and he caught his first sight of Robie?s craft. The black craft was huge! The second storey command deck was fronted by a single band of curved blue transparisteel, while a mammoth hatch led into the bottom-most vehicle bay. Two arms at the front bristled with glowbeams and quad-laser cannon.

    Good luck going through Zsinj?s territory with that! Switek thought, as he stopped and stared, his gaze roving over the impressive craft. ?And you called her the Fluffy?!?

    The lead ?hauler proceeded inside the ship?s gaping maw into the cavernous cargo area, looking very lonely indeed.

    Robie came up beside him. ?Yeah, Executor was taken.?

    The job-broker looked sideways at the rodian. He did not tell him that the Super Star Destroyer had been destroyed at Endor, and that the name had probably been freed up.

    ?So, Boss. I?ve been thinking-?

    ?Oh, damn, do you need to sit down?? Stan quipped, and started to dramatically pat at his robe. ?I should have a blister-pack of dipills somewhere.?

    The rodian ignored the human?s sarcasm. ?-that now that you have seen the Fluffy, you?ll realise that this seven hundred credit advance won?t even cover her operating costs. How about the full amount now??

    Stan shook his head, a tight smile forming. ?You already agreed the price, Captain Robie. As did that other crew.?

    ?Hey, that?s on them.? Devon squared up to the broker, causing Switek to mentally step up an alert, and move his hand closer to the holdout
  3. Master_of_les_pauls

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    May 28, 2010
    Gm OCC - I would like to give a shout out to Sithy for providing me with the inspiration for kicking starting the Luke part of this post. And also a big thank you To Han Solo29 and Corellian Outrider for this joint post.

    A joint post by myself, Han Solo29 and Corellian OutRider, this post is in retrospect to Sithy posting everyone on to the Flurry

    Ic Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Captain Tessa Manchuso, Rogue Squadron

    Location Balmorra

    Tessa sat in her Captain chair fidgeting, the mission had turned from a roaring success into what was going to be a scramble away from the system.

    ?Shields down to 63 per cent Captain? Ensign Pike said.

    ?Very well,? Tessa said, now she was felling the very real stress of the situation. ?How long till the Ion cannon is charged??

    ?Any moment Captain? Came the reply.

    ?I want that weapon fired at will the moment its fully charged? Tessa barked.

    If Solo and Skywalker took much longer there would be no Flurry for them to come back to, they were heavily out numbered and out gunned. Despite the fact they had managed to destroy one Star Destroyer, the second one that had come in system was more then prepared for a fight. And now the Flurry was taking a pounding.

    Back on the planet.

    As Luke finished his message to Han, he received a reply from Yavscout.

    ?This is Yavscout, Commander, and that could be difficult. We?re two klicks south of the base. Sam is down, and, my fault, an Imperial officer has the navi-computer off of the Detective Wyms. We?re jamming her transmissions,? He added quickly, ?and we are going to get it back.?

    Upon hearing this Luke cursed to himself, this mission was without doubt becoming a bigger head ache by the second.

    ?I want that Navi-computer back Yavscout!? Luke said his voice a mixture of frustration and fatigue ?Do anything you have to stop it getting into Imperial hands, even destroy it if you have to? Then out of the corner of Luke's eye he could have sworn he saw something that looked suspiciously like the armour of a Stormtrooper ?Keep me updated on your progress, Skywalker out?

    Then as Luke closed his com, he turned his attention fully back to Ace and as he did time seemed to slow down to a crawl. He had indeed saw a Stormtrooper leaping towards the elder Jedi, then what happened next almost made Luke's jaw drop. The trooper leapt through the doorway only to be hit with a surge of dark side power, throwing him backwards.

    ?ACE NO!!!? Luke screamed out.

    But Skywalkers words were already to late. Lionheart, with an almost serene look upon his face, placed the barrel of blaster against the terrified and pulled the trigger. As the murdered Imperials lifeless body slumped to the floor, time seemed to revert to normal speed. Then just as Luke was starting to gain an understanding of just what was going on more Stormtroopers came rushing towards them. As Luke snatched his sabre from his belt ready to act Ace was already in motion, before the younger Jedi could even understand what had happened the two Stormies were laying on the ground. Each trooper was left with a smoking stump for a limb, one was missing a hand the other a leg.

    Mean while back at the research bunker.......

    Blasts pelted the earth around them as they ran from the bunker, sending dirt and debris several feet into the air before it fell to rain back down on their heads. Even with the data chip secured and their goal clearly in sight, the Empire was relentless. They did not take defeat kindly, especially after the shambles that was Endor. It was as if they had learned their lesson since then and now they were out for blood to the very last man. That left Han and his men with no other clear choice but to run.

    Even as they reached the relative cover of the trees, the explosions continued. Wood splintered around them as if
  4. Master_of_les_pauls

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    May 28, 2010
    Ic Princess Leia, Admiral Ackbar, Jan Dodonna, Mon Mothma

    Location Telos

    Jan slumped back into his chair and spoke ?Well that could have gone better?

    It had been around an hour since the meeting with the Echani and things hadn't gone to plan. The two factions could not agree on a course of action that would suit both parties but so at this moment they had agreed to disagree.

    ?Jan we did all we could? Mon Mothma said as she walked behind him and poured her self a cup of caff. ?We knew the Echani were a race of proud warriors but there ways are not the ways of the Alliance?

    ?That we can all agree on? Admiral Ackbar said from the computer console he was sat at ?There methods are a little brutal....?

    Ackbar let the words hang in the air, the high Command had retired from the main chambers to the small more private chambers that they had named The Basement . It was the most high security room on the base and access was reserved for only the highest ranking members of the Alliance.

    ?We have received word from the Flurry? The Admiral said.

    The other members of the high command quickly turned to regard the Mon Cal Admiral.

    ?It seems the mission was a success, we have gained the data for the shield technology and we also managed this with minimal casualties? Ackbar said his voice its normal flat tone did not convey any of the pride he felt at reading the report.

    With that the doors opened and in walked Princess Leia.

    ?How did the meeting go?? She asked.

    ?About as well as you suggested? Mon replied.

    ?Well nothing gained and nothing lost? Leia said, when the idea of the Echani joining the Alliance she had known the two would not have been able to agree to a compromise on a way to work together. ?Any word from Balmorra?? Leia asked.

    Since she had spoken to Galen, she had been fretting about the safety of her Brother and Han. Leia hated the fact she was so worried about him, feeling this way was new for her. It wasn't so much that she was worried that Leia hated it, was the fact she wasn't with him. Now she was desperate for some news on how Han mission was going and more importantly when he would be back.

    Jan gave her a warm smile ?The Flurry is en-route to Telo's, your Commander Skywalker and General Solo have led the mission to what appears to be a complete success?

    He was on his way home!!! Inside Leia was practically beaming but outside she remained calm and tranquil. But judging by the looks on the faces of the people in the room, they all knew how she really felt.

    ?Fantastic? Leia said ?Any word on when they return??

    ?Not sure we are waiting for more information from Captain Manchuso,? Mon said smiling warmly at her friend ?Han will be home soon?

    Leia blushed slightly, she knew some of the high council didn't look to favourably on her relationship with Han. She knew that Ackbar respected Han as a warrior but he couldn't get past the fact that Han had once been a smuggler. But that was his cross to bear and frankly Leia was past caring what they thought, she loved that smuggler with all of her heart and that was what had mattered most.

    Tag anyone on The Flurry who wants to make contact with home base
  5. OrrionCarn

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    Aug 1, 2010
    IC: Astella Soilding, Nar Shaddaa Streets
    Location: Corellian Sector?s level 88, Nar Shaddaa

    Astella walked the streets alone with her blaster strapped to her hip. She carefully breathed in the musky air her parents grew up in, letting the sulfur, foul smell clear her mind. It was easier to clear her head here than Naboo, because thoughts were instantly eradicated with a grimace after every breath she took. Maybe the Galaxy was too much for her, having to rely on her brother to pull her out and be forced to bring her along with how determined she was to see him. She didn?t like being known as The Unsung Tagalong. She had pulled her brother and H6 away from their adventuring, their exploring. He was able to take care of himself but now had to watch out for his nineteen year old sister.

    She let off a sigh and pulled a credit chit from her pocket to look at the amount. Two hundred and fifty, she muttered in her head. Enough to get her a transport back to Naboo. She needed to tell Zaq first, having her just disappear and not tell him she was running home wouldn?t be fair. He?d fear she was killed while walking around alone.
    She turned on the balls of her feet back towards The Remedy, only to walk headfirst into a pair of weequays.
    ?What we got here?? one of them, with a horrendous scar going over cheek and ending just above his left eye, said as he playfully pushed Astella back.
    ?Looks like a new plaything for Drekka.?
    The one with the scar on his face pulled out a set of binders from behind him, ?The hutt has enough slave girls. We can afford to play with her before we hand her over to Drekka.?
    ?Sounds like a plan to me,? the other nodded and crossed his arms over his chest, ?Though let?s make this fun and get our blood pumping. Run.?

    The two began to laugh as Astella sprung to her feet and began to run back in the direction she was originally heading, away from The Remedy and her brother. She pulled her blaster out like mom had taught her, but the scare made her miss her mark and she missed both of the weequay?s rough, wrinkled faces entirely. They laughed at her pitiful attempts as she continued to run, the weequay being in hot pursuit.
    ?Frak!? she exclaimed the word Aunt Sara used often when she got into a mess or something drastic happened on the holo. It seemed appropriate to use the expletive at a time like this, and she hoped that it wasn?t going to be her last.

    Tag: Switek
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    IC: Guiy Phaux, NPCs Foo-Foo, Thumper, R4 N8 aka "Chirppy" and Lanta Makarins Imperial Engineer/Scientist.

    Guiy was stunned.

    She's on assignment to head her engineering Team to assist in the repairs of the New Death Star? Somebody really likes me out there or I just keep attracting really good luck, thought Guiy.

    "That's rather intriguing to say the least," said Guiy with a smile.

    "Why is that?" asked Lanta.

    "Because I have a proposition," answered Guiy. "One you really need to listen to."

    Lanta's stomach tightened up in apprehension as Guiy told his story. How he'd been assigned to the first Death Star. How it was used to destroy Alderaan and later how he was sent on deep patrol on towards the Yavin System to search out more bases that might have been spread to other planets orbiting Yavin's Star. How before he'd cleared beyond the outer most blast radius he'd taken a hit from the detonating Death Star from Luke Sky Walker's Proton Torpedo aimed with his mark I eyeball. How with his ship partially crippled, he'd managed to crash land on Yavin's moon only to succumb to to a local virus that left him knocking on death's door, only to be rescued by a Rebel Patrol Squadron shortly before the Rebels withdrew from Yavin's Moon. How they had practiced what they preached when treating near through non-humans like himself. How they offered him a place amongst them. How he responded to their offer and never looked back. Finally how he needed her for a very important favor...

    later On inside of Lanta's Imperial Suite:

    "There's no way you'll get on that Battle Station, Guiy," said Lanta. "Its too thoroughly and too well guarded."

    Guiy thought it through based on what she'd shared with him concerning the new Emergency wartime protocols that had been implemented since the Emperor's death. Furthermore there had been an arrival of fresh Imperial Destroyers shortly before to his arrival, the Chimaera, the Adjudicator, the Relentless, the Requiem and the Toreador and-it was rumored-a new Admiral. Also there was word buzzing around of a new Academy Commander coming in this very day to assume his post, a Major Warhammer. Guiy had made notes of that information to be passed on to Crix Madine ASAP for analysis.

    "Yes I agree, that's why I'll need you to do my work for me with a little help from my little friend here. Isn't that right Chirppy?" said Guiy with a dazzling smile.

    "They've given me eight hours for sleep before I'm heading up to the Battle Station so I need rest for this and yes I'll do it. My reasons are personal, Guiy. Never the less, I'll do it," she said with tearing eyes. "Will I need any special equipment?" she asked.

    Not really it's all in side of Chirppy," he answered. There is a back up transmitter used for burst mode before it self destructs in case of Chirppy's demise. I'm expecting some backup to arrive in this system shortly to handle communications problems if need be. Here's the transmitter. You can store it inside of Chirppy temporarily until you've settled in over there on board the Battle Station, he said. "If anything happens to him you can do a last transmission from his downloads then it'll destruct into slag, Guiy said.

    "OK, look I've really got to get some sleep," She fidgeted.

    Guiy took her in his arms. They kissed.

    "Watch your ass, gal," he said.

    "You better believe I will," Lanta answered.

    Tag: No one.
  7. Sith-I-5

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    Aug 14, 2002
    OOC: MOLP will be away till Monday, and has given me permission to run the Flurry, Captain Manchuso, and the Alliance High Council apart from Leia.
    Not saying I'll have time for that, but if you see me doing it, you will know why.

    IC: Captain Marcin Kalendo, ?Swordfish? Squadron Leader Gibbs, Aeon Flux and V-Wings.
    Location: Balmorra

    A cheer echoed round the star destroyer bridge as the Rebel cruiser departed, and Kalendo grinned along with his men.

    ?Are we still getting a read on our buzz droids?? The captain enquired, mindful of his promise to Zsinj, and the others? threats.

    ?Negative, Captain.? ComScan reported. ?They will probably start transmitting as soon as that ship reverts to realspace.?

    ?Okay.? Kalendo nodded, contemplating the matter. ?Still, we have other options to pursue, to get hold of the location of that base.?

    A warning klaxon echoed deafeningly across the ship!

    ?Now, it decides to go off??

    ?Torpedoes sir! Multiple inbound.?

    Stang! The captain swore silently. "How come we?re just hearing about them now?"

    ?Full shields! Defensive flak fire from Revenge squadron. Have Swordfish chase down as many as they can!? the duty pit lieutenant instructed, reminding Marcin that this was not the time for recriminations.

    Kalendo rallied. ?Helm, raise the bow thirty degrees, and initiate an emergency jump.?


    * * * *

    ?Boss, I?m going in!?

    Squadron Leader Gibbs steered his V-Wing towards their Interdictor Star Destroyer, even as the enthusiastic McGee?s snubship accelerated ahead of the pack in pursuit of the line of missile streams angling to hit the warship amidships.

    Her grey hull was obscured by a withering hail of orange flak cannon fire from the V-Wings already staged there, firing upon the missiles from the front.

    ?Copy that, McGee. Lee, hang back and warn us if those Rebel fighters try to jump us.?

    ?Copy that, Sir.? Michele?s mousy voice filled the headphones cupped over his ears. ?They appear to have returned to their cruiser.?

    ?Appear?? Gibbs hardened the interrogative, smashing at the rear of the torps with his own fire.

    ?Uh, they have definitely departed the system, Sir.? She clarified quickly. ?No Rebels in the area.?

    Two of his targets wobbled and flew away on tangential courses that would miss the ?Flux, their pink ion trails stark against the starry backdrop.

    A readout on his dash, courtesy of his Q7-series astromech, Abigail, advised that the projectiles were Krupx MG7 proton torpedoes, then rapidly scrolled the course and speed of each.
    Gibbs cared slightly less than a tuppenny frag about that, but he knew someone who would.

    ?Good work, Abs. Send that data to the ?Flux, so that Gunnery Control can get to work.?

    Precious moments passed before visible flashes of green turbolaser fire erupted from the warship's guns, safely vaporising projectile after projectile.

    Space lit up as a chain reaction detonated into a streaking horseshoe of nuclear fire around the destroyer?s sides and front, even as she raised her nose to jump out of the fiery hoop!

    Almost a second later, several torps struck and washed across the rear shields over the massive sublight engines, then with a blur of pseudo-motion, the Aeon Flux was no longer there, although the fire still reacted to the shape of her shields as if she was.

    ?Palpatine?s Bones.? That was Di Nozzo. A rare note of rising panic had entered the ace pilot?s voice. ?Did she-?

    ?She?s okay, Tony.? The Squadron Leader assured the younger man. ?My sensors have painted her thirty klicks off. Swordfish, ?Venge, all wings report in. Let?s go home and see how bad the damage is.?

    Tag: no-one


    OOC: OrrionCarn, I don?t want to be difficult, but your Astella and her assailants are out-running any assistance I can provide. :p

    IC: Stan Switek, Devon Robie, Docking Pit 34.

    Switek softened his exp
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    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: Captain Tessa Manchuso, Lieutenant Samantha Irisa, the Flurry bridge.
    Location: Hyperspace, from Balmorra

    Tessa reclined over the arm of her command chair, thinking that she could sllep for a month, and it was only when she heard one of her crew mutter ?You and me both,? that she realised she had spoken aloud.

    Sitting up, she saw for the first time the tired lines on their drawn faces, and realised they had been on duty since leaving Telos.

    ?Alright, shift change. Get some rest; you have all earned it. We all have.? She pressed the intercom button on her chair?s grey padded armrest, and relayed: ?Relief crew to the bridge.?

    Said ?relief? crew was smaller than the number of persons that were with her right there, but barring enforced reversion to realspace, they would not need more than a minimal presence on the bridge during the nineteen hour hyperspace run.

    The familiar sound of the entry doors sliding aside caught her attention; too soon for the relief to get here!

    That young woman who had visited with Luke.

    She looked a mess.

    "C-Captain-? The visitor started to say, but Tessa cut her off, wrinkling her nose at the whiff of smoke from the other's flightsuit.

    ?You do not come onto my bridge, in that sort of state.? The captain glared. The Corellian General would be welcome on her bridge, however on Hosrel he looked, but this female was no Solo.

    "Uh.? The grey flightsuited woman started to gesture behind her, unable to form the words to protest.

    ?Clean yourself up, and report back to me in the hour, Lieutenant.? Manchuso softened her expression. "We can take Chak Tea."

    "I am here," Irisa continued doggedly, "to report on the loss of two of your people-"

    "I am not used to repeating myself, Lieutenant." The captain glared down at the flight leader. "In my quarters. ONE hour. Dismissed."

    "-that were-"


    Samantha took the hint, and withdrew, leaving the command deck without a parting salute.
    As soon as the light blue doors hissed shut behind Irisa, Tessa stepped stepped smartly up to the door, putting both palms and one ear to the cool metal to listen if she could hear anything.

    "That slitch!"

    Tess' smiled at the muffled exclamation, and fairly bounced back to her seat, cheered up a bit.

    Tag: others on the Flurry
  9. AMNDRAG_01

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    Jan 10, 2008
    OOC: CS approved!

    (sing with melody to 'bear went over the mountain') "Things are going to get nasty. Things are going to get nasty. Things are going to get naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaassssssssssssssssss sssssssstttttttttttttttttttyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!"

    OOC: I know inmature. Sorry.

    Name: Drake
    Age: 25
    Gender: Male
    Species: human (Mandalorian clone)
    Eye Colour: brown
    Physical description: standard Jango Fett clone, has a scar on his leg and another one on his back
    Clothing: standard clone trooper armor of the 501st Legion , command sash
    Personality: a bit of an idealist, charismatic, loyal (to his legion and ?brothers?), has a conscience, acts as the ?voice? of the 501st, natural leader, compassionate, cares for the troopers under his command
    Occupation: Solider
    Force sensitive: No
    Area of Expertise: tactics, all forms of fighting, standard clone stuff, natural leader, leadership, expert marksmen
    Rank: senior commander (acting General)

    Personal Ship
    Name: Appo Rex
    Class: Venator-class Star Destroyer ( )
    Weapon Systems:
    DBY-827 heavy dual turbolaser turrets (8)[1]
    Medium dual turbolaser cannons (2)[1]
    Turbolaser cannons (unknown number)
    Point-defense laser cannons (52)[1]
    Tractor beam projectors (6)[1]
    Heavy proton torpedo tubes (4)[1]
    16 torpedoes each[3]

    Crew Compliment: 7,400
    Hyperspace Capability:
    Class 1.0[1]
    Backup: Class 1.5

    Biography ( Please include military history and traumatic experiences)

    Drake is one of the clones of Jango Fett that was created for the Grand Army of the Republic. He is also a member of the famed 501st legion and fought in every engagement the 501st legion participated in. Being a clone on Kamino, he was drilled alongside his fellow clones and was one of the best clones in the simulations. Although the cloners didn?t know it at the time, Drake had a sense of individually.

    But nothing could prepare him for the real thing. He participated in the first battle of the Clone Wars, the Battle of Geonosis. Despite the terrors he saw, Drake fought bravely and survived the Battle of Geonosis. Coincidently, Drake fought alongside other future members of the 501st legion even though the legion had not already been formed.

    Eventually, he was taken to Coruscant where he received special training in secret with at least 9,000 other clones. There he witnessed the birth of the 501st legion and his own individually surfaced. Drake grew fond of his brothers-in-arms of the 501st, and when his training was complete he returned to the battlefront. His ability to lead was well noted by superiors and he was granted promotion to the rank of lieutenant.

    One of the first battles he fought in was the Battle of Christophisis where he fought alongside Torrent Company under Jedi General Anakin Skywalker and Captain Rex. Despite overwhelming odds, the Republic was victorious. He later participated in the Battle of Teth and was critically injured in a shot to the back. He was believed dead but thanks to a twitch, his comrades recovered him and put him in a bacta tank.

    Drake soon returned to action and quickly developed a friendship with Captain Rex, Commander Cody, and the Jedi Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker, and Asoaka Tano. But he was really close to Anakin and Rex and would often be at their side during missions, briefings, or anything else when the situation is appropriate.

    Drake?s marksmanship was put into prominence at the Battle of Maridun where he scored many critical hits against the battle droid army. This achievement, along with so many others what prompted Rex into offering Drake a spot in Torrent Company, it was an honor, Drake couldn?t refuse.

    Drake fought in the Battle of Orto Plutonia. Although Drake secretly thought it was a waste of time. (He got injured by a spear throw to the leg). Drake quickly recovered and soon was found fighting alongside Rex again. He and Rex were seen fighting alongside each other in every single battle. He
  10. AMNDRAG_01

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    Jan 10, 2008

    IC: Sheeal Barzak
    Location: Kejim

    Sheeal was surprised of the Imperial counterattack but he quickly regained composure and started barking orders. The army quickly took what they could take and destroyed the rest. Quickly he got to his command ship and to the command bridge of the Annihilator.

    ?Get the Ion cannons ready to fire and turn the ship into attack position!? he barked

    As the crew busted to their stations, Sheeal oversaw the situation. It was bad! His two Providence-class carrier/destroyers were badly damaged. He ordered a mass evacuation with the starfighters to protect the gunships. When they were all on board, Sheeal ordered both Providence-class carrier/destroyers to use the Annihilator as a shield and to bombard the area around the imperial base. So the Imperials will realize the cost of a victory (and to avenge a wounded pride because this will be his first loss.)

    ?We reached 100%!? the head gunner said.

    ?Fire!? Sheeal ordered. The ion pulse fired but only it hit 4 of the six star destroyers and party hit the others. ?Alright let?s move, and on your way out, pound those ships into rubble!? The fleet eagerly obeyed the orders and on their way out of the planet?s magnetic sphere they pounded away at the helpless ships. They destroyed four.

    Once they were clear, ?Set the course to jump to hyperspace!? Sheeal ordered.

    ?Where?? A pilot asked.

    ?I DON?T CARE! ANYWHERE BUT HERE!? Sheeal shouted

    Just then a battle droid said ?Uh sir we got a problem.?

    ?What is it?? Sheeal asked as he walked over. To tell you the truth, he is stressed enough.

    He looked at the sensor and saw the readings ?Aw frag! Two super star destroyers!? he complained. ?Are we set to launch?!?



    Just then, ?we?re ready? the pilot said.

    With a roar, Sheeal?s fleet went into hyperspace.

    Sheeal collapsed back into his command chair. He heard laughing! As a mater of fact, the whole command bridge was laughing. Also, on the communicator, Sheeal heard the people on his other ships laughing! The next thing Sheeal knew, he took off his mask and started laughing too. They weren?t laughing because on a joke, they were glad to be alive. The will morn their comrades later, but now they were glad they were alive.

    After the laughter died down, Sheeal said with a few chuckles to his entire army in the fleet. (The captains on the other ships put him on speaker) ?Alright now we had our first loss today.? Sheeal started then his tone changed to a firm but kind tone. ?We lost many brave warriors. But they died with honor. (A large crowd gathered at this point for those that could) But that does not mean we haven?t gained any out of it. We rescued the survivors of the last battle. We took a lot of their armaments. We opened a scar that was left undisturbed for fifteen years. When my grandfather, General Grievous terrorized the galaxy, he struck many ?hammer blows? to the heart of the Republic. The most well known was when he unleashed the Malevolence upon their fleets. They destroyed it through trickery and thought they were rid of it.?

    Sheeal stopped for a moment ?But they are wrong. True we lost the feeling of fear we had enjoyed in the past where we ambushed the Imperials and did not leave a trace of their attack, but...? (Sheeal raised his hand) ??We did gain something. Remember what I said about we opened a scar that was left undisturbed for fifteen years? They will see the Annihilator and believe it is the Malevolence reborn! That will install fear and doubt within the Empire. We lost this battle but they lost more, this is a pyrrhic victory for them!?

    A tremendous cheer went out of the area. Sheeal held up both ands as if he had informed a triumph. After it all died down, Sheeal said ?I want all back to their stations and get all repair crew all any able bodies to repair the ships as best they could!?

    As he sunk into his command chair after he heard complements of his speech and the sounds of people running to do the task. With one hand drumming his
  11. OrrionCarn

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    Aug 1, 2010
    OOC: Sorry, Sith-I-5, been a very busy week. I'll try and get a post up tonight, early tomorrow or the latest Monday (Day off, so I'll plenty of time). Sorry for delaying Stan!
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    Aug 14, 2002
    OOC: Vangarian, nice work on your recent postings!
    Mod PM'ed over the side-scroll problem.

    IC: Stan Switek, Zaq Soilding
    Location: Nar Shaddaa

    The robo-hauler laden with the vital medical supplies destined to be carried by the Dancing Remedy crew, was going so slowly as to nearly have Switek pulling his hair out.

    He could not afford to leave it alone, to run ahead to the distant freighter.

    Finally, after debating the sense to himself for several moments, he pulled a screwdriver from a small tool pouch, and began running his fingers over the machine?s greasy surface looking for a screwed down hatch that he could open, to access the innards.
    That it was moving slowly enough for him to trot alongside, and start unscrewing a square metal panel, was testament to the sedentary speed.

    Soon, he had access to the wires and fluidics that controlled the thing, and with a bit of experimentation that alternately had the thing tilt dangerously towards him, then momentarily blare an alarm to the shadowy neighbourhood, he found the white spotlight on the front, and managed to switch it on, bathing the path ahead, between parked starships, with white illumination.

    Pilot training on Carida had shown him a number of ways to communicate without a comlink, and this one, using only a glowrod to flash a message in binary ON/OFF code.
    He aimed the spotlight on the distant ?Remedy, and hoped someone was looking out a window, and knew their light-code.

    * * * *

    Sitting in the cockpit of his ship, booted feet up on a bare part of the angled control panels, so that the heels did not hit any of the buttons or toggles.

    The interior lighting was off so as not to make it too easy for people outside, to tell if the cockpit was manned.

    He spotted the distant light right away, recognised the light-code, but did not yet know that he was the intended recipient.
    Zaq murmured aloud each Aurabesh letter and word as he recognised the timed sequencing of flashes: ?Aurek-Resh-Esk, ARE. Ylrt-Osk-Usk, YOU. Mern-Isk-Senth-Senth-Isk- MISSING,? he finished for the mystery signaller, guessing the rest of the word.

    Astella should see this; be good practice for her. ??Stella!? He leaned back his head to call his sister?s name past the stained headrest.
    Sure, he could have used the internal address system, but until he had picked her up from Naboo, it had only been him and H6 on this small craft, and the droid had exceptionally good hearing. ?Come to the cockpit a moment, will you? Stell?!?

    Tag: H6
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    Aug 1, 2010
    OOC: Sith-I-5, That brief interaction okay with you from what I read in your PM?

    IC: Astella Soilding, Nar Shaddaa Streets
    Location: Corellian Sector level 88, Nar Shaddaa
    * * * *
    Dancing Remedy

    Astella turned a corner to try and get away from the patter of the trailing weequay?s boots. Her heart was pounding in a way she never thought was possible and thought she was going to fall over. Sure she had a lot of training and exercise with her parents and Zaq, but she?d never used them until now. She panted heavily as she ran down the alley with her pursuers in chase, then it hit her. She franticly reached for the comlink on her belt and fumbled with it, able to activate it and briefly being able to contact Zaq and utter his name before her comlink fell to the ground. Her arm shook with pain and electricity as it convulsed and twitched from the effects of a stun bolt. The numbness and sudden shock slow worked up her arm, the comlink clattering to the ground as she ran faster than before, gripping her limp arm as she winced in the stinging numbness.
    ?Frakking bull-!? another bolt, a red, tibanna fueled one, soared and singed past her hair, cutting several of her locks off, making her realize she was in the Real Galaxy now and it wasn?t a place for her.
    She turned another corner with her limp arm flailing behind from the force of her turn, heading back to The Remedy with the weequays protesting as they momentarily lost her.

    * * * *

    The docks. She made it. The Remedy was closing in and she ran past a cargo hauler with Switek working on it. He noticed her and tried to call after her as she continued towards her brother?s ship. The gangplank was down and she quickly ran up the ramp.
    ?Zaq!? she yelled frantically, almost running into H6 as she weaved past him with her adrenaline fueled reflexes.
    ??Stella?? Zaq asked calmly as he stopped her with a firm grip on her shoulders, quickly noticing her limp arm as it waved slowly with her fingers lightly twitching. He looked up to see part of her hair missing from the engagement, her eyes widened and her face pulsing, ?What happened?? he asked, a worried, frantic tone building in his voice.

    ?Th-these weequays tried to jump me a-and--? she tried to continue, her words slurring as the blood in her system cooled from the boost.
    ?H6, watch the boarding ramp.? Zaq firmly said as he guided Astella back to her room aboard the ship.

    The door hissed open and she just about collapsed on her bed, feeling in her arm slowly but surely returning, ?Where are you going?? she asked a little warily, Zaq exiting her room briskly as he turned to an unseen H6, before glancing back at her, ?I?m getting our cargo.? he used his mother?s inherited smirk, then disappeared towards H6 leaving Astella to be left to thought.

    Tag: Switek
  14. Sith-I-5

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    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: Stan Switek

    On the Smugglers Moon, you had to be alert to attack from any and every quarter, and he had detected the hurried footfalls before before they blew past the other side of the cargo load, and continued on to the Dancing Remedy even though he called after her: ?Uh, never mind.?

    Then he glanced back in the direction she had come from, expecting to hear the mechanical gears and heavy treads crushing ancient ferrocrete of his companion, STAN, ordered to accompany him here.

    The administrative droid was in the doghouse since blowing hole in the bottom of a Gamma-class shuttle during the mission to M-E-2700.

    Stan contemplated the darkness of the landing field, and then looked back at the nearer freighter, thinking.
    Backtracking to catch up with the still-moving cargo, he brought up his wrist-com to call STAN.

    ?You lost her didn?t you?? He enquired cheerfully. ?How do I know? Cos either Astella Soilding or a flash-grown clone of her, just belted past me at the landing fields.?

    A loud rumble and slow flare of bright light raising slowly beyond the nearer ship silhouettes drew his attention for a few moments.

    ?The Fluffy? has just lifted, from the looks of things.? Switek reported. Barring the rodian?s betrayal or pirates, Sector Medical would receive it?s first consignment of drugs soon.

    ?Lock onto my comlink, and come cover me. If those weequay pick up her trail again, I may need backup.?

    Tag: Zaq and H6


    IC: Samantha Irisa, Flurry forward module.
    Location: Hyperspace

    ?What?s wrong??

    The question caught Sam? by surprise, and she snapped her eyes open to see the young Selena before her, looking at her with concern.

    Sam took a deep breath, using the exhalation to release all her negativity. If she was to be a jedI again, she could not afford the luxury of getting angry, still?

    Taking the girl?s arm, she said, ?Come on, let?s get cleaned up. And in an hour?s time, you will visit Captain Manchuso?s quarters on my behalf, to report what happened to mine and Liam?s gunners.?

    She looked at the young pilot to see if she would protest, or agree and follow her to the spar corridor leading back to the ship?s larger rear section where the hangar and pilots? barracks were.

    Tag: Selena
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    Jan 8, 2003
    OOC: Sith-I-5, master-of-les-pauls: I just recieved both your PMs.

    I am embarked aboard the U.S. warship USS IWO JIMA at this time. As per my job, I do have continuious accsess to the internet and would like to get back into the game.

    My connection is extremely slow, however (imagine a dial-up connection and you've got multible YouTube movies D/Ling at the same time as you are trying to surf. It is that slow) and it takes several minutes just to load a page.

    For some reason I can't get PM response to load, so I'm replying here. If you could PM me the last tags I had, I will gladly write a response and continue in the game.


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    Aug 1, 2010
    Name: H6-32
    Age: Active 30-32 years Model Age: 30-32 years?
    Gender: Male Programming
    Species: Reprogrammed Trade Federation Commando Droid, recovered from a Crime Lord with illegal use of the droid
    Eye Colour: Yellow eye color due to modifications
    Physical description: BX-series droid commando

    Clothing: N/A Robotic Armor
    Personality: Sarcastic/Sadistic/HK-47
    Occupation: Extremely and extensivly reprogrammed to act as a Protocol Droid with combat skills, though the combat programming would only activate if fired upon first.
    Force sensitive: Ummm...Can droid's have Force sensitivity?
    Area of Expertise: Blasters and killing, also acting like a manly-er C-3PO
    Rank: Not relevant, I would think

    Personal Ship (Onboard The Dancing Remedy Barloz Freighter)
    Weapon Systems:
    Crew Compliment:
    Hyperspace Capability:


    H6 was in many notable battles during The Clone Wars. He was 'destroyed' in one of his first battles in the war, and quickly and illegally acquired by Nar Shaddaa twi'lek crime lord, Candrog De'lotre. H6 was repaired and reprogrammed to attack only if ordered to or if fired upon. When Clare Velez captured Badim Soilding in an attempt to ruse Candrog into letting his guard down, then Clare executing him, H6 stood his ground as Clare was being forced to kill Badim beyond her will. Sara Soto rushed in and began a firefight with several of Badim and Clare's mercenary group. H6 was damaged and disabled during the engagement, and later being recovered by Badim and his mercenary group, as well as a redeemed Clare.

    Their tech specialist and droid repairman reactivated H6 to new programming after two weeks of hard work. Clare Velez-Soilding, after a wedding was held mere months later, soon became pregnant with Badim's child and they settled on Naboo while H6 saw more service with Badim's mercenary group. After an additional year of fighting and job-by-job work, the group gathered with their friends on Naboo to see their new and thought-of nephew, Zaq Soilding. H6 was asked to stay behind, having become independent within the bounds of his programming, and he opted on his own accord to stay.

    Before Badim's merc group flew off, their tech specialist gave a final programming to H6, to be completely loyal to Badim, Clare, Zaq and any future children with a ripped Cybot Galactica programming layer, but still keeping his sarcastic/sadistic humor and intact, defensive combat protocols to act as a Cybot unit at all times, and a deadly battle droid when anyone attacked the Soildings.

    He's currently accompanying twenty-three year old Zaq Soilding and nineteen year old Astella Soilding on The Dancing Remedy.

    OOC: I'll try and get some posts in today with H6 and Astella.
  17. OrrionCarn

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    Aug 1, 2010
    IC: H6-32, Astella Soilding, Nar Shaddaa Docks
    Location: Corellian Sector level 88, Nar Shaddaa, The Dancing Remedy

    H6 stood watch at the gangplank as Master Zaq assisted his sister to her quarters to recover slightly from the stun bolt she had taken in the arm. His eyes flared yellow as his photoreceptors switched Full Spectrum Enhancement mode, seeing the dimly lit docks before him in a yellow hue. He saw a cargo droid slowly approaching the ship with it?s lights flashing towards them. He matched the frequency of the lights with Light-Code: ARE-YOU-MISSING-A-SISTER?

    H6?s eyes fell on a small panel next to him and he quickly rerouted controls to The Remedy?s headlights: NO-SHE-IS-HERE-AND-SAFE-NOW. He thought of something to add, and quickly calculated such a response: MAY-I-ASK-THAT-YOU-HURRY-UP-PLEASE? Slow Organic. H6 noted inside his computer core.

    He left it at that, turning back to Zaq behind him, smirking and telling Astella that he was going to get their cargo. Zaq strode towards H6, gripping the blaster on his hip as he approached. H6 withdrew his modified wrist blaster from within it?s holster in his arm with a satisfying Click as it snapped into it?s forward position along his forearm.

    Zaq took H6?s side and they exited the Remedy and towards the cargo droid, H6 keeping his eyes in his Spectrum Enhancement Mode to watch out for the pursuing Weequays.


    Astella stirred, her arm was feeling better and she wanted to redeem herself for her cowardice from before. She stood from her bed and grabbed the blaster from the nightstand in her room. Zaq had taken it from her when she arrived and placed it there, now it was back in her hands and she was rushing out of her room and back out of the gangplank towards Zaq and H6, who were approaching the droid carrying their cargo for Sector Medical. She was far behind them, and even at a sprint it would take her a moment to reach them, and shouting at them wouldn?t help if the weequays were near.

    Tag: Switek
  18. Sith-I-5

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    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: Devon Robie, Johmer Evanson, the Fluffy.
    Location: Climbing out of Nar Shaddaa?s atmosphere

    As the Fluffy climbed for orbit, beyond the reaching fingers of the shadowport?s towering docks and habitats, the black firmament gave way to black with twinkling stars.

    She was a joint Sullustan-Calamari construct, a Bantha-class assault transport, her hull stealth black.

    Two beings sat in her cockpit, the pilot rodian, Devon Robie; and his human jedi companion, Johmer Evanson. The latter had a cybernetic hand, having lost his original in?well actually, he lost it twice, come to think about it; which is sodding careless!

    He had lost it to the lightsabre of General Grevious? daughter. His dead master had re-animated the hand to break it, Great Escape style, out of her bedroom to free him, then he and his hand had stolen a ship together.

    When Devon had traced the jedi's locator beacon to rrescue him ahead of an Imperial taskforce, and despatched the Baobub snubship as a decoy, the hand had been left under the seat.


    Johmer flexed his artificial hand. ?Why did you hold out for an extra advance?? The jedi enquired at length. ?We could have lost the contract??

    Devon concentrated on getting his ship set up for the jump to lightspeed. ?Hutt Space to the Raioballo Sector, experienced spacers like us? If I had accepted that measly seven hundred credits, he?d have made me for SGIS for sure. I could not take the risk.?

    Johmer snorted. ?Fething Imperial Intelligence wouldn?t make us for SGIS. You are paranoid, Dev.?

    The rodian sat back and sighed. ?Nar Shaddaa makes me paranoid.? He looked across to his friend, ?And NICE moves when that spice-jacker jumped on the cargo and said, ?Hah!?. Though I thought the spinning lightsabre through the gut lacked your normal subtlety.?

    Johmer shook his head. ?Everyone?s a critic.?

    Tag: no-one


    IC: Stan Switek, landing fields.

    The Sector Medical rep' and the 'hauler had crossed almost half the distance to the ship, when the ship started flashing him from two hundred metres away.

    He had not expected the Dancing Remedy to respond to his light-code in kind, but there it was, the vessel's headlights intermittently bathing him in heavenly light.


    Well, he knew that; the little juve had just run past him!


    Switek smirked, and instantly started re-touching the two halves of the wire, the resulting sparks lighting up the robo-hauler's innards as he simultaneously invalidated any warranty it may have had, and spelt out "Senth-Aurek-Resh-Cresh-Ylrt, SARCY. Cresh-"

    He stopped himself before he got to the Usk. There were children present, and he really ought to set an example. Stan smiled as he walked beside the automaton, looking forward to delivering the cargo to the Soilding's freighter.

    Tag: Soildings, H6
  19. OrrionCarn

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    Aug 1, 2010
    IC: H6-32, Astella Soilding, Weequays (NPC), Nar Shaddaa Docks
    Location: Corellian Sector level 88, Nar Shaddaa, The Dancing Remedy

    H6-32 and Master Zaq paced to the cargo hauler, seeing a man working in the droid?s wiring as he flashed the lights. In what would have been a suggestive comment to H6?s reply. Zaq hadn?t picked it up, concentrating on Master Astella Astella closing in on the two.
    ?I thought you were in bed?? Zaq questioned, his voice firm and showing that she should return to The Remedy.

    ?I?m feeling better, Zaq. I want to help with the cargo.? she replied boldly, her placed her hands at her sides, showing she meant to stay no matter what Zaq said.

    ?Suggestion: Master Zaq,? H6 directed, ?Gathering the cargo would be more smoothly if she accompanied us.?

    ?I don?t care, H. She?s going back to the ship until we lift off.?

    ?Zaq!? Master Astella protested against her brother, interrupted as she ducked her head down with H6 and Master Zaq as a bright red blaster bolt soared over their heads.

    H6?s programming kicked in and he lifted his blasters up, his eyes turned red with anger and his combat droid programming surfacing for the first time in years. He turned around, seeing a total of seven weequays approaching them, no doubt the ones looking to kidnap Astella. Astella, Zaq and H6 ran for the cargo droid and hid behind it as it took the damage. H6 turned to the man operating it: ?Greetings: A pleasure to meet you, prospective delivery human.? H6 paused to look out, seeing five more approaching. His photoreceptors zoomed in and onto the blasters they were holding, a signature mark on their blasters indicating--Searching[/]--These were Drekka The Hutt?s Mercenaries. Obviously H6?s former, and not present Master and Clare hadn?t dealt a large enough blow to him twenty-four years ago, ?I do hope for all of our sakes that you are trained with a blaster.?

    Tag: Switek
    OOC: Let me know if you have any problems with me starting up the battle with the weequays, Sithy. Figured we could have a little co-op battle. Considering the weequays were gonna show up anyways.

  20. GenOochy

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    Jan 8, 2003
    IY 807.12.5 (4 ABY)
    14:11 Wolatarian Synchronized Time
    Testing Waters
    In Vicinity of Planet Telos

    Major Gen. Odious Parvil, UWAF
    Dr. Mira Lovespirals, UNF Civilian
    Aboard Rebel HT-2200

    [blockquote]The Wolatarians flanked the pilot in the cramped cockpit of the HT-2200.

    ?I have someone who would like to talk to you both,? the pilot said, activating the comms device. From the speaker a regal, feminine voice greeted them by name.

    ?General Parvil; Doctor Lovespirals; I am Princess Leia Organa and I am privileged to make your acquaintance.? She began and paused for a moment ?Mister Ridsha has informed me of your difficulties during your meeting and for this I am truly sorry. I wish our first communication could have been done under less stressful circumstances, but alas, we are at war. I am looking forward to your arrival at our base, I will be there myself to greet you when you arrive and conduct negotiations to hopefully bring the Wolatarian people into the Galactic Alliance.? She said, ending her formal ramble to the two. The General glanced over to the civilian analyst from the Wolatarian Naval Force and nodded for her to take the lead on this one.

    ?Princess Organa, Doctor Lovespirals; we are very glad to meet you. The situation is understandable, as you said, this is a war. We will discuss the matter further when we arrive, yet I do hope this will be a productive meeting. There are many ways that both our entities could benefit from a relationship. We look forward to meeting you in person.? She said into the comm. and then turned her head to Parvil.

    ?And let me add, Princess,? the General began. ?We are very gracious that you have accepted us to a meeting of such caliber on short notice. I am assuming this is a secure connection, so I would like to reinforce the sensitivity of our dialogue with you. I trust that adequate security is being taken with this, and as my compatriot said, we look forward to further dialogue on the surface. Thank you again for your time, Princess Organa.?

    The General took a serious note with his message. He was assuming this insurgency had not survived as long as it had due to a lack of communication security. However a discussion, even as short as this one, on an unencrypted channel could present damnable evidence to the ever watchful Imperial intelligence; summoning the wrath of the Empire on a woefully under-equipped Wolatarian military. Only a select few knew of this operation within the Wolatarian government and he had concerned that the Rebellion might not be taking the same precautions with this information. The leak to the Skadi could already be the cause for war. He looked to the pilot after finishing his dialogue.

    ?How long till we arrive?? He asked.[/blockquote]Tag: master-of-les-pauls

    OOC: Since I've been gone a few months, I assume a few hours have past in game time for Leia, which would make sense in the scale of the HT-2200 getting to Telos, landing, getting out and getting to where ever the meeting is. If you want, you can just fast forward to that point and I'll fill in a bit in my next post and we can get into the meeting.

    Glad to be back in the game. Sith-I-5, let me know were you want to pick-up our story arc via PM.
  21. Sith-I-5

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    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: Stan Switek, landing field.
    Location: Nar Shaddaa

    Switek ducked and pulled his [link=]DH-17[/link] blaster pistol in one move as a crimson blaster bolt whanged out of the darkness, and crashed into the other side of the foil-covered cube of medical cargo!

    C?Boath, these people took their warranties seriously!

    The Soildings and their droid, one of those old Trade Federation jobbies, joined him behind the robo-hauler.

    ?Greetings: A pleasure to meet you, prospective delivery human.?

    Another bolt hit the cargo, puncturing the covering, and starting a small fire. He could hear the muffled crackling of glased phials under the silvery material.

    ?Yeah, hi.? He returned, ?Either of you think to bring a fire extinguisher??

    ?I do hope for all our sakes that you are trained with a blaster.?

    ?I?m trained in a lot of things, pal.? Switek told the droid, throwing back his hood and dropping to one knee to peer round his corner of the tarpaulin. He was watching for the tell-tale muzzle flash of whoever was firing upon them, so that he had an idea where to shoot.


    Stan returned fire with a full-auto circle of lime-green energy fire, aimed half a metre down and to the left of the flash, if that was the formula he was supposed to use. He was more used to ship?s lasers than hand weapons.

    ?Anybody know who is attacking us, or is this a random hit?? He knew they were not after the medicines, not if they were willing to shoot at it like this!

    Tag: Soildings and H6

    OOC: Am I allowed to post damage for the Weequays? And, I am fine about the shootout; bit of excitement, though shame about the cargo?
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    Mar 1, 2003
    Hello all! I'm going to be playing the role of the venerable Horton Salm. Let's hope this time around in the EU, Tycho doesn't end up in Lusankya! ;)

    Name: Horton Salm
    Age: 40's
    Gender: Male
    Species: Human
    Eye Colour: Brown
    Physical description: balding, heavier, thin mustache
    Clothing: Green flightsuit
    Personality: Hard but fair no-nonsense leader
    Occupation: Pilot
    Force sensitive: No
    Area of Expertise: Squadron leading and inter-personal evaluation in the military
    Rank: Colonel

    Personal Ship: Y-wing
    Name: n/a
    Class: BTL S3
    Weapon Systems: twin forward-firing laser cannons, swivel ion cannon, torpedo launcher (capacity 10 torpedos OR 20 proton bombs)
    Crew Compliment: 1 rear-facing gunner, 1 astromech droid
    Hyperspace Capability: 1.0

    I'll post after I've read a few pages of Flurry's backstory.
  23. OrrionCarn

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    Aug 1, 2010
    OOC: I?d be sad if you didn?t :D Yes. A shame. Oh well, at least some of it would be intact. A vial :p
    Btw, I?m super tired tonight and this is actually all I could think of at the moment.

    IC: Astella Soilding, H6-32, Nar Shaddaa Docks
    Location: Nar Shaddaa

    Astella peeked out of from behind cover as H6 and the delivery man briefly discussed. This was her fault, she had gone off on her own and immediately got into trouble, and she brought it back to Zaq and H6, and now she had brought it to this man next to them. All because she needed to get away for a bit. Frak.

    ?Anybody know who is attacking us, or is this a random hit?? the man asked.

    ?They?re after me!? Astella shouted over the increase in blaster fire, ?They were trying to kidnap me and I ran of course!?

    ?Correction: Actually, these wrinkled organics are employed by Drekka The Hutt. The same hutt your parents fought against.? H6 corrected, before boldly poking out, firing and darting back into cover as quickly as he had left it. The muffled scream of a weequay getting hit standing out.

    ?So not only are they trying to kidnap my sister,? Zaq said, doing the same H6 had done a moment ago, ?They?re unknowingly helping their boss out? Who our parents peeved off twenty-five years ago!??

    ?Answer: Correct.?

    ?That?s just great!? Zaq yelled his reply in anger, then firing his blaster again.

    Astella let it all soak in, seemingly taking a long sabbatical from the battle until adrenaline snapped her into reality, and she brought her hand out with her blaster in her grasp, blind firing around the cargo droid. Hoping she?d hit something.

    Tag: Switek
  24. Master_Y-wing

    Master_Y-wing Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 1, 2003
    IC: Horton Salm
    Location: Flurry hangar, in hyperspace to Telos

    It was strange facing the streaking lines of hyperspace head-on, as the design of the Flurry's gaping launch bay faced forward. Aggressor Wing was usually situated with the Home One, which had side-facing hangar bays. It was also strange seeing it in orange; Salm had forgotten to take his helmet off after exiting his Y-wing. Upon climbing down from the cockpit, he could see his XO making strides to meet him.

    "Sir, I am pleased to report we have no casualties. The A-wings and the Rogues did a good job of keeping the squints off us." Lt. Telsij Cayr had already taken her helmet off, revealing shortly cropped blonde hair. Salm still hadn't taken his helmet off, and couldn't differentiate Cayr's blue eyes through the orange tint. She already had a datapad in hand.

    "That's good news in itself I suppose, considering we're still down to only half strength after Endor," sighed Salm as he removed his helmet. It would take another 18 pilots to get back to a full wing, and twice as many gunners for the BTL S3 models. "And with Janson using one of our A4's..." Salm shook his head, irritated.

    "I've sent both you and Captain Manchuso the sit rep, sir." Cayr shifted her weight from one foot to the other. She knew the Colonel had a lot on his mind, and resolved to consider how she could solve the short roster problem.

    "Thank you, Telsij. I should probably be up there to talk with her about the debriefing right about now anyway," said Salm. "I'll comm you when I know more. For now, make sure the pilots get some rest."

    "Yes, sir." Cayr spun 'round on her heel and walked towards the other disembarking Y-wing pilots and gunners.

    Now for Tessa...Wedge had better be up there already, thought Salm. He made his way to the turbolift, and after finding his own datapad, arrived at the bridge.

    TAG: Captain Manchuso, Rogue Leader
  25. Sith-I-5

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    Aug 14, 2002
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