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Star Wars Star Wars- The Final Resurrection

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    Jul 30, 2004
    I was not aware of a new character.... Please submit for approval, thanks.
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    Mar 1, 2003
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    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: Lieutenant Samantha Irisa, Captain Tessa Manchuso, corridor outside Flurry bridge, and the bridge itself.
    Location: Hyperspace

    Waiting with Selena, a few metres towards the doors to the connecting spar corridor, Irisa looked up to see the imposing figure of Colonel Salm passing them both as he made his way to the bridge.

    ?Colonel.? She acknowledged with a crisp salute, ?Captain Manchuso isn?t accepting any reports right now-?

    If the moustachioed squadron leader felt any disgust at the state of her flightsuit, or recalled her Happy Dance back in the Telos Base? hangar, upon being selected by Skywalker to lead the Dancer Flight T-47s, he showed no sign.

    * * * *

    Tessa paced the bridge, being trailed by the new shift?s yeoman, a young Virgillian woman in an abbreviated, short-sleeved red uniform dress, with black kneeboots. Her blonde hair was cut in a pageboy style. Didn?t half stand out among the greys of the rest of the crew.

    ?Are you quite sure this is official Yeoman fashion, Dinah?? Manchuso enquired suspiciously, replaying for the hundredth time, the familiar routine. The Alliance could not afford to equip all it?s personnel in the same outfit, so sometimes there were anomalies.

    ?Eight out of ten starfleets swear by them, Captain.? Dinah responded, a bit more tense than normal. She was conscious that her clothing was more crinkled than the captain liked, but as part of a Damage Control party during the buzz droid attack, she had just had to climb into and out of a spacesuit; and then been called to bridge duty before she could iron out the creases.

    ?Alright, where were we??

    Dinah held up her open datapad to glance at the screen. ?You wanted to meet the team leaders in your stateroom in one hour for a debrief over brunch, Ma?am. General Solo. Both Rogue Leaders, Skywalker and Antilles. Green Leader, whoever he is. Lieutenant Irisa -?

    Manchuso turned to her aide, wearing an expression as if to say, ?Who dat??

    ?The one you just threw out, Captain. Dancer One.?

    ?Ah, Colonel Salm.?

    ?Yes, I suppose we should add him to the list.? Dinah acknowledged, tapping the name one handed into the ?pad, not realising that her superior was not listening, but staring past her at the opening doors.

    Despite herself, the yeoman did a double-take, then stepped politely out of the way, to give both commanders a clear and unobstructed view of each other.

    On seeing how well presented the senior officer looked in his greens, Manchuso clasped her hands together in front of her, and gave him a welcoming smile. ?I was planning to meet all the officers over brunch in an hour, Colonel, but as you are here...?

    Tag: Colonel Salm

    OOC: New uniform based on Classic Star Trek
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    Aug 14, 2002
    OOC: Mm. I wrote a Nar Shaddaa post at work, emailed it to my personal account, but it does not appear to have arrived. And it is the weekend now. :(
    [b]IC: Jan Dodonna, Admiral Ackbar, Mon Mothma[/b], The Basement
    [color=red]Location: CLASSIFIED[/color]

    Jan drained the rest of his caffeine, which had grown cold anyway, and stood up, stretching and hearing the vertebrae crunching in his spine.

    ?You know, this does not have to end here. The Echani turned up with a massive vessel that could certainly be useful for Alliance purposes, regardless of their personal attributes.?

    It had been an hour since the most senior members of the Alliance to Restore the Republic had made their excuses and filed out of the conference room, to ?confer?, while the proud Echani commander stayed inside to await word from them.

    Jan looked from one face to another. ?So, are we ready to go back in, or should we just have the room bricked up, and tell his people that [b]Admiral Mikaru[/b] slipped in the shower.?

    The Mon Calamari nodded slowly as he mulled over the second option. ?Mm. We could install Commander Skywalker as the new captain.?

    Dodonna chuffed with laughter at the idea. ?What, ?[i]Crash[/i]???

    ?Oh, come on. He does not crash everything.?

    ?Yes, Jan.? Mothma stepped in, coming to the jedi?s defence, and also conscious that Leia was in the room. ?I think you are being a bit unfair to Master Skywalker.?

    The General raised both hands in humoured surrender. ?Alright, alright. Tell you what. If Luke makes it back from Balmorra in the same X-Wing he went in, I will support him getting command of the?? He hesitated, ??what was that big bastiche called??

    ?[i]Spirit of Eshan[/i], General.?

    ?Yeah, her.? Dodonna smiled as he recalled the cynical tones of their Rybet officer. "Hey, remember Captain Che?att doing his bit to establish rapport: ?[color=purple][i]Lucky you turned up in a seven-point-two kilometre battlecruiser, eh? Otherwise we may not have seen you.[/i][/color]? He smirked at the recent memory.

    ?Although?? Ackbar started to muse.

    ?Admiral?? Mothma looked over to the Mon Cal, seated by the coffiene machine.

    ?If Che?att is around, he could take command, and go investigate [b]Radacia[/b]. That would work as a shakedown cruise, the Echani able to flex their muscles against pirates, or whoever attacked our rendezvous.?

    The Senator from Chandrila looked troubled. "If the Echani are willing for an Alliance officer to take command, and induct the [i]Spirit of Eshan[/i] into the Fleet, I am wary of showing our hand too early."

    Dodonna regarded his political colleague for a moment, then rounded the table to reach for the communicator. "I'll order the bricks." He said, half-seriously.

    [b]Tag: MOLP as either Leia, or the voice of reason. Admiral Mikura[/b]>
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    Mar 1, 2003
    IC: Horton Salm
    Location: Flurry bridge, in hyperspace to Telos

    Horton strode through to the bridge, ignoring what looked like a contemptibly-dressed teenaged mechanic he had noticed before take-off. I know half the crew of this ship must be mechanics, but this is ridiculous... Even if Manchuso was not accepting reports like she said, this wasn't exactly going to be about the battle itself.

    ?I was planning to meet all the officers over brunch in an hour, Colonel, but as you are here...? The young and diligently-poised Manchuso started. Salm appreciated the professionalism of this Virgillian. She was pleasant enough on the eyes, as well.

    "My XO has sent you the details of Aggressor Wing's performance, and we will discuss that later," Salm began. "My...inquiry...right now is regarding who allowed one of Rogue Squadron's pilots to fly one of my single-seater Y-wings!" Salm tried hard to keep from going red, not because he felt the issue was embarrassingly insignificant to the captain, but because of the rage it caused him that a soldier, particularly a Rogue pilot, broke protocol and didn't go through the right channels. He calmed down a portion. "I was hoping you could tell me who was involved with the clearance, because I was not," finished Salm.

    He resolved to not bring up the problem of the man-shortage in his fighter wing until he and Telsij had come up with a solution to propose. But for right now, the trauma of Endor was still eating at him. He was simply relieved he had the perception to realize what it was, and thus overcome it. He doubted many other Endor veterans could do the same.

    TAG: Captain Manchuso

  6. Sith-I-5

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    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: Yeoman Dinah, Captain Manchuso, Flurry bridge.
    Location: Hyperspace

    "My XO has sent you the details of Aggressor Wing's performance, and we will discuss that later," The Colonel began, after taking a moment to get a good look at her captain. "My...inquiry...right now is regarding who allowed one of Rogue Squadron's pilots to fly one of my single-seater Y-wings!"

    Dinah stared at the squadron leader, while feeling the heat of righteous fury generating behind her from Manchuso.
    "I'll, uh. I'll notify Medical now then, shall I?" She murmured, certain that Salm was going to regret that tone of voice.
    This was going to blow up, big style.

    She had a sense that he had calmed somewhat, when he added, "I was hoping you could tell me who was involved with the clearance, because I was not."

    Manchuso put her hands on her hips and glared at the man. "I think there may have been a breakdown in communication, Colonel. When the spare snubships, including the Y-Wings, were placed aboard my ship, I was not advised that they were for the sole use of your Wing."

    She slowly approached the commander, till she was close enough to glare up at him.

    "When the matter came to hand, I made the decision, Colonel. YOU were out in the field, WE had an Interdictor Star Destroyer on long-range scopes, enemy V-Wings inbound, Rogue Squadron the only support placed to assist us, and THEY were out of ordnance. So pardon me all to Hapes, if I decide to re-supply them with whatever I've got!"

    * * * *

    Down the corridor leading back to the rear section of the carrier, Irisa could hear Manchuso's tones. "Well, I did try telling him that she was not accepting reports."

    She shrugged and continued on her way.

    Tag: Colonel Salm, Selena
  7. AMNDRAG_01

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    Jan 10, 2008
    IC: Selena
    Location: The Flurry

    Sam took a deep breath, using the exhalation to release all her negativity. If she was to be a jedI again, she could not afford the luxury of getting angry, still?

    Taking the girl?s arm, she said, ?Come on, let?s get cleaned up. And in an hour?s time, you will visit Captain Manchuso?s quarters on my behalf, to report what happened to mine and Liam?s gunners.?

    She looked at the young pilot to see if she would protest, or agree and follow her to the spar corridor leading back to the ship?s larger rear section where the hangar and pilots? barracks were.

    Selena nodded and said ?Of course? I have nothing better to do. She thought. Then she followed the elder woman down the halls.

    TAG: Sith
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    Jan 8, 2003
    MOLP Approved

    Name: Airal Idai
    Age: 31
    Gender: Female
    Species: Wolatarian
    Eye Colour: Black
    Physical description: Caterpillar-like
    Clothing: Light-altering, grey-green-black pixilated combat camouflage fatigues with blaster and kinetic armor plating; blast helmet with HUD visor linked with rifle.
    Personality: Aggressive; dryly sarcastic; follows orders, though may bend rules to meet her ends; can be helpful to others and looks out of those junior to her.
    Affiliation: Wolatarian United Expeditionary Force
    Occupation: First Squad commander, Fourth Unit of the Expeditionary Reconnaissance Group
    Weapons: 7.7mm slugpistol (ten round magazines); 10.5mm assault rifle (IR ranging scope; grenade launcher; forty-round magazines); vibroblade; fragmentary and stun grenades
    Force sensitive: No
    Area of Expertise: Combat Recon; Special Warfare Operations; Tactical Command
    Rank: First Sergeant
    Biography: First Sergeant Idai was born on Bro?can and joined the Bro?can Royal Expeditionary Force fourteen years ago, shortly after completing secondary school, as a heavy vehicle operator. She switched over to recon infantry five years later and was promoted to squad leader shortly after the merging of the Wolatarian military forces. Her team is part of the Fourth Unit embarked on the Carrier Antonia. She is a proud Bro?canian, and is opposed to the political merger with the (Wolatarian) Imperial and Freeworld houses. Her eight member team is exclusively Bro?can, and she has a strong distrust of Freeworlders. She maintains a clean, conservative military appearance.

    Personal Ship
    Embarked Aboard
    ID# EX-193-S4 (Call Sign: Squall Four)
    Class: Gr-177 Neevlin Combat Transport
    Two, duel 37mm rail cannon turrets; One, 98mm rail cannon; 1450kg payload: Four Yd-4 Electronic Warfare Drones, two Yd-2 ?spoofing? Drones,
    --Electronic warfare: XR-9 package (jamming; radar silhouette projection); Radar/infrared countermeasures
    Crew Compliment: Three
    Troops: Ten
  9. Master_Y-wing

    Master_Y-wing Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 1, 2003
    IC: Horton Salm
    Location: Flurry bridge, in hyperspace to Telos

    "I think there may have been a breakdown in communication, Colonel. When the spare snubships, including the Y-Wings, were placed aboard my ship, I was not advised that they were for the sole use of your Wing." Manchuso was inches from Salm's face at this point; she was clearly making a scene to impose her authority on her ship. But Horton wouldn't be having any of that, or at first he thought to himself.

    "You are over-stepping your bounds, Captain," said Salm, stressing Manchuso's rank. One of the most respected pilots in the New Republic fleet wasn't about to be having every soldier in the rest of it be disregarding protocol. But she continued on.

    "When the matter came to hand, I made the decision, Colonel. YOU were out in the field, WE had an Interdictor Star Destroyer on long-range scopes, enemy V-Wings inbound, Rogue Squadron the only support placed to assist us, and THEY were out of ordnance. So pardon me all to Hapes, if I decide to re-supply them with whatever I've got!" Manchuso was like a durasteel wall, continuing her tirade to the astonishment of Salm. She was insecure about the situation Salm had created. Salm realized he had to make amends to stop her from saying something that could earn her serious repercussions.

    Salm let out another heavy, tired sigh. "Captain, I understand the duress we are all experiencing after the events at Endor. We were both there," said Salm. He opened his free hand palm up in an atoning posture. "For future reference and as a ground rule, never assume. I know Wes Janson had a successful effort, but those Y-wings are indeed mine." Salm attempted to make his expression as professional as ever. "I'll consider this matter resolved. See you in one hour," he finished, and exited back the way he came.

    There, now neither of us have to lose face, Salm thought. He had affirmed his principles, and she had ratified control of her ship.

    TAG: Manchuso
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    Jan 8, 2003
    In Character:

    IY 807.12.5 (4 ABY)
    14:13 Wolatarian Synchronized Time
    Vicinity of Radacia Space Docks
    Vendara System

    Col. Etana Oss, UWAF
    Cpt. Isira Cha?lil, UWAF
    1st Sgt. Airal Idai, UEF
    Carrier Antonia Attack Group

    [blockquote]The Carrier Antonia had only been on station for a few minutes, but massive rescue efforts were underway. General Parvil?s escorts were the only ones in the system knew the damage had been done by them, rather than a rogue pilot. With the Skadi vessel fled, Colonel Oss and Captain Cha?lil were in route to the carrier for debriefing.

    Six of the Antonia?s eight Gr-177 combat transports had launched and were inbound for the decimated station with rescue crews. Two dozen Wolatarian fighters were providing cover to the carrier, the Kitehawk surveillance craft, the transports and the station. The Imperial?s had yet to move from their position several hundred kilometers away, but rescue craft from Sector Medical were making runs to some of the most devastated parts of the station.

    On the bridge of the Antonia, the commander was more interested in talking with Vandar Naval Centre concerning the possibility of the Skadi returning in force, than with managing the situation outside. The chaos of the impromptu rescue mission and tracking all the various vessels would later be determined to be the cause for the redirecting of the only witnesses to the incident out-of-system.

    As the two Aeronautical Force craft headed towards the carrier, Doctor Lovespiral?s location update came through to Isira?s navcomputer. She quickly relayed it to the carrier, where it was received by one of the comms officers. The officer, confused on why the location was handed to him, inquired what it was about. Because of the security around the mission, Isira simply noted it was the location of a VIP they were detailed to escort. After a minute of verbal run around, the message was handed to the Commander.

    The Commander decided the mission to cover General Odious would have to be secondary and tasked the matter to the commander of the Expeditionary SOF group onboard. Because of the risk of the Imperial forces in space, the expeditionary commander was only allotted the use of two combat transports and no naval fighters. Without cross-checking, the commander of the expeditionary force ordered the aeronautical assets in the area to join with his deploying SPECOP forces and travel to Telos.

    Isira began chatting via script messages with Mira, who informed her that the General wanted both her and Etana to discreetly travel to the Telos system for cover.

    Though they had been ordered to the carrier, when the commander contacted them and order them to follow his two Gr-177 transports to Telos, the two were quick to comply. Neither of them were interested in sitting in hours of debrief, yet; and Etana wasn?t going to turn the mission over to the naval forces who had no idea what was going on.

    It was fifteen after the hour when First Sergeant Airal Idai was climbing into the transport with the call sign Squall Four. She help lift a tripod mounted sentry gun in with a corporal, and while he secured it to the bulkhead, she directed the rest of the team into the transport. Within a minute of entering the transport, it was maneuvering out of the hanger into space. A second transport took off right behind them; with the call sign Squall Five, it held the second eight member SOF team that would be supporting them.

    Isira contacted the transport pilot and ordered them to link navcomputers with Etana. Etana was plotting a course for the Telos system that would put them several million kilometers from the planet of Telos, where Mira had informed them the meeting would take place. There they would wait further instructions in the event that something went wrong.

    At twenty-two minutes past the hour, just as the commander of the Antonia was beginning
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    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: Weequay nrcs, Stan Switek, Zaq, STAN, landing field
    Location: Nar Shaddaa

    One of the Weequay stopped firing as soon as he saw the spray of blaster bolts flying off into the night, well clear of his group, and turned to see where they were going.
    Most disappeared across the night-time landing field, but several impacted on the lower hull of a Sorosuub 3000 star yacht parked several hundred metres away.

    A hatch slid aside in the ventral hull, and a long-barrelled auto-firing laser cannon dropped into view, fluidics whining as it turned.

    The Weequay dropped his blaster and kicked it away, just in case the weapon was programmed to target them, and for good measure, stepped smartly away from the rest of his pack.
    He was new to Drekka?s employ, and not particularly fond of these guys anyway.

    The auto-laser ignored the gun, him, his colleagues, and aimed towards the whatever had hit it in the first place, loosing a powerful blast that vaporised a good portion of the cargo on Astella?s side, showering the Soildings and Switek in flaming bits of packaging.

    ?Cease fire dammit!? Switek yelled over her brother?s head at her, ?You are not fragging helping!?

    "Don't shout at my sister!" Zaq jumped to her defense.

    A flash of green light washed over the ferrocrete at the sides of their cover, drawing Switek's attention from the Soildings. Amid the deafening blaster fire, he did not catch the sound of a star yacht falling over.

    The junior henchman, half bent to get his dropped sidearm, looked to see where that shot had come from, and found that something had arrived behind them. In the intermittent red flashes of the other's guns, he could see that it was some kind of armoured vehicle, tracked wheels, a spaghetti of fluidic tubes connected to a multitude of black globular photoreceptors clustered like a web-weavers, under?quite a big cannon.

    He forgot all about retrieving his pistol.

    Err, he signalled his clan-brothers pheromonally, since words had failed him. It was that big a cannon. who brought the tank?

    I am STAN, the ?tank? introduced, it?s booming voice echoing menacingly out of the darkness. Stormtrooper / Nancy relations. You will cease fire or, well, you can probably read between the lines.

    Behind the robo-hauler, which was rapidly becoming as dangerous as standing out in the open, Switek grinned and gratefully holstered his blaster, having heard his bodyguard?s standard greeting.
    ?That?s STAN!? He clarified aloud.

    Tag: Zaq, Astella, H6, Weequay
  12. Sith-I-5

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    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: Jan Dodonna, Admiral Ackbar, Mon Mothma, The Basement
    Location: CLASSIFIED

    The comlink bleeped for attention just before Jan?s finger reached it, and the bearded officer raised his eyebrows at the others while he answered it, conversing a moment with whoever was on the other end. ?Alright, I?ll tell the Princess. Direct them to Landing Pad 4. Thank you, Lieutenant.?

    At the end of the call, the General folded his arms and looked grim. ?Nice job people. The Echani have gone, jumped to hyperspace.?

    ?What, just like that?? Mothma asked, surprised.

    Jan did not know what the senator expected, but doubted it would be what he had to add. ?Well, they did say, thanks for the flowers.?

    Even Ackbar looked up at that.

    ?Apparently, our Rybet captain took a liking to his Echani counterpart, name of ?Tanker?, and took her up some flowers.?

    Mothma tried to imagine their amphibious, permanently moist, green-skinned blockade-runner captain, and one of the fey, thin-bodied humanoids, and had to give up.

    Dodonna looked over to Leia, who seemed to have retreated into her own little world since learning that Han was on his way back.
    ?Princess? Landing Pad 4; your four o?clock is here. The Wolatarians.?

    Tag: Princess Leia Organa, GenOochy
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    Jan 8, 2003
    In Character:

    IY 807.12.5 (4 ABY)
    14:31 Wolatarian Synchronized Time
    Testing Waters
    Telos System

    Major Gen. Odious Parvil, UWAF
    Dr. Mira Lovespirals, UNF Civilian

    Onboard Rebel HT-2200
    In Route to Landing Pad Four
    Rebel Base, Planet Telos IV

    Col. Etana Oss, UWAF
    Cpt. Isira Cha?lil, UWAF
    1st Sgt. Airal Idai, UEF

    Expeditionary SOF Extraction Group Zayin-1
    Hyperspace, Entering Telos System

    [blockquote]Doctor Lovespirals and General Parvil had returned to the main cabin after their dialogue with Liea. Mira rapidly scrawled notes into her datapad on everything that had happened and marked the Antonia?s confirmation of the departure of the SOF team.

    She had set the datapad into an ingenious beacon mode that passively interrogated various Holonet satellite signals to get a position fix and then uploaded the signal to the Holonet to be accessed by the carrier and the SOF team. Since the only signal was an extremely common Holonet uplink, there was no discernable homing signal that would draw attention. The flight into Telos wasn?t long, about twenty minutes had passed and they were now entering the atmosphere; however it seemed like an eternity to the two Wolatarians who were growing more anxious with each pasing minute. General Parvil figured out the caf machine and made a few cups, pouring one for himself and Mira.

    Odious looked out the port hole on the starboard side of the ship; they were about fifty thousand meters up and descending. A couple dozen kilometers away a supercell storm cloud lit-up with flashes of lightening, and darkened the ground below. For as far as the General could see, the patchwork of agricultural fields and roadway defined the landscape; while a chemical haze hung in the troposphere from centuries of industrial activity.. As they dropped lower and made a turn to port, majestic snow-capped mountains were visible on the horizon.

    Mira passed the time after finishing her report, listening to music from her datapad. She listen to slow, droning tunes mostly lead by soft female vocals in basic that was oddly stretched and altered with pitch to make it sound like another language altogether. Parvil himself had not heard the music before, except on a couple passes of Mira?s office a couple weeks ago. The General mostly listen to older war tunes from the Spika Wars, or whatever his children put on in the speeder when commuting.

    ?What is that?? He asked, turning from the port hole and sipping his caf. ?The music.? He clarified.

    ?Ethereal dusk.? She said, lifting her gaze from the datapad, turning the volume down a notch.

    ?Xeno?? he said, inquiring about the music?s orgins.

    ?Wolatarian actually. Dusk is exotic; began in the midrim. Ethereal dusk is a Wolatarian hybrid. Similar to astral pop.? She said.

    ?Heh,? he began. ?More than I know about the subject. Get paid to study music, too??

    Mira took his remark as a tad snide, but brushed it off. ?No, just a hobby. I perform a couple instruments and occasional sing in a dusk band.? She said, turning the volume up a few notches.

    ?Rows of pearly dewdrop's drops (Will be sun to ruddy, sun to ruddy). Tis the lucky, lucky, penny, penny, penny; buys the pearly dew drips soaks.? Went the cryptic, seemingly nonsensical words to the song. General Parvil paused a moment and listened.

    ?Ah, alright.? The General said. ?That?s interesting. Any word from the SOF team, or Colonel Oss??

    ?Not yet. The Carrier is saying they haven?t had any contact with additional Skadi forces, however they are going to be on station in Vendara for at least two more hours. I don?t think they know what happened to the station, so I guess we?ll keep that between us for now. I?m looking over the planet and I just calculated the area we?re going to be in, based on our current trajectory and decent rate. The extraction teams could come within a hundred kilo
  14. Vangarian

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    Mar 9, 2003
    Date: Next day. Two days previous to the arrival of the Dark Lady Tyris.

    Time: Morning.

    Location: Caridian System, Caridia, Imperial Academy, Star Port.

    IC: Guiy Phaux, Lanta Makarins Imperial Engineer/Scientist & Rebel Agent. NPCs Foo-Foo, Thumper, R4 N8
    aka "Chirppy".

    Lanta Makarins carried her anti-gravity assisted luggage through the luggage checking station before boarding the Imperial Shuttle bound for the orbiting Death Star II. Instrumentation, tools and software were checked and reviewed then passed through including a nondescript R4-N8 with crisp new Imperial Science Department colors embossing it's exterior and a specialized transmitter along with other special features within its interior. Lanta filled out her mandatory declaration of equipment being taken on board the shuttle then boarded. Her team had been busy up until the day before testing new armor that would be used for a variety of applications, from personal combat armor to AFV armor. She had passed the information on to Guiy in hopes it would come in handy for him in his mission. Time would tell. Her eight best engineers walked up the ramp with her carrying their assortment of luggage, each-no doubt-wondering what area they'd be assigned to once they disembarked onto the DS-II. Lanta turned one last time and looked back at the Imperial Academy off in the distance. Guiy said he'd be leaving in the morning too, but didn't tell her which ship he'd be on. It was just as well that she didn't know. What she did know was that much of the work would be done by her little companion that Guiy had brought her. All the while as the R4-N8 unit was busy applying itself to repairs it would also busy itself with espionage. She resumed her progress into the interior of the the transport shuttle, found a seat then settled in for the trip up.

    OOC: Meanwhile over at Dust Bunny I, Guiy Phaux was coding his report for Crix Madine, according to his order to pass on anything of interest from Guiy's mission that could be used for the benefit of the Alliance to Restore the Republic.

    "Foo-Foo. Send this message through by piggy back method to Melon Seed so they can relay to Crix Madine. After that prep the ship for departure," said Guiy.

    "Yes Guiy," said Foo-Foo.

    OOC: IC: Lobot and NPCs ECHO 3 Team Members Terrance, Piper, Ventru and Psyrus. NPC R8 Droid Units: Theo,
    Aether, Neumo, Cybin and Prit.

    It had been a fast paced 24 hours since their departure from their last mission, at the Brentaal Star System and The Great Junction between The Hydian Way and The Perlemian Trade Route, where the Imperial Hyperwave Relay Station #79420IHRS, orbited Brentaa at the Border of its Heliopause. After a quick drop out of Hyperspace for resupply and upgrades, Echo Team 3 moved to the Heliopause of the Caridia Star System. There they soon located a convenient Hyperspace Relay Station #83231IHRS. It wasn't long before they'd entered and took over the interior of it for Cyber Espionage purposes.

    "Sir," Spoke Piper. "We seem to have another contact from that 'Yahoo' according to Prit from earlier at Brentaal system," spoke Piper "He's confirming his earlier invitation to set up shop here at Caridia and confirms the location of the Second Death Star orbiting around Caridia," he continued.

    Switch to Cybercomlink so as to maintain security protocols.

    Yes sir. Sorry, my bad. He's relaying further information from the Imperial Academy concerning they're recent developmental projects. That plus the number of Imperial Destroyers stationed around the Second Death Star. Along with some high resolution images of them and the Battle Station.

    What's he got for us in the way of particulars, Piper?

    Looks to be some recent advancements in both Personal Armor and AFV armor, sir.

    If you haven't come across any Spy Code in it, packet it and transmit it on our scheduled transmission burst back to Cr
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    Mar 1, 2003
    IC Horton Salm
    Location: Flurry, in hyperspace to Telos

    Aging: it can only get worse, thought Salm. He had retired to his assigned sleeper for a half-hour power nap, but was woken up by Cayr via comm. Salm slowly got up and splashed water on his face.

    At least the aches are polite enough to bombard me later, thought Salm as he threw on a brown nerf-hide jacket. He still had his green flight suit on underneath; he had taken the life support panel and helmet off for sleep, and left them off.


    Even with the turbolift, the wide maw of the Flurry's hangar bay took Salm some time to walk to the starboard end where the Y-wings of all types had been almost seemingly relegated. As he came into proximity, he could pick out Telsij's stark blonde hair among a good portion of the rest of the pilots under his command.

    "So, where's the rest of us?" Salm opened up.

    "Resting up. I admire your leading by example, Colonel," prattled Telsij facetiously.

    Salm couldn't help feeling the corners of his mouth tug up. "Thank you for the compliment, Lieutenant." His face turned pensive again. "Everyone should try to rest up if possible before we arrive at Telos. I have a feeling Captain Manchuso doesn't like catering to New Republic lackeys and will give us the boot as soon as she has permission to. Or at least just me."

    The whole group chuckled. It was always a welcome and revitalizing feeling seeing a group of like-minded and green-garbed pilots cooperating with each other in the shadow of other squadrons' pilots' egos.

    The XO spoke up. "After some deliberating and going through some logistics, we have an idea of what to do about our man-shortage. We have eighteen S3's which we are piloting or gunning for right now. We also have six A4's in reserve, one of which a Rogue is using."

    "I think I see where you're going with this, but we'd still be short gunners," said Salm.

    "Yes, you are correct, we wanted to have the gunners of six of the S3's pilot the spare A4's, since of course, Aggressor Wing pilots are trained for all Y-wing combat roles. To remedy the missing gunners, we would temporarily fix the double-seaters' ion cannons forward for the pilot to use," finished Cayr.

    "And Lieutenant Dertan would be leading this new half-and-half squadron, I assume?" Salm knew that Frij Dertan was the viable candidate, as he had led the second squadron of Aggressor Wing even before Endor.

    "Yes, sir, and I'd like to propose a name change to Aggressor Wing's new second squadron." The tall, thin Frij Dertan brushed a lock of straight brown hair away from his forehead and excitedly explained: "The Masked Attacker Squadron."

    "Sounds like you've been working on that name for a while, Lieutenant Commander Dertan," Salm posed. He guessed, along with the rest of the Wing, that Dertan thought he would have the squadron to himself in the future. And from the looks of supply and pilot recruits now, he might just get his wish. Dertan didn't reply; the group's laughter required no further response from him. Salm turned to Cayr.

    "Well, Telsij, thanks are in order for solving this logistical melt-down. Right now however, I've got to go deal with the political half. Start fixing the ion cannons on those select S3's, you should be able to get it done with all these techs loafing around," Salm said as he was already turned back towards the turbolift. 10 minutes until the brunch meeting. Salm is always early.

    TAG: Manchuso

    Masked Attacker Squadron was my Y-wing squadron in IBOP. :p
  16. Sith-I-5

    Sith-I-5 Force Ghost star 6

    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: Medtech Yavscout, Lieutenant Irisa, Captain Manchuso, hangar, barracks and bridge, the Flurry.
    Location: Hyperspace

    The elf stood in the middle of the hangar behind the Raptor, waiting for someone to challenge him over the Debgate debacle, but after a few moments of soldiers, mechanics and pilots milling around him and getting on with their own problems, he decided to get on with the reason he was along on this mission.

    ?Alright,? he raised his voice to be heard above the hubbub. ?all casualties congregate over by Rescue One.? He pointed towards the Firespray-31, the Detective Wyms, for the benefit of any who turned towards the sound of his voice.

    He spotted Sergeant Grillo, arm in a sling, being helped in that direction by a human woman walking with the recognisable gait of a Virgillian.
    Looked to him like they were made for each other.

    Yav? spotted Irisa on the hangar?s second tier, where the B-Wing cockpits were berthed, and acknowledged her presence with a wave. Her young charge was up there with her. Selena?

    Irisa returned the wave, then turned back to Selena. The girl had managed to hop from one cockpit to another, so was not as messed up as she was, so probably would not need to get as cleaned up.

    She led the way back to the pilot barracks that her Dancer/Blue Flight had used on the trip out.

    ?So are you okay, Selena? Is there anything you want to talk about?? Samantha was actually angling for some sign of the girl being affected by Liam?s death during the battle. For her own part, she was surprised at how little she felt about it; perhaps she had become hardened to such things. Something else occurred to her as she stepped through into the hexagonal chamber that they had taken over earlier. ?Did you see whatever happened to the Phoenix Force??

    She referred to an apparent civilian vessel that had arrived at Balmorra, and decided that involving itself in the space and aerial battle against the Empire, looked a lot more jolly and exciting than the original reason for the visit.

    ?Ahh, feth.? She muttered impolitely, then glanced self-consciously back at Selena. ?Sorry, just remembered my only change of clothes is aboard the ?Wyms.?

    ?We are all suffering from Endor.? Salm allowed. ?As far as I am concerned, the matter is closed.?

    Tessa softened her glare. She could not expect everyone in the Alliance to know their story.
    That the Rebellion had assisted in her planet?s civil war, and when her people had succeeding in ejecting the Empire from their territories, her vessel and crew had been seconded to the Alliance Fleet as a ?thank you?.

    Personally, a fruit basket would have been preferred. And would have let her and her crew return to civilian life, rebuild family and society, instead of having their military service extended in someone else?s war.

    The Colonel honestly expected her to call his Y-Wing in the middle of a dogfight to ask his permission? She smiled to herself, and shook her head as he retreated to the exit from her bridge.

    ?I will see you in an hour.? was the Colonel?s parting shot.

    ?Come hungry,? She called after him. ?Dinah, finish compiling the list of guests, then send a message to their comlinks. Also get on to the galley, get some bites flash-heated.?

    ?Yes, Ma?am.?

    Tag: Selena
  17. GenOochy

    GenOochy Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Jan 8, 2003
    14:29 Wolatarian Synchronized Time
    Joint Military Operations Centre
    Imperial House Capital
    Planet Wolatar II, Woltar System

    [blockquote]In standard fashion, it took several minutes to get the comms connection to the Skadi, and get to what should have been the Skadi Queen herself.

    Instead the vidscreen displayed a high-ranking Skadi officer, in his red and white uniform. He spoke quickly, and with a tone that was quickly perceived as hostile to the Wolatarian council.

    ?This is Naloth Halcyon, Commander of the Royal Guard of the Skadi Imperium. Whatever you wish to say to the Queen, you will have to say to me.? He said flatly. The president sat up straight and the Wolatarian Queen jaw went slack at the tone.

    ?Excuse me, Commander.? The president said. ?On the line is the entire Wolatarian Defense Council. Queen Erin?tal wishes to speak directly to the Queen about a very serious matter. We are concerned about?? He began to say and the Queen interjected.

    ?Sir, Queen Erin?tal. We are concerned that a military build-up maybe occurring on your end and that a very sensitive diplomatic envoy may have been compromised by one of your fighters. This is an issue we need to directly speak with her Highness about at once.? She said, staring down the Skadi Commander on the vidscreen.[/blockquote]TAG: KraytDragon90
  18. Master_of_les_pauls

    Master_of_les_pauls Jedi Knight star 1

    May 28, 2010
    Ic The Dark Lord of the Sith, Darth Sidious, Dark Lady Tyris Landor

    Location the Death Star

    The doors opened and Tyris strode into her quarters, it had minimal furnishing that was just a single chair a cot to sleep in and a small area to prepare food. Tyris was glad to see her bags had been delivered to her room, which included a change of robes and training remotes, making this the perfect place for her to rest and prepare herself for Skywalker. Also in the room was a hologram communication device and the Dark Lady of the Sith had been given very specific order on who to contact when she reached the Death Star.

    Landor powered the device up and entered the details for Byss, she then knelt on the circular communication relay and waited.

    ?I trust you have arrived? A male voice flatly said.

    Tyris looked up to see the face of her master, Darth Sidious. ?Yes, my master and it is just as you foresaw?

    ?Yes, I know? The Dark Lord of the Sith bluntly replied.

    ?The military are totally unprepared for what?s coming, my Lord?

    ?But I trust you are Lady Tyris? It wasn't a question Sidious asked but more of a demand.

    ?I am my master? This time there was a determined edge to Tyris voice.

    Landor was surprised to see that Lord Sidious gave her a wicked crocked grin, one that she had seen him give to those he was sending to there deaths. It puzzled her surely her master had not sent her to her death but to ensure the glory of the Sith?

    ?Be sure you are Lady Tyris, for Skywalker has become a powerful Jedi.? Sidious said his voice had now turned slightly darker. It was almost as if he was challenging her.

    ?But he is only a Jedi my Lord, his powers are no match for the Dark Side.?

    Again Sidious gave her the same smile again and the spoke ?Oh course young one, no Jedi shall ever match the power of the Darkside?

    With that the communication went dead and Tyris was left alone with strange feeling of dread.

    Leaning back in his throne Sidious let the darkness of his throne room wrap its self around him, the apprentice would serve her purpose perfectly of that he had no doubt. Skywalkers time was almost at hand, it was time to truly see if the boy had his Fathers power. He had briefly caught a glimpse of his anger upon the Death Star, the boy truly was his Father's son but sadly also his Mothers. This was simply a small barrier to achieving his goals and Sidious always got what he wanted, he was going to enjoy this.

    However he had other matters to attend to before Skywalker, it was time to assemble the face of Palpatine. In the last few weeks he had been made aware of several of the Moff's and Grand Admirals battling amongst themselves to rule his Empire, it was time they remembered just who they served.

    Sidious used the force to key in private hologram communication device of Grand Admiral Thrawn and he did not want to be kept waiting.

    Tag Grand Admiral Thrawn
  19. Master_of_les_pauls

    Master_of_les_pauls Jedi Knight star 1

    May 28, 2010
    Ic Luke Skywalker, Tessa Manchuso, Princess Leia, the other members of the high council and Wedge Antillies

    Location Telo's, The Flurry

    Leia's mood almost immediately perked up when word reached her that the Wolatarian's had just reached the system and had been given permission to land. There ship had landed at pad 4, it was the landing pad closest to civilisation on Telos, which of course was not a problem as Governor Hrimad had been a vocal supporter of the Rebellion since its early days, much to the cost of Telo's. The Empire had punished the planet for daring to side with the fledgling Rebellion swiftly and painfully. They had caused Hrimad to go into hiding, whilst in hiding he had formed an underground group of freedom fighters who fought back against the oppression of the Empire.

    It was the Battle of Endor that had caused the planet to be liberated, with the Empire summoning a huge portion of its fleet to protect the Death Star. Telo's suddenly found itself with a skeleton Imperial presence and no star ships in orbit to protect or to offer the text book Imperial idea of protection, namely bombing from above. With this change in fortunes Hrimad had led his freedom fighters in wrestling back control of the planet.

    With the Battle of Endor over and the Alliance scattered and almost broken, Hrimad offered his planet as a base of operations for the Rebellion. It was an offer the high council could not refuse, with Telo's generosity the Alliance had been able to re-group and lick its wounds and ready itself for its next move. Which had been to send various emissary's to various factions around the galaxy, the Enchani, the Wolvatarians, the Hapes consortium and others, to join with the Rebellion and help destroy the Empire.

    ?It would seem out next visitors are about to arrive? Ackbar said ?Open a channel to there ship?

    Jan Dodonna quickly opened a channel to there ship and handed over the comm to Mon Mothma.

    ?Major General Parvil and Dr Lovespirals, allow me to be the first to welcome you to Telos? Mon said her voice was full of regal warmth and good nature ?I am Mon Mothma and I am one of the leader of the Alliance to restore the Republic, once you have landed I and Princess Leia will come and greet you? Mon paused for a moment and looked around the room ?I am sure you have endured a long and tiring flight, so if you wish we will provide you with chambers to refresh and also any food you desire,then we will discuss the matters that have brought you here?

    With that Ackbar piped up ?Whilst you meet with our guests myself and Dodonna will get quick update from the Flurry before it arrives in system?

    With that Mon Mothma and Leia departed the ?Basement? and headed towards landing pad 4, once both ladies had departed Admiral Ackbar and Jan Dodonna took there seats and opened a secure channel to Captain Manchuso on The Flurry.

    The room was now fully prepared, various types of food and drinks had been laid on for her guests to enjoy, Tessa herself had changed from her military clothes into a more formal dark red shapeless robe that hid her womanly curves and she had pulled her dark long Red hair back into tight pony tail. As the time grew closer for the small gathering she could feel herself becoming more agitated and more nervous, give her a few Star Destroyer?s to fight and she felt more comfortable then she did at such gatherings.

    Then suddenly her hologram communication device sprang to life and Tessa was confronted by the faces of Admiral Acbar and Jan Dodonna.

    ?Errrr Admiral, Executive Dodonna? Tessa blurted out.

    ?Captain Manchuso? Ackbar said his voice as monotone as ever ?We require you to give us a brief run down on the events on Balmorra?

    ?We also require updates from those who were in senior ranks of command during the battle? Dodonna said his voice was f
  20. Ominous

    Ominous Jedi Master star 4

    Jul 30, 2004
    IC: GA Thrawn, Captain Pellaeon
    Location: Carida, aboard the Chimaera

    The Imperial fleet of Grand Admiral Thrawn continued its defensive course around the Death Star in the black void of space. Below, brightly lit on one hemisphere was Carida, training grounds for the mighty Imperial military. Captain Pellaeon stood at the view port of the Chimaera admiring the grand might of the Empire. His hands rested at ease behind him. What was in store next for the mighty Imperial navy and army was not up to him. Reports had been pouring in that outer world posts were being systematically attacked by either Rebel Forces or splinter cells. More disturbing to Pellaeon was the infighting of high-ranking officers within military. It had seemed to him, that everyone was attempting to grab their piece of the pie, not realizing that the Emperor was alive and in hiding. Thrawn remained in his chambers to meditate, study and strategize his next move. However, most of the time he sat quietly in his massive throne-like chair with his eyes closed, contemplating the state of affairs within the New Order. The man was a genius and would not let his talents go to waste on squabbling officers within his rank.

    In the middle of a hypnotic state, the console on the left arm of the chair began to beep and light up. The signal was a deep plum color which could only signify one person, Darth Sidious, the puppet master of the Empire and Order of the Sith. The personal warning sign of the Emperor was fashioned to keep Thrawn abreast of who he was about to converse with and more importantly be prepared for anything that was of topic.

    He moved his blue finger over the plum-lit button and depressed it. ?Grand Admiral Thrawn your Excellency. How may I be of service??

    TAG: The Emperor

    OOC: How is that for not waiting long old craggy butt?
  21. AMNDRAG_01

    AMNDRAG_01 Jedi Knight star 2

    Jan 10, 2008
    IC: Selena, Jake, Ethan
    Location: The Flurry

    ?So are you okay, Selena? Is there anything you want to talk about?? Samantha was actually angling for some sign of the girl being affected by Liam?s death during the battle. For her own part, she was surprised at how little she felt about it; perhaps she had become hardened to such things. Something else occurred to her as she stepped through into the hexagonal chamber that they had taken over earlier. ?Did you see whatever happened to the Phoenix Force??

    She referred to an apparent civilian vessel that had arrived at Balmorra, and decided that involving itself in the space and aerial battle against the Empire, looked a lot more jolly and exciting than the original reason for the visit.

    ?Ahh, feth.? She muttered impolitely, then glanced self-consciously back at Selena. ?Sorry, just remembered my only change of clothes is aboard the ?Wyms.?

    Selena smiled sadly ?That?s alright.? In truth she wanted to talk. But first she said ?I saw the Phoenix Force fly off with us as we left the planet. I don?t know where it is now perhaps in the hanger.?


    Ethan was relaxing comfortably his chair. After awhile he got up and walked to his weapons cabinet. He was not wearing his armor because he believed the Rebels will not attack him. Nevertheless, he took his lightsaber and his LL-30 blaster pistol with him.

    ?Where are you going?? Jake asked.

    ?Walking around? Ethan replied.

    ?I?ll go with you? Jake remarked as he took his vibroblade.

    ?Why?? Ethan asked as he walked out of the ship followed by the droid commando.

    ?Why to protect you of course. You meatbags are vulnerable.? Jake teased.

    Ethan chuckled ?Very funny.? Then both started walking around the halls of the ship.

    Back to Selena.

    Selena bit her lip. She looked at the older woman and said ?In truth I do want to talk but not here. I may cry and I don?t want to here where everyone can see me.?

    TAG: Sith, Flurry

    IC: Sheeal Barzak
    Location: Uncharted planet

    Sheeal had emerged from hyperspace at an uncharted planet. It looked as if it was not even discovered. It wasn?t on the charts. He looked at the quarren that was talking to him. ?Is there any life on this planet??

    ?Yes sir? The Quarren responded. ?But we don?t know if there is intelligent life.?

    Sheeal sighed. That was the problem. He did not want a war with the natives if there was some. ?Is the air breathable??


    ?Alright? Sheeal made up his mind. ?Land.?

    Within a few minutes, the ships were landed on the edge of a lake. Everyone was helping with fixing the ships and healing the injured as well as guard duty.

    Sheeal had other matters to handle.

    ?At least the long range communicator is not busted? he thought. Sheeal opened a secure line and said ?Telos Base! This is Brigadier General Sheeal Barzak do you copy??

  22. GenOochy

    GenOochy Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Jan 8, 2003
    OOC: Going to take control of the pilot, Ridsha, for a second, MOLP. Hope you don?t mind. Sith-I-5, could you provide air control reponse to the 'merchant' traffic trying to enter Telos IV airspace?

    In Character:

    IY 807.12.5 (4 ABY)
    14:47 Wolatarian Synchronized Time
    Testing Waters
    Telos System, Kwymar Sector

    Major Gen. Odious Parvil, UWAF
    Dr. Mira Lovespirals, WUNF Civilian

    Onboard HT-2200, Landing Pad Four
    Rebel Base, Planet Telos IV

    [blockquote]The HT-2200 settled and the pilot came back to the compartment where the two Wolatarians waited.

    ?Ready, Mr. Ridsha?? Mira asked.

    ?Yes,? the pilot replied, fumbling a bit nervously for his next words. ?The? uh, alliance leaders Mothma and Organa are on the flight deck for you.?

    ?Fantastic!? Mira exclaimed, picking up her datapad and turning back to the General. ?Ready, General??

    ?Of course. Lead the way, Mr. Ridsha.?

    The alien pilot walked across the compartment to the ramp and keyed for it to lower. With a hiss the door cracked open, and the lower pressure of the HT-2200 cabin caused a rush of warm air to flow in as the ramp lowered. Odious chewed and stretched his jaw to pop his ears, which had failed to adjust to the rapid pressure change. Mira slid a pair of large solar-shades over her four eyes and straighten the collar on her indigo blazer and the tool cravat underneath. General Parvil ensured the leather holster on his sidearm was snapped closed and placed his dark green garrison cap on. He had an unfortunate incident meeting with the Skadi ambassador with his holster unclasped and was nearly jumped by an overzealous security guard.

    The three made their way down the ramp where the two taller female humans awaited in regal white dress. Their rebel pilot went down on a knee and bowed rather awkwardly.

    ?Your Highness, Senator. I-- present the- uh, ambassadors of the Wolatarian?Wolatarians.? He said, stumbling with the words, posing the last word more as a question, than a statement.

    Mira helped him save face; stepping forwards and bowing politely to the Alliance heads. ?Doctor Mira Lovespirals, representing the Wolatarian United State Administration Bureau; and Major General Odious Parvil of the United Wolatarian Aeronautical Force.? She said. The Wolatarian General stepped forwards, bowing his caterpillar torso swiftly and returning to a stiff military posture with a jingle of military medals.

    ?An honor to meet you,? he said glancing around, before turning his attention back to the alliance leaders. He noted a few rebel soldiers in two-tone blue uniforms and oversized helmets were on the deck, as well as jump-suited handlers who were securing the HT-2200 to ground power and fuel stations.[/blockquote]TAG: MOLP

  23. Sith-I-5

    Sith-I-5 Force Ghost star 6

    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: Minesh Pinti, Samantha Irisa, Narain Karthakeyan, Shaara Dawnstrider, , Blue/Dancer pilot barracks.

    ?That?s alright.? Selena reassured in the face of Irisa?s swearing. ?I saw the Phoenix Force fly off with us as we left the planet. I don?t know where it is now; perhaps in the hangar.?

    Pretty impetuous if they were. Irisa placed her mission datapad on the bare metal table, next to a pile of neatly piled and folded, fluffy white bath towels that had materialised since the trip out. She looked sympathetically up at her young charge, who, she was moved to see, was biting her lip. Awww!

    ?In truth I do want to talk, but not here. I may cry, and I don?t want to here where everyone can see me.?

    Sam wanted to sweep her into a comforting hug right there, but then Narain, still in his green B-Wing flight suit and white harnesses, stepped in and halted, looking at each pilot in turn. ?Ladies??

    Samantha looked at the newcomer, and briefly considered banning the rest of the team from the room while she and Selena thrashed this out, but decided it would not be fair.

    ?We?re taking a shower.? She announced to the room at large, picking up two of the towels and tossing one at the girl for her to catch. She leaned in so that their faces almost touched. ?You can bare your heart in there while I get cleaned up.?

    * * * *

    Minesh, the pink-fleshed Zeltron pilot, left his fellow flyer, Shaara, on the balcony overlooking the lower and main hangar deck, and went through the short corridor at the back to find his squad?s barracks.

    Stepping inside, he saw Narain at the table, and the Mandalorian commander, Tearus Jeandro, on a chair, but not at the table. His battered metal helmet, with the familiar Sun Guard T-visor, sat on the tabletop.

    ?Where is Sam?,? Minesh asked them.

    Narain nodded towards the corridor behind his colleague. ?The showers. Manchuso threw her off her bridge for being too messy.?

    Minesh allowed his jaw to drop for effect, then closed it. ?That was a bit harsh. I heard she tore Salm a new one.? He smiled at the thought, even though he did not really know the colonel. ?I am going to get some shut-eye. If Liam-? He stopped, wondering how many times he would speak of Blue Leader before it sunk in that their flight leader had perished on Balmorra.

    ?I know.? Narain gave his friend a sympathetic nod. ?Get some sleep.?

    Just then, the wall comm-unit whistled for attention.

    * * * *

    Shaara looked down upon the fighter jockeys that had stayed out, looking after their ships before themselves.
    She had not taken much notice of the men and women of Aggressor Wing, although she had flown a Y-Wing herself, for Alliance Intelligence and Procurement, before being forced to move to the B-Wings of Blue Flight.

    Looking down at the rugged craft, little more than an armoured cockpit and two fusial ion engines, she was transported away to her first operation in her craft.

    Within the cockpit of her Y-Wing starfighter, and snug in her orange flightsuit, Shaara coasted deeper into Mygeetan space, her own long range sensors noting the small grouping of Imperial capital ships crowded to the left of the white and grey planet, and between it and her, a dense cloud of broken wreckage and shattered starships....

    Her craft was equipped with an Imperial interrogator module copied from one on a donated Nebulon-B, straight from the Sullustan shipyards.

    She aimed it towards the Imperial ships and activated it. A small dark square of a screen on the panel below the device, glowed with each additional name, as their telesponders reacted automatically to her electronic query:
    Rage of Ranroon
    Obdurate NRID

    Proximity alarms came alive and warned her of four TIE fighters inbound and coming fast from the distant destroyers.

    Thin green laser lines overtook her as she headed the way she had come, booking for the edge of Mygeeto?s gravitational influence, but the TIEs had no cha
  24. Master_Y-wing

    Master_Y-wing Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 1, 2003
    IC: Horton Salm
    Location: Flurry conference room, in hyperspace to Telos

    The puffed cream spheres were like a glint in Salm's eye. He had already taken hold of a pair of them and scarfed them down before seating himself. Once seated he noticed the robed Jedi Luke Skywalker, and next to him Wedge Antilles. He had never spoken to either of them before, but was thoroughly familiar with their stories and military background in the New Republic.

    Antilles was good, and probably one of the best, Salm could admit that much to himself. Rogue Squadron was a unit Salm could never see himself a part of, and not just because of the ship-class difference. They were almost of a different spirit, those pilots, and had a cocksure attitude that would never mix well with Salm, and certainly none of his own pilots. But they were elite and they got the job done. Salm respected Antilles as a leader, probably as much as other pilots around the New Republic respected his own leadership and his own unit. Salm hoped for many more successful missions with them.

    On the holo-screen were Jan Dodonna and Admiral Ackbar. Aggressor Wing had been part of Home One's fighter detachments, and he had done more than a few sorties with Ackbar, including Endor to say the least. Republic High Command usually consulted Salm on the formation of new fighter and bomber squadrons. He hoped Aggressor Wing could return to the Home One soon, as he had a feeling from his confrontation with Captain Manchuso that she was a little irate about her government's decision to loan the Flurry to the New Republic. She was standing at attention near the holo-screen with a bored face and a tight pony tail, making her face appear tenser than normal.

    As Salm reclined in his chair, waiting for the other commanders, he went through his report on his datapad, making notes. When his turn came around, he would be prepared to inform.

    TAG: the Flurry meeting
  25. Sith-I-5

    Sith-I-5 Force Ghost star 6

    Aug 14, 2002
    OOC: Octopoid race created by Alan Moore for Darth Vader's Conscience, an early Marvel UK SW comics story.

    IC: Telos Traffic Controller Servash(nrc)

    A native of the planet Cheelit, the eight-armed, octopus-like official worked in the planet's equatorial traffic control area with several other beings.

    His large eyes took in the approach of two identical vessels, as far as his sensors and repeater screens could tell, from Vendara way.

    A voice came through his board communicator: "Telos Traffic Control Sector. Independent merchant convoy of two requesting permission to proceed to the south. Delivering agricultural goods to Rosh farming district."

    "Oh yes?" Servash responded informally, jolted from his practiced responses by their desire to go south. Everyone knew the Alliance base was down that way. "How far south?"

    He reached a grey tentacle out to the yellow-bound memo book on the flimsi-strewn table behind him, to see what notes there were on craft heading South. Not having eyes in the back of his head, he tapped blindly along the table, and among the paperwork, hoping to find the required tome before one of his peers sarcastically asked if he expected them to limbo under his stretched arm.

    Tag: GenOochy 'merchant' vessels
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