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  1. Sith-I-5

    Sith-I-5 Force Ghost star 6

    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: Captain Che?att, Flower Girl, bridge, the Doom 2 CR80 blockade runner.
    Location: Telos space ? half hour previously

    The Rybet master and commander of the Intelligence and Procurement vessel, Doom 2, strode confidently onto his bridge, rubbing his hurt shoulder, bruised from impacting on the inner airlock door when Echani marines expelled him from their war cruiser.

    Without saying a word, Che?att sat in the command chair, and looked moodily over the heads of his two Mon Cal helmsmen, out the five-sided slash of a viewport, the scene a twinkling star field, rather than the departed Spirit of Eshan.

    ?Well, that could have gone better.? The base guard announced.

    ?At least she kept the flowers,? The Rybet noted, in the kind of tone that suggested he regarded that as grudging success. He looked over to the guard, and particularly, the heavy looking A280 heavy blaster rifle hanging over her shoulder. ?So, BFG, do you have to carry that all the time??

    The young woman glared at him, her cheeks blushing to his secret pleasure. ?No sir,? she started, waving a finger in his direction, ?I draw the line at you shortening ?Flower Girl? to it?s constituent letters! And what in Oseon does the Besh stand for??

    ?Beautiful, of course.? The Rybet countered as if that were plainly obvious.

    ?You think I am beautiful?? She smiled, her growing irritation instantly evaporated.

    Che?att leaned back in his chair and crossed the legs of his treated white Calamari Navy uniform, as he regarded her. ?Well, not enough for me to cross space to bring plant life to, but you are definitely wasted in the corridor patrol game.?

    ?You couldn?t just say ?yes?, could you, Sir??

    Che?att smiled at the security woman. ?Me? No.?

    ?Captain?? One of the Calamari spoke up. ?Comm from Father, at Base One.?

    The officer immediately sat up straight. ?Father? meant Alliance Intelligence. Though the Rybet did not consider himself a secret agent, Intelligence was one of the two Alliance branches that he and his ship served the most. ?Put it through.?


    Since, spatially, Telos was so close, the voice came through the communicator as if the speaker was right in the room with them:

    ?Doom 2 from Base One. High priority HT-2200 craft just made planetfall. She came from a rendezvous at the Vendara System, which got a bit?busy.?

    Che?att nodded, understanding the intimation. ?Busy? was AI jargon, meaning, stormtroopers. The rendezvous got compromised in the worst way, and worryingly, Vendara was not that far from Telos.

    ?You want me to go back along her path in-system, and confirm we picked up no Im-, that we have not been poisoned?? He mentally berated himself for the close slip, but knew he had guessed right.

    ?Copy. Father out.?

    The line went dead, BFG intervening before he could issue orders. ?And what on Oseon was that about?? She asked, looking from the alien, to the holoscreen, and back.

    ?Classified. When you want to graduate from hall monitor, and play with the big younglings, then we can talk. People, take us about. Looks like we are active again.? He turned his attention to the two helmsmen, who were the only permanent members of his crew apart from himself and Sergeant Grillo, although the sub-officer was off on that Balmorra mission at the moment.

    He had had Lieutenant Dawnstrider, but she had earned herself the honorific of 23er, which meant she had completed that many Intelligence missions, and was legally barred from participating in any more.

    Che?att was sorry to lose the human, and needed another starfighter pilot badly.

    ? People, bring us about. Loo
  2. AMNDRAG_01

    AMNDRAG_01 Jedi Knight star 2

    Jan 10, 2008
    IC: Raptor
    Location: Space

    Geonosis. The scorching sands. The sounds of battle. The cries of dying clones.
    Coresant. Marching up the steps of the Jedi Temple. The sounds of blaster fire and humming lightsabers. The terrified screams of the young jedi inside.
    Naboo. The clear, night sky. The Queen?s dead body. The sounds of her grieving subjects.
    Hoth. The cold air. The sounds of the AT-ATs firing their turbolasers. The victorious cheer of the 501st.
    ?..Silence. Anger. The sound of dying clones from a Forest Moon. Betrayal. A Republic gone. An Empire. Remorse. A vow of vengeance and redemption.

    ?Commander Raptor we are all assembled ready to depart.?

    Commander Raptor snapped out of his dreamlike state and turned to regard the human in front of him. He was wearing white clone armor with blue shoulder pouldrons and wearing a command skirt and sash.

    Commander Raptor nodded ?Very good Captain Flash. Sent to order we?re ready to depart.?

    His second-in-command nodded and departed to give out his orders. Drake walked towards the window of the command bridge of the Appo Rex seeing the grand sight before him. Six ships. The whole Grand Army of the Republic assembled together. Or what was left of it.

    Raptor brooded over the fateful decision that he embarked. Seven months ago, the clone army, the 501st legion was the best army in the galaxy. Believed to be valuable to the Empire. The Fist of Vader. Six months ago that feeling was dashed. Six months ago, the clones? eyes were finally opened. Six months ago the clones discovered that they were, in the eyes of the Imperials, just as dispensable as the droids they fought over 20 years ago. Four months since the clone army decided to band together to join the Rebel Alliance to help them restore the Republic.

    Raptor looked around to regard his brothers. As the clones went about their daily tasks, Raptor smiled beneath his helmet. He will do anything to help them; they fought together, bled together, and died together in the fires of combat.

    Captain Flash walked right up to him and said ?We are ready.?

    Raptor nodded ?Alright. Let?s go!?

    The 501st legion went into hyperspace.

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    OOC: Just me but can we extend to 8 characters per player?
  3. GenOochy

    GenOochy Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Jan 8, 2003
    In Character:

    14:45 Wolatarian Synchronized Time
    Testing Waters
    Telos System, Kwymar Sector

    1st Sgt. Airal Idai, WUEF
    Expeditionary SOF Extraction Group Zayin-1
    Aboard Gr-177 Transport (Squall Four)
    Ionosphere, Planet Telos IV

    [blockquote]The two Wolatarian transports rocked as they began buffering against the upper-atmosphere of Telos IV at four times the speed of sound. The SOF personnel in the back sat, secured as the equipment jostled around in the cargo webbing. The drone of the engines are quite loud in the cabin, as was the clank of various objects striking each other and the bulkheads. Sergeant Idai got up and went back to check the straps on the GMV-4 armored vehicle in the back of the transport; a nervous habit of hers while transiting the atmosphere.

    In the cabin, the pilots received a casual reply from the traffic controller that threw them off guard.

    ?Oh yes? How far south?? the controller asked.

    The pilots looked at each other and then replied, ?Independent Convoy Alef-four-four-bet-gimel, requesting to transit to Rosh Farming District. That?s about sixteen hundred klicks from our current location. We don?t know if you have our schedule, had trouble with comms earlier in the day when submitting it. Current speed is three-four-two-two on heading one-seven-three.?[/blockquote]TAG: Sith-I-5
  4. Sith-I-5

    Sith-I-5 Force Ghost star 6

    Aug 14, 2002
    IC Telos (Equatorial) Traffic Controller Servash(nrc)

    Silently muttering a Huttese expletive, Servash unfurled a second rear tentacle to follow the first, and latched onto the table, screeching it across the floor closer to him, the horrendous noise turning heads all along the crescent of stations.

    A bit embarrassed at the attention, he flushed green around the eyes, what passed for blushing with him.

    "Independent Convoy Alef-four-four-bet-gimel, requesting to transit to Rosh Farming District. That?s about sixteen hundred klicks from our current location. We don?t know if you have our schedule, had trouble with comms earlier in the day when submitting it. Current speed is three-four-two-two on heading one-seven-three."

    Ah, that response was too clipped to be farming suppliers; sounded milit-

    "We're not pulling it back into the centre of the room again." A stern voice from the far wall behind interrupted his musings. Servash recognised the tones of the human supervisor, Alexx. "What the hell are you dealing with anyway?" That sounded almost at his shoulder!

    Servash pointed to the twin spots of light on his dark repeaters. "They want to head south. Something about delivering supplies or goods to Rosh farming district." He didn't like to look at Alexx; something about the scourer texture of his clipped orange beard made the Cheelit native very nervous. Two more spots, indicating more inbound ships, appeared above the two that he was concerned about. It was obvious that these new ones were not related.

    Alexx peered at the screen. "So? Let them go."

    "But, you know, the whatsit are down there!"

    The supervisor was adamant. "The 'whatsit' can look after themselves. You've got traffic building up. An Action IV freighter, aaaannnd some old model of starfighter. Whoa, an ARC-170." Alex whistled in awe, then called over Servash's moist fleshy dome to the next controller along. "Paul, take the fighter, will you? Servash, let the farm-hands proceed, then deal with that freighter. If you are that worried, note their details, and make a report after your shift. Then move the table back."

    "Yes, Boss." Servash waited for Alexx to drokk off, then leaned in, and read the textual transcript of the convoy's last transmission, and tapped his own comlink to respond formally. "Convoy Alef-four-four-bet-gimel, from Telos Equatorial. You are cleared to proceed upon your designated course. Clear Skies." For his supervisor's benefit, who had ears like an Imperial monitoring station sometimes, the octopoid managed to fake a cheery air stewardess-type lilt for the last words, "Welcome to Telos!"

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  5. GenOochy

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    Jan 8, 2003
    In Character:

    14:47 Wolatarian Synchronized Time
    Testing Waters
    Telos System, Kwymar Sector

    Col. Etana Oss, UWAF
    Cpt. Isira Cha?lil, UWAF

    Cito Flight Holding Position
    7.3 million kilometers from Telos IV

    1st Sgt. Airal Idai, WUEF
    Expeditionary SOF Extraction Group Zayin-1
    Aboard Gr-177 Transport (Squall Four)
    Ionosphere, Planet Telos IV

    [blockquote]The two transports continued to drive into the atmosphere, slowing slightly as they did. A faint wall of flame danced along the shields at the struck the atmosphere at a couple thousand kilometers an hour. The traffic controller was taking a while to get back to them and both pilots were beginning to worry. Finally the comm crackled to life.

    ?Convoy Alef-four-four-bet-gimel, from Telos Equatorial. You are cleared to proceed upon your designated course. Clear Skies. -- Welcome to Telos!" The voice was of an odd accent and form was sloppy, the Wolatarian pilots thought.

    ?Third-rate, backwater planets.? The co-pilot said. ?Alright, we?re in. Keep the search scanners running in case there?s a threat. Maintain about plus-two-five at eighty-thousand most of the way in, and we?ll drop down over Rosh. E-T-A, all things considered, about forty minutes, maybe a few less.?

    ?Sounds good,? said the pilot. ?Holonet link with the fighters, please.?

    The communication/navigator punched in for a link to the fighters. The message beeped on Etana?s display and he tapped the ?accept? button. His fighter?s Holonet commlink activated and connected with the nearest node. The second he did, he cringed inside. The connection, though small, could show up on passive sensors as he connected to the network. Then again, who would be looking? He activated the secure comm and waited.

    ?Colonel Oss, we?re in.? The pilot said simply.

    ?Excellent.. let?s not chat. Contact me for priority messages only.?

    ?Yes, sir.? The pilot said and they turned the comm off. Isira contacted him via the invisible IR connection between them.

    ?Why did you activate comms?? She asked, in a bit of annoyance.

    ?Frakin? transport pilots. Don?t worry, it was holonet. No one would notice that- I wouldn?t think.? He said, starting to question that himself. ?No matter?, he thought. ?The comms are off now.?[/blockquote]TAG: Sith-I-5
  6. HanSolo29

    HanSolo29 Manager Emeritus + Official Star Wars Artist star 7 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Apr 13, 2001
    IC: Han Solo
    Conference Room, the Flurry

    Only a mere couple of hours separated their initial landing on the Flurry and the urgent comm call that had roused Han from a restless sleep. He had planned to freshen up with a steaming hot sanisteam and a long nap until they arrived back at Telos, but apparently High Command had other plans. A wink of sleep wasn't likely on Captain Manchuso's watch and now her and the others that had been unfortunate enough to be called to the meeting would have to deal with a grumpy and very irritable Corellian.

    Rolling from the cot with a groan that sounded as if it belonged to a man twice his age, Han checked the chrono sitting on the nightstand and audibly cursed as he rose reluctantly to his feet. They still had a good couple of hours in hyperspace until finally arriving at their destination. That meant Han had no other choice but to report to the meeting and try his hand at entertaining the big wigs. Little did they know that he had made no effort to prepare an official report and had no intentions of doing so before arriving. He didn't see the point in placing bells and whistles on the death and destruction that he had witnessed on Balmorra. There was no means to justify what had happened and he was going to simply tell it like it was. If Manchuso and the others didn't like it, they could deal with it later. Han wasn't in this to impress anyone and he certainly didn't care what others thought of him. If it meant smearing his 'good' name in the Alliance, so be it. He wasn't going to lie and hand over a neat little package - glossing over the real facts - in the form of an official report.

    After splashing some cold water over his face to clear his mind, Han reached for the first article of clothing he came across, not even caring whether it was his uniform or not. In fact, it wasn't. Dressed simply in a light-weight shirt, dark trousers with the Corellian Bloodstripe sewn into the seam, scoffed spacer boots and his gunrig, Han left his cabin with very little care. He didn't even take the time to comb through his hair and settled for a quick mussing with his fingers instead. If he wanted to make himself tidy, he would wait to do so once they arrived back on Telos. There was someone there who was worth impressing and not just Captain Manchuso and her ilk.

    In fact, his need to see the princess again had fully occupied his mind by the time he reached the conference room. It wasn't a desperate need fueled by lust, but rather, a real concern for her well being. She hadn't been in her right mind since Endor and he had grown frustrated with her behavior and hadn't exactly parted on the best of terms. If anything, he owed her an apology and maybe a little something extra to make up for the rift he had caused. She would understand.

    When the doors parted to admit him into the conference room, Han found himself hesitating upon noticing the food and other delicacies spread out over a wide table. This wasn't just a confidential meeting, but a banquet - maybe even a celebration. Despite the bad taste that left in his mouth, it was only upon the sight of food that he realized he hadn't eaten since arriving back aboard the ship and he was famished. It was that natural instinct alone that finally lured him into the room.

    He made a quick sweep of the room with his eyes and the others already seated, taking special care not to make eye contact with anyone. He wanted to make it quite clear that he was here against his will and that he wasn't in the mood to participate in any conversations. But all of that went to hell in a hand basket when he spotted Luke and his fellow Corellian, Wedge Antilles, sitting off to one side.

    Well, maybe it wouldn't hurt to say 'hi' to some old friends...

    "I see they sucked you into this too, huh?" he remarked to Luke as he sidled his way over to them and took a seat beside Antilles. He eyed the food again, hoping his stomach wouldn't betray him by rumbling too loudly. "Got any idea when we eat? I'm starving..."

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  7. Corellian_Outrider

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    Mar 9, 2002
    ~IC~ Tycho Celchu
    Location: 'Flurry'

    Leaving his quarters carrying his datapad, Tycho made his way to Captain Manchuso's quarters as instructed. Still in his flight suit though the flax vest and life support box removed, he didn't use the brief moment of rest to refresh and change into clean clothes. He had been busy going over the damage the Rogue's fighters had sustained during the mission and writing up his report.

    Glancing up every few seconds, he typed into his datapad as he walked along the corridor. Not counting Skywalker's craft, which would need replacing, Vakil, Janson and I'ngre's fighters were the most damaged. While I'ngre's craft requires a few new parts, it is too soon to tell if they need to submit a requisition for a new fighter to be assigned to Vakil and Janson. They were fortunate that the rest of the Rogues require minimal maintenance and all pilots survived. An good reason to celebrate.

    While they had been successful in neutralising two destroyers and holding back a third, there was something amiss about elements of the operation. There was also the matter of going over the flight data which Tycho made a note in his datapad to bring up in the meeting. Reaching for his comlink, he called his astromech, Dex, to be on standby in case something else comes up.

    He paused as he arrived at the entrance to the Captain's quarters and considered calling Kasan Moor to join them. Given her re-transfer to the unit to mind the position of Rogue Seven until Karie Neth heals, Moor's intel on some of the Empire's operations had proven invaluable in the past and might be useful now. Putting his comlink away, he best run the suggestion by Wedge if they get a chance before the meeting.

    Upon being allowed to enter the room, he was taken aback by how everything had been set out. From what he had thought would be an formal meeting, instead it felt more informal occasion. Ignoring the refreshments that had been laid out, his eyes went to the active holo projector and Captain Manchuso.

    Looking to the others sitting down, he recognised Colonel Salm before spotting the two Rogue Commanders sitting together with General Solo. Catching Wedge's look, Tycho gave him a nod and made his way to them. Sitting down beside Luke and greeting them with a smile.
    "General, Luke, Wedge." He nodded to each of them before lowering his voice. "Do you think Kasan should be here too?"

    TAG: MOLP, Occupants in the room
  8. AMNDRAG_01

    AMNDRAG_01 Jedi Knight star 2

    Jan 10, 2008
    OOC: MOLP can you let us know when your pm is working please?

    IC: Selena, Ethan, Jake
    Location: The flurry

    Narain, still in his green B-Wing flight suit and white harnesses, stepped in and halted, looking at each pilot in turn. ?Ladies??

    Samantha looked at the newcomer, and briefly considered banning the rest of the team from the room while she and Selena thrashed this out, but decided it would not be fair.

    ?We?re taking a shower.? She announced to the room at large, picking up two of the towels and tossing one at the girl for her to catch. She leaned in so that their faces almost touched. ?You can bare your heart in there while I get cleaned up.?

    Selena nodded and followed the older woman out of the room.

    Ethan was bored. He walked through the halls hoping for some action. Alongside his droid commando. He was invited into the pilot?s lounge by someone and he walking hopeing for some food.
    Suddenly he saw a human wearing Beskar'gam. Excited on seeing another mandalorian, he walked over and said ?Su cuy'gar burc'ya!? (hello friend)

    Selena waited outside of the showers until Samantha said it was alright to talk.

    She heard the sounds of water as the showers were turned on.

    She heard Samantha exclaim ?Stang, I must be covered in bruises,?

    Selena was about to ask if her friend was alright but then a man walked into the room which she recognized as Narain.

    ?Alright, you can talk now.?

    ?Sam?, you in there??

    ?Selena? Did your voice suddenly go all husky??

    ?Funny.? Narain. ?Manchuso is on the horn; she wants you in her stateroom, ASAP.?

    ?I?m not going back.? Irisa insisted. ?Selena is handling it!?

    ?Me!?? gasped Selena. ?What am I supposed to do??

    TAG: Sith, Tearus Jeando (Mr. Fett)
  9. Master_of_les_pauls

    Master_of_les_pauls Jedi Knight star 1

    May 28, 2010
    GM OCC

    I did think everyone knew but I can now answer your pm's
  10. Sith-I-5

    Sith-I-5 Force Ghost star 6

    Aug 14, 2002
    OOC: Thanks to pashatemur for introducing me to the ?wax? term last year!

    IC: Lieutenant Samantha Irisa (Dancer One), Dif Muncho (Green Leader/npc), The Flurry
    Location: Hyperspace

    Someone had finally convinced Irisa that Alliance High Command had a communications link to the Flurry, despite them being in hyperspace.

    She walked hurriedly along the spar connecting both ends of the bulk carrier, tucking Shaara?s khaki Alliance dress blouse (her own had a too obvious burn mark from her lightsabre practice before the battle) into the waistband of her own skirt, which Minesh had collected from the ?Wyms, along with her boots.

    Her mission datapad and lightsabre floated behind her at about waist height, as she took the opportunity for some levitation practice.

    She was rapidly catching up with a brown-skinned human in a green flightsuit, though a darker shade than those of her team. He was standing about, talking urgently into his hand-held comlink. ?You did? Well, just don?t wax anyone till I get there.?

    Guessing that any pilot coming this way was part of the Manchuso/AHC invite, she guessed, ?Green Leader??

    He looked up, shutting off the comlink. ?Oh, hi.? The A-Wing ace?s face brightened with recognition. ?Hey, nice dance back at the base, Lieutenant. You?ll have to show me those moves. And call me, ?Dif?. Dif Muncho?

    She blushed hard, finally getting the shirt-tail tucked in, making a grab for her equipment, and clipping the light sabre to her belt. ?Irisa. Sam?, short for Samantha.? They shook hands as soon as she freed one up. ?I didn?t even see my moves. So,? She gestured to his comlink as they started moving towards the date with the captain. ?trouble??

    ?One of my guys just found the civ? ship that dropped that seismic charge in the middle of our dogfight around Shielder. Caused my squadron?s only fatality.?

    Sam recalled Selena?s guess that the Phoenix Force might have parked aboard the Flurry. For now, she kept her peace.

    Dif allowed her to precede him through the hatch into the forward section, and the two flight leaders made their way to Manchuso?s stateroom.

    Sam paused on the threshold. ?You packing?? She asked pointedly.

    Muncho frowned down at her. ?Yeah, a holdout blaster in my boot, but I don?t think we?ll need it.?

    ?You haven?t met the sl-? The padawan warned moodily, stepping through to stare at General Solo, Commanders Skywalker and Antilles, Colonel Salm, Captain Celchu, and the Virgillian woman in her shapeless red outfit. ?-slovely woman. Really, she?s an inspiration to us all. Captain.?

    ?Excuse me, ?scuse me, sorry.? The Lieutenant quickly stepped over or past everyone?s feet, found a place amongst the plush seating to the right of Salm, and tucked her skirt under herself as she sat, placing the datapad on her lap, and opening it ready for the debrief.

    Her hair, damp from the shower, was cold against her neck.

    She wondered if the Colonel would recognise her as the messy specimen from earlier.

    Muncho followed the lieutenant, nodding to his fellow squadron leaders. He had only been leading Green Squadron for a little less than a month, handpicked for the role by Admiral Ackbar, after Arvel Crynyd died assaulting the second Death Star.

    "General Solo. Commanders, nice work against that star destroyer. Captain Celchu. Colonel." Muncho examined the available spaces for him to sit, then leaned against the wall by the door, one knee lifted to plant the sole of that boot on the wall behind him. "I will leave the space for Liam." He announced softly, a sign of respect for their fallen flight leader.

    Tag: MOLP, all in the debrief
  11. Master_of_les_pauls

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    May 28, 2010
    OCC A joint post by myself and Omi, once again thanks buddy

    Ic Emperor Palpatine, Grand Admiral Thrawn, Captain Pellaeon

    Location Byss, The Chimara

    The response had been quicker then expected, Thrawn was a genius strategist but he knew were the power was. Thrawn knew who was his master.

    ?I have been made aware of the infighting between the Moffs and other Grand Admirals? Palpatine let his words hang in the air for a moment. ?It is time for there petty squabbles to end?

    Thrawn knew of the fighting and was in the process of putting it down once and for all. "Agreed my Lord. Are there any instructions you wish to impress upon me?"

    ?Gather them, on board the Death Star, it is time they learned who they served? Was Palpatine's cool response.

    Thrawn bowed his head at the holographic image in front of him. "As you wish my Lord. Shall I make arrangements for your arrival?
    Rhuk stepped forward from the shadows of Thrawn's chambers to stand beside his chair.

    ?No? The Lord of the Sith's voice became a little tense ?My body is still not fully healed and with Skywalkers imminent arrival on the station, it would be foolish to place myself in harms way?

    For the first time ever. Palpatine had showed some of the real fear he felt towards the son of the chosen one, but it was this fear that he would use to destroy Skywalker.

    Thrawn sensing the fear in the voice of the Emperor interjected, "Do you think it is wise to have all high-ranking officials on the Death Star if Skywalker is arriving." He would also like to be privy to when the Jedi was arriving so they could prepare for his death. "May I ask when you expect Skywalker to arrive and how?"

    ?It is a risk but one I will take to end the infighting in my Empire? Palpatines voice as firm as durrasteel ?Skywalker will arrive within one standard week, he and a small group will make there way onto the station viva a shuttle from Cardia?

    Now his voice changed from that of Palpatine to that of Sidious ?Skywalker is to be left to Tyriss? There was no need to add anything more, Thrawn was smart enough to catch the unsaid threat should his orders be disobeyed

    ?As you wish my Lord." The words came out with revered sincerity towards the Emperor. However in the back of his mind, he knew it was a poor idea to have the leaders within the ranks of the New Order all in one place at one time. The Rebels were not to be taken lightly any longer. They were more powerful than ever before, this war would be dragged out for many years. Thrawn did not pause for long between his inner monologue and his spoken words, ?I shall start to make arrangements at once.?

    ?Good? Sidious said wrapping his voice around every syllable ?Once they are on board you will contact me and I will remind them who they serve.?

    With that Sidous cut the transmission and leaned back in his throne smiling wickedly to himself. Soon this war would be finally over and the galaxy would remain under his iron fist forever.

    Thrawn looked at Rhuk and sighed. ?With all due respect to the Emperor, this is utter folly to bring them all here. They would be better served in concentrated groups, wreaking havoc on the Rebellion. He stood from his command console and walked with Rhuk closely behind him to the bridge. Within a few minutes the Grand Admiral and his personal bodyguard were walking towards Captain Pellaeon who was in command of the bridge. ?ATTENTION ON DECK!? The chief barked out as Thrawn entered. Everyone came to attention when the gleaming white uniform came into their view. Many looked with awe, others with fear of the bodyguard

    Thrawn stood next to Pellaeon and gazed out the view port. ?Beautiful and expansive. One could not visit every system in the galaxy and live to tell of their travels.? Pellaeon looked at Thrawn trying to figure out the enigmatic Admiral. ?Yes sir, it is vast, dark and cold, unrelenting but beautiful at the same time.?

    Thrawn?s teeth gleamed behind his lips. ?Very well said Captain.? He crossed over to the other side of Captain Pellaeon. ?I
  12. Sith-I-5

    Sith-I-5 Force Ghost star 6

    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: Captain Che?att, Flower Girl, Deck 1, the Doom 2 Blockade Runner
    Location: Telos space

    ?What?s down there?? Alison asked as they came upon a short, quite dark sub-corridor, leading both ways off the main thoroughfare, which uniformly, seemed to by bright, sterile white walls and ceiling, and a shiny black floor.

    Che?att glanced down the left-hand access. ?Ah. That is where the escape pods are. We have two types-? His wrist-com chirped, interrupting the explanation. ?Excuse me. Che?att.?

    ?Captain, we detected an anomalous energy signature at extreme range, just for a moment.? The gravelly tones, told them both that it was one of the Calamari crewmen on the command deck. ?We are running comparisons with known energy signatures now, sir.?

    ?All ahead stop. Maintain position, double the forward shields, and do a full sensor sweep. Ready a distress buoy in case we need to jettison one in a hurry. Notify me as soon as you have a read on what the signature was.?

    ?Yes sir.?

    ?Bit early to be thinking of distress buoys, isn?t it?? Alison asked, when the frenetic exchange had ceased.

    The Rybet nodded. ?Ordinarily, yes. But Skywalker took all the fighters. If we do run into anything, long time before we can get any backup.? He pointed ahead of them, to a white hatch set into a rounded square of a doorway.

    ?Your stateroom awaits, milady. Relax, put something more suitable on; I should probably return to the bridge.?

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  13. Sith-I-5

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    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: Narain ?Buzzer? Karthakeyan, Samantha Irisa, Flurry showers
    Time: twenty minutes previously

    ?Me! What am I supposed to do?? Selena blurted.

    Grey steam seeped round the door to the cubicle, from the hot shower Irisa was running. "Just tell Manchuso that during the course of he battle, two of the snowspeeders got hit, and let her know that two of her crew were lost."

    ?No, you do not understand, Sam?,? Narain insisted, ?it?s not just Captain Manchuso. High Command want a debrief.?

    ?That?ll have to wait till we revert to realspace.? Irisa insisted, soaping under her arms.

    ?Apparently, she?s got a direct link to Base One now, and they are asking for all team leaders to attend.?

    ?But ?Buzzer?,? The lieutenant used his callsign, as if that would make a difference, ?we?re in hyperspace!?

    ?Yeah, you keep telling yourself that when they bust you down to Selena?s level.? The pilot put on a caricature of a slow, moronic voice, ?But we were in hyperspace!?

    ?Fine.? Samantha?s tone was terse. Cutting short her shower was the last thing she wanted to do. ?Well, I can?t go like this.?

    ?If you did, the Virgillians would never forget it; in fact, they would probably sing operas about you.?

    The padawan scowled behind the streaming glase, ?Oh, you know what I mean. Sort me out a change of clothes, please. Mine from the Wyms would be great.?

    * * * *

    Several minutes later...

    Mostly towelled down, and barely presentable, wearing a khaki uniform blouse, borrowed from Lieutenant Dawnstrider where the sleeves were clearly a bit too long for her, Irisa hobbled from the shower area towards the turbolift.

    As a last parting shot, she turned to her pilot, ?Oh, and find Selena something to do.?

    Narain crossed his arms, and swivelled to face the teen. ?Oh? Need something to do, do you?? His tone suggested that, yes, he knew how to keep the youngest member of their squad busy till Dancer One returned.

    Tag: Selena, anyone wanting to use the showers!
  14. Ominous

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    Jul 30, 2004
  15. Jerjerrod-Lennox

    Jerjerrod-Lennox Jedi Grand Master star 7

    Mar 9, 2005
    IC: Moff Tiaan Jerjerrod
    Location: Death Star II, Carida

    After the verbal duel with Lady Tyris, Jerjerrod and Lieutenant Endicott returned to the command centre to check on the engineer?s progress. The Moff had requested that the engineers take shifts and rotate, so that they could get some rest and recuperate before starting again. Each shift would have to be made aware of the progress made and the work still left to do so nobody would be left confused.

    The progress had been slow so far on the engine front but simulation test firing of the superlaser showed that it was hopefully not going to blow up the whole station when it fired, and there was now only a small percentage of a misfire. Work had begun on fixing gun emplacements and shielding stations with new plates being added to the superstructure as when they were needed especially to the more vital parts.

    Overall things were looking up. Tiaan settled in his command chair to wait a while before heading off to rest, Endicott also. The Lieutenant was busy leaving last minute instructions such as regular progress updates on the engineering works, security alerts and that they were both not to be disturbed unless it was something urgent.

    So much death and destruction the Moff thought and I can control death itself from this very station. I can choose who will die, and who will live. In the case of the Rebellion, no-one will live.

    But no-one was ever invincible and in the battle to save the Empire from destruction, every life saved was precious.

    Whilst Jerjerrod was musing, and trying hard not to fall asleep in his chair, Endicott piped up with some news.

    ?Sir message from the Chimaera2 he said looking down at his screen ?I?m afraid you?re not going to like this?

    The Moff rose from his chair and looked over towards the young Lieutenant ?Do not tell me Grand Admiral Thrawn wants a meeting now?

    ?I?m afraid so sir, but not the way you would expect. We are being advised that other top ranking Imperial officials are arriving and to prepare accordingly. Apparently Grand Admiral Thrawn is chairing this meeting?

    Jerjerrod folded his arms ?I suppose the Emperor has probably had a word with him or he has decided to take it upon himself to try and end the infighting?

    ?I guess so sir, since high ranking officials are coming here. The Rebels are going to love this?

    Endicott was right of course, the Rebels would think this would be a good chance to come knocking at their door.

    ?Is the Grand Admiral spacesick? Does he realise that this is a severe security risk and now puts Imperial lives in danger, not to mention the fact that the highest echelons of Imperial society are here and could be easy pickings for the Rebels??

    The Moff began to pace now, anger in his strides.

    ?We have Dark Lady Tyris hanging around waiting for Skywalker and company to arrive and now we have top ranking officials arriving soon. Does he just want to put a sign on the front of this station saying ?Rebels come now, free parking available???

    Jerjerrod pounded his fist into the armrest on his char and growled ?We will have to step up security to its highest level whilst continuing sweeps. Inform General Dascombe he is to present an honour guard at each landing, and I want all VIP quarters prepped immediately. No-one I?m afraid is going to rest until we get these people off this station and back where they should be, fighting the Rebels and not each other?

    Sensing the rant was over Endicott spoke up again.

    ?I?ll admit it would have been easier to do this meeting over the HoloNet, but maybe there is something more. The message does not say you have to attend sir, although as commander of that station it would be wise to have a presence there. After all, you know something they don?t: the Emperor is alive?

    Jerjerrod?s eyes sparkled at that.

    ?Indeed, and it will give them quite a shock at that. I think we should have General Dascombe there as well to make sure things don?t get out of hand. We are the ace in the hole here, and everybody will want a piece. I?m going to show them I
  16. Ominous

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    Jul 30, 2004
    OOC: Taken from Wookiepedia so forgive me

    IC: NRC ? Grand Moffs: Ardus Kaine, Argon, Dunhausen, Dureya, Gann, Lynch Hauser, Bertroff Hissa, Selit, Tanniel, Thistleborn, Muzzer, Nivers, Rufaan Tigellinus, Trachta, Traeda, Gerald Weizel, Wilkadon
    Grand Admirals: Martio Batch, Nial Declann, Octavian Grant, Josef Grunger, Ishin-Il-Raz, Afsheen Makati, Danetta Pitta, Peccati Syn, Miltin Takel, Osvald Teshik, Rufaan Tigellinus
    Location: Coruscant, spread throughout the Galaxy, various planets
    IC: Grand Admiral Thrawn, Captain Pellaeon
    Location: Carida, Chimaera
    IC: Grand Moff Zinj
    Location: Iron Fist

    Grand Moffs maintained absolute authority over military forces and funding in their territories. It was befitting of their enhanced position. The position of Oversector governor was the sixth highest in the Empire after Emperor, Executor, Grand Vizier, Imperial Ruling Council chief and Grand Admirals/Grand Generals. Only the Emperor himself could appoint Grand Moffs and they reported directly to Palpatine. However, news of the Emperor?s death began a struggle amongst the ruling class to wield control over the New Order. This was due to the actual nature of the upper levels of the Imperial government which were extraordinarily complicated. The Emperor wanted those below him to be uncertain where their position truly stood, hence the fighting began the moment news reached their ears.

    Grand Admirals were appointed by Emperor Palpatine and answered directly to him as well, or his authorized executors, in all matters. The creation of the rank of Grand Admiral two years before the Battle of Yavin was widely recognized as a means to increase the Emperor's direct control of the Imperial Military. Thrawn was officially promoted a few months before the Battle of Endor as a replacement for Demetrius Zaarin, who had attempted a coup against the Emperor, although many believed that the Chiss had, in fact, been promoted in secret at an earlier stage.

    The encrypted directive to all the high-ranking officials was sent immediately upon Pellaeon receiving his orders. Security of the transmission was of the utmost importance to Thrawn. It was foolish to assemble such a group of important officials on the Death Star, especially now that he knew the Rebel Skywalker would be attacking them soon. Had the Emperor not learned from his last encounter? Was the lack of intelligence on the part of the Emperor due to his weakening state? Regardless, the transmission would be highly encrypted.

    Across the Galaxy

    Ardus Kaine

    ?What?!?? Ardus Kaine took a second look at the transmission. He couldn?t believe it! The Emperor was alive. Soon the Empire would fall under his rule again but why was Thrawn of all beings sending the encrypted transmission? Kaine hungered for power not rank. He was a persuasive speaker but Thrawn must have the ear of the Emperor. It was of no consequence, his military strength was second to none. He could resist the Emperor?s iron grip if needed but for now he would head to Carida with a substantial force to show that he was the alpha male in the group.

    The portly Grand Moff?s blood pressure rose once again at the transmission from Thrawn. He despised non-human Imperial staff. Thrawn?s rise to Grand Admiral was made in haste he believed and the Chiss did not deserve the honor. He however would hide his distaste for Thrawn and show up nonetheless. News that the Emperor lived did not surprise him as it would everyone else. While around the Emperor, Zinj had a feeling the old, craggy man would be hard to kill. The old Senator from Naboo was an elusive creature but more importantly a wizard of the dark arts of the Sith.

    All the other Grand Moffs and Admirals had similar reactions, shock, anger, fear. Each one would bring their respective fleet. It would be a show of power in front of the others and that they should be the next Emperor if this were a hoax.

    Captain Pellaeon turned back to Thrawn. ?It has been completed sir, per your instructions.?

    ?Very good Captain, prepare my shuttle over to the station I
  17. Sith-I-5

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    Aug 14, 2002
    [face_laugh] Lovely!

    OOC: For those who missed the disclaimer, planet M-E-2700 is Middle Earth.

    IC: Captain Rosalind Inca, Grand Admiral Perrinaw (over Holonet), Victory-class Star Destroyer, Wraithis.
    Location: Planet M-E-2700

    The Wraithis had just reverted to realspace over the pre-technological planet, M-E-2700, where their Monster Squad had retrieved the One Ring artefact.

    Standing at her personal fresher unit, cleaning her teeth for bed, Captain Inca was surprised to hear the message piped into her compact bathroom.

    Captain, priority message from Grand Admiral Perrinaw.

    She spurted the minty froth into the metal sink, ?[color=]Give me couple minutes, then patch the message through to my cabin.[/color]?

    Yes sir.

    That gave her just enough time to wipe her forearm across her mouth to clear any stray froth, and head out into her cabin to don her uniform tunic over her chemise, and stand close enough to her holo-recorder that her state would not be transmitted across interstellar space.

    As a life-size holograph of her predecessor materialised on the carpet before her, she tossed her hairbrush aside, and stood to attention.

    ?Grand Admiral.? She greeted with a bowed head. ?We will be heading to Sector Medical with the survivors from the Radacia Incident.?

    The silence in response to her statement continued so long, it made her look up. Rather than the white uniform to match his grade, her vessel's former commander looked relaxed in a Bilbringi College Lemmie t-shirt.
    ?Have you done something with your hair? Looks sort of...?

    "Tried to brush it, Grand Admiral." Inca returned, "Did not want to keep you waiting."

    ?Ah. I better start again then. Captain. Please make all possible speed, and be prepared to pick me up upon arrival. All the Grand Admirals and Moffs have been ordered to gather at the Death Star.?

    Inca?s eyes widened at the implication. ?Ordered? Moff Jerjerodd is batting above his weight, isn?t he??

    Perrinaw looked pensive. ?I don?t think it was Jerjerodd.?


    ?The message claimed that it was by the Emperor's Command.?

    She blanched. ?But the, the Emperor is dead.?

    ?Or, they?ve been picking shrapnel out of his choob' for a month. I?ve already requisitioned an inflatable ring out of Stores to take with me. Want to make a good impression.? That he would joke in such terms, was clear signal into how much store he put to the chances of His Imperial Majesty being alive.

    ?I shall make all possible speed, Grand Admiral.? Inca promised.

    ?Thank you, Captain. Oh yes, the Monitors were asking; any news on our supplies??

    Inca would have preferred to give positive news, but she would not lie. ?No report yet in from Captain Switek at Nar Shaddaa, sir.?

    The a look of concern flashed across the senior Imperial?s face. ?Do you think he is okay??

    ?STAN is with him, sir.? It touched her that someone as elevated as her superior, could still demonstrate such concern for his underlings. She promised herself that she would try to emulate that as best she could.

    ?Okay, Rosalind. See you when I see you. Perrinaw out.?

    Tag: No-one
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    Aug 1, 2010
    IC: Astella Soilding, Nar Shaddaa Docks
    Location: Nar Shaddaa

    The fighting stopped as the man delivering the cargo yelled at them to cease fire, holstering his blaster in calm. Astella wasn?t so hesitant with the adrenaline still running through her, she lowered it, yes, but didn?t dare holster it until she saw who was inside the tank. She poked out with Zaq and H6, looking over the cargo in disappointment. It was going to cut their pay, she knew. But at least around half of it was still intact, the half that wasn?t facing the weequays that is.

    ?Who?s Stan?? Astella asked. If she had an idea on who had saved their lives, and Astella from a slave girl?s life, all the better to know his name to thank him.

    Tag: Sithy
    OOC: Sorry for the super long delay in posting, Sithy. But, here it is :D
  19. GenOochy

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    Jan 8, 2003
    In Character:

    14:50 Wolatarian Synchronized Time
    Testing Waters
    Telos System, Kwymar Sector

    Col. Etana Oss, UWAF
    Cpt. Isira Cha?lil, UWAF

    Cito Flight Holding Position
    7.3 million kilometers from Telos IV


    The datalink beeped again on Etana and Isira?s screens. A priority connection from the carrier Antonia was coming in. With hesitation, Etana cued the comm., again connecting to the HoloNet.

    ?Colonel Etana, go ahead.?

    ?Colonel, where the hell are you?? Came the voice of the carrier commander.

    ?Sir, we were routed to cover General Parvil over forty minutes ago.? He said. ?We?re trying to maintain silence here. What?s going on??

    ?We?re all sort of fraked?dammit! Alright.. Colonel, have to let you go.. Get back for debrief as soon as possible; the capitals want a run down. This thing is out of control. Commander out.? And the datalink was shut off.

    ?My gods, I swear,? Isira started. ?Shut the comms off. Let them send smoke signals on the surface if they need us.?

    ?I know, I know. I wouldn?t worry about it. Prefer not to open a link, but.. it?s a small signal, they?d have to be looking.. I don?t think that rebel group has those capabilities.? He said.

    ?Uh, I think your wrong, sir. The Rebel Alliance? They love collection platforms. They have whole ships dedicated to collection of signals. If this is their home base.. they might have one or two on station. Do you read the intel updates?? She said.

    ?I really have no time for some nerdy spook?s thesis. But.. frak. That?s a tiny signal. Surely-? He began.

    ?You know a HoloNet data link can be as much as a hundred kilowatts, right? Those nodes are often several million klicks away. Nice little beacon in the middle of space when you connect.? She countered, tone a bit condecending. ?Seriously, you should read the 'thesis' before you go out. Gives you a bit of insight, Colonel.?[/blockquote]TAG: Sith-I-5
  20. Sith-I-5

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    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: Stan Switek, Zaq Soilding, landing field.
    Location: Nar Shaddaa docks

    Soon after his companion revealed himself, the sound of gunfire grew sporadic, and then, stopped.
    Even the girl stopped her wild shooting.

    Switek stood, looking over the top of the cargo, towards the Weequay. The aliens were standing around sullenly.

    The girl asked who he had referred to earlier, and the pilot lost it for a moment.

    ?Not a word out of you, Girl. What the hell did you do to them that made them open fire like that, scratch your key along one of their speeders?! And what the hell was that?? He waved towards the star-yacht she had blasted with her un-aimed shots. ?That nonsense works, perhaps in a desert, with no-one around, or in a corridor, but, NOT, in the middle of a spaceport landing field!? Bits of saliva jumped out of his mouth for their little watery lives, as he tongue-lashed the kneeling teenager, finishing with, ?If my girl had done that, she?d have felt the back of my hand.?

    ?Well, that?s not going to happen.? Zaq stood also. He knew she had messed up, not least leaving her cabin where he had put her, but that didn?t mean he was going to side with Switek against her.

    ?And you...? The broker paused as if lost for words.

    ?H6,? Zaq called on the droid, which had been silent so far, ?start taking some of the boxes, undamaged preferably, and start loading them.?

    ?...this is your fault.? Stan eventually managed. Next to them, some of the crates still made noises as their phials succumbed to the heat. It was like standing in a kitchen while someone made a favoured breakfast cereal with cold milk.

    ?Oh yeah, how?d you figure that, Switek??

    ?You got a perfectly serviceable ship, but do you go there when there is gunplay? Noooo, you come and draw their fire to my cargo. What was that about? Well, you?re liable for the damaged stock, buddy, or at least part of it. Now, did I hear talk from your droid that those guys work for a Hutt??

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  21. Jerjerrod-Lennox

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    Mar 9, 2005
    IC: Moff Tiaan Jerjerrod
    Location: Death Star II, Carida

    Jerjerrod always learnt to sleep with your uniform on. Because you never could tell when you were needed, or when something bad could happen. And it was never a wise idea to come out with your pyjamas on when everything was going haywire.

    And so the Moff returned to his quarters, which were simple with a little opulence and settled on his bed for a nap. Endicott would be handling things for now until he could get himself off shift and the other Lieutenant, Lieutenant Solston could come on shift to replace him.

    He was woken around about half an hour later by his comlink going off. Endicott had left strict instructions he was to be left alone unless it was important, Jerjerrod sensed that it was, nobody dared interrupt him lest they be subject to his wrath.

    He rolled over, picked up the comlink and answered it.


    ?I?m sorry to disturb you sir? it was indeed Lieutenant Solston who had called him, Endicott must have wrangled his way finally off shift ?but Grand Admiral Thrawn is coming over to us. He will arriving in around about ten minutes?

    So it had begun the start of the real show. No doubt the other high ranking officers were on their way now, Thrawn must have felt he needed to be here first to get the ball rolling. And hopefully an explanation to Jerjerrod as to why the greatest battle station ever conceived was being used as a ship park and meeting place.

    ?Acknowledged Lieutenant, prepare the same hangar bay he used before with an honour guard. Have General Dascombe meet me at the hangar bay please?

    ?Yes sir?

    After a quick wash in the refresher and a change of uniform, Tiaan was back down to Hangar Bay 271 and once again awaiting the Grand Admiral?s arrival.

    ?This meeting is pointless? said General Dascome as he arrived with his usual quick steps ?To endanger us all over a simple matter of telling them all the Emperor is alive and well and will kick your behinds in if you misbehave like silly little boys again?

    ?I agree on that point wholeheartedly General, however the Grand Admiral feels it would be better to have them all here in person and to show them. I suppose he hopes it will quell all the infighting and to shut them up as to who is in charge. Frankly I believe the Emperor is still frail and probably cannot lead properly?

    Dascombe nodded to the Moff?s response.

    ?Indeed sir, ut it still remains that we have to be used as a neutral point here. If it all kicks off, I?m going to have to spend manpower trying to either subdue them or frankly just kill the whole lot of them?

    Tiaan chuckled ?Well General, you have the better job, poor Captain Benvolio has a huge task on his hands.?

    The general nodded silently as Jerjerrod stepped out and marched down the line of soldiers assembling, snapping to attention as both he and the General passed by, waiting for the Grand Admiral to arrive and emerge.

    TAG: Grand Admiral Thrawn.

  22. Sith-I-5

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    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: Captain Che?att , the Doom 2 CR90 Blockade Runner
    Location: Telos system

    Che?att was fairly skipping towards the vessel?s cockpit, when he heard the tannoy calling for him.

    Captain to the-

    ?Here!? He called from the open hatch, leaning in with both hands on either edging. ?What?s up??

    The nearest Mon Cal had turned its head and huge goggle-eyes to face him, and now turned back to its readouts, which, as they had been torn out of a too-damaged Calamari star cruiser, his own vision could not cope with.

    ?Ah, where in Coral City did it go? It was right here, Captain.?

    ?What was?? The Rybet asked patiently, hands on hips.

    The other helmsman responded. ?We picked up the signal again, and analysis confirms that it was a Holonet signature.?

    ?So unless someone dropped an Imperial s-thread in our backyard, you?re saying that someone out there is receiving or sending Holonet communications.? The officer started to pace behind his bridge crew, thinking out loud. ?The Empire tend not to spead the love with there holo-tech, reserving such access to their Star Destroyer captains and suchlike.?

    ?We would have seen an SD.? A Mon Cal put in.

    ?Quite so.? Che?att was reluctant to call in a full alert yet, on the basis of two signal sightings, though he would have been happier proceeding with the likes of an escort frigate to back them up. ?Send a tight beam back to Base One, tell them what we?ve got, and that we are investigating further.?

    ?Sir. Should we proceed??

    ?Base One from Doom 2. We have picked up unauthorised Holonet signals within the system, origin unknown. Will investigate further.?

    The Rybet returned to his own chair, settling into the place where he did the most thinking. ?Okay, two sightings is not enough to triangulate the source, but we can still head in the general direction. Proceed, 100 kilometres per hour, but also start calculating a micro-jump should we need it. Are the H9 turbolasers charged? Actually, Feth it. Give me a line to Base One.? He had had an idea, it was risky, but he first wanted to make sure he did not cause a ?friendly fire? incident.

    ?Base One.?

    ?Base, I am going to try a probe with fire. You don?t have any assets out this way, apart from us, do you??

    ?Negative, Doom 2. Telos Equatorial Traffic confirms no civilian presence in your quadrant, either. You are clear to proceed.?

    ?Thank you, Base One. Will maintain a link to you from our visual scanners. Gunnery, aim the dorsal turret towards the last signal, and fire off a twin burst. Helm, stand by to get us out of here.?

    ?Copy, Captain. Charging. Firing.?

    Che?att pressed the button on his armrest, that would direct his words to the main guest suite, almost directly above the bridge, on this model of ship: ?Alison? Remain in your suite, please. This could be about to get bumpy.?

    * * * *

    On the back of the blockade runner, the formidable Taim & Bak H9 double turbolaser turret made tiny adjustments, it?s fluidic whine lost in the silence of space.
    The barrels jumped backwards as both released a powerful bolt of crimson energy, the two shots continuing on parallel courses out into supposedly empty space.

    Tag: GenOochy
  23. OrrionCarn

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    Aug 1, 2010
    IC: Astella Soilding, Zaq Soilding, Nar Shaddaa Docks
    Location: Nar Shaddaa

    Astella was dumbstruck from how Switek--as Stan, the man they met in the Meltdown Café had named the man--had reacted to what had happened with the firefight. She wanted to snap back, but she had nothing to fight with, no words to choose. ?Stella could only answer his questions instead of fight.
    Her head hung, she answered as the adrenaline sent her on a downward slope, ?Yes. They were after me. They were talking about kidnapping me and taking me to Drekka The Hutt, their boss I guess, as a slave. There was no other place I could run,? she let out a sigh, ?I?ve only been out in the Galaxy for a week,? a soft smile came over her cheeks, hoping to lighten it with her father?s smug comments she seemed to have inherited, ?In short: I suck with a blaster, and I was scared. This was my first, um, firefight??

    Zaq nodded and watched H6 begin to slowly gather up boxes before turning back to Switek and Stan, ?We were coming to meet you, Switek, when the firefight broke out. And we were three hundred meters from our ship. Not much protection. And if I?m not mistaken, you hid behind the cargo too.? Zaq let off an agitated breath before continuing, ?How deep am I in with the cargo??

    ?How deep are we.? Astella pitched in.

    ?After this mission, it?s going to be I. You?re going back to Naboo with Mom and Dad.? Zaq said bluntly. Feeling a little guilty at saying that while he noticed she stayed quiet and recalled what she had done that led them here, what led her brother to take her back home after their first outing. It was a dangerous Galaxy. And even with ?Stella?s exercises with a blaster and vibroblade with their parents, the same Zaq had received, she was still too young to be out here. He didn?t want his sister to be blown to dust while adventuring with her older brother, thinking it?d be like the hunting trips they had been on with their parents. The thing was the animals they had hunted--the Shaak on Naboo or the Womp Rats when they visited Tatooine with his parent?s old friends--didn?t shoot back.
    He turned back to the men he was dealing with, ?How deep am I in??

    Tag: Sith-I-5
  24. GenOochy

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    Jan 8, 2003
    In Character:

    14:52 Wolatarian Synchronized Time
    Testing Waters
    Telos System, Kwymar Sector

    Col. Etana Oss, UWAF
    Cpt. Isira Cha?lil, UWAF

    Cito Flight Holding Position
    7.3 million kilometers from Telos IV

    [blockquote]Colonel Oss and Captain Cha?lil hung in space silently, chatting via the IR datalink about the mission.

    It was Isira who noticed the beams first. Tracking through space at several thousand meters a second, they passed the two fighters about six kilometers off their port side.

    ?Someone?s shooting! Check left, Colonel.? Isira said. Etana craned his torso around to try and see the quickly vanishing beams of protons. ?No fire control on passive. Who was that??

    ?I don?t know, but if someone has us on some optical scanners at range we could have a problem.? He said, and switched the forward optical node to IR, looking ahead. In space it was easy to see something large at several thousand kilometers, even if it was as faint as a star. The IR image brought the stars out vividly, as well as the distant planet, which the computer washout as far too hot. Nothing else was visible, however.

    ?If that was turbolasers, it could have come from up to thirty thousand klicks away. Power up incase something is out there and we?ll just weave lightly. Going active for one ping.?

    ?What?? Isira said. ?That?s really not a good idea.? She said, as she powered up the ship?s engines and began to move. Etana clicked the scanner pulse and sent a wide beam of electromagnetic energy into space. The signal traveled out at the speed of light, reflecting off anything and registering those objects out to eleven thousand kilometers. Tens of thousands of tiny space objects, remains of trash, asteroids and satellites bounce signals back. The computer took the information and processes it, discerning for anything that would match the properties of another vessel. Nothing of note came back within the range of the scanners ability to detect. The signal however continued to travel though space, simply no longer powerful enough to reflect a discernable signal back to Etana?s ship. About ten seconds after the pulse, the microwave signal would arrive on the surface of Telos; a tiny spike in the bath of electromagnetic radiation of space.

    ?Well, nothing within a few thousand kilometers. Still a olot of space out there. There?s no need to hang out this far. Alright, spin up for a microjump. Putting us--? He keyed the computer, manipulating a three dimensional model of the planet. ?About five thousand kilometers from the surface.?

    ?Why? Sir, why are we getting closer? This is just going to draw more attention.? Isira said, irritably.

    ?We?re going to leave whoever is out here behind us, plus we can start collecting on the surface. Most traffic control scanners only monitor low orbit, we?ll be close enough for some basic optical and holographic imaging of the surface; and we can pick up on the chatter. That was secondary mission objective anyways. And whoever is out here can keep looking for us and never find us. But strict emission control when we?re there.? He said and Isira thought for a second.

    ?There are also Holonet nodes in orbit. We can use less than fifty watts and connect. Not detectable?well, less detectable. Too close to notice, I guess is the plan? Alright, upload the jump.? She relented.

    Etana programmed the jump, and let the computer calculate. He relayed the coordinates to Isira and they spun up the hyperdrives and jumped from their distant position to high orbit over the planet. The burst of ionic energy and multispectral radiation from the jump existed only for a moment, but was clearly visible on any sensor. The planet in Etana?s viewscreen went from a small blue dot, to filling his entire field of vision. He heard a distinct screech from the hyperdrive as it exited, due to the proximity to the planet?s gravitational field. The two fighters exited about ten kilometers from each other, and Etana began to
  25. Ominous

    Ominous Jedi Master star 4

    Jul 30, 2004
    IC: Grand Admiral Thrawn, Rhuk
    Location: Death Star

    The shuttle slowly lumbered inside the hangar of the Death Star and settled on the deck with a loud sigh. Before the legs touched down, the ramp was already lowering with Thrawn descending, Rhuk right behind him as usual. Thrawn?s face was not one of delight this time but of grave seriousness. He did not like the idea of being aboard the Death Star with the imminent attack by the Rebels. Although the Emperor had foreseen the attack and when, Thrawn was still uneasy with the predictions of weakened leader. Thrawn stepped down from the shuttle to see Moff Jerjerrod and his captain waiting for his arrival.

    Thrawn immediately put up a hand before Jerjerrod could speak, ?Let me go on record as saying this is foolish. To bring together our leadership aboard your station with a looming attack by the Rebels hanging over our head is unwise. No doubt you agree with me, Tian?? Thrawn used his first name rather than his rank to ease some of the tensions between them.

    TAG: Moff Jerjerrod, Captain Dascombe

    OOC: Sorry for the short post but I want dialogue from the other writer rather than me put words in Jerjerrod?s mouth

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