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Star Wars Star Wars- The Final Resurrection

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by master-of-les-pauls, Oct 7, 2009.

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  1. master-of-les-pauls

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    Jan 16, 2005
    GM OCC As GM let me be the first to say welcome to our new players, I hope you all enjoy playing in Final Resurrection :) and I'd also like to say great writting from everyone else, keep up the good work everyone :)

    Also, all those waiting on replies from me, your tags shall be answered tomorrow morning

    Ic Luke Skywalker

    Location The Flurry, Mess halls

    Smiling warmly Luke took his seat across from Samantha, he saw that she had already eaten and began to feel his own stomach rumble from hunger. Luke decided he was would pick something up and take it back to his room when he was finished here.

    Waiting a moment Luke then let it all out ?There's two reasons I asked you to meet with me? He paused again for a moment as he searched for the right words to explain what he wanted t say ?First of all I'd like to talk to you about the mission and your feelings about being given your command of your own fighter squadron?

    Now here was big one, Luke didn't even know what he was going to ask her. He took a small breath and let the force flow into him and guide him to what he had to say.

    Holding nothing back Luke spoke ?Since I have met you Samantha, I've noticed something about you, something I've not found in anyone before?

    leaning back slightly Luke could see he had hit on something.

    ?The force is with you that much is clear but it feels like you have buried your force presence down so deep within yourself?

    This time he leaned back slightly in his seat Luke could feel the answers coming to him and then it all began to make sense.

    ?It feels like you have purposely put a strangle hold on your powers? Obi Wan had always told Luke that his insights served him well and this time his old master would have been proud of him ?If I've done my maths right Samantha, you would have been a Padawan around the time of the Jedi purge?

    Then Luke asked the big question.

    ?Who was your Jedi master Samantha?? The young Jedi asked.

    Tag Sithy
  2. Radiance

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    Sep 19, 2007
    IC: Stryker

    Ex-filtration had gone smoothly enough. When the Inquisitor woke up though, Stryker?s time would be up. The only reason the former member of the Hand had survived the encounter was because he had caught the man off guard. He was skilled, true. But the fact of the matter was that the Inquisition members were the best of the best. Stryker knew it as well as the other man did. But that was the kicker right there. The man was by definition, a man. A human male, full of self confidence, and ego. Had it been another species that was not easily angered, things would have gone much differently.

    But Stryker didn?t have time to dwell on those events. He was there for a reason. He had risked putting himself directly into the path of bodily harm to do nothing more than satisfy his curiosity. He knew the Emperor and Vader were both dead, but he still felt some kind of ominous sensation in the Force. The kind of sensation that Stryker had only gotten in the presence of a Dark Lord. It wasn?t exactly the same, but it was close enough to put the Rogue in a state of extreme unease. It made him uncomfortable to say the least.

    He had always thought that his job, the assassinations he had carried out, the dissent he had broken up about his beloved Empire, had been for the greater good. He had had no illusions about who or what the Emperor was. But as time went on, he realized that things in the galaxy were getting worse. That the Rebellion was in the right this time. They were fighting for freedom, for independence away from tyranny. When he had really thought about it, Stryker understood what they meant. The Empire was an evil thing. It had been brought about only after the massacre of the Galaxies proclaimed protectors. That step alone was enough to draw suspicion. One could blame conspiracy on any parties part, but it still came down to symbolism. Palpatine might have claimed that the Jedi were plotting to overthrow the Republic, and so he destroyed them. But didn?t he end up doing just that anyway? The Republic was gone, the Jedi dead, and still Palpatine reigned over the Galaxy. He was a dictator, and an evil man to boot.

    It was difficult to comprehend for someone like Stryker. The utter indoctrination he had undergone had taken its toll. He was bred to be a tool for evil. The Force was indeed strong in him, and he knew how to use it for his needs. The problem lay in the fact that it left him drained after each use, at least to a certain extent. Anger fueled him. He controlled it and let it power his skills. But there had to be another way. He had to find a new teacher. That was why he was on Balmorra. He knew the Military base well enough to know that it was more than it seemed. It was an intelligence center, one of many in the Empire, but it should suffice this time for what he needed.

    Information had leaked that a man a bit younger than him, named Luke Skywalker had been the one that had killed the Emperor and Vader. Skywalker was allegedly a Jedi Knight. Stryker needed to find this man. The problem was that it wasn?t as easy as sending him a comm. transmission. He wasn?t out in the open because the Empire was still alive and a force to be reckoned with. He was public enemy number one as far as they were concerned.

    What he had to do was find out where the rebellion was based. Some cell that he could get in touch with. If he found the Rebellion, he would be able to find Skywalker. And then when that happened, hopefully the younger man would agree to teach him more about the Force. One thing that Stryker was interested in was building his own lightsaber. The one he carried now was just a generic tool manufactured by the Empire. It was impersonal, like his job had been. A dull, black thing that allowed him to complete his missions sometimes. But he wanted his own. Something that no one else had if only for the reason that they were so rare in this day in age.

    First thing was first though, he needed to get to the mainframe in the intelligence building and see if they had any
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    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: Samantha Irisa, mess hall, the Flurry?s forward module.
    Location: Hyperspace

    Irisa?s beatific smile and serenity faded as Luke sat down opposite her, and she nudged the cleaned plate over the table from her.

    ?There?s two reasons I asked you to meet with me.? Luke paused again, clearly weighing up his words. ?First of all, I?d like to talk to you about the mission and your feelings about being given your command of your own fighter squadron.?

    Irisa frowned as she considered his words, especially as there was a mismatch between what he was asking her about, and what he had actually done. ?Unless I missed something, sir, you did not. You put me in charge of a flight of airspeeders. And since it is my greatest ambition to be a starfighter pilot, I am sensitive to the difference. Uh, Sir.?

    She released a tense sigh and leaned back slightly. There was no back to the bench, and Skywalker would probably not take her seriously if she suddenly dropped out of sight. ?That said, I am honoured with the trust you are showing in me, and I feel confident in my ability to lead the people under me, and to protect General Solo?s ground team. I have taken steps to augment the firepower offered by the snowspeeders, and to have a rescue ship capability, should the General?s team need it.?

    She felt something like an intangible breeze as the man opposite her drew on the Force for some reason, and inhaled slightly.
    ?Something I have met you Samantha, I?ve noticed something about you, something I?ve not found in anyone before.?

    This could go either way. Was he going to ask her out, or about the Force?

    Skywalker leaned back slightly, echoing her move of a moment earlier.
    ?The Force is with you that much is clear-?

    And it's Airlock Number Twooo!

    ?-but it feels like you have buried your Force presence down so deep within yourself.?

    Aunt Lim had insisted upon it. She had told the fifteen-year-old Irisa that she would be raising her as a normal girl, not a jedi. None of that Force stuff would be tolerated, no matter the provocation.

    ?It feels like you have put a stranglehold on your powers. If I?ve done my maths right, Samantha, you would have been a Padawan around the time of the Jedi purge.?

    ?Jedi purge?. He said it so clinically. She had lived through it, but still, it had been fifteen years ago, she had been fairly young during those times, and her aunt had done a fantastic job of shielding her adopted child from reminders of those events, and given her more formative years than biologically, she should have had, in which to gain a more nurturing perspective.

    Luke jumped ahead with the big question. ?Who was your Jedi master, Samantha??

    The lieutenant turned slowly to her right, pulling her legs up from under the table, so that she sat sort of side-on to the commander, her head bowed, staring at the scuffed deck for a very long moment.
    Then, she began to speak. ?After Order 66 came down, I had to lose my entire identity! So after fifteen, seventeen years of forgetting, who was my master?? Irisa mumbled, her mind swirling with dark thoughts. ?All the teachers had to muck in, once the Supreme Chancellor kicked off. My masters were Yoda, Secura, and ...? After a pause, Samantha sat back and looked round at Luke through bleak eyes. ?sorry, cannot recall the third one.?

    Tag: Luke

    [b]IC: Lieutenant Onorati (nrc)[/b], bridge of the [i]Ambivalence[/i] SD.
    [color=red]Location: Balmorra orbit[/color]

    The ship?s sensors had detected the freighter as it broke planetary interface, and climbed out of Balmorra?s gravity well.

    Onorati made a note for the movement to be reported to >
  4. Ominous

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    Jul 30, 2004
    IC: Grand Admiral Thrawn
    Location: Death Star II, Caridia

    Grand Admiral Thrawn returned the bow to Moff Jerjerrod. ?Thank you Moff Jerjerrod for the invitation. As you can tell, time is of the essence. We should not waste it on idle banter and proceed to the business at hand. I will be receiving a package in the next couple of days, a present to you and your crew if you will allow me.? They walked away from the shuttle between single rows of Jerjerrod?s various crews and soldiers, Pellaeon stayed behind the two high-ranking officials. ?Thank you again for receiving us. You will soon find yourself with an abundance of raw materials and personnel to repair this station.?

    They left the hangar and entered the halls of the spherical station. Imperial personnel walked with a purpose to their intended locations and occupations. ?I have sent one of my men to Coruscant to pick up the necessary ?credit card? to guarantee your repairs will be completed.?

    Thrawn met the gaze of many of the Death Star?s personnel and most were curious of the blue-skinned alien in the bright, white uniform of a Grand Admiral. It was a good idea after all to leave Rhuk on board the shuttle. Let?s hope for the sake of the hangar crew they do not enter the inside of the Grand Admiral?s shuttle. For the surprise of their military career awaited those if they proceeded up the ramp!

    TAG: Jerjerrod

    OOC: I believe that Jerjerrod should tag up Darth Vicious as I am unaware of a Sith on board at this time

    IC: Lt. Warhammer
    Location: Prowler, nearing Imperial City

    Decanting from hyperspace brought back memories of his deployment within Imperial City. A smile broke out over Warhammer?s face as he neared the city planet. It was not as bright as it used to be in his day but some day that would change. It would seem with the death of the Emperor, lights went out all over the planet.

    The characteristic robotic voice of the communications station that tracked all incoming and outgoing flights came over his headset, ?This is Imperial City Security. Send over your security codes for clearance approval.?

    Warhammer punched a set of codes into the flight console, ?Relaying now.?

    There was a long pause in the communication between the Prowler and Imperial City. Warhammer maintained his course towards the hangar bays. Finally after several minutes went by, the voice of the IC Security cracked through his headset, ?You are clear to land at station 7. Welcome to Imperial City, Major Drakkus.?

    ?Thank you. It?s good to be back on friendly ground.?
    Before he left the Chimaera, he was given a data file with explicit information about his identity and reason for visit. Major Drakkus was with Combat Service Support. He was sent on assignment to receive a shipment of weapons and food for outlying Imperial posts. In reality, Lt. Warhammer was here on a grab and bag op. It was close to evening in the city and the traffic was still in rush hour mode. His first stop was the local watering hole he visited numerous times in the past. The owner was an ex-army officer in the Imperial army who lost an eye and arm in the early part of the Galactic Civil War. Warhammer was a friend of his as they went through the same mud and spilled the same blood. The bar was filled with soldiers of both forces on leave. Walking through the tables, Warhammer heard men grumbling about the state of the Empire, the spineless officers in charge of their companies or even the so called council that was now running the show with the Emperor gone. Warhammer chuckled at the last comment about Sate Prestage.

    As he approached the bar, the barman, fairly fit man with a bit of a beer gut and a patch over his bad eye, looked up and smiled. ?Kase! How the hell are you?? He reached his hand over the bar to greet Warhammer. ?Great! How are you? I see that business is good for you!?

    Loco, as his patrons called him, looked around the room. ?Yeah well when the fit hit the shan in the Empire, what are you going to do? Drink!? He looked over the black fatigues of his frien
  5. GenOochy

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    Jan 8, 2003
    Col. Etana Oss, UWAF
    Cpt. Isira Cha?lil, UWAF

    IY 807.12.5 (4 ABY)
    22:42 local time
    Operation Testing Waters
    300km from the Radacia Space Docks
    Vicinity of Planet Vendara, Kwymar Sector

    Dozens of objects came back on the scanners and the two fighter?s computers began filtering through the objects searching for masked threats. The computer?s found nothing and Etana and Isira settled back, awaiting orders from the agents in the station. Unbeknownst to them not only had the scanners missed a single vessel, it had been waiting them. The first alert that they had been spotted came when the vessel, jus a couple kliks off their bow, transmitted an IR audio link to Etana?s vessel. The vessel was talking to them, on an old coded frequency and apparently desired stealth as much as they did, despite the threat he issued.

    ?Unknown Woltarian fighter, this is Major Redwing. I think we both known you wouldn?t be able to power up your weapon or shield systems before I destroyed you. So let?s be civil here and just talk, okay??

    Etana came to full attention, peering through the glass at the other vessel, a pin prick of light, even at a couple kilometers. He keyed his transmitter.

    ?Major, this is Colonel Oss with the Wolatarian Aerospace Force. No need for violence, just please identify yourself. We are here protecting law enforcement officers engaged in anti-terrorism operations. Who do you represent??

    Tag: Naloth

    In Character:
    Major Gen. Odious Parvil, UWAF
    Dr. Mira Lovespirals, UNF Civilian

    IY 807.12.5 (4 ABY)
    22:44 local time
    Operation Testing Waters
    Radacia Space Docks
    Vicinity of Planet Vendara, Kwymar Sector

    The group had bounced as soon as the stormtroopers entered the tavern. With little time to contact Etana in space, things would moved fast. He pulled out his datapad and typed a quick message that read:

    [blockquote]Etana. We are going to be moving aboard a rebel transport. No tracking beacon. Will relay coordinates via Holonet when we exit hyperspace. May require extraction team. Contact the Carrier Antonin in Turak. Stand by for further updates.[/blockquote]Ridsha disconnected and turned. ?Well it seems that even with the competition arriving, we have not been found out but either way I don't want to hang around for much longer. Let?s get to my ship.?

    ?Agreed. Show us the way.? Doctor Lovespirals said and looked to Odious. The mission was on.

    Tag: Gamemaster
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    Jan 10, 2008
    IC: Selena
    Location: The Flurry, lounge

    Liam sighed, and showed his new, if temporary, team member, a small smile. ?Thank you. See, that is the sort of thing we need to hear from you now, rather than when we are flying up to a target. That must have been hard to say. I think you are a very brave girl, and I look forward to flying with you.?
    The comment relaxed Selena a bit. Technically she shouldn?t be fighting. But the desperation of the Alliance caused them to take her offer to help her into consideration.

    He paused, then returned to the previous subject.
    ?Starfighter pilots do not have the luxury sometime, Selena, of saying things by their full names. In the time it took to say, ?oh look, there is an Mark II Imperial Star Destroyer over there, Narain here could be a rapidly dissipating, incandescent cloud of debris.?

    ?So, General Solo,? Narain started to embellish, standing at the end of the table nearest the corridor, and putting the empty tray on the table. ?hosted the first ?This-Guano-Is-Taking-Too-Long-To Say? Symposium.?

    ?So the other star destroyers follow the same pattern. VenStars for Venator Star Destroyer. Same with Victory and anything smaller than a Super Star Destroyer.?

    ?That, we just call, a Big Bit-? Karthakeyan started.

    ?An Es-Es-Dee.? Liam glared up at his friend. ?I do not want her learning any of your bad language, Narain. I?ll not have her school comm me up at home to tell me...? His face flushed, Blue Leader closed his mouth, the chair leg making a loud noise on the deck as he pushed back from the table. I am going to check on those snowspeeders.?

    Narain looked after his boss. ?Y-4 Raptor-class-?

    ?I know where they are!?

    Liam disappeared into the corridor, leaving the other pilot to shrug apologetically down at Selena.?I guess we know now why he?s fighting the Empire. He never told us. We don?t normally work with kids, so I couldn?t have anticipated that he would react like that.?

    Selena sighed, ?Yea I guess that?? She shrugged and finished the cookies and milk she was working at.

    TAG: Any

    IC: Sheeal Barzak
    Location: Rebel Base

    Sheeal?s impatience was starting to get the better of him. He wondered what was taking the council so long.

    Then one of his kaleesh who just returned from the bathroom said ?General. Guess what.?

    ?What?? said Sheeal who was growing impatient.

    ?I was talking to one of the janitors about what happened. And I discovered they were heading to Balmorra. To deal with a research faculty that is researching a new form of shielding?

    ?What kind?? Sheeal asked.

    ?A shield capable of resisting an ion blast.?

    Sheeal sent a Morse code to his leaders ?Get everyone ready to leave.?

    TAG: rebel base
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    Jul 30, 2004
    IC: Lt. Warhammer
    Location: Prowler, nearing Imperial City

    Loco motioned Warhammer to go in the back room of the pub. Taking his drink and following his friend, he found himself in a dark room. Was this a trap? Had his friend turned on him because the Empire was in shambles for the moment? The illuminators were turned on revealing a room only a soldier could love. There were uniforms of all ranks and units hanging from one side of the room and a cache of weapons, both legal and illegal on the other side. The table in the center contained data pads and other electronic equipment that were meant for one thing?survival.

    Vukasin set his glass down on the table and walked over to the weapons rack. Looking back at his friend, ?Do you mind?? motioning to one of the many deadly weapons on the wall.
    ?Be my guest.? Loco stated with satisfaction at his collection. Warhammer picked up a .48-caliber Enforcer pistol, a projectile weapon developed in limited quantities by the Morellian Weapons Conglomerate, only to be used by the Morellian Enforcers. It was not sold except in the black market, commonly over six thousand credits.

    ?How much do you want for this?? Warhammer asked his old friend.

    ?Friend prices? 3,000 credits.? Loco answered.

    Vukasin threw a data file on the table with a picture Sate Prestage on it. Loco looked down with shock. ?You?re working for that bureaucratic scumbag? I thought you had better taste my friend.?

    Warhammer laughed, ?No. He is the target. When I get him, I will give you the full price for this, just keep it for me now.?

    Loco opened his hands as a sign of generosity, ?Well then, that changes things. Take what you need. I have been waiting for someone to slap that little wimp for a long time. Matter of fact, I?ll make sure you are able to get in and out without any problems.? He walked over to the clothing wall and pulled out a medical officer?s uniform. ?Doctor?? He laughed.
    Later on?
    Prestage maintained a private residence near the old Senate arena. Due to his place in the Empire, he was afforded his own personal guards. Loco had laid out the blueprints of the residence including pointing out the guard positions. It was a simple grab and bag. Warhammer would have Prestage off the planet and on his way to meet his fate in front of Thrawn.

    Warhammer approached the private gate of Sate?s residence, flashing his medical ID. ?I am here to see the Grand Vizier.? The guard took the ID from Warhammer and looked it up in the computer.

    ?I?m sorry sir, but you are not on the list. And if you don?t mind me asking, why would you be calling at such a late hour??

    Warhammer straighten up with a smile and to accentuate his size, ?He called for a doctor. I guess something did not agree with him earlier at dinner.?

    The guard hesitate but rather than face the wrath of a sick Vizier he waved the doctor into the courtyard. ?He is on the top floor.?

    ?Thank you sergeant. I shall see that you are commended for such diligence in your work.?

    Warhammer stepped into the elevator alone and immediately undressed into his black fatigues and face cover. Behind his back attached to his belt was a stun gun for the guards outside the door. The elevator doors opened up to a short hallway. The guards immediately went to attention awaiting the doctor to appear into the hall. The doors remained open but no one stepped out. Curious, the two guards walked over to the elevator doors to investigate only to be jumped and stunned into submission on the floor. Twitching from uncontrollable muscle spasms, Warhammer immediately injected a sedative into their necks, knocking them unconscious.
    Vukasin quietly entered the private quarters of Sate Prestage, Grand Vizier of the Empire, second in line to take control of the entire government. He stepped quietly into the bedroom of the sleeping man. Warhammer stood quietly over the man, if you could call him that, he was really a snake in most minds and watched. Too easy he thought to himself.

    Just as he was about to inject the Vizier in the neck with
  8. master-of-les-pauls

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    Jan 16, 2005
    Ic Mon Mothma , Crix Madine, Jan Dodonna

    Location Telos base

    ?Admiral it no problem that arrived yourself,? Mon Mothma said ?In fact I believe it is more beneficial to both parties that you have come yourself?

    Taking his cue from Mothma, Crix spoke ?well gentlemen we have prepared a one of council chambers especially for your arrival, if you'd all care to follow me we'll be on our way?

    With that the group, Alliance and Echani, made there way from the hanger and began the short walk towards a specially designated room for occasions such as this. The room they were heading to had been dubbed the Basement, it had been dubbed this because in order to be able enter you needed to have the highest level of security clearance available and even that was only given to a select few.

    The small group stood outside the room waiting for the entrance to open, Crix wasted no time in entering the codes needed to enter. Once entered the giant doors slid open to reveal a huge circular room, decorated in lavish furnishings and dark red walls and one huge bright light in the centre of the room that was enough to light the entire every part of the room. Then in the middle of the room was a large squared table with several chairs around it.

    ?Come everyone, be seated? Mon said motioning for everyone to take there seats.

    Once everyone was seated a servant driod went from from guest to guest taking orders for any refreshments or foods. Once the driod had finished taking everyone's requests Mon Mothma rose from her seat and spoke.

    ?Again on behalf of the Alliance of Free Worlds, I would like to welcome our guests Admiral Muri Mikaru? Mon said. ?We have all gathered here today because of a common goal, to restore freedom to galaxy?

    Looking around the room she continued ?In order for us to restore the freedoms all of us once took for granted we must unite to defeat a common enemy, the Galactic Empire?

    Once more she paused letting every one drink in every word she said.

    ?Even though the Emperor and his servant Darth Vader are dead the infrastructure they left behind still remains? With that Mon then moved her hands out to gesture to the Echani party ?I hear by offer anopen invitation to the Echani to join us in riding the galaxy of the Empires tyranny and restoring justice to the galaxy once more?

    Tag Khan_Iceay

    Ic Galen Ridsha

    Location Radacia spaceport

    It was almost like music to Galens ears when the Doctor agreed to his request.

    ?We must move quickly? Galen said ushering the pair from were they stood towards were his ship was berthed.

    With each step the trio took through the space port Galen could not help but be wrecked with paranoia, there was a thin layer of sweet that was now forming over his body. Even the slightest hint of white armour was enough to cause his stomach to leap up into his throat.

    It felt like the journey to his HT-2200 was taking forever and Galen could not shake the feeling they were being followed. It came as a huge relief when they reached his ship to find that no Stormies had been watching or following them.

    ?Well? Galen said allowing some of that relief seep into his voice ?If you'd like to get on board we will be on our way?

    With that he used a remote control device to landing ramp and waited for his guests to make there way onto his ship.

    Tag Gen0chy

    Ic Captain Manchisco

    Location The Flurry

    Tesa stood alone on the bridge for a moment thinking about her meeting with Commander Skywalker,and she had to admit she was still a little disappointed that General Solo had not joined Skwalker on the bridge.

    Perhaps it was time to change that and invite Solo onto the bridge.

    ?Ensign? Tesa called out.

    With that a young pale faced came up to the Captain ?Yes ma'am?

    ?Send a request to General Solo and invite him and the leading members of his strike team to the bridge?

    ?Of course Captain? With that the Ensign returned to his station and sent out a message to Solo and his strike team.

    Tag HanSo
  9. Jerjerrod-Lennox

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    Mar 9, 2005
    IC: Moff Tiaan Jerjerrod
    Location: Death Star II, Carida

    Jerjerrod listened intently as Grand Admiral Thrawn explained what he was about to receive.

    ?Thank you Moff Jerjerrod for the invitation. As you can tell, time is of the essence. We should not waste it on idle banter and proceed to the business at hand. I will be receiving a package in the next couple of days, a present to you and your crew if you will allow me.?

    Jerjerrod nodded as they walked a small smile playing across his lips, this was exactly what he wanted to hear.

    ?Thank you again for receiving us. You will soon find yourself with an abundance of raw materials and personnel to repair this station.?

    Tiaan once again nodded and let the smile blossom fully onto his face.

    ?No problem at all sir. As you are undoubtedly aware, morale is low here, what after so many losses during the battle of Endor, especially when the Executor sadly perished. I am cannot express how grateful I am for you to be providing us with men and resources, heaven only knows that we defiantly need such o continue repairs. No doubt that a lot of people would want to get their hands on this station or even destroy it, and it is my task to see that it does?nt fall into the wrong hands, nor that it gets destroyed. Although I would rather see it die than fall into the hands of the Rebels?.

    As they walked along, Jerjerrod was aware of a nagging fear returning to him, and it had to do with a person whom had arrived just before the Gran Admiral had himself arrived. A person that could spell bad news for all of them, least of all Jerjerrod and his crew.

    Grand Admiral Thrawn spoke again.

    ?I have sent one of my men to Coruscant to pick up the necessary ?credit card? to guarantee your repairs will be completed.?

    Tiaan nodded in respect ?Thank you sir, much appreciated?. He slightly turned his head to look at the man following himself and the Grand Admiral. It was the man whom had sent the message to Sate Pestage, a man who looked like he had been through a lot and yet showed a lot of experience. He had probably seen the Republic in it?s glory days before it became corrupted and cleansed by Palpatine, and he carried that air of authority and command. Someone not to be messed with.

    As they continued their walk, Jerjerrod decided to drop the big loud bombshell he couldn?t have said over the comm..

    ?I?m afraid to say sir that I have some bad news, or good news, depends on how you see this? Tiaan took a deep breath and continued ?A man has joined us on board here, claiming to be a Sith Lord, to be frank sir I thought they had become extinct when Lord Vader and the Emperor died. He gave all the proper access codes and demanded to be let on board, possibly to inspect us or to see our progress I am not sur. His name is Darth Vicious, I have sent him to the primary conference room to await us?.

    ?Speaking of which? he pulled out his comlink from his belt and turned it on ?Lieutenant Greenacre, inform Lord Vicious he is to remain in the primary conference room for our arrival. U have left him some reading material for him to be reading up on so it should keep him occupied?

    ?Yes sir?

    Jerjerrod turned back to Gran Admiral Thrawn.

    ?I am worried sir about this Sith Lord. He could become uncontrollable, have a quick temper like Lord Vader and start choking my crew to death if he doesn?t get whatever he wants. He could control either myself or my crew to do whatever he bids, he may have us running around like robots. He is dangerous sir, and to be honest, I want nothing more than for him to be off this station?

    TAG: Darth Vicious and G. A. Thrawn
  10. Vangarian

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    Mar 9, 2003
    GM Approved!

    Name: Lobot, Code named Melon Seed.

    Age: 41

    Gender: Male

    Species: Human/Cyborg.

    Eye Color: Blue

    Hair Color: Bald/N/A

    Physical description: Tall, Slender and Wiry.

    Clothing: Black Infiltrator/Combat suit with Color change ability.

    Personality: Quiet unless provoked to anger.

    Occupation: Infiltrator/Black Ops Operator.

    Area of Expertise: Top Notch Soldier/Infiltrator, Slicer/Software modifier.

    Rank: Major of the Rebel Alliance Black Ops Division Known as Echo Division Team 3 which consists of 12 members total.

    Weapons: Neutron Cutter and a Happy Surprise Hold out Blaster. Lobot's other Team members also have these and other weapons.

    Equipment: Advanced infiltration comlink wrap around headpiece (upgradable) able to broadcast and receive comlink communications from Other ECHO Operatives outside his immediate Group and Other BLACK OPS Team Members, Droids, Computers, Networks, Star Destroyers, Relay Hyper Wave Sats and Relay Hyper Wave Stations at the edge of Star Systems. Lobot's other team members also have these or complimentory equipment that can operate and merge into a network like hive mind cybernetically. Also a set of five R8 series Driods for handling software fabrication and write over to increase efficiency of slicing. Lobot refers to them as his little MONSTERS.

    Skills/Abilities: Martial Arts, CQB, Blaster Rifles, Blaster Pistols, Slug Throwers Demolitions, Remotely Controlling Automated Weapons, Hostile Invasive Software Creation (Viruses, Worms, Spyware, Trojan Horses, Controllers/Ursupers, Supplanters, Others), Cypher Code Cracking Expert, Pilot/Astrogator, Trained Leader, Cybernetic Communication (Without benifit of vocalizing).

    Personal Ship

    Name: Melon Camp.

    Class: Modified Baudo Class Star Yacht. Remotely controllable.

    Weapon Systems: A special Scalar Weapon for extreme need to use in situations where a get away is imperative. Remotely Controllable.

    Crew Compliment: 4-6 normally for fellow team members of Echo Division with their compliment of equipment and weapons.

    Hyperspace Capability: x1 plus upgraded sublight engines.

    Biography: Other than Lobot's work as assistant to Lando Calrisian, almost nothing is known about him publicly after the evacuation of Lando's gas mining operation. Currently he is a leader and operator in ECHO Division under Crix Madine. One of the few unsung heroes that probably won't ever be known for any great deeds but never the less will do great things in the name of the Alliance.
  11. KraytDragon90

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    Apr 1, 2005
    IC: Flint

    ?Major, this is Colonel Oss with the Wolatarian Aerospace Force. No need for violence, just please identify yourself. We are here protecting law enforcement officers engaged in anti-terrorism operations. Who do you represent?? Flint focused once again on the two reticules on his HUD. No need for violence? They were Woltarians defying the treaty, that alone warranted violence. Did they not understand the danger of what they were doing? Did they not think Skadi already knew? Frakkin worms. You could never trust them.

    ? Colonel, I am here representing Her Royal Majesty, Queen Isabel of the Skadi Imperium. And I don?t desire violence either, but you don?t fly through the clouds of Sigma without acquiring a small amount of caution.? And even then that isn?t always enough, Flint added silently. ?And you have to admit, you Woltarians have always been a little?.jumpy. As for why I?m here?..I?m afraid my orders are a little sensitive, I can only discuss them with your mission commander.?

    Flint let the implied question hang as he prepped himself for docking. It would be nice if they cooperated, but the caterpillars never did much cooperating with Skadi in the past. Hadn?t slowed him down yet and it wouldn?t now either.

    TAG: Oochy
  12. Radiance

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    Sep 19, 2007
    IC: Stryker
    Hyperspace, approaching Naboo

    Hours had passed and Stryker had spent them being bored playing Pazaak with the computer. The Zabrak pilot left him alone and was a man of his word. No questions asked. The whole ordeal was a bit surreal. It had almost been easy. And with that mentality, it had been almost too easy. Something about being able to escape an Inquisitor with stolen data and find a ship ready for launch only to have the pilot (who had most decidedly been supplying the Empire) agree to take him to a place across the galaxy with a claim it was on the way to his destination anyway.

    Fact was that the pilot had agreed to the trip and stated that it had been on the way home, before Stryker had given him full detail. The verbiage wasn?t sitting right with him. Either the Captain of the vessel was incompetent, feared for his life and tried to play it cool, or this whole thing was a trap.

    For the umpteenth time, the computer beat him with a perfect hand in Pazaak. Stryker looked up blandly at the computer screen.

    ?You?re cheating.?

    It wasn?t a question. Stryker was stating a fact. The text scrolled across the computer screen in response.


    It was true enough. Before he could say anything to the contrary, Stryker felt a familiar prickle on the back of his neck. Something was wrong.

    Stryker stood up and began walking to the cockpit. He stopped and looked at a panel. He knew enough about ships to understand that this panel housed hyperdrive modulating couplers.

    He made his way to the cockpit and stood silently behind the pilot. The Zabrak didn?t seem to notice him but was definitely a lot more antsy than before. He seemed? nervous.

    Right? trap then

    The pilot gasped as his ship shuttered and exited Hyperspace before it was supposed to. The sight of Naboo loomed before them, but in front of Naboo was a single star destroyer. They began firing immediately. But it was in the spot where the freighter was supposed to have been. Not the spot it was now, a good distance away.

    The captain steered away hard and tried to avoid getting zeroed by the SD gunners.

    ?Do you see what betrayal gets you Captain? More betrayal. You are as expendable to the Empire as the credits they promised you for bringing me in. Make your decision now. Do a simple job and get the money I promised. Or be destroyed over a small fortune that you will never live to spend. By which I mean you can die right now by the Imperials on that ship turning your vessel into space dust, or I can kill you myself and take this vessel as my own.?

    The Zabrak was twitching his freighter every which way. But it wasn?t a fighter. It was a heavy, bulky machine not meant for banking and juking.

    ?How are you so calm!? We are kriffing being shot at!?

    Stryker stood with his arms crossed, calm as a grazing nerf.

    ?What is your answer??

    The Pilot looked at his readouts as the bolts started to graze too close for comfort.

    ?I can?t even jump to hyperspace! The Modulator is shot!?

    Stryker held out his fist. Inside of it was the coupler.


    The Zabrak looked up and his eyes dropped. He grabbed the coupler and pushed past Stryker to replace it immediately.

    Stryker stared out of the veiwport and watched the red lances of energy spear past them. Finally, the Imperial gunners got lucky from their range. An explosion rocked the back of the ship and forced Stryker to fling out a hand on the pilot chair to steady himself.

    The Captain rushed back in and flung himself back in the command chair, he flipped a switch and the ship began to make calculations.

    ?Stang! The last blast fried the navicomp. It?s on the fritz! It?s only got one destination that its able to jump to. Which is back to Balmorra. Imperials on both ends Agent Stryker. What do you want to do??

    Stryker looked down at him. If it hadn?t been obvious before, now he knew he had been right in judging this man. Agent Stryker was something that the men who had hire
  13. Ominous

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    Jul 30, 2004
    IC: Grand Admiral Thrawn, Captain Pellaeon
    Location: Caridia, DS II

    ?Sith Lord you say.? Thrawn said without a hint of fear. Sith Lords were not the best at boosting morale. They only cared about one thing, obtaining more power. If this Sith were to hijack this station, it would be the death of everyone including the Empire. From his research in the past while biding his time, Thrawn was able to conclude with certainty that the Sith were too destructive. It was almost a good thing that the Jedi were there to balance out the yin.

    ?Keep him waiting. In the meantime, assemble your officers in charge of each department. You and I will speak to them once I have received something from Coruscant. If you will excuse me for a moment Moff Jerjerrod.?

    Thrawn turned back to Captain Pellaeon who was walking behind the two high-ranking officers. He withdrew a data pad from his pocket and pulled up a file. Captain Pellaeon nodded in silence at Thrawn.

    Pellaeon turned to Moff Jerjerrod and smiled, ?Excuse me sir, I must return to our flagship immediately.?

    He turned back to Thrawn, ?Sir.? Thrawn nodded at Captain Pellaeon. The man was a good officer.

    Turning back to Moff Jerjerrod, ?Thank you sir. Now to the business at hand, assemble your officers. In the meantime I would like a tour of your station.?

    Captain Pellaeon entered the shuttle from the Chimaera. ?Rhuk?? The alien creature came out of the shadows behind Pellaeon, ?Yessss.? He hissed cat-like to the Captain, startling the older man.

    ?Damn it Rhuk!? Pellaeon was getting tired of the games. ?You are released from this shuttle. Go find Thrawn and keep him safe like you are supposed to do. And by the way, there is supposedly a Sith on board the station; protect both Jerjerrod and the Grand Admiral.?

    Rhuk slipped out of the shuttle and into the shadows of the docking bay. He stayed hidden from the humans to avoid any confrontation.
    Later?back on the Chimaera, Pellaeon assembled a team of consisting of a biologist and troops. They mission was to jump over to the next system near Caridia and obtain a particular species for Thrawn. In the meantime, he had an engineer construct a pack for the Grand Admiral to wear inside the station. Pellaeon did not quite understand the purpose of the trip but he was a good officer that followed orders from his superior and at this point he trusted Thrawn enough not to question his authority.

    TAG: more to come shortly

  14. Sith-I-5

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    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: Narain Karthakeyan, Sergeant Grillo, Short Term Officer?s Lounge, the Bridge.
    Location: The Flurry in hyperspace.

    Narain looked down at Selena munching contentedly on her cookies. He sighed, putting both fists on his hips.
    ?Lieutenant, is it? When you have finished your snack, you are free to relax for a few hours. Get some kip, explore the ship, whatever. Just make sure not to touch any doors that say ?airlock? on them.?

    He paused for some kind of acknowledgement from the girl. He wasn?t sure how he?d been saddled with baby-sitting duties.

    * * * *

    Grillo, after being taken up to the second of the pilot lounges, originally assigned to Rogue Squadron, but which his strike team had commandeered during the pilot briefing in the hangar; was enroute to the forward section of the ship, looking for the proper refectory.
    He was famished!
    Couldn?t go about fighting the forces of evil on an empty stomach.

    Then he heard the call over the Public Address system.

    ?You want the entire strike team?? He queried into his wrist-communicator, to the audible chagrin of the poor ensign on the bridge.

    ?No, sir. Just the leaders.?

    ?Define ?leaders?.? Entering the forward module from the long boom separating the rear and command modules, Grillo quickly noted the directions on the bulkheads leading to the bridge.

    ?Sir, what Alliance rank do you hold??

    Grillo initially frowned down at the young voice coming from the metallic grille on the back of his wrist, then decided that news of the bounty hunter must have spread. Teandro called himself ?commander?, but no-one knew what affiliation the post held. ?Sergeant. Alliance Ground Forces.?

    He overheard some whispering in the background, then. ?You?ll do, Sir.?

    Thanks! Grillo was about to retort harshly, when his peripheral caught a glimpse of some illumination that made him feel odd and off balance. Ah, hyperspace. ?Never mind, I?m here now.? He said, the well-built human male in light green camouflage fatigues stepped through the hatch onto the bridge, earning a wider view of hyperspace through the bridge windows.

    ?No General Solo?? He noted aloud, waiting to be greeted. ?Sergeant Grillo reporting as requested.?

    Tag: Selena, Captain Manchuso, bridge personnel, HanSolo29, Lord Pullus
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    Jul 30, 2004
    Deleted by Co-GM.
  16. Vangarian

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    Mar 9, 2003
    Location: Brentaal Star System. The Great Junction between The Hydian Way and The Perlemian Trade Route. Imperial Hyperwave Relay Station #79420IHRS, orbiting Brentaa at the Border of its Heliopause.

    Sit Rep: There has been an inexplicable delay occuring in the Brentaal Star System. Commerce Traffic is at a stand still with no relief in sight. The reason for this unprecidented occurance is that apparently there are a series of conflicting orders being issued by both Sate Pestage and Grande Admiral Thrawn, both in Imperial Code. In reality neither had sent any such messages. But rather instead they were being sent by a special team of Infiltrators assigned by Crix Modine to bring to a halt any Imperial Commerce passing through Brentaal by whatever means possible short of out and out physical attack. Thus far it was working out well.

    IC: Lobot and NPCs ECHO 3 Team Members Terrance, Piper, Ventru and Psyrus. NPC R8 Droid Units: Theo, Aether, Neumo, Cybin and Prit.

    Cyber Space: Thus far we've got five Star Destroyers that are falling for the ruse. I believe there is a very good chance that more will follow shortly, signaled Lobot.

    Boss, I'm picking up something abnormal with our upload into them. We've got extra lines of code showing up and being sent in between our lines. I think there's another group of players out there uploading their own code into those Star Destroyer's network! signaled Piper.

    Lobot frantically investigated for the origination of the code injections being inserted into his own sent lines. Once finding it, he analysed and reviewed what it would do. It was Supplanting Code for hostile takeover of operational parameters. Simply put it would act as an inhibitor against all actuators within an Imperial Star Destroyer. Different actuators controled different parts of the Star Destroyer, including its ability to raise its shields, as well as bring its Heavy Laser Cannons about to acquire new targets of opportunity. It was a well written virus that had been segmented for ease of storage into smaller data containers. One example that came to Lobot's mind was the complimentory R2-R8 droid units on board the targeted Star Destroyers. Now who would dare?

    Piper. Psyrus. I want you two to locate this well meaning code writer and discretely contact whoever it is. Use the given sign and then check for the countersign. If it matches any known Alliance countersigns then inform me as to who this yahoo is.

    On it, they signeled.

    Location: Brentaal Star System, on board the Dust Bunny I.

    IC: Guiy Phaux and NPCs Foo-Foo, Thumper and R4-N8 "Chirppy".

    Foo-Foo looked up from Chirppy and addressed Guiy Phaux who was bringing up a freshly filled mug of cafe.

    "Guiy. Chirppy is picking up an alliance coded message in burst transmission. He asks if you'd like for him to translate for you."

    "Have him translate, Foo-Foo," said Guiy.

    "Translation reads as follows: Taung sa rang broka Mando'ade ka'rta.
    Dha Werda Verda a'den tratu,

    Guiy's eyes lit up as he recalled the initial words as a recognition sign from Alliance Black Ops from the poem Dha Werda Verda.

    "Send through the Destroyer's Hyperwave by Piggyback the following response. In Mando'a

    Manda'yaim kandosii adu.
    Duum motir ca'tra nau tracinya.
    Gra'tua cuun hett su dralshy'a."

    Chirppy complied. Soon another Burst message in code was received and translated by the R4.

    Please be so kind as to not add to my installation of code into yonder Star Destroyers, lest you inadvertantly start a problem with logic loop. Mellon Seed.

    Guiy's eye brows shot up in surprise. The messages were not from Thrawn or Pestage! They were from an Echo Team!

    "Send this in return, Burst Mode: Will comply. Sorry. My Bad, Mellon Seed.

    Will contact later for big game opportunity. End transmission. Send it."

    Chirppy coded it and sent it. Guiy whistled aloud and exhaled.

    "I guess we were stepping on some toes here. That wasn't good. The response came back. "NP".

    Two hour
  17. Friedebarth

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    Nov 26, 2009
    IC: Darth Vicious

    In the middle of reading the battle plans, Vicious sensed something. He wasn't as welcome on board as he had thought... ...certain Imperials seemed to be quite happy about the fact that there was no Sith Lord left, so he seemed to be a disturbance. He grew more cautious. Perhaps he would have to flee after the conference.

    Vicious went to a wall-mounted comm panel. Apparently, Grand-Admiral Thrawn was to see him, as he could now see on his pad. "Darth Vicious to Grand Admiral Thrawn. I am both disappointed and annoyed by your tardiness! Could you please hurry up a little, I am a busy man." He hoped the comm system was at least working and not as defunct and unready as just about everything else on the station.

    TAG: Thrawn
  18. Sith-I-5

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    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: Samantha Irisa, mess hall, the Flurry?s forward module.
    Location: Hyperspace

    Luke smiled as he said, ?You misunderstood me, Dancer squadron is your unit. After this mission you will become Dancer leader and you will take your orders from Admiral Ackbar on your next missions.?

    Irisa swung her legs back under the table so that she was fully facing the young commander, and gazed at him fully.
    She sensed that his mind was not fully engaged on the matter, but on his pre-occupation about the Force; he was probably mistaking her look of disbelief for shock!

    She had not misunderstood Skrag! Aunt Lim raised no fools.

    Skywalker, back on Telos, had told her to get volunteers for an airspeeder flight, not a starfighter squadron. That was not a problem with the Selena girl; Irisa had already appended her to Blue Flight; she could seek to permanently assign her to the new Dancer Squadron.

    Tearus was also a possibility.

    As for the rest, they had unwittingly volunteered for Delta/Dancer duty under false pretences, if what Luke said was right. She could not simply transfer them into Dancer Flight, flying starfighters for her, as they were already flying under Blue Leader?s flag.

    The jedi clearly had not thought this through, but she would talk this over with Liam, and find out how to build up a squadron of her own before Admiral Ackbar turned up with orders.

    Worst case scenario, she could piece together a group from the survivors of the Balmorra engagement. That was worth looking into.

    ?You knew master Yoda?? Skywalker blurted excitedly.

    Sam? said nothing, but her thoughts were in turmoil; was Master Yoda still alive? He had to be for Luke to have encountered him.
    To know what had happened to the diminutive grandmaster would certainly bring closure to, well, to her abandonment on that waterworld.

    Luke was off again, but this time his tone and manner more measured, and he seemed to have detected her initial distress.
    ?If my asking you about your past has opened up any old wounds, I am truly sorry. I feel as if the Force has guided me to you Irisa. I know the High Council are eager for me to train new Jedi and restart the Order, but the truth is there's a lot about the Jedi that I just don't know.? Luke paused for a second before he spoke again. ?Once this mission is over Irisa, if you are okay to talk about the old Order, I'd like to meet with you again and talk about all things Jedi under less stressful circumstances of course ?

    Samantha nodded, slowly at first, then with more animation. ?Of course. I would like that...Luke.? She paused herself, wanting to, but cautious off, making her position clear. ?There is much that I can re-discover about my jedi heritage, and I would be pleased to act as a sort of consultant to help you re-establish the Order, if you believe such a feat possible, but, for myself, I want to be a starfighter pilot, not a jedi knight. Maybe after the War is over.?

    She really, really wanted to ask after Master Yoda, but she had to be Dancer One now.
    ?Commander, if I may, I want to discuss Blue Flight?s role at Balmorra.?

    Tag: Luke Skywalker
  19. HanSolo29

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    Apr 13, 2001
    IC: Han Solo
    Personal Cabin, Aboard the Flurry

    The small room was in direct contrast with the flurry of activity throughout the rest of the ship. It was dark and silent, the only light coming from the flicking glow of a small holopanel. Han Solo sat before it, his weary body bent over the device as he focused on the tiny image displayed on the screen. His hair was tousled with a few day's growth of beard visible on his chin. Dark circles hung underneath his eyes, indicating that he had not slept properly in days. He was about to lead a strike force into battle in only a matter of hours and yet, it wasn't technical readouts and strategic planning he was going over. He was far beyond that. Instead, he was focusing on the only person who had managed to fully consume his mind and twist his world upside down - along with her own. It was supposed to be a healing process but instead, it felt like agony. He didn't know what was going to happen but one thing was certain, it had cost him plenty of sleepless nights and here he was again, on the brink of insanity as he struggled to knock some sense back into the only person he truly cared for.

    The only person he truly loved...

    Her face was staring back at him now, unfocused and wavering due to the distance that separated them. Her eyes were tired, much like his own, and more than once, he thought he caught the hint of tears glistening at their corners. It pulled painfully at his heart to think of her in such a state. How could such a strong individual fall so hard and so fast? Especially after everything she had been through. What would it take to get Princess Leia Organa back on the right path?

    "Look, sweetheart, I gave you plenty of options," he muttered tiredly, running a hand over his bloodshot eyes and down over his chin. "It just feels like I'm going in circles now and that ain't gonna get us anywhere." He inhaled deeply, locking his eyes with hers. "It's your turn now. What do you want me to do?"

    Silence hung between them and for a moment, Han believed she wouldn't answer at all. But finally, she found her voice, weak and a mere shadow of its former self. "I...I don't know, Han," she whispered quietly. "I just---need time."

    "No!" he snapped, slamming his fist down on the console and causing the image to waver more than usual. His burst of anger had obviously shaken her up and when he saw the tears threatening to spill over once more, he bit his lower lip and cursed. He hadn't meant to lose his temper, but it was just that frustrating. Steadying his breath, he tried again in a much calmer tone. "I just mean...we've been through that. Plenty of times. And there's no improvement. How much longer do you expect me to wait, huh?"

    She simply lowered her gaze, shaking her head slowly in the negative.

    Han stared at the display and sighed. This conversation was going nowhere - just like all the others - and they would keep going in circles until one of them put their foot down. He knew with Leia's condition, she wouldn't be doing that any time soon, so it would have to be him. Sure, he understood this whole experience was taxing on her, but this was going too far. She had to snap out of it sooner or later and she would need him personally in order to do that. "Alright, fine," he breathed, pushing the chair away from the console. "I'm coming home."

    That caught her attention. She snapped her head back towards the screen, her brown eyes wide with horror. "What?!" she stammered. "B-but...what about the mission?"

    "They'll just have to find a replacement..."

    Her mouth worked in disbelief as she struggled to find words. "Dammit, Han! Don't be such a nerf! The Alliance needs you out there! You know that, I know that!" She closed her eyes momentarily to try and calm herself. "We're short on men already..."

    He paused, angling his chin back towards the screen as he tried to conceal a satisfied grin. It was working. "That's right, we are," he stated matter of factly. "But what about you? Do you think what you're doing
  20. Ominous

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    Jul 30, 2004
    IC: Grand Admiral Thrawn
    Location: DS II

    "Darth Vicious to Grand Admiral Thrawn. I am both disappointed and annoyed by your tardiness! Could you please hurry up a little, I am a busy man."

    The voice came over the system loud and clear. Some of the Death Star?s personnel cringed at the sound of the Sith Lord?s voice, something that Thrawn took note of in his mind. It seemed this Sith Lord was somewhat of a bully.

    Communication that boomed through the station was surely meant as a means to assert his power over those in the station and this included the Grand Admiral.

    Thrawn, always known for his coolness under pressure took a deep breath. The smell of burning metal filled his nose from the repairs being made near by the group. He looked at Jerjerrod with his glowing, crimson eyes. ?Is there a way to communicate back so the whole station can hear me??

    TAG: Jerjerrod
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    Jul 23, 2008
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  22. Sith-I-5

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    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: Captain Marcin Kalendo, ready room, the Dominator-class Interdictor Star Destroyer, Aeon Flux
    Location: Kuat Sector

    Kalendo, a dark-haired male commander, leaned back in his comfortable chair, studying patrol reports from around the intensely guarded sector that still supplied hulls to the Imperial Navy, despite the recent deaths of their Emperor Palpatine and Lord Vader.

    He and his ship had worked hand-in-hand with the Imperials for a six-month period, a few years ago, and he still maintained some contacts.

    The destroyer beneath him was Kuat Drive Yard?s answer to the original Interdictor heavy cruiser designed by Seinar. At sixteen hundred metres, she was the same length as a regular star destroyer, complete with gravity well projectors.
    He preferred not to think of the weaknesses those additions gave his ship: half the turbolasers and ion cannon of normal ISDs, only two tractor projectors, and a reduced hangar space that meant he could carry only four TIE fighter squadrons instead of six.

    Still, with proper tactics and strategy, the 'Flux could prevail against all who dared to oppose her.

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    The Aeon Flux
  23. Corellian_Outrider

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    Mar 9, 2002
    ~OOC~ Apologies for the delay, been having DRL and network issues.

    ~IC~ Tycho Celchu

    [ul]Tycho pause and regard the Lieutenant. "Smile Lieutenant, A bit of levity..." Sighing, he look back to the X-Wings parked in the hanger. There was a nagging feeling that he had forgotten something. "...never mind."

    Going over the briefing with the Rogues that still fresh in his mind, he pressed his fore and mid finger to his temple as he contemplate the offer. The Rogues were to keep the Star Destroyers and the TIEs busy. While there be other squadrons joining in, the Rogue were to take the lead. The ground and aerial forces would not make it off the planet escape if they can't keep the Imperials in orbit off their transports.

    Looking back to the Lieutenant. "In a quick answer, I'm afraid that I am unable to accept the offer. As the executive officer of Rogue Squadron, I can't drop my responsibility to the squadron and leave the Rogues early in the mission..."

    His gaze returned to his X-Wing as he just remembered what he had forgotten. His gear was still inside the cargo compartment of his X-Wing. He could always get it later but later would cause more distractions than needed. Back at base were things he could not take with him which he wished to not be parted from. The only thing he could do were to take items of lesser value to keep by him until their return.

    'I can't get her out of my system. I don't want to either.' He thought to himself before shaking the thought from his head. The mission is what is important at the moment, any personal issues would just get in the way.

    Clearing his throat and gestured with his hand as he started back towards his fighter. "I've forgotten something." He explained to her before resuming what he was saying. "Anyway... We all have to cover each others back as things do have a tendency to not go according to plan. I hope Delta Leader will understand."

    Unlocking and opening the cargo compartment, he pulled out his gear and sealed the compartment. "While I won't be able to provide support from an airspeeder, there be other means."[/ul]

    Tag: Those onboard the 'Furry'
  24. GenOochy

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    Jan 8, 2003

    Col. Etana Oss, UWAF
    Cpt. Isira Cha?lil, UWAF

    IY 807.12.5 (4 ABY)
    22:44 local time
    Operation Testing Waters
    300km from the Radacia Space Docks
    Vicinity of Planet Vendara, Kwymar Sector

    [blockquote]'Frak!' Etana thought. Now the mission went from smooth, to rocky at best. A Skadi vessel, this far out of the cluster, on top of one of the most sensitive operations in the last two decades.

    ?And you have to admit, you Woltarians have always been a little... jumpy. As for why I?m here... I?m afraid my orders are a little sensitive, I can only discuss them with your mission commander.? The Skadi pilot ended his transmission.

    "Well, guess what. You're talking with the mission commander. And speaking of sensitive, you are putting a serious anti-terror op' in jeopardy. Please shield your vessel and let's have a chat. We're on secure, and my wingmate here is cleared as high as I am. So, let's hear it." He said, just as his holonet feed blipped an incoming message. He pulled it up on his screen. 'Great.' He thought. 'Moving on a foreign transport and I'm stuck playing nice with some Skadi spook.' He relayed the message to Isira, and looked at her through the cockpit, gesturing for her to take care of it. She nodded back to him and began typing a secure transmission to the carrier Antonin that read:

    Major Gen. Odious Parvil, UWAF
    Dr. Mira Lovespirals, UNF Civilian

    IY 807.12.5 (4 ABY)
    22:48 local time
    Operation Testing Waters
    Radacia Space Docks
    Vicinity of Planet Vendara, Kwymar Sector

    [blockquote]"We'd love to." Odious said, slightly sarcastically, looking at the Imperial Transport in the dock. With a glance at the ship he was leaving behind here, he and Mira boarded the rebel transport, bound for where ever the Alliance high command was hiding.[/blockquote]Tag: Gamemaster

    OOC: Sorry the last blip is so short, but there wasn't much to build on.. But, huzzah! I get to mee the heads of the rebels.. I hope..
  25. Jerjerrod-Lennox

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    Mar 9, 2005
    IC: Moff Tiaan Jerjerrod
    Location: Death Star II, Carida

    As commanded by the Grand Admiral, Jerjerrod proceeded to show the Grand Admiral around the station, especially those areas that had been severely damaged even if they only got a small look at it due to the fact there were so many holes everywhere that needed patching up.

    Also per the Grand Admiral command he had instructed his departmental heads to meet in one of the secondary conference rooms for now. They had been instructed that there may be a wait and that Thrawn would be joining the meeting as well as himself. So far, most of the officers had said they were coming, or those with too much workloads had sent replacements in their stead. Tiaan had also watched the older looking Captain disappear back to his waiting Star Destroyer, no doubt on a directive from the Grand Admiral if he had read their expressions correctly.

    As they strolled along, inspecting the work that was going on, especially the burning smell or torches being used to weld plates back on, a voice boomed over the station?s general comm. system.

    "Darth Vicious to Grand Admiral Thrawn. I am both disappointed and annoyed by your tardiness! Could you please hurry up a little, I am a busy man."

    Jerjerrod shook his head. Such impatience he thought will get you nowhere fast. Time you learned that lesson.

    It seemed as though the Sith Lord?s commanding voice had an unfortunate effect on the crew. Fear was there, fear that another Palpatine or Vader was on board and that if they displeased him in any way, they would be next in the firing line. Tiaan had to make sure that didn?t happen.

    Thrawn looked to Jerjerrod with those burning red eyes of his.

    ?Is there a way to communicate back so the whole station can hear me??

    Jerjerrod nodded ?Certainly sir, we have a comm. terminal nearby which enables anyone to send messages to specific areas or to the whole station. It?s not far from here, just in the next corridor?

    He then smiled ?I think also it is time to pull in the welcome mat. Lieutenant Endicott?? he called. Immediately the Lieutenant trotted up to the Moff?s side. He had been keeping a discreet distance from the three officers, now two in case anything should happen and his assistance was needed.

    ?Yes sir???

    ?It?s time to pull in the welcome mat. You know what to do?

    Endicott nodded stiffly, saluted and immediately got on his comlink. Meanwhile Jerjerrod escorted Thrawn to the comm. terminal where he keyed for a general comm. frequency for the whole station to hear.

    ?All yours Grand Admiral?

    TAG: G. A. Thrawn
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