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Beyond - Legends Star Wars - The New Beginning

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by JediNathan, Apr 19, 2003.

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  1. JediNathan

    JediNathan Jedi Padawan star 4

    Apr 21, 2002
    Please comment on what you read so far. Any thoughts I would sincerely appreciate.

    The New Beginning

    Somewhere in the outer-rim?

    ?So we finally meet again, father. For the first time, in a long time, we are together again. Such a pity that our reunion is that of conflict.? Ben Skywalker activated his lightsaber and slowly cocked it into an attack position.
    ?It grieves me, son, that it has finally come to this.? Luke slowly lowered the hood of his Jedi robe and reached for his own weapon, but did not activate it. He kept his vision on both the red blade and his son.
    ?This galaxy is not big enough for the two of us father. But that?s okay, it?s fine.? Ben?s gaze pierced deep into Luke with all the power of the weapon he held firmly in his grasp. ?I have bigger fish to fry now, for my destiny lies somewhere else. Somewhere, nobody could imagine possible.? He smiled, and took a slow breath. ?When I was in hiding not too long ago, I stumbled onto something. And it took me to a place where I could start a new life, father, a place where I will be treated like a god. And my powers would not be contested, and I could??
    ?No! This is not you talking Ben. I feel the anger in you, let it go or it?ll destroy you. I sense the Dark Side in you?
    ?Destroy me!? Ben protested. ?You have no idea, do you? All my life, I?ve had to listen to you preach day in, day out, how wonderful and all mighty your teachings are. Oh, I heard the stories alright, that you yourself once tried to get an understanding of the Dark Side, but failed. Almost losing your life in the process.? Ben chuckled quietly, rather amused at the thought.
    Luke?s mind suddenly raced with old memories, which almost seemed a complete lifetime ago. He recalled how the black void of the Dark Side used him to perform terrible acts. How the voice was like a demon and could not be talked down. It could not be stopped; the temptation was just too great. Luke thought back to his father, Anakin, and the struggle that he himself had been through.
    ?I found a way father. Where as you failed, I haven?t. Your whole life has been nothing but black and white. Half the wars that you yourself have been through should never have come about had you stood up for yourself. Had you not played the naive puppet to the Light Side, you wouldn?t be grieving the death of so many that have perished through the years.?
    ?I?m not a soldier Ben. The Jedi are not, and nor have they ever been mercenaries. We are simply keepers of the peace.? The old Jedi replied calmly. His words however, frustrated his son.
    ?You see? That?s where you fail! How are we supposed to keep the peace when we cannot fight? I was sick and tired of being held back, always wondering whether I was fighting in defence, and not attack. I witnessed my friends die, yet couldn?t seek the revenge that was necessary as it was not the Jedi way. Father, my life is not as simple as your black and white existence. I?ve embraced both light and dark powers, and it has made me the stronger man.?
    Luke shook his head. ?Then I must stop you son. For as much as it hurts me to do so, I cannot let you continue.? He could not comprehend where he had gone wrong with his son. Ben had always been a good kid. Never complained, and was always willing to learn. Had been Luke?s shadow since he knew how to walk, always asking questions and seeking advice from him.
    ?Too late for that, it seems.? Ben once again smiled and let go of his grip with his left hand. He revealed a small device attached to his free arm. ?This here is my ticket to a new world. I bid you farewell, father.?
    Luke ignited his green blade and shuffled around so that he was now on Ben?s left, which was open to an attack. ?Continue on, and the world you speak of will be the one after life. I cannot let you do this Ben?. Luke spoke sharper now, and slowly moved forward.
    ?So be it, father.? Ben lifted his saber down onto the green blade that awaited him. The power of both weapons sizzled and cracked under the strain of the clash between father and son.
  2. JediNathan

    JediNathan Jedi Padawan star 4

    Apr 21, 2002

    I would atleast like to know if this story is worth continuing or not. I have a basic outline with where I want to go with it, does the idea of StarWars characters invading real earth excite anyone?
  3. Sash

    Sash Jedi Youngling star 2

    Jan 11, 2003
    Gasp! Gasp ! (does that count as a double gasp? ;p ) Woah... what happened to Ben.. argh! it feels like everything has come back full cycle!!! :eek: but pls why is Luke dead???? :_| *wipes furiously at tears* well now Mara should go and kick some evil sith butt... well her son deserves a good spanking ;p Damn.... I still cant get over it... and I sure hope that ben realises that the only reason he won was because he CHEATED!!!! *sorry got carried away there* :p
  4. JediNathan

    JediNathan Jedi Padawan star 4

    Apr 21, 2002
    Yeah I thought it was time to continue the Skywalker trend.

    However I have plans for Luke to return as a spirit guide for a new Jedi, that will be refered to as an "OutSider" since the Jedi will be from Earth.

    The OutSider will have a battle with both Ben and his fellow people. So he takes upon two identities, one for his normal life where he can continue everyday things, and his other identity is of a Jedi, where he can stop Ben Skywalker invasion before it begins.

    Luke teaches the OutSider (Who will be called Nathan) the ways of the Force with the guide of a holocube. He is able to use the cubes power which unleashes a gate where he can train for what seems like years, but in reality is only a few minutes.

    I will probabaly continue it, but I would like to see some more ideas for this or even a bit more interest to keep me going pleeeease!! ;)
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