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    Not sure if anyone was planning on playing. Figured I would put the word out there about pre-orders and game codes for those that might not know.

    [link=]Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO[/link]

    While there is no firm game release date yet, only "Holiday Season 2011" being released. I can only assume that since Star Wars Galaxies is shutting down on December 15th, that I would put money on the game coming out right before or directly after SWG shutdown.

    If you pre-order The Old Republic, you get a Early Access game code.

    What does this code do? does it give you anything? Why yes it does. It serves 2 functions.

    1. It grants you access into the open Beta session starting in September. This is to test servers and so forth.

    2. If pre-ordered and redeemed soon enough, you get an early access pass. This means that probably (just like other MMO releases), you will get into live servers for play approx one week before those that did not pre-order.

    So get that game and redeem your code!

    If you are planning on playing Star Wars the Old Republic and want to join up with me, I have stated a Sith Empire faction sided guild. You can find our little page [link=]HERE[/link]

    If you join up, please put in the online app who you are so I know to approve it! Thanks and hope to see ya soon!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.