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Star Wars STAR WARS: The Old Republic

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Radiance, Dec 31, 2009.

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  1. Radiance

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    Sep 19, 2007

    War is a constant in this galaxy. One person or one side of some faction always clawing their way up for some scraps of power and personal gain. The Jedi face the Sith. The Republic faces the Empire.

    It?s always a constant. Perhaps this fact is one of the few absolutes in existence, and that fact is that so long as there is power to be had, people will fight, and kill each other for it. What makes it right? The Sith grasp for power as though it is their very life source. It is a means to an ultimate gain. They want dominion. The Jedi claim to stand in opposition to them, our defenders of peace and justice.

    At least the Sith are honest about their killing.

    The Jedi hide in their Temple, hording their knowledge and artifacts away from the rest of the galaxy for their own gain. They train day in and day out to continue being the strongest. They have a huge Temple and nearly an endless bank account to fund their missions. All provided by the Republic of course?

    So when does it end? When does the power struggle go away? Can there be peace? The answer is no. Not so long as people who want power exist. The Force is supposed to be the binds that tie the universe into a singular whole. It is everything and everywhere. Jedi speak of the Unifying Force. But in terms of a literal sense, what are they unifying? Their mystical bonds to the universe lead to chaos, destruction and death in the long run. Normal people are obliterated in their wars with the Sith. Their wars spill on to our shores, onto our homes. Every major conflict for the last 100 years has been caused at least in some way, due to a Force User?s ambition.

    It?s time for us to take things back into our own hands. It?s time for us to take charge again.

    It?s time for them to go away.


    From the journal of Tybris O?Shea, Commander of the Anti-Force User Society (AFUS)


    Step into the shoes of someone in the Old Republic! This game takes place during the events of the highly anticipated MMORPG coming out next year. It will be a side story that players can follow as they see fit.

    The central conflict is simple. People have become tired of being dragged into a ?Force War?. Commander O?Shea is going to do something drastic to make sure it never happens again. Either join him, oppose him, or simply stay in the main stream and fight the war as a Jedi or Sith.

    I do not have an ending planned for this game off the top of my head. The ending will be shaped by the players and the actions taken during the events of the game.

    So join or oppose, it is up to you!



    Obey the TOS
    GM word is law
    PM all Character Sheets to me for approval
    Be creative!


    Character Sheet

    Affiliation: (Jedi, Sith, Republic, Empire, AFUS)

    We can start as soon as we have a few players to go off of. I will always be accepting game applications as long as the game is still going, so if you don?t get in right away as soon as we start, don?t fret!

  2. Rev

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    Jan 3, 2005
    GM approved


    Name: Proteus Tan

    Race: [link=]Memit Nadill?s[/link] species

    Age: 24

    Affiliation: Jedi

    Appearance: Very similar to Memit Nadill?s, though with younger, smoother skin that ranges from chartreuse to turquoise.

    Weaponry: A curved variation of the praetorian-hilt lightsaber, composed nearly entirely of tungsten. Though its blade is actually pure white, it appears to be green due to Proteus having preformed a [link=]Jedi Forge[/link] ceremony upon the saber.

    Bio: Proteus Tan is one of the most promising young philosophers on Tython. He is one of several students under the tutelage of Wodan-Urr (himself the great nephew of the famous Draethos Jedi [link=]Odan-Urr[/link]). Being so close to knighthood, his master allows him to operate with near total autonomy.

    Since becoming an Apprentice himself, he has been the conclave?s instructor for younglings learning the Jedi Code. Though still technically a Padawan, even many Masters have sought his insights on numerous issues.

    However, his intense studies into metaphysics, ethics, political theory, and other philosophical topics have impeded his combat training. As a result, he struggles in regards to some active manifestations of the Force, such as telekinesis, and finds others such as healing others impossible. When he does randomly exhibit a power such as persuasion or speed, it is often as a result of instinct and not effort.

    He is far more proficient with passive Force abilities; predictive visions in particular come as naturally to him as breathing. He also seems to regularly benefit from highly providential outcomes which could only be attributed to the will of the Force.

    Proteus has received even less formal training in regards to lightsaber styles, not even being trained in Form I fully. Despite this, he is a celebrated dualist, defeating nearly all of his peers when sparring. They note that he seems to have developed his own unique form as an extension of his philosophy towards combat. It is particularly ferocious and ruthless, though without specific moves or positions. It rather focuses on the user becoming a passive weapon of the Force by totally conforming to its will. However, while effective against melee attacks, it is considerably weak against blaster fire. Instead of deflecting a shot, Proteus will often take cover.

    He has never been in combat before, though he is considerably less pacifistic than many of his fellow Jedi. He is an outspoken critic of the Treaty of Coruscant, believing that the righteous of the galaxy should confront the Darkside wherever it exists, be it the Sith, the Anti-Force User Society, the Republic, or even the Jedi Order itself.
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    Jan 1, 2010
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    Jan 1, 2010
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  5. Spatz

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    Oct 10, 2008
    Name: Firlance "Fir" DeShaadda
    Race: Squib
    Age: 22
    Affiliation: AFUS
    Weaponry: Blaster Carbine (a distant pre-developed model of the EE-3), Blaster Pistol (something of a Blastech model similar to that of the DC-17), vibro Dagger
    Bio: Firlance was born and raised on Coruscant, having been taught that any force user is quite untrustworthy and were usually the bane of Squibbian trade. Firlance grew up a rebel hating the norm of the Jedi appreciated culture of the republic. Fir quickly developped a trading habit unlike his species, one that revolved more around value than complications, a trit tha would be passed down throughout his family, much like his non-Squibbian accent. Fir eventually decided that joining the AFUS would be the best thing, and has become a seasoned member of the group.
    Other: Ironnically, many of Fir's descendents would come to posses some degree of force attunement and use.
  6. Master_Raam

    Master_Raam Jedi Youngling

    Jan 1, 2010
    [image=]Name: Al'hasad Moor a.k.a Darth Ravage

    Race: Devaronian

    Age: mid 30s

    Affiliation: (Jedi, Sith, Republic, Empire, AFUS) Sith

    Appearance: bright red and black sith tattoos decorate his entire body. He wears a black chest plate and a pair of black Gautlets, as well as a pair of black boots. His lower body is the lover half of a SIth robe. His left eye, right leg and right arm are robotic. His horns have spirals of gold around them.

    Weaponry: two red light sabers, which attach at the hilt to form a double bladed saber. He is more offten seen weilding two.

    Bio: Though he was formaly trained to be a jedi guardian, and showed great lightsaber combat promise, he felt that te jedi were holding him back, and that rage was the gateway to a powerful blade master, thus turning him to the dark side. He was trained by a twi'lek with sith tattoos, the same twi'lek saw his battle prowess and taught him the ways of combat, few sith survive the training due to its severity, but he passed the test and learned how to channel the power of the dark side into his combat skills, he was even favored enough to be covered from head to toe in sith tattoos, a symbol of high regaurd. When it came time for his test, he was placed in the tomb of Ajunta pall, where he was met by 10 of his sith classmates, each told the same thing.
    Live and be granted The title of sith.
    Al'hasad fought on for hours, eventually winning the contest, but not without a price, losing his eye, arm and leg in the battle. He hobbled from the tomb, looked his master full in the face, then spat at his shoes and said "You said it would be a challenge." then passed out. He awoke in a medical tube, all his limbs replaced with mechanical ones and his eye a glowing red orb. He was soon granted the title of Warmaster's apprentice and continues to learn the ways of sith combat. He was present at the storming of the jedi temple, during the sacking of coruscant.

  7. 92SE-R

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    Apr 15, 2005
    GM Approved.

    Name: Grosh Crander

    Race: Human - Mando'a

    Age: 32

    Affiliation: AFUS

    Appearance: Standing about 6'4" with a military posture, Grosh can be an imposing figure. He has short black hair with silver specks. His eyes are dark green and look even deeper because of his tanned skin. He has a tattoo indicating his demolitions expertise.

    Weapons: Heavy repeating blaster, modified hand blaster, vibroblade, and any demolitions ordinance.

    Bio: As soon as he turned 18, Grosh entered military service with the Sith Empire, mostly to get away from Mandalore. In the military he learned many traits, but seemed to excel at demolitions. He was assigned to an elite squad of soldiers, calling themselves Theta Squad. After serving for six years, Grosh grew tired of the military and decided to leave. He tried several different jobs, but really only excelled an mercenary work. Hearing about AFUS, Grosh saw his chance to finally take down the Sith and the Jedi, two sides of the same coin that he felt the galay could do without. He still likes to get his hands dirty, helping where ever is needed, especially if it requires blowing things up.
  8. chanbill5390

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    Jul 12, 2007
    Approved by the Radiant One

    Character Sheet

    Name: Fegru Gedar
    Race: Kel Dor
    Age: 36
    Affiliation: Jedi


    Weaponry: Two lightsabers with pommel attachable vibroblades should those be rendered inoperable. Oh, and his fists.


    Born on Dorin he was originally taken to be trained by the Baran Do Sages, shortly afterward being taken in by the Jedi Order, his affinity for Force and melee combat being shown quite efficient as he was pretty good hand to hand combat as well as basic and some advanced melee weapons. Shortly after being brought into Jedi custody he noticed that things were not nearly as they were back home, try as he might he had a hard time adjusting to this new way of life, with the advent of the Sith wars however he found himself much more useful, on the field of battle he was far more effective than in an archive building sorting through mass volumes on random trivia. When the wars subsided however it was back to the Temple for the more mundane duties, the only even remotely exciting one being that of Temple security.

    Impatient as he was, however, he did eventually make it to the rank of master, partially out of actual worth, partially due to desperation by the Order to promote new masters to train their increased number of padawans. He was never given any direct authority to train one particular individual, however he was placed among many other masters in the basic combat training courses taught at the Temple. He also took over instructing in the practical use of combat oriented Force abilities, particularly those dealing with environmental alteration and and physical enhancement, as well as basics in foresight and low level telepathy. He preferred teaching those students that showed the least progress, opting to give them particular focus so that they could keep up with the others in the classes, much to their delight as they would eventually surpass their fellows under his instruction.

    He can however feel the flames of conflict on the horizon, rising like a dark sun onto the galaxy, and smothering it with it's darkness. He hopes his training and the training he has passed down will be sufficient in helping to avert this catastrophe, but he feels it may take more than that, it may take more than the Jedi to keep this dark fate from falling on an already scarred galaxy.

    Oh, and glad to be back on the boards.
  9. Radiance

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    Sep 19, 2007
    Name: Shane Tessin

    Race: Human
    Age: 36

    Affiliation: Sith Inquisitor

    Appearance: Shock blue eyes, trimmed brown hair that seems to have a mind of it?s own on where it wants to stay. Long angry scar down his left eye (obviously from a lightsaber). Black sleeveless shirt. Sith tattoo?s adorning both arms, single shoulder pauldron strapped to his frame with a diagonal length of black leather down his chest. He wears a black leather Kama that he took from a dead Mandalorian soldier, loose black pants with thigh and shin plates. Red lines run along the outlines of his clothing, accenting the dark colors.

    Weaponry: Single dark purple double bladed lightsaber, Primary Force powers, strongest in lightning manipulation

    Bio: Not a soldier, but not an officer either. Shane Tessin is an Inquisitor. A very dangerous Force user that bends beings as easily as he bends Force Lightning. He doesn?t rely much on straight ligthsaber combat, though he is no strange to such things. Ordinarily he decides to mix up his fighting style by infusing his shocking blue Force Lighting into lightsaber attacks.

    As most in the Inquisition believe, Shane also believes that he is above most authority and finds that common soldiers are beneath him.

    OOC: Opening post coming soon!
  10. Radiance

    Radiance Jedi Padawan star 4

    Sep 19, 2007
    Holo-net News

    ?Beings throughout the galaxy, we have finally come to the one year anniversary of the Sacking of Coruscant. One galactic standard year ago, the Sith Empire attacked the heart of the Republic and the Jedi and defeated them on their own ground. We have since seen a shaky treaty formed between the Empire and the Republic, though reports are still rolling in to this day, detailing skirmish battles all over the Outer Rim, threatening to pull back into the Core worlds.

    We have been steadfast in the midst of chaos and the Holo-Net News would like to give a big congratulations for that. We encourage you all to remain strong in this time of peace, for we all know what would happen should such a Peace be broken.

    (The reporter looks up at something behind the camera and frowns as she reads on)

    ?..Which is why it is the opinion of this media stream that we break the Peace and throw the Galaxy back into conflict. We believe that the Jedi are liars and traitors to their own cause, and the Sith are simply barbarians hell bent on breaking the galaxy down planet by planet until there is nothing left in their crusade to kill the Jedi. We say, let them. And when the smoke clears, take them out too. As long as a single Force Sensitive individual lives, there will be war. We should fight to eradicate the Force Wielders in the galaxy so that we can finally be free from oppression.

    That is why we are asking that any able bodied male or female listening or watching this broadcast, go and?

    (Reporter looks up again with a horrified and sickening look on her face)

    ?and buy a blaster, and begin to hunt those that would call themselves our watchers. It is time we broke free. It was time we made ourselves known. No longer will we stand by and watch some overpowered tyrant or mystical quack run our governments.

    ?Come, brothers and sisters. Rally to the Anti-Force User Society. Together we will free? I can?t read this load of bantha dung anymore! Who in the nine corellian hells do you think you a?.

    (Broadcast terminated)

    IC: Commander O?Shea

    The reporter slumped to the floor, a burning hold smoking from her chest. Tybris O?Shea holstered his blaster and turned to his soldiers, who had been working the cameras and studio equipment for the broadcast.

    ?Let?s go. Before the security force gets here. The last thing we need is to lose men in a fight with normal people.?

    Everyone nodded and began packing up their gear and securing exits. Each of them had a black uniform with a grey chest armor adorned in different ways. But all of them wore the same shoulder patch. Red letters outlined in black on their left biceps.


    Hopefully that will bolster our ranks a bit. And even if it doesn?t, the Mystics know that someone is gunning for them now. This war will be over soon?

    Tag all.

    OOC: You can post listening to the broadcast and then go from there, or have heard about it somehow. Other than that, let the game begin!
  11. 92SE-R

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    Apr 15, 2005
    OOC: sorry if the post is a little long, but figured a decent background couldn't hurt the story. :)


    IC: Grosh Crander
    Location: Keldabe, Mandalore

    Grosh sat in the cantina, dressed in his armor with his helmet sitting by his side, sipping his ale, when the owner, an older man in his late fifties perhaps, made an announcment.

    "Hey everyone, you gotta hear this!"

    He went to the holo-receiver and turned the volume all the way up. Grosh listened as the reporter talked. He noticed that she was clearly not comfortable with what she was saying, which usually meant the person was not into what they were saying. His suspicions were confirmed when at the end, just before the signal was cut off, she started to protest.

    The cantina was silent for a moment, and the owner went and turned the receiver off. He walked over to Grosh, who was sitting in a booth by himself.

    "Mind if I have a seat, ner vod?" he asked Grosh.

    "Help yourself, it's your place afterall," Grosh casually responded.

    Sitting with a slight grunt, the older man smiled at Grosh.

    "I've noticed that you are fairly new around here. I've only seen you in here within the past month or so, which usually means you have either moved to the area, or you're getting ready to move out of the area."

    Grosh only nodded in response.

    The man stared at him for a moment.

    "So what do you think of that?" he asked, thumbing in the general direction of the holo-receiver.

    "I think it's about time," Grosh coldy replied. "The galaxy has been through too many wars because of those mystic spooks. Too many people killed in the name of their wars, in the name of the Republic, or the Empire. It's about time someone took a stand against them."

    The old man just nodded.

    "The name is Ashby," he finally said with his hand out across the table, ready to shake.

    "Grosh," he responded, taking the old man's hand in the traditional Mandalorian handshake.

    "Glad to meet you. I always like to get to know my customers personally. Makes it easier to help people out if needed. Also makes this place feel more like a home away from home."

    "That explains the name of your place, Yaim'la."

    "Can I ask you something, Grosh? Perhaps a bit personal?"

    "You can ask, but I might not answer."

    "Fair enough. Have you been raised on Mandalore your whole life, or have you actually been off-world? And why the hatred for Force users?"

    Grosh gulped down the rest of his ale.

    "I was raised in a small town outside of Enceri, but left to join the Sith Empire when I was 18. That was 14 years ago. I served the Sith for a few years, excelling in demolitions. I fought countless skirmishes for them, mostly against the Jedi and the Republic, but sometimes against simple uprisings. After a few too many objectives became 'accidental' killings, I decided to get out. I made pretty good living as a merc, and saved enough to buy my own starship. Just recently I decided to move back to Mandalore. I didn't realise how much I missed this place until I came back."

    Grosh looked down at the table, then back up at Ashby.

    "Sorry, I don't know why I told you that much. Just needed to unload I guess."

    "It's alright, ad, I know where you're coming from. It explains a lot about the colors on your armor. Is it plastoid?"

    Grosh laughed.

    "No, genuine beskar. Fitted with a few gadgets of my own, of course."

    Grosh stood and grabbed his helmet.

    "I appreciate the talk, Ashby. Unfortunately I don't think I'll be back in anytime soon. I need to go find the AFUS, and see if they could use my help."

    "Anytime, Grosh."

    Ashby stood and took Grosh's arm.

    "Shereshoy, Gro'ika"

    "You stay safe too, Ashby. Next time I'm in town I'll be sure to drop in and say hi."

    Walking out of the small cantina, Grosh put his helmet on. After walking several blocks, he came to the landing area that he put his starship in. We walked past rows of other startships, until he reached his. He paused as he walked up to it. To him it wa
  12. Rev

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    Jan 3, 2005
    IC: Proteus Tan
    Location: Tython

    [image=] [image=]

    As he made his way across the Tython conclave to the classroom where he instructed younglings on the Jedi Code, Proteus Tan was aware than many of his students would have watched the same Holo-net News broadcast that he had just seen himself. He would have to address these new dissidents as part of his lesson for the day, and knew just how to do so.

    ?Younglings,? he announced as he entered, ?Think back to your earlier lessons; the first precept: ?There is no emotion, only peace.? We Jedi do not teach that ?there is no war, only peace,? but rather we contrast emotion with peace. For a Jedi, peace is not the absence of war, or of any other external factor. True peace comes from within. It is the faithful and trusting surrender of your own will to that of the Greater Force. A Jedi may slay a thousand foes in a great and terrible battle, yet through it all remain at peace.

    ?I remind you of this because war may soon be upon us once again, and depending upon how long it lasts you yourselves might receive the honor of service and the glory of battle, the same as I. Today is my day as your instructor. I spent all my years as a Padawan among scrolls and Holocrons, assuming the Great Galactic War would still be raging when I became a Knight, but was robbed of the chance to fight when the Treaty of Coruscant was signed. I will not miss my opportunity again.

    ?The galaxy has a new foe, as some of you have seen. The Dark Side surrounds them, as it does all who commit evil, however great or small. We Jedi daily fight the Dark Side in ourselves; these xenophobes embrace the darkness without even realizing it. They may not be able to lift objects with their minds or persuade the weak minded, but the Force exists in all living creatures, so that even ones as seemingly weak as themselves can cause the ruin of many.

    ?Yet fear not. Our cause is righteous and just. If we place our hope not in ourselves or our abilities, but in the Force above, none can stand against us. So I leave you for the last time, ready to embark on a journey of my own to bring justice to the galaxy. May the Force be with me.?
  13. Littledawg

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    Aug 19, 2008


    Name: Karn Fell
    Race: Human
    Age: 25
    Height: 6 feet 0 inches
    Weight: 180 lbs
    Physical Appearance: Althleticly built, but over all thin. Slightly tanned with pale white scars on his hands and arms. One smaller scratch along his left eye. Brownish hair with black streaks on the side.
    Clothing: Brown Jedi Knight robes
    Armor: No armour
    Weapons: One blue two handed lightsaber
    Other items: Utility belt containing survival gear and one bacta injection serum for excrutiating injuries.
    Personality: Reclusive with few friends as he has learned attachment can lead to great distress, watching those you care about die can drive you insane.
    Combat specialty: lightsaber combat, User of Form 5(Djem So), and Form 2(Makashi)
    Affiliation: Jedi
    Rank: Knight
    Bio: Born on the Crown Jewel of the republi Karn was recognized as Force sensitive immediatly after his birth. Taken to the Jedi temple he was assigned to an apprentice class at age 5 and graduated to Padawan at the age of 12. He followed his Jedi master on several dangerous missions against Sith opposition usally staying away from battle until he was 17 then he killed his first sith opponent. a battle that raged for 4 hours on the planet of Yavin 4, through jungles and temples and from one side of the planet to the other, at the end he had vanquished his enemy and went into a coma for 2 days.
  14. chanbill5390

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    Jul 12, 2007
    IC: Fegru Gedar

    Fegru heard the news broadcast from his dark corner in the local cantina, he wasn't at all surprised that some fanatic cell would suddenly revealed itself, in all his meditations, in all his focus on the passage of time, he knew something like this would occur, and he had come to handle the situation as best as he could. His training had prepared him for this, all his life he had honed his body to perform as it's own melee weapon, and to learn how to use anything in his environment to his advantage, from the smallest grain of sand, to the largest stone.

    "Thanks for the drink." he said upon leaving the bar and tossing the barkeeper a credit chip. "I have business to attend." he added and he immediately made for the Holo-net's chief recording station, lightsaber hilts not far from his palms, their vibroblade counterparts not far behind. 'Take out every Force sensitive being? What a joke, clearly they forget, the Force creates them, they'd have to eradicate all life to stop Force sensitives from being made.' he thought, his silver eyes creasing at the very idea, the utter destruction of every lifeform in the galaxy made him sick.

    He made the turn and calmly walked in to the front doors of the broadcast headquarters, approaching the doors to the primary recording chamber. He knew the enemy would have had ample time to prepare, so had he, years of expectation leading to making himself an advanced warrior, a warrior that would be more than capable of handling himself. Something else however he regretted having to admit, if these psychopaths actually succeeded, he would have no choice to ally himself with those he had long ago fought. The Sith would be his only chance of keeping the Force strong in the galaxy.

    He walked through the door of the recording room, he saw a dead reporter, and a few scattered individuals around her, he heard security rushing in behind him, he quickly closed and locked the door for their own safety, if these individuals were prepared to fight Sith and Jedi, a few security guards would be easy picking.

    "You don't intend to leave without an escort do you?" Fegru inquired drawing his lightsabers and igniting their turquoise and emerald blades, and proceeding to attack them to his dual vibroblades. "Now I can't allow that, it wouldn't be very Jedi of me now would it?" he added crossing the blades of colored light before him. "Now will this be dealt with peacefully or am I going to have to implement these." he added spinning his blades around himself in a sudden blur of flashing colors and metal.

    TAGL Radiance, any others at the station.
  15. Radiance

    Radiance Jedi Padawan star 4

    Sep 19, 2007
    IC: Jedi Master Jorn Morell

    The human Jedi Master Jorn Morell had been listening to the lecture by the doorway. As it had gone on, a frown began to etch itself onto his features. The class ended and he turned into the room, stopping Proteus Tan before he could leave. He waited for the younglings to file out before setting sights on his fellow Jedi.

    ?I am most disappointed in that lecture, Jedi Tan. You method of describing the situation within the code was correct after a fashion, but it is troubling to see such a promising disciple of the Force rushing off to battle those weaker than we are. The Force is a gift. Not a weapon. I think you must have forgotten the real meaning of the Code. ?There is no emotion, there is peace?. It tells us that we should not give in to the darkness within ourselves, that we should push aside our personal need and gain a state of serenity. Yearning for combat and rushing to battle is not our way. We will re-instruct the young ones later, but as it stands, I believe you put the wrong idea in their impressionable minds.?

    The Master placed his hands behind his back and gripped his arms at the wrists.

    ?As it stands, we have yet another threat to think about. No overt action has been taken against us nor the Sith thus far, we should not be so eager to create an opportunity where these fanatics can take advantage of putting our Order into the lime light. We must consider our options, and let events play out as the Force wills. And furthermore, I found the last part of the lesson the most disturbing. It sounds as though you are going off by yourself to fight someone you cannot see, then wish the Force to be with you. Imagine what that sounds like for a child Jedi Tan. You would sound like you were planning to die, the proclamation of the Force is granted to all, not just an individual. Thus, ?May the Force be with You.? Or ?Us?. Never ?I? or ?Me? when addressing a group.

    You should not hold Jedi above the rest of the galaxy Jedi Tan. We are protectors. Not dictators. Our missions are intended to send us places we are requested, to solve problems peacefully. I would have hoped that you would have gained that wisdom by this point. ?

    Jorn crossed his arms across his chest.

    ?What say you??

    tag Rev

    IC: Commander O?Shea

    O?Shea turned slowly as he heard the doors shut.

    "You don't intend to leave without an escort do you? Now I can't allow that, it wouldn't be very Jedi of me now would it?

    The Commander of AFUS straight and tall, looking at the Kel Dorian Jedi before him, brandishing his lightsabers.

    ?Now will this be dealt with peacefully or am I going to have to implement these."

    O?Shea smiled ruefully.

    ?My, my how the galaxy turns. I hope you realize that you being here, and doing what you?re doing now is doing nothing more than proving my point to the galaxy. You Mystics are above the law of civilization. A simple matter like this should be handled by the security forces that you just willfully shut out of that door, while you yourself come in search of a bloodbath. Jedi and Sith use people to their advantage. When you commandeer a speeder from a civilian, you never return it. But that civilian has a family, and a job, and a life, Jedi. That speeder gets them too and from work, to make money to feed their children.

    When you enter conflict, you cut down an individual. If there are no witnesses, you don?t even stay when the police forces show up to get a statement to find out what happened. Again, above the law of citizens you claim to protect. You Jedi, are the worst kind of scum. At least the Sith are honest about their killing. You burst in here to alleviate a stand down action with nothing more than your weapons and big talk. Ever, the willing combatant. Willing to kill and not to answer for your crimes.?

    It was obvious that O?Shea was getting passionate about his speech. He took a step forward towards the Jedi standing before him, though still keeping well out of range.

    ?Not. Any. More.?

    A do
  16. Rev

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    Jan 3, 2005
    ?You are right to see that my teaching do not conform to the popular beliefs of our day, but that does not make them unorthodox. Wiser masters than yourself have realized that what I preach is far more in line with the philosophy of the ancient Jedi that first built this Tython conclave than anything expounded by the present zeitgeist. There is a time for peace? and a time for war. Now is the time for war.

    ?I can see where you are coming from that you should place so high a value upon civil peace. It is an error that many Jedi make. But our real duty is first and foremost to justice and righteousness. Perhaps if you had sat in with the youngling on some of my previous lessons as well you would have known that.

    ?So I will not allow you to dissuade me. I know in the Force that the trial which shall earn me knighthood shall be found on the field of battle. I am leaving in the morning for Coruscant in order to request a commission in the Army of the Republic. As for my younglings, I intend to recommend to the council that another one of my Master Wodan-Urr?s Padawans complete their instruction. That way I can be sure they will not be reeducated.

    ?Farewell, Jorn Morell, and may the Force be with you, for I am not sure that it is.?

  17. Radiance

    Radiance Jedi Padawan star 4

    Sep 19, 2007
    IC: Jedi Master Jorn Morell

    Jorn listened with scrutiny. The Padawan spoke to a Jedi Master as though he were nothing but a mere child.

    He was almost startled at the lash back that the padawan was giving him. Things were simply not done that way. A Padawan was supposed to respect Masters and subsequent ranks of the Order. And here this young Jedi who had yet to become a Knight was talking back bluntly and disregarding everything he had said. And on top of that, was speaking about going to war.

    ?Unfortunately the act of going to war, and offering yourself to a militaristic cause is not your decision. You are not forced to be here Proteus, but if you remain a Jedi you will respect our foundations. These younglings do not belong to you, nor do you have a say in who teaches whom. The council will assign another instructor for them for a proper education. The council will grant you your trials at no later a time than they see fit, you do not decide what your trials will be. Skill in battle is not what it takes to make a Jedi Knight. I think you need to cool your thrusters and take a few hours in the meditation chamber. You are treading a very fine line here. You must realize that going to war is against the Council?s wishes, they will not grant you leave to do so, meaning they do not support you to go to war, further implicating that you will be furthering yourself from becoming a Knight, if not treading upon the terminator line of being expelled from the Order for utter defiance to the Council.?

    Jorn moved in front of the Padawan and blocked his path.

    ?I don?t wish to see you treading this path Proteus. It is leading you towards a dark future.?

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  18. chanbill5390

    chanbill5390 Jedi Knight star 4

    Jul 12, 2007
    IC: Fegru Gedar

    'Well would you look at that. They actually thought that far ahead. Though a bit shortsighted to think I thought this would be easy.'Fegru thought as he put his weapons back and proceeded to thrust his palm to the ground, almost immediately shards of flooring flew out intercepting much of the slugs, simultaneously thrusting himself into the air where he spun around to land behind one of the shock troopers. Immediately using him as a makeshift shield as he used his momentum to gain control of the other figure, the shocktrooper eventually became dead weight as all the slugs being shot at him took their toll, unable to maintain the encumbering weight Fegru leapt once more, taking a few glancing shots to his shoulders, lessened slightly by the toughened leather he preferred to wear. He then focused through the ensuing pain of a much more accurate shot to his lower back, he fell, but not without quickly regaining his footing, the wound wasn't fatal, not nearly as bad as it could have been had he been shot just a few inches higher.

    'Damn.' Fegru thought as he landed behind the reporter's station, the desk getting ripped apart by enemy fire. He focused on his more major injuries, he had to at least stop any bleeding, if it lasted too long he'd pass out. He sealed the few scattered holes in his shoulders and back easily, but his lower back was another story, he pulled out one of his lightsabers and gently applied it to the wound, cauterizing it quickly, but he knew he'd need better treatment, he also knew he didn't have that time now. Just as a slug blasted through the desk next to his head he called on the Force to speed himself up. He rushed around the room striking any of the soldiers he could, knocking them out cold, as he passed the door controls he opened the door back up, he admitted that the leader of this group was right in that way, he was foolish to think he could do this on his own. He could hear a volley of fire enter the room and strike a few of the now distracted fanatics, taking out even more individuals. There were still quite a few left and the leader, but with security involved and a Jedi veteran, would they really risk it?

    "I think it's time that you either surrender or make your grand escape, because I assure you that if you remain and continue this, there will be more bloodshed than there should ever be need for, there already has been." he said looking at the body of the reporter over on the ground, and then to the leader's fallen comrades. "You claim to know so much about the Jedi and the Sith, you know nothing of the prices we pay. How many thousands of our kind have died doing what we thought was right, what we did in the name of the Republic. Yet you think we do not pay for what we do, the lives we take, every day I hear the screams of the lives taken by those who claim to do the Force's will, I agree that we may not know it's true will, but we do the best we can." Fegru said. "You honestly think that we do what we do heedless of the consequence? If that is true you are far more misguided than any individual in the galaxy. And to believe you can eradicate the Force from the people of the galaxy, you cannot get them all, because every day the Force makes one more person who could become a Jedi, a Sith, a Baran Do Sage, this action would be genocide against some species. To erase every Jedi, every Sith, every Force sensitive lifeform would be a war crime unlike any other in history, even worse than the multiple genocidal conflicts before. You would be destroying entire species, entire worlds. Could you live with yourself knowing you have killed so many simply out of your own ignorance?" he added his eyes narrowing.

    "Because if you can I can honestly say you are the greatest evil to ever grace the stars." he added drawing his weapons once more. "Every time I use these I think 'How many more lives will I end up taking, trying to make the galaxy safe, serving the Order I serve in the way I serve it.' I prefer it when I never have to use these, yes I was trained basically from birth to
  19. Radiance

    Radiance Jedi Padawan star 4

    Sep 19, 2007
    IC: Commander O?Shea

    The Jedi was talented. It figured their first catch was to be a hardened veteran. It didn?t mean it was impossible. But given the circumstances and their current numbers, it was highly improbable.

    ?Well, a Jedi with a conscious. If only you would have thought about the facts early in your career, people like me might not be in the situation standing. And yet look at you now. You standing there, bleeding and wounded. Only now do you admit to the people who should have handled the situation in the first place, that you need help. You use them as you see fit. Only when you cant handle something do you require help. You preach about how you understand and even as you say that, you further my truth and push down your own lies. Does your hypocrisy know no bounds??

    Of the security detail standing behind Fegru, one looked at another and realized that O?Shea was right. The Jedi was getting torn up by slug fire and then he let them in as nothing less than a distraction. Two of the six put down their blasters and walked over to O?Shea?s side.

    ?He?s absolutely right. You Jedi don?t care about anything but yourselves. How can you stand there and give that heart throb story about darkness and understanding when you used us in the process?!?

    The guards still standing firm behind the Jedi drew close, forming a wedge behind Fegru.

    ?What do you want to do Jedi? This isn?t looking good. We are at a bit of a stalemate right now.?

    O?Shea turned his back on the fight to look around at his fallen men. Most were just unconscious.

    ?You spared my men today, so I will let you live a little longer. But remember that your beloved Force has corrupted every last person it has touched, in some way or another. Until all of the ones responsible for devastation come to face the music. You, my Kel Dorian Jedi, are living in a dream world. It?s time to wake up.?

    He raised his wrist comm. again and spoke quietly into it. The remaining men began gathering their comrades and dragged them to the holes that the shock troopers had made upon entry. One shock trooper was left standing out of the two that had entered. He and the two betrayed guards stood with weapons ready at the opposing group. The sound of a shuttle was heard through the two holes as O?Shea approached them. The ship came to a halt and extended a gangplank for the hurt or unconscious soldiers.

    All of them evacuated to the shuttle, leaving the three guardsmen and O?Shea with the Jedi and backup.

    ?Alright boys lets go.?

    All three backed up carefully, keeping their eyes on the Jedi at all times.

    ?Till next time Jedi. Don?t expect to walk away from that one.?

    The Commander gave Fegru a two fingered salute and stepped back on the gangplank and into the shuttle, to be spirited away from the scene as sirens were heard coming to the broadcast building.

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  20. Rev

    Rev Jedi Master star 2

    Jan 3, 2005
    IC: Proteus Tan

    Proteus was hardly surprised by Morell?s response. Though Tan had never met him before, he?d met many other Masters like him. They didn?t really resent him for his arrogance, but rather for the fact that he had every right to be arrogant. Here was a Padawan whom half the members of the High Council regularly looked to for insight and wisdom. Of course, the other half of the council, the traditionalists, would likely expel him from the Order if they thought they could votes to do so. Tan?s teachings were divisive, to say the least. But it was the same for every great Jedi before him.

    One consequence of this was that Proteus had always been prepared for the possibility of a future for himself apart from the Jedi, either due to expulsion, schism, or by his own volition. Membership in the Order only interested him insofar as the Order served the Force. But if the Order erred from the path of righteousness and began to turn away from the light, as Proteus observed many Jedi doing already, he wouldn?t hesitate for a second to leave it.

    Of course, that was the worst case scenario. He would much rather lead the Order than leave it, and that too was very much a possibility. Under his leadership true reformation could take place.

    Proteus laughed to himself: the coming war with the AFUS and the Sith was in many was more simple than the academic and philosophical battles that had been waging within the conclave?s walls. A terrorist or Dark Jedi could be solved with a lightsaber, but no saber could ever cut through the ignorance displayed by Morell and those like him.

    Proteus wasn?t going to give Morell the satisfaction of a response.

    ?If you?d step aside, Jorn, but there?s much for me to do. I?ve got a busy day tomorrow.?

  21. chanbill5390

    chanbill5390 Jedi Knight star 4

    Jul 12, 2007
    IC: Fegru Gedar

    Fegru watched as the assailants left, taking with them their still living comrades, and removing the dead in turn. He turned to those remaining guards that remained behind him, that stood faithful to what he stood for, but he knew their faith had been sorely tried.

    "I am sorry for what happened here today, I know there is nothing I can do to make up for it, I know no amount of credits or promises or anything else will ever be enough to make up for all the pain that has been caused. I am sure that many of you feel that you should have joined them, that they are true in their words. They may very well be, the Jedi, the Sith, we may all be obsolete compared to the warriors seen here today. However they will never be able to solve things through diplomacy, through their actions today they show they know only violence. Call me a hypocrite if you will, I am responsible for the death of one of their number, the incapacitation of a good number of the rest, I admit I am violent in my methods. But I am also willing to negotiate, I could have continued the assault, and could have called in reinforcements, but I let them leave and take into consideration my actions, if the Jedi Are truly as their leader thinks, then I should have killed them all and not even registered it." he said to the guards.

    "I am sorry you were dragged in, I'm sorry that I led you into what may have very well gotten you killed, I'm sorry it was at the expense of the chance I might live or die. I know that it appears that I used you as a distraction, I know it is....I know, I know, I know. He's right, all we ever say is 'we know' do you want to know what I don't know? I don't know if there is a single one of you here that would like to kill me now, kill me where as the man in there did not. I will ask that if anyone does hold such a feeling that they not act on it, if you do I will have no choice but to defend myself, and I do not want any more bloodshed, I don't even want to see another being killed due to this endless conflict that engulfs the galaxy whenever peace is just on the horizon." he added as he took a seat on a bench near a water fountain in the lobby.

    He was emotionally drained, the hate he felt in that room was more than he had ever felt, more so even than the Sith he had long combated. At least their hate he understood, they had been persecuted endlessly by the Jedi nearly extinguished many times. But these individuals, they hated every Force user with every fiber of their being, they had not been nearly driven to extinction on every basis, yes they had been in the middle, but every time one side was their for them when the other was not. He placed his hands over his face and tears began to fall from his silver rimmed eyes, what good could anyone do against such pure hatred? He slowly began regaining his composure, rubbing the excess moisture from his face he stood up and walked over to the main desk.

    "I'm so sorry." he added to the face of the young woman who sat there, her face a strange melding of shock, sorrow, rage, and maybe even pity. "I need to go, so unless someone here has the desire to kill me right now I'll be leaving, know only that if I could change the course that history has taken, I most assuredly would." he concluded and he walked out into the light outside, news crews and local law enforcement already rushing through, his face would no doubt be on the holonet, he just wondered in what lighting, he could see the headlines now Reckless Jedi Fights off Fanatics, or Mad Mystic Terrorizes the Holonet. He prayed that the Order would not feel the sting of his actions, and that at the very least he would be given a mandatory leave of absence to take into effect that he had done.

    He eventually made his way to where he had parked his personal transport, not surprised when he found it damaged and riddled with graffiti things like 'Death to the Force' and 'Jedi Murderer', he knew that it was only time before he would be ganged up on, he could tell not much more than the outer layer was damaged, it would be fine to
  22. Master_Raam

    Master_Raam Jedi Youngling

    Jan 1, 2010
    IC: Darth Ravage on Korriban

    Darth Ravage sat in meditation, his mind focused on the flow of the dark side. Around him 6 metal pipes floated in a circular flowing motion, then all of the sudden the pipes burst into bright red life, reaveling six lightsabers, all of them now still, straight in the air. Out of the shadows stepped a cloaked figure, but before he could react, five blades closed in on him and engaged him in combat, he barely had time to draw his double bladed saber.
    Mean while, Darth Ravage very calmly stood up and grabbed the last floating saber and spun it in the air with masterful skill. He opened his eyes and watched the figure battle the floating weapons, his every move blocky and stiff, clear sign of either an apprentice or one who is more adept in the the practical application of the dark side. He sneered at the unworthy apponent, wishing that he had not disturbed his meditations. Darth ravage pulled the meditation cloak of reaveling his bare chest, covered in sith tattoos, and his mechanical arm. His glowing red eye locked onto the target in the dark and called off his lightsabers, four of them finding a place on his waist, the fifth in his off hand. He put the blades to his preys neck and prepared to decapitate him, when he said:
    "wait! I was sent by my master to deliver this to you!!"
    Anger filled him as he learned that his meditation was disturbed for such a trivial reason.
    "Give me the message."
    The apprentice handed him a small blue square. He took it, then very calmly swung his saber in an arc killing the apprentice on the spot, then placed the sabers on his belt and played the message, watching a reporter slander the sith and speak of hunting Jedi. He hated jedi but thought of them as his only worthy opponents and wanted no bounty hunters killing them, that was his job. He put on his armor and robes and headed of to his ship, he had some hunters to hunt.

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  23. Radiance

    Radiance Jedi Padawan star 4

    Sep 19, 2007
    IC: Shane Tessin

    Darkness. Absolute darkness.

    The Force swirled around Shane like a wild tempest. The Dark Side of the Force was at his command, as it always had been.

    Shane had seen the broadcast and it had made him chuckle. His meditations had revealed little on the matter but sitting and trying to muddle over what-ifs was not really his style. Shane was a ?doer?. He was a puppet master and the galaxy was his toy, with the Force acting as his strings. There was little he did not know how to do with the Force. But the current predicament was a bit interesting.

    Not only was the Empire engaging in skirmish battles with the Jedi, even through the cease fire agreement, but now a new group had sprung up to cause trouble, not only for the Jedi, but Sith as well. Shane felt nothing towards the new group besides mild interest. The hunters of AFUS were going to be a minor threat as far as he could see. The Jedi might try to reason with them to stand down and change their ways. But the Sith Empire was not so soft. They would simply eradicate the enemy whenever found.

    Shane stood slowly and deliberately from his cross-legged position in his chambers. A lot could be said about someone by the way they lived. Shane lived very well. He was a very handsome man by human standards, and he knew it. His chambers were covered from top to bottom in evidence of his personal vanity. Mirrors and rich clothing. Soft pillows and silken sheets. An ornamental podium with a crystal case that held his double bladed lightsaber, which was resting on a plush crimson cushion.

    I suppose these upstarts need to be dealt with. Though interestingly enough, it does provide us with a rare opportunity. With AFUS granting an offensive front on two factions, we have the opportunity to take advantage of the Jedi being thrown off guard. Additionally, the Republic will probably be stepping up to try and quell AFUS. Yes this provides us with a very nice opportunity indeed.

    Shane crossed the room and lifted the crystalline case away from his precious lightsaber. It truly was one of a kind. The design was absolutely unique. The shaft of the hilt was near-transparent. Two perfectly cut violet crystals were held secure by four conducting spokes that were attached to the wall of the clear material. The inner circuitry was subtle in the casing, being concealed near the emitter nozzles by a golden clasp above the crystals themselves. But the thing that was really unique about the weapon was that unlike all of it?s counterparts with other wielders, this lightsaber had no power supply.

    Because the power source was Shane.

    In order to activate the dual blades of his preferred weapon, Shane had to channel his Force Lightning through the hilt just enough to power the wiring without frying it. He had only achieved this feat a few years prior when he had mastered the art of Lightning. His blackened and burned flesh that resided on the tips of his fingers were covered by elegant black leather gloves.

    Shane took his lightsaber and clipped it to his belt. It was time to work. But first, he wanted to investigate something.

    An hour passed and found Shane in his preferred garb of armor, a single pauldron strapped to his shoulder, and a ceremonial Kama from a fallen Mandalorian warrior. The under armored Sith was walking up the steps of the former Jedi Temple. The main doors remained broken even a year later, but stood blocked by a large, crude slab of duracrete. Shane glared at the giant slab and immediately it began to shake. The heavy stone slowly began to slide out of the way, leaving an opening big enough for Shane to comfortably walk through.

    Inside of the abandoned temple, Shane?s footsteps echoed everywhere. Anything of great value had been stripped from the halls a long time prior. In any event. Shane wasn?t here for trinkets. And he wasn?t wearing his combat gear for no reason either.

    He got 100 paces inside of the empty and darkened hall before he felt them. One, no.. Two people who were able toe touch the
  24. 92SE-R

    92SE-R Jedi Master star 3

    Apr 15, 2005
    IC: Grosh

    Grosh woke up from his nap, the beeping of his auto-pilot alerting him of the ship's soon to be drop from hyperspace. He streched as best he could in the cockpit and pressed a button on the control panel to let the ship know he was awake and alert. He watched the counter on the nav come down to zero and he pulled the levers back, dropping the ship back into real space. A few thousand kilometers in front of him was Onderon. Grosh let the Nakar'tuur sit in the emptiness of space, not firing his thrusters. He did a quick scan of the area, making sure that he wasn't going to be blind sided by any pirates. Once we was certain there were no immediate threats, he pushed the ship toward the planet.

    Passing the outer markers for the planet, a voice came through the radio.

    "Unidentified fighter, this is Onderon Security, state your business and activate your ship's transponder."

    Grosh shook his head.

    "Di'kut, how do you forget to activate your transponder?" Grosh said to himself inside his helmet.

    "Transponder activated," Grosh replied to the voice on the planet, "My name is Grosh Crander, owner and pilot of the Nakar'tuur. I'm just here for a little bit of business. Shouldn't be here for more than a couple days."

    The communicator was silent for a moment.

    "Nakar'tuur, this is Onderon security, you have been cleared to land in section one-one-five in Iziz. Coordinates have been transmitted to your nav-computer. Do not deviate from your course. You will be met by an Onderon security agent, and your vessel will undergo a routine check. Onderon security out."

    "Well, nice to see I'm getting the red carpet treatment," Grosh sarcastically replied.

    Having plugged his armor into his ship's computer, he downloaded a map of Iziz. He always wanted to be prepared for anything. Plus it would make finding suitable lodging and eating much easier.

    Grosh followed the flight path and finally found the area where his ship had been assigned. Waiting for him was a small group of men, no doubt from the security forces of the city. He gently set the ship down on the landing platform and powered down the engines. The small security detail of about seven armed men encircled his ship. He unplugged his suit from the computer, downloading any vital information he had on the ship's computer. He popped the cockpit and stood, stretching even more so. He was greeted with seven blaster rifles rising and aiming at him in unison.

    "Stand down." Came the commanding voice of a tall, slim humanoid.

    He was probably about six feet tall, a little shorter than Grosh, but he was well dressed and carried a datapad. The men that surrounded Grosh's ship lowered their rifles, but kept a close eye on him. The man walked toward the ship, studying the emblem on the front.

    "It's a pretty ship," the man stated, looking at Grosh for the first time, "and I noticed the emblem on the nose: a mythosaur. I take it you're either a Mandalorian, or a man that likes to think he's tough."

    Grosh climbed down from the cockpit of the ship, removing his helmet as he did so.

    "Anyone that is foolish enough to put that emblem on their ship and isn't Mando... well I feel sorry for that dinii when we catch up to him."

    The man smiled and walked closer to Grosh.

    "Indeed. This should only take a minute or so."

    The man snapped his fingers and the men that had encircled the ship began to pour over it.

    Grosh took a step back, wathcing them and making sure they didn't try anything stupid.

    "So, why are you here Mando?"

    Grosh glanced at the man, then back to his ship.

    "I'm just looking for someone. I'm not sure if I'll find them, but I figured this would be as good a place to start as any."

    "Ah, I see. A bounty?"


    "Care to tell me what about?"

    "Not really, no."

    A man popped his head up from the cockpit, looked at the man standing next to Grosh and shook his head in a 'No' fashion. The man just nodded his head and the seven men filed away from Grosh's ship, standing a few
  25. Master_Raam

    Master_Raam Jedi Youngling

    Jan 1, 2010
    IC: Darth Ravage

    Darth Ravage stalked swiftly to the hanger bay where his sith fighter, "the malevolence", sat. It was a modified version of the sith star fighter, equipt with a hyper drive, a secondary set of wings towards the back and a lower chamber for meditation in long distance travel, as well as a new paint job, red and black in the pattern of his sith tattoos. He was about to board his ship when he felt an immense change in the dark side of the force, as if a void of it had suddenly sprung to dark life. A smile crept onto his face as he realized what that force was.
    "Yes shane, you can come, it has been to long since we had fought side by side. The sacking of the temple was our last fight was it not?"
    "I await your arrival." said the elgent voice of the sith inquisitor.
    Ravage was more than pleased that his long time rival would be fighting these jedi hunters along with him, there were very few sith he trusted, shane least of all, but he knew the power that he posessed and he would do well to have one so adept in the force. Ravage was not known for his stealthy tactics, nor was he very good at intricate plots, he prefered to deal with his enemies in battle, blade to blade.
    He offten won those battles.
    He knew shane would prove invaluable when they reached their destination. Darth Ravage Boarded his sith interceptor and took off, heading for the sith who awaited his arrival.

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