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Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Radiance, Dec 31, 2009.

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  1. Radiance

    Radiance Jedi Padawan star 4

    Sep 19, 2007
    OOC: I DID post something in reference to your last one. It just came from Master Valara? so anyway, gimme a break I?m tired today! Lol.

    IC: Jaden Tide

    Jaden nodded slowly.

    ?Makes sense. Those do seem to be the best places to start. I really don?t know a whole lot about what is going on, besides that I feel cornered in the Force. As if I am being wedged between to hard spots with no where left to turn.?

    Jaden shrugged into his jacket slightly, pulling it further onto his shoulders for a better fit.

    ?As for Master Fell, I don?t wish him ill will, I just don?t think we are, compatible really. I can?t explain why, it just seems odd to propose to accept someone as your personal student when you had met them 3 minutes prior, and even then the most he knew about me was my name. I?ve trained with you before. Ever since my Master was killed? I don?t know, right now I really don?t know which way is up. Though I am honored that both you and Master Fell have offered to apprentice me. I don?t really have a fear of getting sent to the agricultural corps because of my age, but right now I am just kind of drifting. I?m not sure which way to turn for answers. The best thing I have found that helps me cope is practicing with my lightsaber. I know I should be devoting my studies to the Force and Philosophy, but it isn?t something I am good at. When I was younger, my Master used to tell me that I was strong in the Force, but was too lazy to dedicate the time needed to master simple skills.?

    Jaden let a smirk play across his face for a moment in remembrance.

    ?I sure do miss him.?

    Hopefully the mission they were about to embark on, would set Jaden a new path. A new direction. He needed to face his demons and show them that he was not afraid.

    The only problem was, he really was afraid. Afraid of what was going to happen if and when he met Shane Tessin on less than favorable terms.

    He wondered if the Sith would even remember him. Probably not. His Master had not been the only one slain that day. Jaden would make him remember.

    Even if it was the last thing he ever did.

    Shane would remember.

    Tag chanbill
  2. Littledawg

    Littledawg Jedi Knight star 3

    Aug 19, 2008
    IC - Karn Fell

    Karn had researched his opponents. Precious little was to be found on either and none of it relevant. Karn only knew he was pairred up with Tan and Jaden and Fegru were going on as another team. Karn pulled his gauntlet snug it attached his lightsaber to his wrist. Karn glanced at their ride, a sleek Correlian transport, it looked very. . . plain. Then Karn walked to his quarters and dressed into his civilian clothes. He dressed into a set of dark clothing, blacket jacet, shirt, and pants along with black boots. Karn knew he was going to attract the most attention on a Hutt world anyways, he wasn't exactly on speaking terms with the Hutts on Nar Shaddaa or Tatooine. Karn walked back to the ship, Karn asked the Kel Dor, "Master, may I inquire as to our. . . destination." As if Karn didn't know.

    Tag: All involved.
  3. 92SE-R

    92SE-R Jedi Master star 3

    Apr 15, 2005
    IC: Grosh

    ?What?s the word Mando man??

    Grosh looked the man and woman over once more.

    "Well, first thing we need to do is get some transport that we can all use at the same time. I doubt we will be comfortable in my strike fighter. I would like to get a ship big enough to hold my fighter, as well as the three of us, comfortably. That should be easy enough for us to obtain, right?"

    Texen nodded his head.

    "Yeah, should be."

    "Good. Once we have that, then we can head out to Tatooine. I think it would be a good idea if we tracked down that Sith ship. We can work out more details once we are on our way."

    The two stood there, as if waiting for something.

    "Dismissed." Grosh finally said.

    Once he said that they moved off to get the needed supplies, and to locate a ship that he had been asking for.

    About an hour later a ship came to the roof where Grosh had been going over the systems on his fighter. Inside were both Texen and Malina. Malina jumped out of the cockpit and walked over to Grosh.

    "We found a ship. It's on the outskirts of town right now, so we'll have to take our ships over to it, so as to not attract any unwanted attention."

    "Great work," Grosh commended her, "let's get going. I'll follow you."

    Malina went back to the ship with Texen and lifted off. Grosh wasn't far behind. The pair of ships made their way out of the main part of the city and to the outer parts, where most of the shipping hubs were located. The came to a large landing platform and began to decend. Malina commed Grosh.

    "There's our ship right there." she said whil pointing down.

    Grosh looked and saw the small freighter. Nothing too big, but it would do exactly what he asked for.

    two hours later

    With everything finally loaded and secured, Grosh walked up to the cockpit of the ship where Texen and Malina were already starting the pre-flight checks and warming up the engines. Texen stood put an arm out to the pilot's seat.

    "You care to take us out?"

    No, that's ok," Grosh said with a slight wave and smile, "I think I'll just be a passenger for a while."

    Texen shrugged his shoulders and sat back down.

    "All systems are checked and ready to go." Malina said to Texen.

    "Thanks. Tower, this is freighter SD-114 requesting clearance for takeoff."

    "SD-114, you are cleared. Have a safe trip."

    "Thanks tower."

    Malina looked back at Grosh who had a quizzacle look on his face.

    "We have people everywhere." she said with a smile.


    It only took a couple minutes to clear the planet's atmosphere, and only a couple more to set the coordinates into the nav-computer. In no time at all, the freighter was in hyperspace, making its way to Tatooine.

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  4. 92SE-R

    92SE-R Jedi Master star 3

    Apr 15, 2005
    OOC: I will be AKF until Monday. Shouldn't be much of an issue since my characters are in hyperspace.
  5. chanbill5390

    chanbill5390 Jedi Knight star 4

    Jul 12, 2007
    IC: Fegru Gedar

    "If you have to ask Master Karn you aren't the Jedi I thought you were." Fegru said raising his brow. "First we make for Coruscant, if that fizzles out we go to the Outer Rim or Hutt Space, it's neutral territory which means we should be safer there than elsewhere." he added as he entered the ship, taking up the pilot's position. "Once we get to Coruscant I'll have you and Padawan Tan check out the Upper City, Padawan Tide and I will check the Lower City." he added, he didn't doubt that Karn already knew most of this but he felt playing along with Karn's act would be entertaining.

    "Now I guess the only one to wait for now would be Padawan Tan, once he arrives we'll be ready to depart." Fegru said reclining in the pilot's seat.

    TAG: All on the mission detail.
  6. Master_Raam

    Master_Raam Jedi Youngling

    Jan 1, 2010
    IC: Darth Ravage

    Ravage docked his ship, along with shane's, on the most remote platform in the darkest part of Nar Shadaa. They had landed in a majorly Gang regulated area of Nar Shadaa, though he knew he had nothing to fear here, 2 sith were more than a match for thousands of the puny gangsters. He had woken from his trance when he received a vision of a planet drenched in rain, his two sabers steaming with evaporated water, a long bloody gash on his chest. The enemy he had been fighting had been a jedi, moderate size and human, his green lightsaber signalled that he was a consular. Ravage went in for the kill but found himself rooted in place, when he looked down he saw the body of a sith Grabbing his ankles, then he saw another doing the same thing.
    It was Ravage.
    He broke trance in a sweat. As soon as he landed he went into his chambers and put on his armor, as well as a sleaveless black cloak with a hood, which he had up. At his sides he put his two sabers, and across his lower back he put his double bladed saber, for that extra hairy situation. He exited the ship and found shane, already waiting for him, surrounded by 10 or more gangsters, by the look of them. Ravage chuckled as he over heard their demands, telling shane that "there is a toll to land here" and that "a rich man like you aint got no buisness here". He looked at shane, as if to say "will you kill them or shall I?" Shane responded with a nod, signalling that he could handle them. If ravage had not been a sith, he would not have sensed the massive uprise in dark side energy. Shanes body began to emit a fell red light, then without warning, all 10 of the gangsters began to hover in place. Most of them squirmed, but a few of them didnt have time, as Shane tossed them thousands of feet in the air, all except for one, whom shane tossed to ravages feet and said, "Do with him as you please, i have had my fun." Ravage laughed a little, then lifted the puny being into the air and clentched his fist, crushing every bone in his body. After seeing how powerful shane had become, he was going to be qatching him at all times, he knew better than to let a sith like him out of site, after all, Ravage WAS a sith like him.

    Tag: Shane

  7. Radiance

    Radiance Jedi Padawan star 4

    Sep 19, 2007
    IC: Shane Tessin

    Landing fee? How amusing

    There really wasn?t any point in frying lowlifes with lightning. So Shane simply launched them in all directions with the Force. If they were lucky, they would be tossed near a building or something that they could grab onto and perhaps save their lives.

    But Shane doubted it.

    As they walked, Shane recalled feeling something strange from Darth Ravage as they had exited hyperspace. A feeling of? uncertainty. He wondered what it was, but didn?t care enough to find out by asking. All in all, they had a needed relationship. Ravage spoke with aggression, action and blunt actions. Shane was more formal, had an awesome command of the Force, and tended to be slightly more subtle than his blade-happy companion.

    ?Tell me Ravage, are you planning to kill everyone on the planet, or shall we do some investigation first? As amusing as all of that was, we are no closer to obtaining our goal.?

    Such was the difference between a Sith Inquisitor and a Sith Warrior. Subtlety vs blunt action.

    Both methods had their own strengths and weaknesses. Two different methods for two different men. But now was not the time to dwell on matters like that. They had come to this filthy planet for a reason.

    They were in a very poor region to say the least. Beggars and bums lined the streets in troves. Ahead of them however, was a blast door guarded by two armored thugs.

    ?I would really rather not alert the entire planet to our proximity yet.?

    Shane looked around and found a group of beggars squabbling over some food. He cracked a smile and waved two fingers in their direction. One scraggly bearded man suddenly reached out and shoved the person he was arguing with. A simple act, but it sparked a riot. In moments everyone was fighting. Even the ones that had no idea what the fight was about, were fighting. Shane waved his hand at another bum, who suddenly got the idea that this was their chance to make a clean break for the richer parts of the world. He grabbed a few fellows from the brawl and charged the guards, who seemed to be torn on whether to join the fight or hold their ground. They didn?t see it coming at all. They were pulverized and the door was opened. All of the poor folk rushed the door, yelling and hollering, sprinting away from their oppression and into the upper levels.

    Shane pointed his fingers behind his body and angled them up to a corner of the wall. A short bolt of lightning lanced from his fingertips and fried the circuitry in the security camera mounted on the wall, which they both happened to have been right on the edge of the view.

    ?See Ravage, we don?t all have to be big scary men. The slightest hint of hope in the mind of the oppressed and then you have a solution without getting your own hands dirty.?

    This statement was made all the damning to anyone with a shred of compassion in their souls. For as Shane and Ravage continued their journey up the ramp, they stepped over many dead street urchins, either killed in the brawl, or trampled in the rush to freedom. The two Sith simply stepped over the dead or dying as if moving around an insignificant bug.

    Tag Master_raam

    IC: Jaden Tide

    Jaden checked his chrono. The three Jedi had been waiting at the ship for a good hour and some change. The morning was getting hot and it prompted Jaden to take his green jacket off, though he resisted the urge, as he knew it would get cold quickly once they were in space.

    He looked from one end of the landing pad to the other.

    ?Master Fegru, I don?t think Proteus Tan is coming. Maybe he had a change of heart? I don?t think it?s a good idea to wait much longer. The longer we stay here, the stronger our enemy gets, and the bolder they become.?

    He again checked his Chrono before shrugging. Jaden turned and walked up the boarding ramp to the ship and found himself a comfortable seat in the passenger area.

    ??bit strange someone so adamant about the mission doesn?t show up on time?? he said to himself.

    It w
  8. 92SE-R

    92SE-R Jedi Master star 3

    Apr 15, 2005
    IC: Grosh
    NPCs: Malina and Texen

    Grosh had been napping when Malina knocked on the door to his temporary quarters. Groggily, Grosh made his way to the door.

    "What is it?" has asked as he opened the door.

    "I thought I would let you know that we're about to exit hyperspace. We should be arriving on Tatooine in a couple hours."

    "Excellent. Have you made all the requested retrofits to our weapons?"

    "Yes. He have no blaster type weapons anylonger. All are now projectile-type."

    "Very good. And I'm sure you found my stash of Verpine weapons in my ship."

    "Just where you said they would be."

    "Good." Grosh rubbed his eyes. "Go ahead and tell Texen to meet us in the lounge, or what passes for one on this ship. We'll go over our plans there."

    "Will do."

    Malina turned and walked down the hall. Grosh watched her for a moment, then shook his head.

    "Focus, you di'kut, you both have a job to do." he mumbled to himself.

    fifteen minutes later

    Grosh looked at the weapons that were assembled. All were projectile-type. There were a few pistols, a few rifles, a sniper rifle, and of course the heavier stuff used for demolitions. Grosh looked at Malina.

    "Good job, Melina."

    She nodded in a professional manner.

    "Texen, what's our status?"

    "Well, after our exit from hyperspace, we are about two hours out of Tatooine."

    "Why so long?"

    "Just following normal trade route procedures. No sense in raising any alarms until we absolutely have to. As far as Tatooine will be concerned, we are just a regular freighter dropping off supplies to a remote location."

    "Good job. Have you given the sit-rep to Captain Tolbas?"

    "Sorry, the what?"

    "Sit-rep. Situation Report. We need to let Tolbas know where we are, and make sure we are hitting the right shabla target before we arrive."

    "Oh. Well... no I haven't done that."

    Grosh sighed lightly and looked at the table. There was a moment of silence.

    "Ok. How about you get him on a secure channel for me? Sooner would be better."

    Texen quickly jumped from his chair and set up all the proper things for a secure channel.

    "We're transmitting."

    "Thank you."

    Grosh straightened a bit, still an imposing figure outside of his armor.

    "Captain Tolbas, this is Crander. Just a quick little hello to confirm where our freight is suppose to be dropped off."

    tag: radiance
  9. Littledawg

    Littledawg Jedi Knight star 3

    Aug 19, 2008
    IC - Karn Fell

    Karn approached Fegru from behind with the hood of his cloak drawn up. He saw Jaden leave the Master's side and walked past him only catching the part of their conversation where the boy said they had to leave.

    "The boy's right. We must go on, we can not linger. I can cover the Upper city alone their shouldn't be so much action up their as there will be down by you in the Lower city. Just because we're near the enclave doesn't mean we're safe, the Sith might not but the AFUS will have people everywhere."

    Karn glanced around outside the ship, "Whenever you're ready we can leave." Karn turned and walked into the ships cockpit and began making the preparations for launched, and did the one thing he hated to do, he waited.

    Tag: all involved
  10. Radiance

    Radiance Jedi Padawan star 4

    Sep 19, 2007
    IC: Captain Tolbas
    Secret Location

    Captain Tolbas was moving around the area he now knew as a command center. Lights and buzzing were all around him. People were moving around with a sense of urgency. It was really happening. They were on the road to freedom and oppression.

    He was now once again clean shaven and looking proper in his uniform instead of dirty street clothing.

    Tolbas looked around as the communications officer turned to him.

    ?Captain, secure line coming in from the Mando.?

    Tolbas nodded and stuck a small metallic bud in his ear and hit a button on it.

    ?I?m receiving you Grosh. I am re-transmitting the coordinates to you now, nothing has changed on that front. We have however gotten some satellite recon of that area. Up until now, all of the squads we sent were blind to what the topographical area was looking like. It may be smart to study hard and come up with a game plan on this one Crander. The Sith?s location is in a small hut in the middle of the dune sea. He is completely surrounded by a sand ridden plateau. The only cover is a kilometer away but it?s just a cave. I think? wait one I think I got something useful for you.?

    Tolbas hit a few buttons and zoomed in on the cave mouth. A smirk cracked at his lips as he saw something very useful indeed. This mission definitely needed the element of surprise.

    ?Say Grosh?. Ever heard of a Krayt Dragon? I believe the cave off to the north of this Sith?s house is home to something much? much bigger than he thought. And judging by the seismic scans of the area, his mystical crap is agitating it. You might be able to use that to your advantage, if you can? that is one large distraction. I would strongly suggest you peel away from a direct assault. These mystics can grab hold of your vessel and bring you to the ground in a fiery ball of failure. Think over your strategy on this one. Good luck. Tolbas out.?

    Tag 93SE-R
  11. 92SE-R

    92SE-R Jedi Master star 3

    Apr 15, 2005
    IC: Grosh

    Grosh listened as Captain Tolbas finished up. He had a good point about the Sith, and Grosh knew that. A Krayt dragon was more than a small distraction, even for a Force user.

    "Excellent idea, Captain. you've given me a few ideas."

    As the comm channel disconnected, Grosh looked to his two companions.

    "All right, so it looks like we get to have a little fun with a krayt dragon."

    Texen and Malina exchanged glances.

    "Excuse me?" Texen said to Grosh.

    "Don't worry, Texen, they're not as bad as people make them out to be."

    Malina gave Grosh a look that said it all.

    "Ok, so maybe they ARE as bas as people make them out to be, but we can use that to our advantage."

    Grosh pulled up the coordinates of the Sith's location. He studied the map for a few moments.

    "Ok," he finally said, "Texen, land our ship about a kilometer from the opening of that cave. Try to keep the ship as low as possible. I want to go on foot from there. No vehicles."

    "Shouldn't be a problem." Texen replied.

    "And what do you propose we do with our soon to be new bed buddy?" Malina asked.

    "The krayt dragon? I haven't quite worked it out, but I think I have access to a few files that might help."

    "I Sure hope so. I don't feel like becoming a light snack for something."

    Grosh chuckled.

    "I don't reallt like the idea of that either."

    He stood and began walking back to his quarters.

    "Texen, try to bring us in as the suns are setting. It might give us a little better cover, and we won't die from the heat."

    "Will do."

    Grosh continued to walk down the hall, leaving Texen and Malina in the room.

    "A krayt dragon? Captain Tolbas is out of his kriffing mind!" Texen exclaimed to Malina.

    "Maybe. But I doubt Tolbas would even suggest such a thing to Grosh if he didn't trust him. Since that IS the case," she continued before Texen could interject, "I say we trust Grosh as well. I don't know his background, but there must be something significant for Tolbas to take him on board and immediately put him in charge of two people. And then send them after a Sith."

    "Well, I suppose..."

    "Besides, Texen, would you rather be moving freight back at the base?"

    "By the gods, no!" Texen laughed.

    "Alright then. I say we give Mando man a bit to figure something out. I'm going to make sure our weapons are all ready to go. How about you check our trajectory and make sure we don't raise any flags?"

    "Will do, boss lady." Texen said with a smile and mock salute.

    She watched as he left the room.

    "Don't worry, Texen, I won't allow anything to happen to us. Mando or no Mando." She said to herself.

    She turned and headed toward the cargo hold of the ship.

    tag: any
  12. chanbill5390

    chanbill5390 Jedi Knight star 4

    Jul 12, 2007
    OOC: Sorry for my absence, heavy stuff going on right now, got kicked out of school and having a lot to deal with right now, if I don't reply as frequently please feel free to take executive control of my character Radiance.

    IC: Fegru Gedar

    "I agree, if he manages to join up later then that's great, if not we may have no choice but to stick together. No sense in splitting up with just three, that would leave the third without backup, I can't allow that." Fegru said. "Okay well if we're all ready let's head out." he added, with that he punched in the coordinates, 0,0,0 to Coruscant. "Now we should arrive in the next few hours, I suggest if anyone have any ideas they run them by me now before we end up having to say them in front of potential hostiles." he added as the ship took off and headed out the docking bay. "And believe me I won't shoot them down, just know that I have already had one encounter with who we're dealing with, I have experience in how they act and what they use." he said. "Speaking of which I suggest you remember those personal shield generators I got you, the slug throwers they use are pretty nasty." he added rubbing his lower back, the injury still tingling from the healing treatment in the med bay. "Now ideas, let's go over them." he added reclining and placing his hands, clasped, upon his stomach.

    TAG: Mission Team
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