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Discussion in 'Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by DarthZordon, Feb 16, 2009.

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  1. Hitman90

    Hitman90 Jedi Youngling star 2

    Apr 4, 2005
    OOC: Finally [face_dancing]

    IC: Damion Comrada

    Damion starring at Grosh licks his lips and then starts to follow him out the door.

    "i am always ready, do you even have to ask any more? ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha."

    As he lets out a humongous laugh that echoes through out the halls, damion goes running after grosh. he begins to think of a plan to get grosh to sort of trust him. to gain trust of a man of grosh's caliber, well it is a good ace to have in your back pocket.

    " so Grosh, tell me a little bit about yourself. tell me about your long history with these scoundrals of truth. these so called free people."

    TAG: 92SE-R

    IC: Demitri

    as demitri felt the oncoming battle come ever so closer. he prepared himself for the possibility of death. it may not be part of his plan but it defintely was still on the table. even as he sits in this speeder something could go wrong, the speeder could end up crashing and burning. to Demitri it was not Death that scared him, it was the faliure of another mission. he must not allow the sith to fail again.

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  2. 92SE-R

    92SE-R Jedi Master star 3

    Apr 15, 2005
    IC: Grosh

    Grosh looked at Damion for a moment, his helmet not betraying his face.

    "You already know why I left the Alliance, I don't do the whole killing of women and children and then covering it up act. And then there is the other thing that seemed to irritate the Bothan and his higher-ups: I'm a Mandalorian by blood and right. Although my father left Mandalore, he brought me up in the traditional way as best he could. A job prospect brought him to Coruscant, but he never seemed truly happy. He thought that getting into the thick of a war would do the trick, and at the same time take me along to learn how and be a true Mando. The problem with that was the fact there were no real fights going on at the time. We left my mother and sisters here on Coruscant. We were gone for a couple years, my father trying to find a war. We found a couple small skirmishes, but in the end it was pretty fruitless. In a way I resented my father for that. That's why I signed up for the military. A chance to get away from him and forge my own path."

    Grosh stopped walking, and looked down the cooridor.

    "I saw plenty of war once I was past basic. The skills my father taught me were deeply entrenched, more so than I had realized. It's probably why I survived so many times when I should have died."

    Grosh started to walk again, heading for the nearest exit. He wanted to get outside.

    "I excelled in a few areas, and the Alliance was fine with me. That all changed once I made it known I was a Mando, however. After that night that went horribly wrong, I went into the Intelligence center and went off on the Bothan and Jedi that were standing there. I told them that it was wrong to try and cover up the fact they screwed up a simple operation. I told them that no Mando would kill women and shildren without a good reason, and bad intel was not a good reason. That's when they looked at me."

    He stopped again and looked directly at Damion.

    "The only thing the Bothan said was: 'We're not Mandalorian's, and I doubt those savages would think twice about killing anyone.' That was when I really lost it. That's when I informed them I was a Mando, and that the Alliance was more savage than any Mando. They had no remorse, no moral compass. The Alliance was corrupt, and even with the Jedi, it was something different than the front they put up."

    Grosh chuckled a bit.

    "Man, you should have seen the look on the Jedi's face, it was priceless. After that, the rest is pretty much history. I came back to Coruscant a few times to get things, but otherwise I avoided the planet like the plague."

    Grosh continued walking, finally reaching the doors to the outside of the complex. Once outside, he popped his helmet off, clipped it to his armor, and took a deep breath in.

    "It still smells the same."

    He looked down at this blaster rifle, fidgeting with the power pack and safety.

    "I never got to say good-bye to my father. He ended up being on the wrong side of a war, and was cut down by a Jetii."

    His face hardened a bit.

    "Can't say that learning that helped my love for the Alliance. After that I moved my mother and sister to Mandalore. I gave them enough creds to make it for a few years. I haven't talked to them since. One day I'll make it back there, and start a family. That's what I keep telling myself at least."

    He smiled a bit as he looked at Damion.

    "Listen to me rattling on about how terrible my life has been, blah, blah, blah. Let's patrol the grounds a bit. I find that it helps me think a little better."

    Grosh grabbed his helmet and put it back on. The helmet sealing with a slight hiss.

    "Besides, how often do Coruscanti get to see a fully armored Mano roaming the streets?"

    tag: Hitman90
  3. Hitman90

    Hitman90 Jedi Youngling star 2

    Apr 4, 2005
    IC: Damion

    Damion Chucled a bit to himself before answering the mandoloarian's rhetorical question.

    " well not very often i would geuss, but then again, this government has more secrets then just killing little children. ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!! the things that the "alliance" want us to belive. him, that's probabley why i joined on with this whole thing, i just wanted to kill a hypocrite. it would seem now that people like me and you are their worst enemies, yet were working for them right now, right at this moment. he he ha ha h ah ahaha! it is a little bit ironic. doesn't make you just want to laugh. i mean the two possible worst enemies of the state being trusted to gaurd its high ranking members."

    TAG: 92SE-R
  4. Mr-Fett

    Mr-Fett Jedi Youngling star 1

    Mar 11, 2009
    IC: Fett Twins, Tearus

    "Well the man has a point. Lets go, but keep an eye out for anything peculiar and make sure you stay within a reasonable distance of each other. We dont want to get split up in a fire fight." With that Tearus and the Fett twins walked out...

    Tag: All

    IC: Taryn Jeando

    pointing back towards where they had came only minutes before Taryn said "Looks like they finally decided to join the party. Those mando's sure like to take their time. I guess we better stay close to them, even though I dont like them, they are notoriously good in combat situations. Lets go Kira and just pray that this day goes off without a hitch. Maybe we can even catch a drink later and... talk... about things"

    Tag: DarthZordon

    OOC: If you guys are still watching this thread I found a new rp that looks to have a reputable gm. [link=]HERE[/link] is the link you guys should check it out. I am using Taryn Jeando as my main character in it. I could use a few hands on my ship in the game if you guys are interested.
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