TOR Star Wars: TOR fan tribute- Legacy of Revan

Discussion in 'Games' started by masterskywalker, Oct 26, 2011.

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    Hey folks!

    It goes without saying that the KOTOR series is my absolute favorite when it comes to Star Wars games. The characters, action, and setting have stuck with me through the years, and I'm eagerly looking forward to the release of TOR this December. And I'm definately looking forward to finding out the fate of both Revan and the Exile.

    So here's a love letter I put together for the series. For better or worse, it deserves it. :D
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    "Eagerly looking forward to TOR"

    In envy you this.. Im still one of those who would rather see a Kotor III SP-RPG. I`ll read the new Revan book though, but thats about it, no MMO gaming for me. Revan is a legendary character by now, one of the Star Wars greats, but i did not like the idea of creating a MMO game to finish the "trilogy". But it will surely be exciting for the people looking forward to this.
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