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Star Wars Star Wars Tropical Terror

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by spycoder9, Oct 19, 2009.

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  1. spycoder9

    spycoder9 Jedi Master star 4

    Jul 23, 2008
    OOC: Post will be up in two days time. Please excuse the wait. :) Loving the characterization, and yes, Ktala, the spear is Chana's fathers, and he stabbed his wife with it after he went crazy. :)
  2. Sith-I-5

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    Aug 14, 2002
    OOC: Well, I tried to give the adult jedi time to step in first...

    IC: Ewlla Iillor, cabin, The Interrogator.
    Location: Coruscant star system; galactic coordinates 0,0,0

    Ewlla had packed light, her small tote bag containing dental-brush, change of clothes, and basic cosmetics.

    She put the latter out on the cabin?s mirrored dresser, then sat at the sole chair, to start thinking about her mission.

    Her task was not quite the same as the jedi and the clone troopers aboard the ship, which, as far as she knew, was the liberation and securing of Dayeeion.

    Uncle Mitch?s SGIS masters were concerned over attempts to sabotage the mission, and the incident with the Temple?s turbolift seemed to bear out that worry.

    Judicial Forces must share the same concern to agree to take her off her vessel, and have her partner the older twi?lek again. Either that, or he was just that persuasive.

    She was not a field agent, so it must only be that Agent Nifesta asked for her personally, why she kept getting assigned to work alongside him.

    Her C.O. all but rolled over to get his tummy tickled whenever Mitch dropped by.

    A secret smile at the visual image she was getting, crossed her face momentarily, then she started to think about the matter at hand.

    Now, the turbolift accident had only delayed the jedi mission, not stopped it. So the next step, she guessed, would be to damage the star destroyer in some way.

    C?Boath on a bike; where to start?

    Her ?Service wrist-communicator, sitting on the low glase-topped coffeine table, warbled for her attention.

    Ewlla sighed, and leaned forward out of the chair to pick it up, and turned the face so that she could see it. It was the jedi kid. The Kittie girl.

    The lieutenant idly wondered if there had been any Trianni in her family tree, then answered: ?Hey, Ella. Everything okay?? her eyes registered concern at what the teenager was telling her, that another padawan was unconscious in the training room. ?Okay, calm down. Are there any adult jedi there? They?re not doing anything??

    The girl wanted her down there, like, yesterday; but the officer knew that she was not finding this ?training room? without a map, so she concentrated on buying time for the senior jedi at the scene to do their jobs. ?Ella, listen. I need you to go over to him. Remember, aurek, besh, cresh ? airways, breathing, circulation. You need to push his head back, open his mouth and check for obstructions.?

    She rolled her eyes at the skittish teen? telling her that she was not sticking her fingers in anybody?s mouth.

    Ewlla stayed on the comm, and stood, crossing the few steps to the doorway.

    * * * *

    In the training room, in the apparent absence of her master doing anything to help, Ella was now kneeling beside Kavro?s unconscious form, wondering what she could do without investigating his mouth.

    One hand grasping her comlink, she used the other to poke at the exhausted Nautolan?s chest.

    ?Wake up.? She implored.

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  3. spycoder9

    spycoder9 Jedi Master star 4

    Jul 23, 2008
    I am so sorry for not updating! Hopefully an update will come this weak. I got off track and posts started piling up. From now until I update, I would like for no one to post. The update won't take long, as I am trying to work in Spatz. Stay with me please! :)
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    Jul 23, 2008
    The Great Spycoder Returns!!

    Ktala, Guthrim_Lah
    ~Dayeeion, Near the River of Grandok~

    Arguing had separated the survivors of Dayeeion. A courageous woman. A stubborn young man. An elderly fighter. A dying mother. And the others, all together by the disturbance of trouble. But while they feuded endlessly, something came from the woods.

    Something powerful?

    Something strong?

    A monstrous, metal thing, controlled by the tan droids. Noises disturbed the peaceful scenery, the woods bursting into flames. The young girl Chana had healed jumped into a man?s arms, him carrying her away. The children and woman ran, while they men and Chana stood ground. One lumbering droid, a metallic injuring weapon growing from its hand, came from the forest. Droids came from behind. Kamos had taken a sharp spear from one of the men and leaped at one droid, sending its robotic head from its body. Kamos hoped the others were going to follow?

    The Interrogator, Nearing Dayeeion

    Command Deck

    Captain Bringener turned to the trooper facing him. ?Other destroyers? Yes, there happens to be two other destroyers, but they were to leave two standard hours after us. Does that answer your question trooper?? he said in his gruff voice, then turned back to the command deck. A planet came into the view, blue and green, but with red spots.

    ?Officers, try to pinpoint a location for the starfighers to land,? he said, speaking to another trooper, ?We have arrived at Dayeeion.?

    Sith-I-5, chanbills360
    Training Room

    Lyoth stood posed, his back erect. Nothing registered to him at the moment. Then he felt it, a sharp strangeness, and turned to Kelnica. But she was already running. She shoved Ella roughly aside, causing the girl to go soaring into a wall. ?Ella!? Lyoth shouted, running to his apprentice. Her head had smashed into the wall, and blood was leaking slightly from the wound. This was serious.

    Kelnica was kneeled over Kar, pumping his chest. She was so worried, and her mind was running for it. She wouldn?t lose something agains. Taking the diamond he had given her, she shoved it into his hand, hoping it would cause him to awake. Lyoith held Ella?s head, hoping the Force she would make it. Sadly he had been blessed with the healing abilities, and so his apprentice might be dying in his hands.

    And the ship stopped, resting above the location they had wanted to be for so long?
  5. chanbill5390

    chanbill5390 Jedi Knight star 4

    Jul 12, 2007
    IC: Dar Kavro

    Dar could feel a sudden surge of energy burst into him, the familiar feel of the soothing aura of the pontite crystal shard he had given to Knight Kelnica, and the frantic worry of the two older masters in the room. He slowly roused using what energy remained in him and what was being fed into his body.

    "Knight Kelnica...thank you." Kar said a little drowsily as he snapped back into consciousness. He then sat up and observed his surroundings, Kelnica was bent over him, her face wrought with worry. He then looked over to Master Lyoth as he attempted to stem the bleeding of his padawan...wait Ella was bleeding! Kar gained even more energy as his adrenaline kicked in, in barely a second he was over with Master Lyoth, taking his backpack, opening it, and taking out his first aid equipment.

    "Master Lyoth, please apply pressure to the wound as best as you can." Dar said passing a roll of gauze to the Jedi beside him. He then took out a small container of bacta gel and began to administer it carefully to the immediate wound. "We need to get her to medical immediately." he added as he began to put a small circuit of Force energy around the wound, working on sealing it with the bacta's help. "Knight Kelnica, I can keep the wound from reopening but we're going to need help bringing her to the medical bay." Dar added looking over his shoulder. "We must hurry." he added putting his supplies into backpack again. "Master Lyoth I need you to help repair any damage to her neural pathways, the last thing we need is for to go into a coma, she may end up with a concussion but if she falls asleep there may be no coming out of it." Kar added. "Now let's get moving." he added.

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  6. Ktala

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    Sep 7, 2002
    Chana Taka - ~Dayeeion, Near the River of Grandok~

    Chana sat in the tree, looking at the spear she had retrieved. With an angry growl, she slapped the spear against the trunk of the tree, splitting the rest of the wood from it, while she held the other end as a dagger. These invaders would pay for what they had done. And she would use her fathers spear. As she jumped down, and moved to check on her mother, she heard a strange sound. It was not the animals that she had called. No, this was something else, something that screeched on legs of metal. A monstrous, metal thing, controlled by the tan droids. Noises disturbed the peaceful scenery, the woods bursting into flames.

    The group ran. Chana growled. She had TOLD them to find safety. But no, the men wanted to talk. They had moved too slowly. And now the others had found them. One lumbering droid, a metallic injuring weapon growing from its hand, came from the forest. Droids came from behind. Kamos had taken a sharp spear from one of the men and leaped at one droid, sending its robotic head from its body.

    Other men, stayed to help slow down the enemy, giving time for the others to flee. Chana moved towards her mother. Any other time, she might have stayed to fight, but her mother had been brought to her. And she could not run with the others. She would NOT abandon her mother. Chana lobbed a sticky glob, to quickly entangle the most immediate threat as she ran.

    So, she made the hardest decision she had to make. Grabbing her mother, she quickly eased down into the water, letting the current flow swiftly move them downstream, as she held on to a chunk of wood floating by, while keeping a tight grip on her mother. With all the destruction the machines made, it was not difficult. As she passed others, she called out to them to head for the water.

    "kata na river!" She called out.

    The river moved much more swiftly, and could carry them faster, away from the strange monsters. It would also keep the smaller ones from following. She wasnt sure of the big one, but at least it would not move so fast down the water.

    May Ru'asa TAKE the men. She was Chana of the Mountain tribes. She was not going to lose what people she had left in her life, or let the other dies, if they didnt have to.

    "Hold tight, Ma'de, we ride fast." she told her, as they moved into the faster currents of he water. All the while Chana could not help but wonder why these monster kept attacking them? They clearly had more weapons than them. Why did they chase the villagers? Women and Children? It made no sense. They were not slavers. Were they just killers?

    Chana bit her lip, as she held on to her mother, and moved on.

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  7. Sith-I-5

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    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: HS-437, Interrogator bridge.
    Location: close to Dayeeion

    The captain turned to him, "Other destroyers? Yes, there happens to be two other destroyers, but they were to leave two standard hours after us. Does that answer your question trooper?"

    "Yes sir." The lieutenant confirmed.

    A planet came into view from the windows, blue and green with red spots. Looked sickly. He wondered what the significance of the red bits were. Whatever they were, they were large enough to be seen from space.

    "Officers, try to pinpoint a location for the starfighters to land," Captain Bringener instructed another. "We have arrived at Dayeeion."

    Seven shrugged internally; there would definitely be no dinner date with the other lieutenant.

    "Lieutenant Seven?" A voice called from the side.

    "Excuse me, sir." He respectfully excused himself from Bringener's side, and headed across the deck to one of the seated clonetroopers. "Yes?"

    "Urgent call for you, sir. A 'Lieutenant Iillor', she says."

    HS-437 almost snatched at the proffered comlink at the mention of 'she', and responded while the communications trooper counted his fingers.
    After a moment, he cupped a hand over it, while he talked to the comms man.
    "We have a padawan down, and another unresponsive to her comlink. I want an IM-6 medical droid rolled out of one of the gunships, and a medical team to the Training Room."

    "What Training Room?"

    Seven stared down at his fellow clone. "All she said was 'the training room'. Do we have any on the ship?"

    The shoulder shook his head, and indicated the room. "I don't know about you, sir, but we, got all our training on Kamino. Ain't no training rooms on this ship, Lieutenant."

    Seven sighed heavily. They didn't need this distraction while preparing to land on the planet. "Alright, put a call over the ship's public address. All personnel are to check every room, hall, cabin, suite, gas station, residence, warehouse, farmhouse, henhouse, outhouse and doghouse, till they find a jedi lying on the deck, not moving much."

    The clone raised a finger. "Or, we could track their comlinks!" He pulled his chair forward to bring himself close to the angled keyboard at his station. "Padawans, you said. Okay, got 'em: Kavro and Kittie. Level Five, Dining Room Twenty-Three." He looked up. "Med-droid and team have been despatched, sir."

    "Thank you." Seven paused. "Twenty-three dining rooms?"

    "A lot of hungry troopers, sir."

    He nodded, lifting his hand from the comlink. "Lieutenant Iillor? There is a turbolift not far from your quarters, remember? Take it down to Level Five, and have someone direct you to dining room twenty-three. Yes, I know; but we do have a lot of troopers. I will meet you there. I just have to update the captain."

    The junior officer handed the comlink back to the seated clone, and returned to his superior's side, waiting for a gap in his exchanges.

    "Captain Bringener, I have a report that two padawans are down. Level Five, dining room twenty-three. A med team has been despatched. With your permission, sir, I will go along to supervise."

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    OOC: Yes, elements of that line is taken from The Fugitive.
  8. chanbill5390

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    Jul 12, 2007
    IC: Kar Davro

    Kar saw the flash from his wrist com and pressed the channel opening button. "This is Padawan Kar Davro, we need a medical team down here immediately Padawan Ella has been injured and needs immediate medical attention, we are doing all we can to treat the injury but without actual medical staff here she may slip into a coma." he added.

    He then turned back to Ella and re-established his hold over Ella's wound. It was beginning to heal closed, but the damage to her neural network was troubling, he could tell that something was wrong, something had been cut off, he just prayed it wasn't anything relating to her heart or lung functions, or worst of all, her full brain function. "Hang in there Ella." he said as he focused on stabilizing his fellow padawan. He had remembered reading about an ability that helped lower the functions of the body until they were in borderline stasis. It would require far too much energy for him to use, but Lyoth just might be able to use it.

    "Master Lyoth, do you know how to use an ability called morichro? It may be difficult, but it may be the best way to keep Ella stable until the medical team arrives." Kar said his tone serious. "I realize it's a very complicated ability, but I thought that maybe a master should be able to use it, or at least use it to a lesser extent, anything to lessen the damage done." he added as he returned his focus to sealing Ella's wound.

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    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: HS-437, Doctor Hno, Interrogator Venator Star Destroyer.


    While HS-437 waited for the captain to break away from landing or deployment duties to give him permission to leave, a voice echoed from speakers high up on the white walls:

    This is Padawan Kar Davro, we need a medical team down here immediately Padawan Ella has been injured and needs immediate medical attention, we are doing all we can to treat the injury but without actual medical staff here she may slip into a coma.

    The clonetrooper whom he had spoken to, responded from the side: ?Padawan Davro. A team has been despatched. Can you tell us what happened??

    * * * *

    Dining Room Twenty-Three

    The door slid aside, and three troopers entered, the first brandishing a sidearm ? this was a war after all ? to ensure the room was secure, then pushing past him, a clonetrooper with a green medical armband tied round his upper arm-plate, and a jet-trooper, though a glance at his face, tan parched skin drawn tightly over a non-human skull, indicated that he was clearly not a clone. It was this latter individual who spoke first as he dropped to his knees beside Kavro and Lyoth.

    ?Out of the way please,? He said as he gently but insistently shouldered through the scrum to get to his patient. ?I?m Doctor Hno. Right, what can you tell me??

    Vital seconds could be shaved off the patient?s treatment if the witnesses told him what had happened here.

    The green-armbanded trooper settled his medikit on the deck. ?Doctor, med-droid will be here in two minutes.?

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    OOC: Spycoder said elsewhere, that he would be without a computer till Thursday, so not much point tagging him.
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    Jul 12, 2007
    IC: Kar Davro

    "Well in my case severe energy draining, nothing that can't be fixed. I say this only because that is where this started. I came back to this room and ended up passing out after a fairly intense meditation. In her worry Knight Kelnica rushed over and pushed Padawan Ella out of the way a bit harder than she should have. Padawan Ella proceeded to hit the wall and suffered heavy cranial damage and began bleeding, I did primary first aid to the wound and have been working on trying to seal the injury." Kar said still focusing on keeping the wound closed.

    "There may be neural damage, but I can't be certain. We'll need that medical droid to be certain." he added looking over to the doctor. His face was growing weak in appearance again, this was taking a lot out of him, and he didn't have much to begin with, his adrenaline rush was diminishing and he was running on fumes. "I also require some assistance, but her first, I'm not in as much trouble as her, but I will likely need some energy supplements as soon as possible, as well as an actual meal, and after all of this I think both she and I are going to require some rest." Kar added with a small grin.

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    Jul 23, 2008
    [link=]Jedi Training Room, The Interrogator, Above Dayeeion[/link]
    Lyoth clutched his apprentice in his arms. Tears leaked from his eyes, strange tears, alien tears, but still tears. She was dying, but with medics coming, she would most likely survive. But how would this mission go? She was a liability, and if she was gone, they were all weak.


    He whispered through the Force, leaning down to his apprentice. Kissing her softly on the cheek, tears kept flowing from his eyes. The tears were for all the dead, wounded, or suffering. But most for her. He never realized how close he had been to her, how attached he had grown to her in past week. But he had.

    Kelnica looked on. She noticed how Lyoth had collapsed. She noticed the girl, dying. She noticed the recovered apprentice. And she sighed. Her life was a failure, and she was the cause.

    TAG: No one?

    Dayeeion Forests, Near the River of Grandok

    Kamos felt the first spear. Someone had missed. And he was hit, in the back. Collapsing, Kamos fell to the ground, his legs curled awkwardly. Blood spread around his chest, it a creepy blue color. Kamos?s last memory was of Chana and Jeven, and he prayed they would survive and perhaps destroy these monsters.

    People were leaping in the river, trying to ride it like Chana. Some died, drowned on impact, others, like the little girl and the man she was on, survived, and followed Chana. Jeven had a choice. Would he follow Chana?

    TAG: No one?

    OOC: And with that, Part 1 of Tropical Terror ends. Part 2 will begin sometime next week maybe. New character slots are open, new fights will arrive, and more Star Wars Clone Wars Action on the way. When I announce Part 2 as a go, players may reply to tags. If you want a little closure and a little suspense, write up an eventful post after this. Thanks.

  12. Sith-I-5

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    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: Doctor Hno, training room, Level Five.
    Location: Interrogator

    Doctor Hno listened to the padawan's story, then yelled for a "Corpsman", which in this Clawdite's army, was what you called when you wanted a medic.

    "I'm right here, for Core's sake!" complained the green-armbanded clonetrooper who was down on one knee right behind him.

    "Prepare a stim-shot, Nautolan physiology."

    "Acknowledged, Doctor." The clone opened his case, the white-handled block of green plastic that he had brought along, revealing that both sides of the medikit were full of stuffed compartments and slots. He pulled out tiny phials of liquid, all colours, and fed them into one circular skin dispenser.

    When he had it ready, he palmed it, and leaned close to Kavro, hand outstretched to press it to the nape of the Nautolan's neck.
    "With your permission, sir?" He asked the padawan.

    The door opened, to admit two more clonetroopers, guiding, between them, the light grey metal sphere - twice the size of an ITO Interrogator droid - of the IM-6 medical droid. Delicately thin, jointed arms extruded from the shiny surface, once it detected the supine patient.

    While the door was open, Hno fancied he heard female heels, or a droideka on acid, clattering past to disappear down the hallway.

    The clawdite prepared a dressing for the child's head wound, and glared past Kavro at the two adult jedi. He did not know which one was Kelnica.
    "Whichever one of you is responsible for this, you are off the mission." As Chief Medical Officer, he could make that call. "You should not be leading Republic troops if you cannot control your powers. There may also be charges levelled against you, but that is up to the Captain."

    Tag: Jedi
  13. chanbill5390

    chanbill5390 Jedi Knight star 4

    Jul 12, 2007
    IC: Kar Davro

    Kar took the skin dispenser and placed it to his neck. "Thank you trooper, what's your name, I'll see that I make sure I note you in my mission report." he said as he began to feel the energy flow into him from the cocktail they had made for him.

    "Whichever one of you is responsible for this, you are off the mission." Dr. Hno said looking at the two Jedi. "There may also be charges levelled against you, but that is up to the Captain." he added as Kar looked over to him.

    "That really won't be necessary, to be honest this mission has put everyone on edge, even yourself sir. We will need all capable personnel on that planet when we reach it, to leave anyone behind could jeopardize the mission more than an accident like this one." he looked back at Ella and stretched out with his feelings to see if she would recover. "She should be fine. She's stabilized for now, get her some rest and some stimulants so she won't pass out and she'll be fine." he added. "Knight Kelnica was worried and frantic, she thought I was in serious danger and wasn't thinking as clearly as she should have been perhaps, but it is not her fault as to what happened, if I had not gone off in the first place and exhausted myself the way I did she would not have had to do what she did. So if you want to punish anyone punish me, not the individual who was only trying to do her duty." Kar said, his dark eyes boring holes into the medical examiner. Kar would be damned if a seasoned Jedi Knight did not go into battle and instead only he and Master Lyoth did.

    "I for one will not go anywhere unless accompanied by Knight Kelnica." Kar added rising and standing in front of Kelnica, standing where he felt he belonged. "Padawan Ella is Master Lyoth's charge, one master cannot have two students, as such I am forbidden to be taken under Master Lyoth's supervision. I can only remain here with Knight Kelnica." he added. "You need all available personnel down there, if you do not send Knight Kelnica, even in a lessened capacity than you will not just be losing her, but me as well. She is a gifted soldier, but under the strain of the last few hours it is understandable as to her reactions, do not punish her for an accident brought on by the sheer stress of her situation, instead be glad that, if even in a round about way, she helped save two padawans today. If she hadn't gotten to me when she did I would have entered a coma, and had I not woken when I did Ella could very well be in a body-bag right now." the young Nautolan added. "Yes Knight Kelnica had a lapse in judgment, but that lapse helped save two lives Doctor." he added, his logic was sound, a padawan would not have been able to help as easily as a knight could in healing someone, yes Kelnica had overreacted and injured Ella, but by bringing Kar back into consciousness he was able to administer the emergency first aid required to keep Ella alive long enough for a medical team to come.

    "My reason for being here has become even more apparent. I am here to see that people keep from going at each others throats, already I can feel frustration, anger, pain, regret, fear, and sorrow." he added looking at Lyoth. "In this war we cannot afford to let alliances crumble or comrades to become enemies. Lyoth you know that Kelnica would never consciously injure anyone, you know that it was totally accidental, you also know that she will be fine, all we can do is continue with the mission at hand. Once Ella is able to get back to business, which I can only assume will be soon," he said eying Doctor Hno,"we will be able to continue just as had been planned." he added. "Yes we will have to wait a little longer before we land, to be honest this is good, we need the time to plan things out so that I know exactly what I'll be doing here, I have yet to be briefed as to exactly what's happening, only a brief summary from Master Windu. That and I think we could all go for something to eat and a little rest after today's events, truth be told I don't feel anyone is prepared to land yet, we'd probably be b
  14. Ktala

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    Sep 7, 2002
    Chana Taka
    Further down the River of Grandok

    Chana did not wait for the word of others to make her move. She took it. She moved into the waters with her mother, as she called to the others to follow her.

    She did not see what happened to Kamos or Jeven, for she was busy stearing the log and holding on to her mother. She did see the little girl and the man from earlier floating by. That was good. Some did not make it. But many others did, as so she moved to lead them further down the river to someplace safer. Away from the screams and sound of people dying.

    As she floated downstream, she prayed that the great beasts would come to her aid, and help them. She could do nothing while tending to such a great amount of people. She needed to find a place for them to hide.

    Then she could kill the invaders.

    She clung tightly to the log, and as soon as she was able to find a safe place, she would climb out of the river, and lead the others to shore.

    Then the real work would begin.

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  15. spycoder9

    spycoder9 Jedi Master star 4

    Jul 23, 2008
    OOC: I haven?t forgot about this game. Just trying to sort things out, find a couple more players, that and such. Expect a post to be up soon, hopefully within the next few days.
  16. KnightFr0mOssus

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    Apr 26, 2009
    If you need players, I'm willing to come back. A few months ago, I was very busy with schoolwork all the time. I just kind of quit and went on to focus on my studies. But I've lately been bored with nothing to do because my work loosened up. If I can still contribute, I'd be glad to work with whatever characters you give me, whether or not they are the ones I originally devised.
  17. spycoder9

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    Jul 23, 2008
    Part Two - The Final Battle

    Jedi Council Chambers, Jedi Temple, Courscant

    Mace Windu





    Master Mace Windu gazed out the window in sadness. Dayeeion was a failure. A mission those Jedi would surely fail. But they could possibly prevail. Chances were slim though. Too slim for life. He wished he had sent more trained, prepared masters, perhaps Obi-wan and Anakin. But this mission have needed more. Perhaps him and Yoda? Standing up from his Council chair, he wandered the room.

    Padawan, stretched out on the floor.

    Female Knight standing over everything in anger.

    Master and padawan trying to save the other female padawan.

    Dayeeions screaming and running.

    He really regretted it.



    General Grevious

    He was running now.

    His clawed like toes, made of steel and metal, dug into the soft dirt of the Dayeeion Forests. He was leading an approach on a reported moving settlement of Dayeeions civilians trying to stage an attack on him. How dare they? He was King, he was Emperor, and he was the ruler of Dayeeion.

    As he came upon a river, he saw Dayeeions running, leaping into the rivers, screaming. His tanks were firing, droids attacking. One young woman, an injured female, was brutally getting beaten by a blaster. A tank blasted the ground in front of her, sending her backwards and into the river. She looked hurt, but not dead.

    ?Die, Dayeeion scum,? Grevious roared from his metallic mouth, his voice a scratchy, nightmarish version of his old one. He leaped into the river, digging his claws into the ground. Whipping two of his lightsabers out, he faced the female Dayeeion. She was screaming, blood leaking from her wounds. Grevious raised his lightsaber and sliced, cutting the woman?s head from her body.

    Turning around, he saw the people farthest from him. A woman and an older woman, probably a daughter and mother. He hated daughters and mothers. He charged up the river, but they were getting farther. In his mind, he used a mental image to snapshot the woman. He would find her. Then he would kill her.

    TAG: None

    Village Leader Kamos

    What is going on?

    That was Kamos?s first thought as he arrived in the darkness of the caves. Rock crumbled from above, and others near him were quivering slightly, shaking angrily. He remembered one little boy, the one in Jeven?s group. Behind the boy was a carved row of symbols and signs.

    Signs of the old times.

    In one picture was six strange, white painted people standing near the monstrosities similar to the tanks brought on by the enemy invaders. Each of these people wielded strange weapons, similar to ones in Kamos?s former vision.

    Farther from that was something frightening.

    It was Chana and Jeven.

    Floating down a river. To something. Kamos approached it, then almost screamed. There waited two large, massive buildings, with little weapons growing from its top.

    To the Separatists this was a bunker.



    She glanced up at her daughter.

    The river was flowing, cooling her skin.

    Her daughter looked so strong, so wise.

    ?I love you, Chana,? Krala whispered.

    Her time had come. She sighed.

    The strength flowed from her limbs.

    The sky spirits were waiting for her.

    She was gone.

    TAG: Ktala, Guthrim (Looking on)

    GM Note: OssusKnight, you may take Lyoth and Ri'akk back. Start Ri'akk back wherever you want. You can even include him coming upon his grandfather dying. Kamos is his grandfather, if you didn't know that. Thanks. And Sithy has withdrawn from the game as he has another game which is coming out to deal with. I am looking for a player for Ella. Thanks
  18. spycoder9

    spycoder9 Jedi Master star 4

    Jul 23, 2008
    Part Two - The Final Battle

    Interrogator, Dayeeion Space

    Knight Kelnica

    Anger radiated from her Force powers.

    So much anger.

    Too much.

    Kelnica realized she was going to leave, going to flee the room. Running, the door slammed behind her. A clone trooper, speaking to another. Opening her lightsaber, the emerald blade shone in the light. Raising it above her head, she brought it down in a quick slash.

    The trooper collapsed against the wall, a lightsaber burn on his chest. Hawk stood beside him, shivering. He turned around, trying to run. Kelnica leaped, using the Force to yank him back. Throwing him against the wall, Kelnica was panting.

    ?Help. . .? Hawk croaked, reaching down the hall. Kelnica raised her hand up, but then she remembered Kar. The padawan. Grunting, she sliced down, cutting the trooper?s hand off. Running on down the hall, she was screeching like a mad woman.

    TAG: None

    ARC Trooper Hawk

    He had been walking with his friend. His now dead friend. Grease. That was his name. Hawk glanced down at her stump, the place where his hand used to lie. He shouted out, using his other hand to get him up. Stumbling along, he arrived in the room that the Knight had came from.

    Approaching the Master and Doctor, he saw the poor apprentice. He remembered her, her smart mouth, abrasive attitude, and great wits. Blood was dampened on her forehead. Hawk then saw the boy. ?Help,? he croaked again, hoping to draw his attention.

    TAG: Ossus, Bills, Guthrim

    Captain Bringener and Master Julim Kondar

    The individual starfighters were prepared for the Jedi Warriors, but they happened to be busy with their own, individual problems. Bringener paused, sighed, the looked at the recording from the Jedi. Something had happened to one of the apprentices. Foolishness, Bringener thought. He glanced over his shoulder, sighing. There was one trooper, holding in his arms a trooper.

    What the-

    A Jedi Knight, long brown hair and green lightsaber, stood in front of them. The trooper who had been holding the dead trooper had something green poking from his chest. He collapsed on the floor. ?Stand down, Captain,? the Knight commanded. Bringener recognized her as Knight Kelnica Tunus. By the reports, she had been a troubled apprentice, losing her trainer in a tragedy mission never figured out.

    ?I will not. Troopers, detain her!? Bringener commanded. Two troopers shot out, one holding his blaster. The lightsaber Kelnica held shot from her hands. She gasped, feeling the hands on her arms. Another trooper almost blasted her in the knee, but Kelnica leaped up, pulling two troopers with her. ?Mayday, mayday. We have a turned Jedi,? Bringener shouted into his complink, calling to Master Lyoth and Master Julim. Hopefully they would arrive soon.

    He received the message. Kelnica. His mind whirled. Running towards the command deck, he rushed along. After he arrived, he saw Kelnica fighting troopers. Opening his lightsaber, he sighed. He couldn?t believe he was going to do this. Running at the Knight, his lover, he twirled his lightsaber, burning her back. Kelnica fell backwards and onto the floor. Her last face before she passed out was a look of pure betrayal.

    ?Captain, she will be detained until the end of this mission. We need to get on those fighters and get down there,? Julim sighed. His voice was on edge. ?Understood,? Bringener replied, turning back to his bridge, ?But one padawan reported that another is down. The doctor is down there, but I request you venture there on your own.?

    ?Thanks,? Julim murmured. Ella. He felt her pain in the Force, also he felt Lyoth?s. He charged from the deck, feeling the overwhelming feeling of shock.

    TAG: None
  19. chanbill5390

    chanbill5390 Jedi Knight star 4

    Jul 12, 2007
    IC: Kar Davro

    As soon as Kar saw Kelnica run for the door he jumped into action, she was fast but he knew he'd catch up eventually, but terror began to take hold once he saw a downed trooper, the injury clearly made by a lightsaber blade. "Get him to the med bay asap." Kar shouted over his shoulder as he kept running after the other Jedi. He caught up to her engaging several other troopers. She was currently unarmed so Kar capitalized on the opportunity, he rushed over and sent a strong sure of energy directly into her central nervous system, enough to knock her out. He prayed that his attempt would succeed but in her current state he couldn't tell what was going to happen. He prepared to draw his own weapon just in case he needed to hold her off in a more aggressive manner.

    TAG: Kelnica
  20. spycoder9

    spycoder9 Jedi Master star 4

    Jul 23, 2008

    Captain Bringener
    - Command Deck
    Julim - Approaching Training Room
    Kelnica - Heading to Brig
    Ella, Lyoth, Miia, Hawk, and Dar - Training Room

    Problems: Kelnica is in the Command Deck, injured and leaving. I will assume you meant you followed her, Bills. You can revise your post as needed. Thanks.
  21. KnightFr0mOssus

    KnightFr0mOssus Jedi Youngling star 1

    Apr 26, 2009
    OOC: Great, I'll go back and do my homework.
  22. chanbill5390

    chanbill5390 Jedi Knight star 4

    Jul 12, 2007
    OOC: I was following her, but from what I had read I figured there was a struggle. If I said anything about a corridor I apologize I believe I wrote that post at 1 AM. I also apparently did not read carefully enough and thoroughly apologize for that as well. As such I respectfully request my prior post be ignored. Here is a new one that fits properly into the storyline.

    IC: Kar Davro

    Kar saw the injured trooper croaking at him in pain. 'Oh for the love of the Force,' he thought, 'how worse could this day, don't jinx it.' Kar added shaking his head causing his headtails to slap the sides of his face. He slowly walked over to the downed clone and removed his personal med pack. "Now just relax trooper." he said, he then pulled out the remaining bacta packet he had and applied it to the injury, simultaneously doing what he could to seal the wound. "This may sting a little but it should help stabilize any severe damage, you'll need more specialist aid to get a full recovery, but otherwise you should live." he added levelly.

    "Doctor come over here please and help bring this soldier to the medical bay along with Padawan Ella. I'm going to go look for Knight Kelnica, I have a lot of work to attend to." he added getting up and turning to face the doctor. "I need to fix things now before they get any worse than they already are." he added his tone grave. He then walked off to find the rogue Jedi Knight, on his way to find her however he bumped into another Jedi Master.

    "Master." he said bowing. "I was just on my way to see Knight Kelnica, I need to see if there is anything I can do to get her back under control, I was sent by Master Windu to help keep things in balance, I have thus far failed, so I must do what I can." he added his face calm despite the stress that had fallen on him within the last few hours. " I assume she's been taken to the brig?" he added. Kar was oddly numb, maybe it was just the stimulants he was giving wearing off, or maybe everything had just overwhelmed him to the point where he couldn't feel anything one way or another, either way he couldn't tell.

    TAG: Master Julim
  23. Ktala

    Ktala Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Sep 7, 2002
    Chana Taka
    Somewhere Downriver

    She saw it.

    But she was not sure what it was she had seen, just before her mother and she had been swept away by the waters. A thing.

    A monster.

    It had been running towards them. Its body like nothing she had ever seen before. Not animal. Not like hers. But similar to the metal things that had been shooting at them. Why did it chase them? They were no threat? She began to think that her earlier thoughts were correct, and that the thing she saw liked to hunt.

    But it was different from the other creatures. It held a glowing light in it's hands. And that light could cut. She would remember that, the image burned in her mind. Beings with light that could cut. What could they do against that!?! The thing had stared at her, before they had disappeared. Chana shuttered with the thought.

    But now, she had to worry about her mother, and the others who had followed her down the river. Luckily, the waters ran swiftly, and soon carried them far away from the slaughter. It grew quiet, except for the soft crying, and the sound of the water around them.

    She saw something ahead, and made a signal for everyone to stop and move out of the waters. She moved first, her mother next to her, as they moved up on the shore.

    She then smiled with relief.


    Many caves, in fact were along the shore of the river. Many of them were very small, but one not far ahead of the river seemed large. The forest surrounded them, in a very dense, and very dark cover. That was a good thing. It would give them time to rest and think of what to do next. She looked at her mother, and smiled.

    Ma'va gave her a brief small smile. Her mother spoke, and it was so soft, that Chana almost didnt hear her. "I love you, Chana," Krala whispered. Chana gave her a nod. "I love you too, Ma'va. Wait for me..I'll check out the caves."

    Chana ran up on the bank, and began to check out the smaller caves. She waited to check out the big one, for one too big could hide their enemy as well. But the smaller ones, could hide some also. She checked for tracks, but did not see any. It was just what they needed. She signaled for the others to follow.

    Krala didnt move. Chana ran quickly to the waters edge, hoping that something wasnt wrong. Chana's mind filled with dread.

    She fell to her knees at the edge of the water, as she felt for the lifebeat in Ma'va's arms.

    There was none.
    She was gone.

    Chana gritted her teeth, as she held the cry that threatened to escape from her, as she shook. She could not lead the enemy to the others, but in her mind, her war cry was strong.

    HOW COULD THE GODS CURSE HER SO!?! What had she done so wrong!?!

    She plunged her spear-dagger into the ground next to her, as she cradled her mother's form. She had managed to save some of the others. Even that fool Kamos who had been shot through the chest. But yet, when she needed them most, she could not even save her own mother!?

    This was HIS fault, playing around when they should have been moving. Now...She was an orphan..all she knew was gone. She could not help these people...not if she coudlnt even help herself....

    She suddenly snorted loudly.
    Not yet.

    Chana reached up, and cut off the bottom part of her hair, and gently braided it. She wrapped it around her mothers hand, as she softly spoke a small chant.

    She looked around her. There was no way to do the burial the way the people of the Mountain would normally do such things. Chana looked at the log that they had been using. She carved something on the top of it, and placed her mother inside. She then set the log adrift down the river. It would make it out far enough. She watched it drift for a long time, saying nothing to anyone, as she picked back up her spearblade. She did a small slice to the upper part of her arm. She then slowly drew out from her clothing, her bracelet that showed her true rank, and slid it on her arm.

    Daughter of the Mountain Village. Leader's child.

    With a strangled cry, she quickly climbed up the nearest set of trees near her. She wanted to take a look aroun
  24. Gurthrim_Lah

    Gurthrim_Lah Jedi Knight star 4

    Oct 19, 2008
    IC: Miia Norerre
    Interrogator, Dayeeion Space

    Miia had just arrived in the training room after sensing that some things were going bad in there, she got up to the door and had to move out of the way and let one angry Kelnica pass by, she would have gone after her if not for a Nautolan Padawan already going after her.
    She had sensed that Julim was nearby and was probably already going after Kelnica. She decided that she should stay in the training room and make sure that Padawan Ella was being cared for and to make sure Lyoth doesn't go dark.

    Miia walked over to where Ella was, she could sense that Ella has been injured in the head and was, no doubt, experiencing lots of pain, but then again, its really hard to tell if someone is in pain when they are unconscious and not moving.
    "What happened to her?" she asked anyone who would answer her.

    TAG: Who ever is in there and isn't unconscious

    IC: Jevenethi Poctii
    Down the River of Grandok

    Jeven felt pain, both physically and internally, He had gotten shot on his right shoulder to the battle prior and had fallen into the river and was now floating away, he felt so much pain in his shoulder, but it couldn't compare to the pain he was feeling inside right now, memories flash through his mind of the first battle to the battle that just happened a few minutes ago, family, friends and others were all dead and dying and the only thing he was doing was bleed while floating away from the attack site.
    He had failed Kamos, who is probably dead now, he wished that he would just die, slowly and painfully for failing everybody.

    Jeven opened his eyes when he could hear crying and people talking, they all sounded so sad and scared. He decided that he still had a duty to do, he swam to land and slowly stood up, with his left hand pressed against his wounded shoulder, he looked around and could find no signs of Kamos, no sign of the healer either, He knew he was going to have to do something, the first thing he was going to do was gather everyone,
    "Everybody!" he shouted, getting the other survivors attention,
    "We all need to gather ourselves and keep moving on, I know many of you have lost your loved ones or are scared, but we need to gather anybody else who survived and keep moving." He said to the others, "but before we do that, do any of you know where Kamos or the Healer is?" He asked.

    TAG: I don't know
  25. spycoder9

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    Jul 23, 2008
    General Grevious, Hrethyn Gharden
    Dayeeion Forests, Dayeeion


    The young Dayeeion woman, the blue woman, was escaping. He had watched the elderly woman fold to the ground, had wanted to be the one to kill her, but it looked like she was already a dead woman. The woman was scurrying from the trees like the primitive species they were. ?Launch the bunker-busters!? he roared, his mechanical voices filled with filth and disgust. He was had his lightsabers whirling, cutting up the Dayeeion people. ?But Grevious-? one pesky little droid voice beeped out from the screams.

    ?Just do it!? Grevious shouted. ?But the forests hold valuable minerals-? the droid was cut short after Grevious sliced his head from his mechanical neck. Two armored assault tanks rolled into position, firing into the forests and setting them ablaze.

    One sobbing child lay under a burning tree. A burning branch was starting to snap, and one Dayeeion man rushed to save the child. Grevious stopped him, using the Force to yank him backwards. The child screeched, trying to avoid the branch. The child?s hair burst into flames as the branch landed on its head.

    The man he held back was looking at his daughter. She was dead. His baby girl was dead. Turning back to Grevious, he raised his spear and tossed it through the air. Grevious was stunned for a moment, getting a spear in his leg. Brushing it off, Grevious raised his blade above his head. The man leaped into the river, riding it. As he glanced back at Grevious, he smashed into a small rock.

    A mysterious, green clad figure leaped from the woods opposite of Chana. It snatched the man from the river, raising him from the water. He snatched another low branch, pouncing from branch to branch towards Chana. A blast from the tanks smashed into the trees, sending splinters everywhere. Two smashed into the water and near a group of gathered Dayeeions/ Grevious decided the group was more of a threat. Pouncing from the burning trees, he watched over the group for a few moments.

    ?The healer went to the trees-? one elderly man shouted, trying to speak over the flames and fire. Death and decay could be seen, and tanks were still shooting. Screams came from everywhere, and droids were about to shoot at the group. Grevious leaped from the trees, slicing the droids mechanical heads from their necks. They limply fell to the burnt grass as Grevious turned back to the group. The elderly man was shouting now for the group to move out. Several spread out, and missed the arc of his blade. Grevious noted the man who had first spoke seemed to have avoided it too.

    The elderly man was cut in the chest, flying backwards and onto the ground. Grevious cackled, spinning his blade to face the leader he supposed. ?Nice to meet you,? Grevious spoke deeply, raising his blade above his head to cut the man in half.

    The green clad man landed with Chana, whom he knew. ?Remember me, sweet cheeks? Probably not? We were best buds back in the village. Forget it. Where is your mother?? the green clad figure yanked Chana from the tree, landing gracefully. He remembered those secret nights out by the lake with Chana. His mother and Chana?s father had chased them from the forests, but they always remembered.

    He had been planning on have a ?knokus? (wedding) with her. He had actually been approaching her hut when the monsters attacked and he was stuck defended the leader. His village leader had fallen to some stray spears, so he had left to find Chana. He had found her father lying the smoking remains of her village. It had been crushed, and Chana?s father had begged him to search for his wife. He had told him she was injured, perhaps dying.

    So he had left, and now he was here. While holding the injured man in his hands, he waited on Chana.

    TAG: Ktala, Guthrim

    Doctor Hno, Hawk
    The Interrogator

    ?Everyone present, I need out of the room. Nothing good will come of all of us piled into this room. While you foolish Jedi sort out your differen
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