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    Combo post between myself and BLemelisk

    IC: Cpl. Anastasia 'Whisper' Ulyanova, Lt. Jak Ulno
    Suite 40-B1, Building 1902, Coronet City, Corellia

    "Hey," The Lieutenant called out catching up to her, "you're on the exploitation team, Borrbuck and his squad will take care of the scene before we're even on it." These words did little to calm her, she'd seen the aftermath of such raids. Carbon scoring, blood, and worse scattered about the scene, it was always so distant for her, now she was going to be right in it, a party to the destruction but, that wasn't what scared her. "Look, we'll take it nice and easy today and get up to G17 early afternoon and get you outfitted. Besides, I'm bigger and can cover you, and that plasteel armor will deflect a glancing blaster bolt. I should be able to take a round or two before I go down." That is what scared her, combat, facing death, her own death and having to take another's life. This wasn't what she signed up for, wasn't what she had spent her life learning. The clones were made for this, the others had spent years training to fight. She just had a week of training with her pistol, that was it. No tactical training, no combat training, nothing.

    "I'm...I'm not trained for this. I...I can barely shoot a pistol much less a rifle." A shaky hand lifted her cup to her lips as she took another sip. "What if I freeze, what if it all goes wrong, what if you aren't there, what if the building is trapped, what if there are auto turrets, what if…"

    She went on like this spilling out the worst possibilities her mind could make up. And there were plenty.

    "Look," he said, putting a hand on her shoulder, hoping she was alright with that kind of approach, "I know you're scared. I imagine a whole lot more makes sense to you in here slicing apart a remote terminal than out there where the bad guys are. Hell, put me in your position, and I'd be rattled and wide-eyed if Mathgro asked me to slice into some network!" He looked her in the eyes, "There is always a degree of risk involved in field work, but we are professionals and will minimize that risk. Besides," Jak added with a smirk, "it's not like I'm asking you to be the next Skywalker once we get there."

    They had reached Jak's workstation in the OpsCenter, and he noticed he had a reply from his Duro RFI that had come back in during the meeting, "Just a sec."

    He spun around momentarily and read through the information. So, our Weequay has some very special gang ties, but not enough to bring forward to Mathgro just yet He fired back off a final response before signalling to Ulyanova. "I hardly had time to unpack this morning so I'm ready to move. Want to tram it up to Garrison 17?"

    She recoiled just a little from his touch. Her family, wasn't physically affectionate. Her father more accustomed to giving her firm nods and kind words. The most her mother ever did was adjust her hand on the Viol bow as she dragged it across the strings. That wasn't to say that her parents didn't love her, it was just that they showed their love in different ways. Physical contact wasn't one of them.

    Her grey eyes locked with only finching a little bit as he spoke. She didn't believe him when he said he would be as shocked as she was if given orders contrary to his skill. No one would ever as a soldier to do a tech's job, though it seemed the Colonel was more than willing to throw a tech into the heart of war.

    "You are the professional in this arena, not me." She countered, "Minimize the risk all you want it will still not be zero." she didn't like this didn't like risk, didn't like the thought of permanent failure. If she messed up slicing, she could always try again, if the code shifted she could always crack it again. No failure was permanent in her field. But, if you fail out there, in the heat of battle, chances are you don't come back. She looked to the lieutenant again, he had sworn to protect her but, could she trust him, could she trust that he wouldn't fail? She'd have to, she had no other choice. His attempt at humor was lost on her, Skywalker the 'Hero Without Fear' a legend during the war, interesting that no one has heard that name from the Empire since it's rise to power. She never strove to be a legend, never wanted her name remembered. She just wanted a challenge but, not this kind.

    As he made his way over to his desk she moved to hers picking up her datapad which showed a result on her search. A Neimoidian Overseer Lis Akro fromer Trade Federation, current financial facilitator for a hutt named Jabba, and Separatists sympathizer. What intrigued her was the last known location Telos IV. Her eyes narrowed, this information was almost enough to make her forget about what was going on around her...until Ulno signaled to her that he was done with his business.

    It was now time to head to the garrison, to get her fitted for armor she wished she would never wear, and a rifle she hoped never to fire.

    She gulps hard clutching her datapad tight to her chest.

    "Yes." she replied voice shaking but, quiet.

    The tram ride had been...quiet to say the least. Ulyanova had a lot on her mind, and Jak admittedly didn't know how to deal with her just yet. The way she had flinched when he laid a hand on her didn't bode well, especially for her being plopped into the pending combat scenario. He even considered typing up and sending a comm to the Colonel stating his grievances. However, Jak also understood tactics and mission logistics, and no matter how many ways he looked at it, having her directly on scene was the best way to get results.

    He would glance at occasion at her white and black earrings, surely from a time not too long ago when a younger more rebellious girl had been in her seat. But things were changing fast. Nobody in the Intelligence community was a rookie anymore since Empire Day.

    Garrison 17 was a sprawling complex north of Coronet City, built during the Clone Wars and rapidly expanded since. It also seemed as though the early morning sun bathing the continent to the South was retreating here in the face of another oily gray storm front.

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    Game Master Post

    Lieutenant Jak Ulno, ISB
    Corporal Anastasia Ulyanova, ISB
    10:20 CCT 42.1 AFE
    Hangar Bay C4, Garrison 17, Coronet Region, Corellia

    “Welcome. Welcome to Garrison Seventeen. All personnel must have ID badges prominently displayed at all times. ... Hangers see-two and dee-six are currently active; all non-essential personnel remain clear of the flight decks. ... Captain Garnet please contact Doctor Freeman at extension three-eight-eight-three” Over the intercom the automated voice repeated the same message which echoed through the expanse of the garrison.

    Built from a reclaimed industrial center, the garrison was the second largest on the planet, and the headquarters for all Imperial Special Operations in the sector. Among the many regular stormtroopers, Imperial Clone Commandos, were a common sight. Level C, which contained four hangar bays, was a high restricted area, where craft from the 588th Wing were housed. At the end of the war, the 588th had received the remnants of Republic Special Operations’ prototype or modified fighters and transports to be used to support the New Order’s commandos.

    In addition to housing the special craft behind closed hangar blast doors, level C also had ‘sim shoot houses’, augmented reality environments that allowed commandos and crews to rehearse missions with holoprojected buildings, streets, and terrain features. Above the shoot house, pilot simulators allowed aircrews to train on a host of full motion flight simulators.

    The tram stopped across the street from the main gate. After Lt. Ulno and Cpl. Ulyanova scanned in through the turnstiles, they would catch a rail car that ferried passengers from the gate to the garrison itself. A lift at the end of the rail line would take them up the the C-level, and it would be a short walk to the armory.

    The armory was staffed by original Jango clones, all of which had be subject to horrific injuries in the war that had ended their field time. The front desk was set behind a layer of durasteel bars, and rows of blasters and other military equipment were visible behind it. The clone manning the desk has his entire left face and skull replaced with a cybernetic covering, in addition to a prosthetic left arm and part of his upper torso, though these were mostly hidden under his dark blue tunic. As Jak and Anastasia approached the front desk, he spun around in his seat, and cracked a crooked, but genuine, smile from behind his grotesquely scarred face. His badge read simply: CX-1815

    “Ay, how’s it going, Lieutenant?” the clone asked in an relatively chipper and casual voice. “What can I get you started with today?”

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    Aven Dorn
    Building 1902, Corellia

    The story about the Colonel and Christophsis was nice, but it did not explain everything. Aven left it open for now. They had a job to do. They needed to focus.

    Aven sighed. "No, they had nothing else so far. Looks like we need to go there ourselves. So let us not waste time. I say we leave in 0300 and see what this lab is about."

    Indeed the thing could have gone cold, but there was a chance something would reveal the identity of the attackers and if so they would find them, one way or another.

    "Meet you at the shuttle bay."

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    IC : Jerric Cain

    Jerric nodded as the other agent left off in the direction of the shuttle bay. "Once I gather my kit, I'll be there." He followed the east corridor until he reached suite Seventeen and punched his access code into the panel by the door. The suite was hardly worthy of the name according the Core standards, being almost identical to several ship board berths Cain had occupied during the war. A small spartan room with a bed against one wall, a data terminal against the other, and a door to the refresher opposite the entrance, an incredible luxury that was the key difference from the old berths.

    As the automatic door shut behind him he moved to the desk the data terminal occupied, roughly clearing a space in the center of the mess of droid parts with a quick dash of his hand. Jerric ignored the resulting clatter as various bits fell to the floor, most of the useful debris remained in his lab on 37. With a glance back to the door he pulled a small hydrospanner from his pocket and began pulling a panel from the wall behind the data terminal. The box he pulled from the resulting hole was placed carefully in the newly cleared desk space.

    After another distrustful glance towards the door, he undid the clasp of the box and opened the lid to reveal the contents. The very illegal contents, glitterstim, polstine, doaki, ryll, and several other more exotic varieties he had collected during the Clone Wars and since. He smiled as he poked through the contents. He had never intended to become a connoisseur of the drugs, but the pressures and horrors of the wars had turned him. The peace of the past year had lessened his need, but he knew he would never give up the vice completely. In fact the peace had revived supply lines for several of the more ancient and rare kinds, and Jerric never turned down a new spice variety. And while Alderaan was supposed to be a straight cut world, he knew that there was nothing pure in the galaxy.

    Some time later Jerric exited the building 1902 with his bag of data retrieval equipment and his sentry droid trailing behind. He hailed one of the multitude of droid driven hover cabs in permanent orbit around the complex and climbed aboard the vehicle. "Garrison 17. No rush, scenic route."

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    IC: Bren “Doc” Darnell
    The Colonel’s Office, Coronet City, Corellia

    Inclining his head, Doc read the display with cold indifference, his eyes never betraying the anger that was slowly building up within his chest. He knew it was only a matter of time before a termination order came down through the ranks – he had prepared himself for this moment – but to see it highlighted on the screen didn’t make it any easier. It was still a kick in the gut no matter how hard the Colonel, or anyone else, tried to twist it.

    “Frankly, Doc, I don’t know how to handle this,” the Colonel was saying, almost sounding apologetic.

    Didn’t know how to handle this? Doc inwardly scoffed at the notion. If Mathgro was like all the others and wanted to keep his job, he knew damn well how to handle this. The personal opinion of a single medic never stood in their way before. The question was why the Colonel was trying to appease him now. It didn’t make sense…

    “I know you already have your mind made up,” he remarked with a hint of bitterness. “If you don’t follow through, you’re out – that’s how the system works. So, why even ask me in the first place?” He bit the inside of his cheek and shook his head lightly with a mocking smile. “Unless you just want to see me squirm...”

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    IC: Staff Sergeant Sera Durane
    Building 1902 Lift Entrance, Coronet City, Corellia

    “I’ll blast ‘is knees out from under ‘im!” the young officer fumed. “I’m sorry we couldn’t get a confession. Our prisoner doesn’t speak Basic, so I had to lean on Staff Sergeant Durane here for her knowledge of Huttese,” Master Sergeant Slade replied. “‘How old is she? Eighteen?” the young man retorted. “I’m old enough to know things you don’t,” Sera replied. “That does it!” the officer shouted before shooting Sera’s mentor in the back. “Are you OK, sir?” Sera asked. “I need bacta...” Slade replied. Sera put a bacta patch on the wound and injected a painkiller that she had stolen from a spice dealer. “You’re going to be fine,” she said in a soothing voice.

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    OOC: Okay, I have move back to the States and it’s time to get this game going into high gear. This is going to be the last post to wrap up the last plots and push Finn and Krayt off into their adventure. This will be followed shortly by the next big game post which is going to throw everyone into action.

    Game Master Post

    08:11 CCT 42.1 AFE
    CO’s Office, Suite 40.B Rm.5
    Building 1902, Coronet City, Corellia

    “Unless you just want to see me squirm...”

    Mathgro leaned back and sighed with resignation, staring off at a point on the ceiling for several long seconds. Sighing again, he looked back to Darnell, who despite his calm exterior, gave off a palpable aura of anger.

    “Doc, I realize this has been a hard few weeks for you. I need you to believe me when I say I didn’t just call you in here to trouble your sensibilities. As one of the only Senior Officers in this outfit, I value your input,” he said. He regretted now neglecting the Doc for the last week, when he had repeatedly brought up Abot’s condition. Now, he realized, he had lost significant credibility with the Commander, and it wasn’t going to be rebuilt overnight. He leaned forward with this elbows on the desk and chin resting on the back of his crossed hands as he continued.

    “The opinion I’m looking for here is how we move forward with interrogations. Abot is broken at this point as you’ve said yourself. I could see this destroying him, completely. So, I’m going to exercise our fourteen days of the ‘don’t-have-to-tell-him’ leeway to let him stabilize and come back, and I don’t know… maybe we can use this as a way to get him to reveal something, or help us locate his family...promise them protection or something…”

    Don exasperatedly leaned back in his chair and remarked only half jokingly, “is it too early to start drinking? Ah, Sith, might as well.”

    He keyed his console and closed the door to the office and reached below the desk and retrieved a crystal decanter of Corellian ale and two matching crystal glasses.

    “Let’s just talk, Darnell,” he said as he poured the amber liquid into the two glasses.​

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    Major Jerric Cain, ISB
    Agent Aven Dorn, II
    06:05 IST 43.1 AFE
    Planet Alderaan, Alderaan System

    A gleaming white Nu-class shuttle left hyperspace over the planet of Alderaan and descended towards the surface.

    On board, Agent Dorn and Major Cain, along with Senior Operative Burgrie, stretched out after the long twelve hour flight to Alderaan. The shuttle buffered against the atmosphere as it made reentry from orbit, and came in for a low flight path over the rolling Alderaanian countryside.

    The shuttle sat down about half a kilometer from the target. Awaiting their arrival was one, Commander Pupion, a human woman with brilliant white, short hair. She wore the white tunic and black trousers of an Imperial Security Bureau field agent, not the black-on-black outfits of the special operatives of Unit 6/16.

    “Major, Master Agent,” she greeted the two ranking officers as they debarked the shuttle whose engines were whining down. “We are very pleased to have you here. Please,” she gestured to the two SoroSuub speeders behind her. “I will take you to the site.”

    “As per your request, we have secured the house,” she said as they drove up the the house. It was a small block of three story row houses, the furthest house to the left was roped off with reflective tape which repeated in Aurebesh:


    “I hope the schematics we sent forward to you were helpful,” the commander continued as they left the speeder and walked in the front door.

    Inside the house smelled stale, with a sharp chemical note, like a strong solvent. The interior lights were on, and trash was strewn about the floor, remnants of the previous occupants. The house appeared to have been a place to bed down for multiple adults, rather than a family dwelling. In many ways it looked like the interior of a junkie’s apartment one would find on the lower levels of Coruscant, not the picturesque row house that it’s exterior portrayed it to be.

    “I will leave you to your work, let us know if we can be of assistance to you.”

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    HS29: Feel free to fade that scene to black as you please.

    KD90, Finn: Details about the house and 'Easter eggs' will be in your PMs. You have as much creativity as you want to take here.
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    Star Wars: Unit Six-Sixteen
    Episode One
    No Safe Harbour...

    Music: Monsters

    Special Task Unit 6/16, Mission #1
    Target: Senator Bura Gonduddi (HARBOUR NOTION), Suspected LANC Propagandist
    Location: Planet Jazbina, Lostar Sector, Expansion Region
    DTG: 19:07 IST 43.1 AFE

    Starlines faded to pinpricks and the desert world of Jazbina hung overhead. Seventeen hours ago the charcoal black gunships and shuttles of the 588th had lifted off from Garrison Seventeen to rendezvous with the Venator-class Star Destroyer Luminos in orbit above Corellia. Now those same gunships and shuttles were warming their engines of the deck of the Star Destroyer, waiting for the overhead hangar doors to fold back and release them on the quiet world below.

    The members of Unit Six-Sixteen sat on their transports. The tactical team in one of the two blacked-out Nu-class shuttles, and the exploitation team in the other. On board the four LAAT/s, three carried stormtroopers from the Three-Seventieth who would be responsible for securing the area around the mountain manor. The other carried the clone commandos who would be the first on the surface to prevent the Senator from using whatever transport he might have to escape.

    During the journey through hyperspace, the members of the Unit had access to the ship’s amenities. It was mostly a long, uneventful trip. Clones and the ISB agents dined and tried to get some rest in the transient quarters before what would likely be a long and grueling night. They mustered on deck one hour before arrival above the planet, conducted a final gear and weapon check, and boarded the transports...and waited.

    A shudder and rattle announced their transition from hyperspace back to realspace. A tone sounded and the white lights in the shuttle dimmed to a deep red as the turbines began to whine ever louder.

    “Two minutes,” the familiar voice of the clone pilot came over the intercom to the passengers of the shuttle. The Colonel stood-up at the front of the shuttle and looked at the group. He was glad to see Master Sergeant Slade had made it, though he still looked ragged and in recovery. The other interrogator, Staff Sergeant Durane, sat beside him looking pensive.

    He made eye contact with Commander Darnell, who sat at the end of the shuttle nearest the ramp. A white and red armband designating him as medical staff with a similarly marked case of supplies sitting at his feet. He hoped that he had been able to rebuild some trust with him.

    The young slicer, Corporal Ulyanova, stared at the ground, and had barely spoken a word since they left Corellia, at least in ear shot of Mathgro. Her armor looked uncomfortably out of place. Beside her was Lieutenant Ulno, experienced, but still seeming weighed down by the responsibility he had in leading the team. Operative Boldub and the lone alien on the team, Operative Toppmins looked slightly out of sorts in their armor as well, clearly use to office work and not field operations.

    The Colonel, however, appeared calm and confident. It was a simple mission, one that should go off without a hitch, and would be a good way to cut the teeth of the less experienced members of the unit.

    “Let’s look alive,” he said with a smile and chuckle, punching his fist into his palm, trying to elicit some excitement and energy from those on the exploitation team. “Come on, we’re finally gonna get this frakker!”

    The next couple minutes passed quickly, Mathgro switched the intercom over so that the comm traffic between the ships was audible to all.

    Luminos Control, Sabre Six-two. We’re green, final checks complete,” their shuttle’s pilot said.

    Copy, Six-two. Blast doors are opening now, all flights standby to launch.”

    The massive blast doors over the hangar bay cracked open with resounding clack of durasteel on durasteel as the ratcheted back. The shuttles and gunships rose from the hardened flight deck of the Star Destroyer and up through the mag-field and into the vacuum of space. Behind the transports a flight of four ARC-170 fighters followed, but would stay in orbit in case they needed to intercept a fleeing transport.

    Mathgro keyed his commlink by pressing on the side of his headset.

    “All stations, this is Chaos Actual. Mark time one-nine-one-one Imperial Standard, mission start. Good hunting,” he said, using his call sign as mission commander. The shuttle banked hard as the flight dived towards their target on the surface.

    Chaos, this is Luminos. We have heavy distortions around the target area, we’ve can’t get a response from the probe droids and have no eyes on objective, shall we abort?”

    “Negative, negative; mission is still a go. They know we’re coming and they’re jamming us. All units, proceed with caution.”

    The shuttle and gunships pitched up as they began to burn through the upper atmosphere of the planet. They were almost fifty kilometers above the target on a descent that was more of a lazy spiral downwards into the atmosphere than a drop. One of the LAAT/s broke from the rest of the flight, rolling over and diving for the surface. Descending at a rate of four kilometers a minute, it began to leveled out around ten thousand meters directly over the target and the doors of the gunship popped out and back. One after another, the five Imperial Commandos stepped out of the shuttle into the blackness. The gunship pitched up and began climbing away as the doors retracted closed.

    “Stiletto Six-Eight, Havoc is out the doors. Returning to formation.”

    “This is Luminos, ion canon firing in three...two…”

    As the flight of transports continued their decent, and the Commandos silently fell towards their objective, a streak of blue lightning descended from the sky towards the planet. Striking a power distribution hub ten kilometers from the villa, the flash from the hub overloading lit up the skies to the horizon. A spiderweb of blue energy arcs coursed throughout the local power grid blowing couplings, relays, and transformers as it went.

    “Grid is down, but jamming is still up. We can’t isolate it enough to target,” came the voice of an operations officer on the Luminos. “It’s pretty cloudy in the target area, so we have no visual from orbit.”

    “We’re already committed, we’ll just have to destroy it once we are on the surface. Havoc, how do you copy?” Mathgro asked over the net. A crackling reply came back from the commandos that was all but inaudible as they descended into the sphere of jamming.

    Sithspit,” the Colonel cussed and struck his armored thigh with his fist. Luminos, we’re going to be in the black once we’re on the surface. Strike Force, prepare for contact!”

    A crackling white noise began to break squelch on the entire team’s comm as they approached the target. The gunships and shuttles leveled out just a few hundred meters from the surface and turned towards the villa, skimming over the desert mountains as they closed.

    “--ontct--th---voc--in contact!” The panicked call from the commando team began to break over the jamming as they neared the villa. The transports cleared a final vale and popped over the ridge-line in sight of the objective just a kilometer away.

    “Sir,” the clone shuttle pilot commed. “We’ve got massive activity in the vicinity of the objective, and--flare! Flare! Flare!”

    The exploitation team’s shuttle broke hard to port and shuddered from a violent explosion as a rocket from the ground tore into their sisters ship. The Nu-class shuttle carrying the tactical team burst in a flash of deep orange flames and black smoke. It struggled for a moment to keep altitude before plowing into the sand and rock of the surface. Heavy repeating blaster fire came up from the surface striking the remaining shuttle.

    “Shuttle down! Shuttle down! Sabre Six-one is down hard on the surface!”

    “We’ve got--looks like two dropships near the villa in the L-Z,” commed the pilot of one of the gunships. “Engaging now.”

    Another rocket came up from outside the villa and barely missed the remaining Nu-class shuttle, which banked hard to the right as it overflew the objective. From behind a second rocket streaked up from the ground.

    “Down! Down! Get us on the surface, now!” The Colonel shouted at the pilots just before a explosion rocked the shuttle. Sparks flew through the passenger cabin and the lights went out. Thick, choking smoke tinged with ozone permeated the air. The turbines wailed and roared as the machinery inside them began to come apart.

    “Six-two is hit! Crash positions! Crash positions! We’re--” Their pilot began to shout back to the passengers as the shuttle struck the surface. Gouging a deep cut into the rocky landscape and sheering both wings, it came to rest on its side just a couple hundred meters from the villa. The exploitation team inside was badly battered from the wreck, but still mostly lucid as the safety webbing held them in place. The exception to this, was the Colonel who had been thrown forward on impact and was laying unconscious on the floow of the shuttle's passenger compartment. The emergency hatch blew out the rear of the shuttle, letting out the toxic smoke and emergency lighting showed the way out to safety.

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    IC: Anastasia 'Whisper' Ulyanova

    Whisper was more like Silent, keeping to herself, not speaking to anyone, hiding in her accommodations, only coming out when it was absolutely necessary. All she could feel was out of place, she was an analyst, a slicer, codebreaker, not a soldier, not a killer. She sat on the bed looking at the pile of dull grey armor that she would have to wear. It was tailored to her fit her fame perfectly, or so the man at the Garrison said, the clone with only half a face. She'd tried them on, her plates. They were heavy, too heavy they weighed her down, feeling more made of durasteel. The rifle she was issued felt giant in her small hands. It was a weapon of war but, she was no soldier. She felt like a child wearing her father's clothes and playing pretend.

    But, there was nothing prendend about this. The people she would be facing would have real weapons, real armor, they wouldn't just be figments of a child's overactive imagination.

    She didn't want to wear the plates or carry the weapon, she hated them but, she had to bear them, they were her best chance of survival out there, in the field.

    She ran over the mission in her head a thousand times, Luminous fires an ion blast, the commandos drop first, securing the landing zone, they land right after, tactical team moves next clearing the way, then her team goes in and collects everything they can. It was simple clean and easy.

    If it was so easy then why did she feel uneasy?

    Was it just first mission jitters, was it just her timid nature or was it something else?

    She pulled up her datapad, hardened and secured in a sturdy case. It was more protected than a stormtrooper, can survive a fall from 5 meters as well as 1,000. It was the only thing that made sense to her, this little rectangle of circuit boards with a screen. She looked over the message she decoded, the last bit of work she did back on Corellia, the last time she felt normal before the Colonel dropped her into this fight she'd only ever seen from parsecs away.

    It was her duty, her obligation to serve wherever the Emperor sent her, wherever her commanders sent her. She couldn't reject the order, couldn't go against them, there was no escape. Her only hope was that everything went to plan, and that she never saw the combat that would be happening around her.

    She got no sleep, no comfort on the way over. Before she knew it she was summoned to the hangar. It was time then. Time to dress for war. She looked down at herself, the body glove hugging her thin frame. It was a far cry from the tall broad shouldered recruitment posters that plastered every corner of the galaxy.

    However the time for asking why was well past, now there was just do and that started with putting on the plates that she never wanted to wear.

    The first was the boots, weighing her feet down like stones around her ankles. Next were the greves snuggly fit, right against her calves. Then on up to the breast plate which pressed down on her chest, and the vambraces that felt like shackles. Finally the helmet that strained her neck as she tightened the chin strap.

    The armor did fit perfectly, not a gap in site and a mostly full range of movement. It was little comfort to her, she knew where she was going, why she needed these heavy plates. They were there to try and keep her alive.

    She clipped her datapad to her belt, took up her rifle and reported to her station, a Nu-class shuttle that would carry them to the ground.

    The Colonel did his best to get their spirits up, but, the gung-ho 'let's get them' bravado did nothing to get her out of her head.

    Strapped into her seat she kept her focus on the ground.

    Ion blast, commando's drop, secure the landing…

    "They know we’re coming and they’re jamming us." Her head snapped up, jamming, no one said anything about jamming. Maybe...maybe the ion shot would knock it out. As the blast of energy thundered down from the sky, the jamming remained. Even in her increasingly worried state, she could still put pieces together. The fact it wasn't down mean it had its own powersource, a separate generator in the compound, maybe.

    Her breaths rang in her ears and she continued to work on pinpointing jamming, more to take her mind off the storm swirling around her. A look of pain came over her face as her comlink squelched under the jamming. What she did hear was a painicked voice.

    She looked up eye blown wide in fear, these were commandos, the best of the best, and they were panicking. What was she to do?

    All that she could, was find the jammer, give them a chance. She closed her eyes listening to what would sound like static to others but, to her ear, a musician she could sense the subtle differences. There was not one tone but, two, passing the signal through her datapad she noticed the swath of frequencies that were gobbled up by this jamming. Wide band, dual-tone, she recognized this, Front 2-42. That couldn't be right but, looking at the data she had to be.

    Jacking into the shuttle's sensors she captured the current wave map, the signals and wavelengths that covered the battlefield. Checking the strengths of the signals and direction she was starting to plot out lines, leading back, hopefully, to where the jammer was. Her eyes widened.

    "Sir," she tried to shout but, her voice was ready for that, it cracked and squeaked as she tried to be heard over the din of the hell around them. "They are using a Front 2-42, mobile, used by paramilitaries...I found..."

    Just as she said that the shuttle banked hard an explosion shaking the shutte. The panic returned, she looked to the colonel watching his reaction, ordering them to land. It was too late another blast rocked the vessel, much closer than the last, it rattled and shook the pilot called out for crash positions then everything went dark.

    It wasn't long, a second or two, but, when she came to her head was ringing and she felt nauseous. Her first breath was choking, toxic smoke filled her lungs, stung her eyes. A hatch somewhere blew open lighting a way out. Coughing and quickly losing consciousness again she tore herself from the webbing and rushed for the exit, tripping on a blaster or a body she didn't know which. All she wanted was out.

    She came tumbling out of the burning wreck into pitch blackness. The fire surrounding the shuttle lit the immediate area but, beyond that there was nothing. She staggered a few steps her head ringing from the impact, her vision burly her feet unsteady. A burst of blaster bolts fly past her just barely missing her. She turned falling ungracefully to the ground and scrambling for cover. Hiding behind what remained of the once pristine Nu-class the nausea overtook her causing her to retch what little was in her stomach. She put a glove to her forehead and it came away wet, a sharp pain told her it wasn't sweat, and in the orange glow around her she saw red. This was her blood, she was bleeding. More shots rang out and she curled tighter in her cover closing her eyes and clutching her datapad close, the only thing she thought to bring with her.

    She knew...she knew where the jamming was coming from it wasn't too far, if they could she couldn't move, couldn't speak. Her heart pounded in her chest her breathing was short and ragged, one thought clouded everything.

    She was going to die.

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