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Star Wars Star Wars: Xenophobia

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Sarge221, Apr 14, 2010.

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    Sep 9, 2006
    OOC: Well, seems like I'm learning lesson 2 of GMing which is that meet-and-greet and socializing portions of RPs can move forward or become a slow-up. And this seems to be the case of a slow-up so...*dramatic point forward* Onwards we go!

    IC: Milo Vrin
    Harrier, Corridor

    "You heard a mission is due to come up? Have the Vong made a push into the Mid Rim?"

    At that Milo blinked, staring at Sorra with sudden confusion at the statement. It took a moment for the Firrerreo to understand just what, exactly, was entailed with the statement but it was after such a time passed that he understood and sought to correct the Knight.

    "You don't know?" Milo questioned. "We've left the Mid Rim quite a few hours ago. They announced it throughout the ship! But I guess you were busy meditating or doing other Jedi...stuff." His golden skin dulling a shade, Milo made a sheepish grin before continuing, "It's the Outer Rim that we're heading to."

    Another moment of silence passed but this was for Sorra's benefit, to allow him to digest what it was that Milo had just spoken. "It seems that with the Mid Rim having been declared safe for about two months, it's been decided that the Harrier had been assigned to the Outer Rim to support operations there." He shrugged. "I believe you're supposed to have a briefing shortly."


    Harrier, Briefing Room

    Shortly proved to be only an hour before not only Sorra but the others were sent messages that the beep of their comlinks soon told them that they received. Considering the secrecy that had been surrounding the mission ever since the jump from the Mid Rim, everyone in the room was no doubt questioning about what, exactly, their upcoming mission entailed.

    And the room's occupants were not strictly for that of Jedi Plo, scout Antilles, demolitionist Baariel, slicer Artrosk, nor trooper Strumla. There were others there, perhaps quite a few that may be recognized. Mari was seated next to Kastor while at least two squads of troopers occupied dozens of other seats that Nial may or may not recognize individually. Even, off to the corner, was Chief Medical Officer Jacobs. For anyone with experience in warfare and military operations, the very sight that was before that may give them a hint to what was going on.

    This was no boring policing action. Though it may have been months since the Harrier had participated in any intensive ground operations, you didn't have to be one of the more senior members to recognize that the presence of dozens of troopers and specialists meant that there was the possibility of an upcoming engagement. And it was these dozens of individuals that caused the buzzing of conversation that filled the silence as they waited for the briefing to begin.

    Fortunately, the wait wasn't long as the lights in the briefing room suddenly dimmed and the holoprojector came to life, projecting the image of a planet that hovered and circled within the center of the briefing room. It was green with life, with what had to be forests and jungles plotted throughout most of the planet with only the blues of oceans, rivers, and lakes cutting through it along with the grays and browns of mountains and deserts. A simple, life-flourishing world really.

    "This is Pondera."

    Stepping out from the shadows of the dimmed lights and onto the platform was a uniformed silhouette. Only when it stepped onto the platform, allowing the light of the hologram to chase away the darkness around his form, was anyone able to recognize the furred countenance of the Bothan captain of the Harrier: Veth Dy'lan.

    "And it's nothing," continued the Bothan, who now stood in front of the circling planet with his back straight and hands clasped behind him. "Located within the Outer Rim, it had been discovered around three hundred years ago before the start of the Clone Wars. It was never colonized and from what records we found about Pondera - which were few - there didn't seem to be any pla
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