Science Fiction Starcraft: Days of Survival

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    I will not be stopped. Not by you, or the Confederates, or the protoss, or anyone! I will rule this sector or see it burnt to ashes around me!"
    -Arcturus Mengsk

    Starcraft: Days of Survival

    It?s been four years since the end of the devastating Brood War. With the destruction of the UED expeditionary fleet, the loss of worlds and heroes inflicted upon the terrans and protoss of the Koprulu Sector, all at the hands of the Zerg and their Queen of Blades, the years have been full of recovery. Arcturus Mengsk, the vaunted Emperor of the Terran Dominion, has rebuilt his shattered empire with new, more powerful weapons of war, manned by conscripted, neutrally-socialized personnel that enforce his brutal ruling.

    The protoss, meanwhile, have been rebuilding a shattered people. High Templar and Dark Templar, forced to cooperate in war, are now forced to cooperate in governance as they strive to bring their two people together. Until then, they are forced to uncover and rely on ancient weapons of war such as the Colossus to supplement their devastated warrior ranks where many had their shattered bodies processed into the newfound technology of the Immortals.

    All these preparations are to one day combat the return of the zerg?the return which has now come to fruition. Having lay dormant for all these years, the Queen of Blades has once again rallied her broods and unleashed them upon her enemies. As had occurred before, worlds now burn while its citizens are devoured by the zerg and transformed into infested monstrosities that are now driven to consume their loved ones.

    The terran colony of Demeter is one such world that now suffers. Though far out in the remote reaches of the Dominion, Demeter has become a jewel of the Fringe Worlds. While worlds at the heart of Mengsk?s empire have been converted into industrial worlds where land has been sacrificed for factories and starports meant to manufacture new siege tanks and battlecruisers, Demeter had been fated as an agricultural world. Possessing few cities but several farming towns, Demeter has been fated to supply the Dominion with it?s harvested produce and cattle instead of war machines.

    And now it too is under siege by both the zerg and loyalty. With the resurgence of the zerg has also come the return of old, buried secrets. All throughout terran space, Emperor Mengsk?s most closely guarded secret ? that of his use of psi emitters and thus the zerg ? has been unveiled. While the Dominion tries to combat the zerg, they now have to worry about rebellion as well.

    The same goes for the Dominion forces on Demeter. Having been protected by a mix of a militia, Dominion garrisons, and a single battlecruiser, these forces now struggle against one another in the face of utter annihilation. For while the zerg infects and consumes Demeter?s citizens, a protoss extermination fleet has warped into orbit to ?cleanse? Demeter of its foul disease.

    With the zerg on one side, the protoss on the other, and Demeter?s defenders fighting amongst themselves, how can destruction be avoided?


    The Characters

    You are the citizens of Demeter, those who now find themselves in such a conflicted world that has once only known peace. Whether farmers or part of the militia, you have managed to avoid the horrors of the Great War that led to the defeat of the Terran Confederacy, the rise of the Dominion, the introduction of the zerg and protoss, and all the fighting that had ensued since then. But whatever peace you knew is now long gone.

    So what are you to do now that war has finally come to you? You possess only the skills of a farmer, a marshal, a doctor, mechanic, or something altogether different. Somehow you are to survive against the assault of alien forces while your planet is caught up
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