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Story Stargate: Redemption

Discussion in 'Non Star Wars Fan Fiction' started by Skywalker_T-65, Sep 8, 2012.

  1. Skywalker_T-65

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    Nov 19, 2009
    AN: (Repost from the Temp Boards)

    And here is my newest idea. This one is based off of a possible use for the Time Jumper from Moebius, namely an alternate take on the Ori War. In here, the Ori swarm the galaxy and overtake it far quicker than they can be stopped. Thus the Time Jumper is used, but if I say more it will spoil the story, so here we go:
    Milky Way Galaxy


    One year after the Fall of Earth

    USS Daedalus/USS Prometheus

    Floating in orbit of one of the few free planets left in the Milky Way Galaxy were the only remaining vestiges of the once powerful Tau'ri. They were the USS Daedalus and the USS Prometheus, though after a year on the run, no one cared about national distinctions anymore. The crews were composed of what remained of the free population of Earth, every nation that had a stake in the Stargate program represented.

    Both of the ships were hiding from the greatest enemy the Galaxy had ever faced. The seemingly unstoppable Ori Armada had been hunting them for a year now, ever since Earth had fallen. That battle had marked the end of any organized resistance to the Ori, as even the Ancient Drones in
    Antarctica had proven unable to stop the advance of the forces of Origin.

    Recognizing the inevitable fate of their planet, and seeing no way to stop the Ori, it had been decided that the only two intact and complete ships, the Daedalus and Prometheus would be used to evacuate as many people of Earth as possible. The older BC-303 had been ferrying people to a planet on the edge of the Milky Way, where what remained of the Asgard Fleet had taken them to Ida, where they would at least have some measure of safety. Following them was the majority of the shattered Free Jaffa Nation's fleet, towed by the Asgard vessels. As for the Daedalus, it was taking what people it could to Atlantis in the Pegasus Galaxy. The Ori knew nothing of that Galaxy, and even if they had, the Wraith were too big a force for them to tackle while subduing the Milky Way and keeping a wary eye on the Asgard.

    It was returning from these routine trips, that both vessels had been present at the Fall of Earth. A massive Ori fleet, numbering well into the double digits of warships, had descended on the birthplace of Humanity. By the time the Battlecruisers had arrived, the hulks of dozens of these vessels were orbiting the planet, all shattered by the Ancient Drones. But that weapon had run its course, destroyed by an Ori blast…leaving the planet at the mercy of the vengeful warships. The crews of Earth's own warships saw fires burning all over the planet, the evidence of Ori weapons fire…Washington, Moscow, London, Beijing, Paris…all of these great cities and many more, obliterated by the Ori.

    Even though the commanders of the Daedalus and Prometheus knew they couldn't harm the Ori ships, let alone that many of them, they still were going to attack. Colonels Caldwell and Pendergast where going to do everything in their power to avenge their fallen people, even if it meant their own deaths, and the crews were right behind them. But before they could, a shimmering field of stars cleared, revealing the incomplete USS Odyssey, and beneath it, the Naquadah asteroid that Anubis had tried to destroy Earth with.

    As the two Colonels looked on in shock, a message came from the Odyssey…standing in front of them on the other vessels bridge were familiar faces. General Jack O'Neill, Colonel Samantha Carter, Doctor Daniel Jackson, Colonel Cameron Mitchell, Teal'c, Vala Mal Doran…SG1, past and present, united in one final mission.

    "This is the USS Odyssey you have to leave now. Earth has fallen, and we need you to survive. Get back to Atlantis, and build up a fleet to come back to retake this galaxy," Colonel Jack O'Neill had said before turning to look at the Ori fleet rapidly approaching the asteroid, "Are we ready Carter? Good…this is goodbye then, give 'em hell boys!"

    With those words, a Mark IX nuke detonated beneath the Odyssey, the already massive blast quickly expanding as the massive asteroid enhanced the explosion. Just as Sam had predicted, the asteroids explosion resembled a miniature super-nova, vaporizing even the powerful Ori vessels instantly, and shattering the Moon, while blasting off Earth's atmosphere. The crews of the last two Earth vessels saluted their fallen comrades and after scanning for any survivors left the Solar System behind, a grave for the hopes of an entire people.

    Unfortunately, the Prometheus lacked powerful enough engines to make the trip to Pegasus. It would have taken several months, if it had arrived at all. And leaving behind one of the last ties to their homeworld was something that the crews refused to even contemplate. So after the older ship had taken shelter with the still hidden Nox, the Daedalus had used a ZPM that the Nox had given them to head back to Atlantis. Once there, it had dropped off the crystal to help defend the last bastion of Tau'ri power, before taking the nearly depleted ZPM that Atlantis had been using to get back to the Milky Way.

    Onboard was the Atlantis Expeditions equivalent to SG1, choosing to go back with the BC-304 in order to help in a guerrilla campaign against the Ori. Atlantis itself would continue the struggle against the Wraith, in addition to looking for Ancient Warships and any allies they could track down to eventually return to fighting the Ori.

    And all of that led to the current situation the ships found themselves in, floating over the graveyard of one of Earth's first 'friends' in a hostile galaxy. After the death of the Nox in another Ori attack, the two vessels had started using Tollana as a base. The planet had been abandoned ever since Anubis' attack, leading to it being a low priority target for the Ori. But that wouldn't last forever, which brings us to an argument currently raging on the larger warship over their next move.

    "I'm telling you, we can't just keep raiding like this. We are quickly running out of Naquadah, and our weapons are nearly depleted…we've already had to raid the Alpha Sites ruins, and there just aren't any left!" Rodney McKay shouted, always the voice of dissent.

    "Trust us, we know that Rodney…some days I wish I had just stayed in Pegasus," Colonel John Sheppard said, running a hand through his graying hair.

    "Atlantis can handle themselves John, we need to help the people of your galaxy," Teya Emmagan pointed out, having fully embraced her mission of helping her friend's people.

    "Except they don't want our help anymore…any humans or Jaffa left have been converted to Origin. Even the Asgard won't let us into their territory anymore," Rodney pointed out.

    "They can't risk us leading the Ori to their homeworld. Ida is a big galaxy, but after what happened to the Nox, I can't say I blame them," Stephen Caldwell said.

    The group was having an informal meeting on the Daedalus's bridge. The rest of the crew was looking on with expressions ranging from bemusement to sheer exhaustion. The last year had been hell on all of them, and it showed. They were slowly being run into the ground, unable to even dent the Ori's hold on their galaxy. And as Caldwell had pointed out, with the death of the Nox, they had lost their last safe haven. Even the Asgard were unwilling to fight the Ori any longer, content to protect what remained of the Tau'ri and Jaffa in their own galaxy. No one on either ship knew how that was going, since they hadn't seen so much as a Beliskner since Earth fell.

    "It still feels like a betrayal, they were our allies and they refuse to help us now...when our need has never been greater," Colonel Pendergast said, having beamed over from the Prometheus for the meeting.

    John nodded his head, "And we can't rely on the rest of the Galaxy either. We are in quite a pickle aren't we?"

    "Understating things as always! We can't hope to beat the Ori like this, and you know it," Rodney said, pointing an accusatory finger at John, the leader of their little fleet.

    "As much as I hate to agree with McKay," Caldwell started, earning a dirty look from the scientist, "he has a point. There is no way we can beat the Ori just by picking off their ground bases. The only weapons we had that could destroy one of their ships were the Mark IX's, and when they destroyed Icarus we lost our last source of Naquadria. We may have to use it now."

    Everyone aboard flinched at the emphasis that Caldwell put on that word. They knew exactly what he was talking about, and it had been sitting in the hanger of the Daedalus ever since it had been beamed aboard by the dying Odyssey. It seemed to be a standard Puddle Jumper at first, identical to the numerous shuttles aboard Atlantis.

    But a look in the back revealed a different object entirely…tied into the Jumpers systems was a unique device. Built by Janus, an Ancient scientist from Atlantis, it was a time machine, proven to work but very risky to use because of the damage to the timeline. Thus it had been gathering dust, the absolute last resort if the Ori ever cornered the two cruisers.

    "I don't care how bad things get, we can't use it. The damage to the timeline is too much to even think about!" Rodney protested, taking a complete 180 from his previous argument.

    "But it may be our only option Rodney. From what you have told me, that Jumper can allow us to stop the Ori before they ever got here," Teyla said calmly.

    "I'm still not sure using that Jumper is a good idea…could we even tie the device into the Daedalus? Or expand the field to include the Prometheus? I refuse to leave that ship behind, it has too much history," John added, to which everyone else (excepting Teyla) nodded.

    As Earth's first ship, and the home to its last people in the Milky Way, the Prometheus had transcended the purpose of a simple warship. It was a symbol now, one that they would never leave behind. This was the only reason the old warship was still intact. They would not risk it in the bigger attacks, leaving those to its newer sister. But if they were truly going to use Janus' device, they had to figure out a way to take it with them.

    "Theoretically it is possible to tie it into our systems," Rodney said, looking like the words were forced out of him by some disgusting creature, "And yes, we can include the Prometheus in the time field. But it would burn out the device. This would be a one-way trip, and I can't say if it will even work."

    "Which is why this is a last resort measure correct?" Pendergast asked, well aware that it was his ship tying them down.

    "Well, that and the chance of I don't know…wrecking the timeline beyond repair, that might have something to do with it," Rodney replied snidely.

    "Enough Rodney, we don't need an argument here. We won't use the Jumper unless we are out of other options. For now, let's just get it set up and we can move from there," John said, ending the meeting.

    The group filtered out of the bridge after that, except for Caldwell and Pendergast who were coordinating their commands. Rodney of course went straight to the hanger, grumbling all the way. He was not happy about having to work on such a risky endeavor. But he would do it, he owed his life to SG1, and they must have sent the Jumper for a reason.

    I swear, if Sam hadn't sent this I wouldn't be bothering… Rodney thought, as he worked on the

    It would take a while, but eventually the device would be connected, and the ships would have a last-resort option under their belts. Until that day, the Daedalus would continue to be raiding the Ori, using the last of the Tollan's weapons as its own. But the day would soon come where they were unable to hide any longer…
    A month later
    Tollana Orbit
    For the first time in a month, both of the ageing vessels were together over Tollana. The Tollan weapons had proven to be no more effective against the Ori ships than anything else, and the planet was now the last habitable world that wasn't under Ori control. Knowing this, Rodney had finally finished integrating the device into the Daedalus' systems. It was ready, but it was still untested, so no one really knew what would happen.

    "Well John? Are we going to do this or not?" Rodney asked, fighting a nervous twitch that he had developed after all this time running from the Ori.

    "I hate to say it, but yes we are Rodney. If we are going to go back to the past, we will need weapons to fight off the Goa'uld, and we are nearly depleted in that regard," John replied, before touching his radio, "Are you ready up there?"

    "Ready when you are Colonel…we might want to hurry though, the Ori can't be far behind us," Caldwell said, with a similar statement from Pendergast on the Prometheus.

    John nodded and turned to Rodney, "Power it up Rodney, and hope we don't blow up."

    "Thanks for the vote of confidence," Rodney muttered, before powering up the device.

    A distortion effect soon surrounded the two cruisers, both floating dangerously close to the other. As the distortion grew larger, Ori ships flashed into the system, opening fire on the ships. Their beams passed through empty space however, as the two Tau'ri cruisers vanished from the timeline. The Ori were now the undisputed masters of the Milky Way Galaxy, and would remain so until a resurgent Free Jaffa Nation, and Tau'ri Remnant attacked from Ida, joined by the Lantean Alliance from Pegasus. But it would not be known to the crews of the cruisers, as they were gone forever as far as those groups were concerned…

    Sometime in the Past

    Unknown Location
    "Oww…what hit my head?" John said, slowly getting up from the deck of the Daedalus.

    "That would be me…you're remarkably hard-headed," Rodney replied, holding his side.

    The two glared at each other, before slowly walking to the bridge. Nothing seemed different; in fact it
    looked the same. As they reached the bridge though, they saw the first difference, that being the fact they were no longer in orbit of Tollana. In fact, there was no planet in sight just an endless starfield.

    "I see you two decided to join us," Caldwell said mildly, looking like he hadn't even left his seat.

    "Laugh it up why don't you," Rodney mumbled, while John stepped forward to ask a more pertinent question.

    "Where are we?" the man said calmly, "and more importantly…when are we?"

    "As near as I can tell, we are near Tollan, not Tollana. As for when, from the star patterns we are sometime around a month before Apophis attacked Earth the first time," Caldwell answered, still not quite able to believe their stunt worked.

    "What about the Prometheus?" John asked, not seeing the older warship.

    "Underneath us, just like we left them," Caldwell said, right before the smaller ship came into view.

    "So we're both here…now what?" Rodney asked.

    "Now what indeed…" John said, staring out at the stars, untouched by the taint of the Ori. Maybe this time they could do things right…they could even head off some of the worst parts of the Goa'uld war…they had to make the most of this chance!

    AN: And there we go. Please read and review, I need to know how I did. As for why I used the Atlantis team...its simply easier to handwave away their past selves (at this point in the timeline anyway) than SG1's past selves. Thus we have Atlantis with SG1.

    Oh, and I am well aware in canon the Odyssey would have been finished...but this is an AU remember? Just clearing that up. Also, I posted this here because I was hoping for more constructive reviews than I get on I hope to see some reviews for this.
  2. Skywalker_T-65

    Skywalker_T-65 Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Nov 19, 2009
    AN: Yeah, I know this was posted quickly. Being as I'm reposting this from the Temp Boards, expect quick updates for a while. At least until I run out of things to post anyway.:p

    Please leave a review...helps me write the new chapters after all.

    Milky Way Galaxy

    Orbit of Tollan

    USS Daedalus/Prometheus

    A month before Apophis' attack

    "Well, what are we going to do now, 'glorious leader'?" Rodney asked, still sore over John crashing into him in the hanger.

    Said Colonel glared at his friend before saying, "If we are correct about when we are, then the Tollan scout team that SG1 found should have just arrived. If we can rescue them ourselves, we may have better relations with them this time around."

    "That may be true, but with all of their technology we have implemented on board both our ships, especially the Prometheus, they may not trust us," Caldwell said, with a dubious look on his face.

    "Simple enough to manage just keep them away from the areas with their technology," John replied like it was obvious.

    "And how do you propose to do that 'glorious leader'? They have those arm devices that let them phase through walls," Rodney said.

    "Enough with that 'glorious leader' stuff, it's getting annoying," John shot back, "In any case, we just need to get rid of their arm bands. If we beam them up that should be easy enough to do."

    "Taking away their tech isn't going to endear them towards us," Caldwell pointed out.

    "A compromise perhaps? Let them keep their bands, but deploy a shield around their room?" Teyla suggested.

    The group thought on that for a moment. It was a simple solution, but it hinged on two things. One, could they afford to let the Tollan know about how advanced their shields were, and two, would their shields even block the phasing bands?

    "Rodney? Could that work?" John asked, turning to the smartest man onboard the ships (as he never tired of reminding people).

    Rodney sighed theatrically, "We can modulate the shields to allow a blockage of a handful of rooms. It won't be easy, and will severely tax our power reserves however, so we should only do it if the Tollan refuse to hand over the matter phasing bands."

    "Can the Prometheus' shields do that? My ship is older, so it won't be as great a risk if the Tollan try anything," Pendergast asked.

    "Unfortunately no, the shields on the Prometheus are not advanced enough to be modulated this way. I still have suspicions the Asgard gave us Goa'uld shields and just said it was an older model of their own anyway," Rodney said, reminding them of his current pet theory.

    "Rodney we've discussed this…just because the shields are orange like the Goa'uld's it doesn't mean they aren't an Asgard design," John sighed.

    "We've gotten off topic now…are we going to rescue the Tollan or let SG1 handle it?" Caldwell reminded them.

    John turned to the commander of the Daedalus, "I say we rescue them. The Tollan may be arrogant, but they have nothing like the Daedalus or even the Prometheus. That should at least convince them to trust us, they did with the Nox after all."

    "I agree with John. We need allies, and helping these people is a good way to earn one," Teyla added.

    "I say we rescue them, just keep them isolated from any areas with their technology integrated into the ships," Pendergast said from his ship.

    Rodney sighed, "I'll re-modulate the shields then…just warn me before you beam them up."
    A few minutes later

    Tollan Surface

    A flash of white light signaled the arrival of the former Atlantis team onto the surface of Tollan. The planet was just as inhospitable as the SGC files had said it was. Volcanoes were erupting as far as the eye could see, and a fine layer of ash covered everything, including the currently inactive Stargate. As the group started to search the surrounding area, they started to come across the bodies of the Tollan team that had stayed behind to bury their Stargate.

    "We've got some bodies over here!" John called out.

    "Are any of them alive?" Dr. Jennifer Keller yelled herself, having come along from Atlantis to be with Rodney.

    "Negative…keep searching people! Just make it quick, we don't know when exactly SG1 will arrive," John replied, while continuing to search near the bodies.

    As the group continued to fan out, they noticed more and more signs of a hasty evacuation. Several buildings were in the area, looking like they had been looted. Knowing the Tollan though, it was more likely that they had been stripped to keep people from their technology. But the group's mission wasn't to look for Tollan tech, since they already had the most advanced weapons and phasing tech that the race had designed before Anubis destroyed them. They were just looking for the surviving members of the team, and they soon found them…

    "John, I believe I have found them!" Teyla yelled out from near a desolate forest.

    The rest of the small Tau'ri group moved over, and saw a small group of Tollan survivors, most of them barely conscious, if not completely out of it. But one man was still lucid, if weak…and he was glaring daggers at Teyla.

    "We will not leave our world. A rescue ship will be here any minute and will retrieve us," the man, who John vaguely remembered as being named Omoc, angrily said.

    "Hey now, do you see what this place looks like? If we leave you here you'll die, so let us beam you onto our ships and we can move from there," the Colonel said reasonably.

    "You lie…no human culture other than ourselves have ships," Omoc said, coughing from the ash that was slowly killing him and his team.

    "Believe us or not, we are taking you to our ships. We won't just leave you to die," John said, tapping his radio, "Beam us up Daedalus."

    With those words, Tollan was once again empty of human life, and the two Tau'ri cruisers left orbit before jumping into hyperspace. They had no idea if a Tollan ship would indeed show up, and they figured it would be easier to get Omoc, or more likely Narim, to tell them the location of Tollana this way. Not that they needed that information, but it could help to get on the Tollans good side after all.
    Sometime later

    Tollan Room

    USS Daedalus

    "Release us immediately! We did not agree to be your captives!" Omoc yelled at the man standing behind the glowing blue barrier that somehow negated his arm bands matter phasing.

    "You aren't our captives, just our guests. We couldn't just leave you behind like that in, now could we?" John replied calmly.

    "Then why do you not let us leave? We are trapped in this room, as I am sure you know!" Omoc angrily retorted.

    "Because we can't just let someone we just met roam our ship?" John answered innocently, as Omoc's face turned an odd shade of red.

    This argument had been going on for a while now, since as soon as the Tollan leader had recovered he had immediately tried to phase through a wall, just to find a blue energy barrier blocking his passage. Naturally that had set off alarms on the bridge, which was why John was currently arguing with Omoc. The Tollan man was proving remarkably difficult though, which gave John a newfound respect for SG1 having to put up with this.

    "You are just toying with my patience now, let us go before our ships find you…assuming we are even on a ship," Omoc said, trying to reign in his temper.

    "Even if your 'ships' found us they wouldn't be able to stop us. Our weapons and shields are far more advanced than anything you have," John replied easily, even if that wasn't entirely accurate.

    While the two Tau'ri cruisers had far better shields and hyperdrives they didn't have equivalent weapons. Aside from the salvaged Ion cannons from Tollana anyway, and it was anyone's guess how well those would work on Tollan vessels.

    "You are bluffing," Omoc said, crossing his arms over his chest.

    "Don't believe me? Come to the bridge then, and I can give you a demonstration. You'd have to surrender the arm band though," John said.

    "Why, so you can steal it?" one of the other Tollan said before Omoc could.

    John turned to the man, "Of course not, we have no need of your technology. Besides, we can stop you from phasing through our ship, what makes you assume we can't do it ourselves?"

    That brought the Tollan group up short. They had been so angry at being treated as prisoners by someone who couldn't possibly be more advanced than themselves…and they hadn't even stopped to think about the repercussions of them having a way to stop them from phasing through objects. That was technology even they didn't have. Sure, they had shields for their warships, but nothing like what these people were using.

    "I will go…I would like to learn more about your people," another Tollan, Narim, said walking up to the barrier while taking off his arm device.

    "Narim! You can't be serious, we can't trust them!" Omoc said, broken out of his stupor.

    "I'm not giving them my arm device," Narim replied, handing the object to another Tollan, "I'm just going with this man. We need to find out what we can while we are here after all. They are obviously an advanced race."

    Omoc looked ready to protest, but it was too late. The shield opened long enough for Narim to leave, and then closed right back up. The Tollan man walked up to John, and followed him to the bridge. Which proved to be an interesting journey for Narim, as the ship he was on was a mix of primitive and highly advanced technology. Some of it looked like equivalent Tollan tech from a couple centuries beforehand, while the rest was beyond even his understanding. Which was highly disturbing…just how advanced were these people?

    "I take it you believe me about how advanced we are now right?" John asked, without even turning his head.

    Narim nodded instinctively, "Yes it is easier to believe now. How did you manage to advance this far? And who are you anyway?"

    John actually laughed at that, "Oh we had a lot of help. I know that probably doesn't help our case, but lying about it would be worse now wouldn't it? As for who we are…to the galaxy at large we are called the Tau'ri, but we are from a planet named Earth."

    Narim racked his extensive knowledge base for any references to either a 'Tau'ri' or Earth. But nothing came to mind, other than the name meaning 'First Ones' or something similar. So this was interesting to say the least…a very advanced race, which had never encountered the Tollan before.

    "So how long have you been exploring the galaxy?" Narim asked, trying to strike up a conversation.

    "Not very long to be honest, and we have had our share of troubles," John replied cryptically.

    He wasn't quite willing to tell Narim everything yet, and wouldn't be until they reached Tollana. That would be the real test. It had taken a lot to convince Caldwell and Pendergast to risk their ships like this, but nothing would help convince the Tollan that their story was true than finding their 'hidden' world. It was a risk to say the least, but would the Tollan believe them about being time travelers? Not very likely, at least not without major evidence…

    In any case, the two men had reached the bridge of the Daedalus and Narim was impressed to say the least. It was obvious that this vessel was in hyperspace, and that was hardly a small feat considering how long it took for the Tollan to achieve the same thing.

    "Welcome to the bridge of the USS Daedalus. We should be arriving at Tollana shortly," John said, watching Narim closely to gauge his reaction.

    And he wasn't disappointed, as the Tollan man quickly turned his head, and looked at the Colonel with shock written all over his face. It was obvious what he was thinking…how did these Tau'ri discover our new home? Were they taking us here to hold us hostage for our technology?

    Of course, Narim also vocalized his worries, "How do you know of our new home world? Is Omoc correct that you are using us as hostages?"

    "No need to be worried, we are not using you as hostages. As to how we know of your homeworld…Colonel Caldwell, drop us out of hyperspace to show him the weapons," John replied calmly.

    Caldwell nodded, and sent a quick message to the Prometheus. Soon enough, both Tau'ri cruisers had dropped out of hyperspace, in the void between stars. The larger ship moved forward, and beams of energy started to shoot out from its bow…very familiar beams to Narim…

    "Those are our Ion Cannons! I knew I recognized some of the technology on your ship! So that's what you meant by 'help'! You have already pilfered our former homeland!" Narim yelled, pointing an accusatory finger at a smirking John Sheppard.

    "In a way you are correct, we have had to scavenge from your homeworld. But not from Tollan herself…from Tollana after Anubis, a Goa'uld System Lord, destroyed it," the Colonel replied.

    That brought Narim up short once again…what did the Tau'ri man just say? A Goa'uld called Anubis destroyed Tollana? But the planet had only recently been settled…nowhere near enough time for a Goa'uld to find it, overcome its defenses and leave behind enough technology for a race to scavenge.

    "You are lying, we have only recently established Tollana, you have to have taken the weapons from Tollan," Narim said, not realizing in his anger and haste that he had just given away a secret of his people.

    "Oh trust me, you haven't heard nothing yet. We know about Tollana because we are not from this time. We have traveled back from a time where the Tollan are extinct and so is our race. We are refugees from a great war in the future, and because of that we had to shelter ourselves in the ruins of your civilization and use your technology, for which we apologize," John said, showing the maturity he had developed from commanding the resistance against the Ori for that long year.

    Narim had completely gone silent. What else could he do at this point…these people had just told him they were from the future, a future where his people were dead, and the Tau'ri had to use their ruins to survive. This just couldn't be possible…could it?

    "I can't believe such a fantastic story without proof," Narim said, trying to get back his normal mood.

    "And knowing about Tollana wasn't enough? Colonel Caldwell, the final footage of Tollana is still on file from the SGC's database correct?" John asked the other Colonel.

    Caldwell nodded, "Yes it is, I assume you want me to play it?"

    "Of course…" John replied.

    When the Odyssey had beamed aboard the Time Jumper, they had also transmitted the SGC's database, knowing that the crews of the other ships would need it for their mission in the past. And bringing up the footage of Narim's final message from Tollana would be just the way to convince his younger self they were telling the truth here.

    Before the shocked Tollan's eyes, an older version of himself appeared on the Tau'ri vessels bridge windows. The older Narim had several wounds, and behind him was the newly (to his past self) constructed central plaza of Tollana. And golden blasts were raining down from the sky, shattering the plaza and surrounding buildings.

    "Tollana has fallen; Anubis' shields were immune to our Ion Cannons. We cannot hold his attack; most of our people have already fallen to his warships. What few of our people that remain are fleeing into the mountains, do not attempt to contact us again…continue to fight Anubis and avenge our people. I am truly sorry we betrayed you and aided your enemies," the older Narim said, before the view turned to static after a golden blast hit right behind the Tollan man.

    His younger self was shocked even worse than he ever had been. He had just seen himself die, and there was no denying that he had appeared several years older. And there was no denying that he had seen Tollana being destroyed. He sunk to his knees, realizing that the Tau'ri had not lied to him…he was too seasoned an engineer to miss forged footage…and that had not been forged.

    "Why…why did you save us just to show me that?" the man asked wearily.

    John put a hand on his shoulder, "Because we weren't the best of friends where I come from. In fact, you look down on us as primitive and refused to share your technology with us. Because of that, we weren't talking very much, and we didn't know about Anubis attack until it was already happening. You sacrificed yourself to ensure that SG1, our main Stargate team survived however, and for that you have our thanks."

    "So you have saved us to try and forge a better relationship?" Narim asked…no one could accuse him of not being quick on the uptake.

    "Yep, that was our hope. I personally never met any of your people, but I have heard good things from Samantha Carter…I'm fairly certain something happened between you two," John replied with another smirk on his face.

    "Is that true? Then why did you not leave us behind? I am well aware that Tollana lacks a Stargate, as you called it, and this 'Samantha Carter' would not have been able to find us outside of our mission on Tollan," Narim said, having recovered remarkably quickly.

    "That is true…but that meeting didn't go very well…" John said, with a sheepish look now on his face.

    "Why is that?" Narim asked curiously.

    "Our people were desperate for any edge over the Goa'uld at the time…and some of the more extreme members of the government wanted to imprison your people and force them to develop weapons for us. SG1 helped you escape, which is probably how Sam developed that relationship with you," John replied.

    Narim nodded, "That is what I had expected. We don't willingly share our technology anymore after…"

    "After Sarita was destroyed? Yeah, you told us that before," John said.

    "That is going to take some getting used to…and is more proof your story is indeed true," Narim said, before a French woman said something from sensors.

    "We are approaching Tollana now," the woman said.

    Narim seemed startled by that…he hadn't even realized they had entered hyperspace. But as soon as the vessels dropped into orbit of the new Tollan homeworld, they were targeted by the Ion Cannons.

    "Intruding vessels…this is Tollan territory, leave or you will be fired upon. This is your only warning," a voice came over the radio at a Chinese mans station.

    "May I?" Narim asked, and at a nod from John stepped up to the station, "This is Narim, second in command of the Tollan Gate Team. We were rescued by two ships of the Tau'ri of Earth. They have generously taken us home and would like to open talks between our people."

    "Voice code recognized…welcome home Narim. Tau'ri vessel, you may land at Dock 17," the Tollan controller sent, before cutting the link.

    "Now comes the fun part…" John said with a groan…he hated this political stuff.

    Sometime later

    After spending several days on Tollana, the residents finally accepted the Tau'ri's incredible story. And because of that, coupled with the advanced (though they didn't know it was Asgard) technology they wielded, the Tollan would accept them as allies. So long as they didn't have to fight outside their own territory. But they did have one condition…

    "So they sent you as an observer?" John asked Narim.

    "Yes the Curia did. They want one of our people aboard your vessels as our contribution to this Alliance…along with giving you a safe haven on Tollana," Narim replied.

    "Well then, our next stop will be Ida…time to meet our good friends the Asgard," John said with a grin…he had only ever met Hermiod, but he had heard that Thor was a much better…being…and man did he hope that was true...

    And with a flash of light, the Daedalus jumped into hyperspace, leaving its older sister behind to be upgraded by the Tollan.

    AN: Now I know some of you are going to be questioning how the Tollan are acting here. But remember, their problem with Earth was entierly from them being 'primitve' in comparsion to the Tollan themselves. The Nox they had no problems with, and even repsected enough to have Lya act as their neutral judge in the Skarra/Klorel incident. Because the Earth group are so much more advanced this time, they would be more inclined to trust them and be friends with them. Especially since they resuced some of their people. Though Earth itself could present problems at some point...especially the NID. As for Narim going with them...its kind of like Hermiod being on the Daedalus, they want someone to observe their allies and make sure their technology isn't misused.

    As for why they aren't going to Earth right away...the NID is still a very real threat right now. And they wouldn't hesitate to take over the Daedalus and Prometheus. So they are busy gathering allies to help with that problem. Thus going to the Tollan and Asgard first...

    Like I said above though....please leave a review. It helps me write.:p
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    Please update soon.

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    AN: And here is the chapter...thanks for reviewing RKS.

    En-route to Ida Galaxy

    USS Daedalus

    Two weeks before Apophis attacks

    It had been a week since the Daedalus had left Tollana. In that time, they had been visiting numerous planets, looking for any useful technology. Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately) they had yet to find anything useful. The only advanced tech lying around was of Asgard origin and if they so much as touched it the Asgard would know right away. And that was not a good way to start a relationship…so the ship had just gathered sufficient Naquadah supplies to allow a trip to the distant Ida Galaxy, and had set out.

    Currently, the former American warship was coasting through hyperspace, three quarters of the way to the Asgard home galaxy. They had yet to encounter an Asgard warship, but considering that the Replicators were already on the warpath in Ida, that was understandable. And of course, John and Rodney were arguing about how to solve that problem…the Replicators that is.

    "Any luck with the ARGs?" John asked, leaning against a table in the Daedalus' science lab.

    Rodney shook his head irritably, "No. These were never designed to be used on a large scale, and we don't have the design for the one Thor used on Orilla. To keep it simple…it's like trying to get a piston engine to fly a 747…the power requirements are leagues apart from each other."

    "So you're saying the Daedalus can't supply enough power to get a planet wide effect out of an ARG?" John asked back.

    "That, and we just don't have the ability to build one large enough anyway. The best we can do is tie one into the Ion Cannons and hope the effect transfers over," Rodney replied with a shrug before stretching and moving for the door.

    "Where are you heading off to Rodney?" John asked, stepping out of the way of his friend.

    "To get something to eat, since contrary to popular belief working on this stuff is tiring and I'm hungry," Rodney replied with a snort at John's face.

    "Very funny Rodney," John shot back, hitting Rodney in the back of the head with an orange, leading to the shorter man jumping like someone had shot him.

    Rodney glared at John, before continuing on his way to the mess hall, the Colonel laughing at him the whole time.

    "Was that really necessary John?" Teyla asked, stepping into view as Rodney stomped off.

    John turned to her with a grin on his face, "Not really, but it sure was funny. Can you blame a guy for having a little fun?"

    "Normally no, but Rodney has been doing his best at getting your 'ARGs' to work, so he deserves a little break," Teyla replied seriously.

    "Ruin my fun why don't ya…any way, do you have any news from the bridge?" John asked, setting off in that direction.

    "No, we still have yet to encounter an Asgard vessel," Teyla replied, following her friend.

    "That's a shame, I was hoping we would have found them by now. I'm almost wishing we had looted that ZPM from…Taonas I think it was called? It would make this trip so much faster," John complained.

    "John Sheppard…some things never change. You still hate being cooped up on a ship," Teyla said laughing lightly.

    "You got that right…" John said with a heavy sigh.

    The two soon were walking in a companionable silence. They had known each other long enough that neither need to say much more than they had. Both were frustrated with the lack of activity for their own reasons…John because he hated being cooped up like this, and Teyla because she wanted to go back to Athos and see how her people were doing. But they were both well aware of the necessity of meeting the Asgard as soon as possible. They hadn't resisted the Ori all that much better than Earth had, but that was after years of fighting the Replicators. The sooner they could handle the 'lego-bots' the better off the Asgard would be to handle the Goa'uld and Ori.
    But after walking for a while, the silence gave way to the sounds of a ship alive with people. Somehow they had gotten turned around, and instead of going to the bridge they had ended up at the mess hall. Just in time to see a bright flash of light, as Rodney took a picture of them.

    "I knew you guys didn't pay attention, but how did you get so lost? You should have seen the looks on your faces!" the scientist said, holding up his camera with the evidence he wanted stored on its memory card.

    "Rodney…do I really need to use this?" John asked, pulling the orange from earlier out of his pocket.

    Rodney gulped, and backed up, holding his camera in front of him defensively, "Now now…no need to be hasty John…"

    Said Colonel had a rather nasty look on his face, as he moved towards Rodney. But before the orange could reach its target, the Daedalus shook heavily as something pulled it out of hyperspace. Everyone in the mess hall fell to the deck, sometimes on top of their neighbors.

    As the crew slowly moved to their feet, Caldwell sent a message over the speakers, "All hands to battle stations, we are under attack by the Replicators…repeat, all hands to their battle stations, we are under attack by the Replicators."

    As the cruiser shook from repeated hits on its shields, John, Teyla, and Rodney all rushed to the bridge. When they arrived, sparks were flying all around them, and things
    were going from bad to worse. The ship had been ambushed by two Replicator controlled Beliskner class cruisers, and while those ships were old by Asgard standards they still packed a hell of a punch.

    "How did they find us before the Asgard? And why are they attacking us? I thought our ships weren't worth the trouble!" John shouted, remembering the report of the Prometheus' first mission.

    "That was the Prometheus before it even had shields! They must have seen the Asgard tech as a tempting target!" Caldwell shot back, before belting out orders to move the ship.

    The former Asgard ships attacking the Tau'ri vessel may have been massive and powerful, but they weren't nearly as maneuverable as the Daedalus, which allowed the vessel to bank above them and get a chance to recharge its shields. But unfortunately, the only weapons that the Tau'ri cruiser had to fight back with were its nearly depleted railguns, and the ineffective Tollan Ion Cannons.

    "Rodney…now would be a really good time to get that ARG mod working on the Ion Cannons!" John yelled from a post he had taken from a wounded airman.

    "I haven't had a chance to test it yet! It may blow up in our faces!" Rodney protested from his own station.

    "RODNEY! We don't have the time to argue, just do it!"

    "Fine! If we die I am so haunting you!"

    With that, the Canadian scientist started to mumble under his breath as he tried to finish the experiments he had been running on the Tollan weapons. It wasn't easy to work under this type of pressure, as the Replicator controlled ships started to batter through the Daedalus' shields. But Rodney was well-known as being able to pull miracles out of nowhere…

    "Try it now!" he yelled, as a particularly violent shake announced the shields being near their breaking point.

    The crew of the Tau'ri vessel didn't need any encouragement, and let loose with the modified Ion Cannons. Instead of firing a white bolt of energy like normal, they shot a deep blue bolt not that dissimilar from Asgard weapons. But instead of impacting on the Replicator shields it phased right through and didn't do any obvious damage to the enemy ships. But one of them started listing heavily, showing that something had happened.

    "Why didn't they do any damage?" Teyla asked, somehow having stayed upright this whole time.

    "It shouldn't have…the bolt must have passed through the ship and hit just the Replicators…" Rodney said, awe in his voice as more bolts hit that ship, until it just stopped moving entirely.

    "Well keep firing then! We need to keep them off balance!" John shouted, as the second Beliskner continued to fire on them.

    But before they could get any more shots off, another deep blue cruiser dropped out of hyperspace and opened fire on the Replicator warship. That distraction, coupled with continued fire from the Daedalus allowed the Tau'ri vessel to completely disable both of the Replicator controlled cruisers. With that done, the obviously Asgard
    controlled Beliskner moved towards the Daedalus, obviously curious as to how this primitive vessel carried their technology.

    "Okay now…let's not make any sudden moves," Rodney said nervously, knowing full well how the Asgard felt about people using their tech.

    "What is going on up here?" Narim asked, as he finally reached the bridge.

    Before anyone could answer, a hologram appeared on the bridge…and it was a familiar face to the Tau'ri onboard.

    "I am Supreme Commander Thor of the Asgard Fleet…you are intruding on our territory and using our technology. Stop your vessel immediately and prepare to be taken to one of our bases," Thor's image said, before fading out of view as the now identified Beliskner moved forward.

    "Well then, I guess our only choice is to go with Thor…" John said, as the Asgard cruiser took the Daedalus and the inactive Replicator vessels into hyperspace with it.

    "Will someone please tell me what is going on?" Narim asked again as the vortex of hyperspace surrounded them.

    Sometime later

    Asgard Outpost

    USS Daedalus

    After a short few minutes, the Tau'ri cruiser dropped out of hyperspace in formation with the formerly Replicator controlled ships. Thor's vessel moved ahead of them, joining up with two more Beliskner class warships. Once that was done, the cruiser came back, stopping right in front of the Daedalus while the other two ships towed away the Replicator ships.

    Meanwhile on the bridge of the Daedalus, John and company were preparing their story. Convincing Thor they were telling the truth could either be harder, or easier than it had been to convince the Tollan. On one hand, the Asgard were a lot less likely to trust them than even the Tollan were, but on the other hand, they had more advanced tech and would be able to detect a forgery in the tapes quicker. So the group was preparing all the footage they had from the Daedalus and the SGC database relating to the Asgard, Ori, and Replicators.

    Of course, Teyla asked her friend the obvious question, "Do you believe he will listen to us, John?"

    "Of course he will. Thor was a good friend before the Ori showed up. Between our evidence and the ARGs he should like us just as much," John replied confidently.

    "I sure hope you're right…" Rodney started before the group vanished in a flash of white light, reappearing on the massive bridge of the Beliskner, "and that Thor…helps…us…"

    "Nice timing there Thor," John said, not even bothering to hide that he knew the Asgard in front of him (or rather knew him better than just his name).

    Said alien cocked his head to the side and blinked his large eyes. Despite how hard Asgard facial expressions were to read, it was obvious that Thor was confused.

    "Who are you? And why do you act like you know me?" Thor asked, wondering what was going on. These people had been captured by him, and they were acting like he was their friend?

    "Ah right…you don't know us yet, but we know you already, quite well in fact," John said, carefully reaching inside his pocket and pulling out a Goa'uld style data crystal.

    As the Colonel stepped forward with the crystal, Thor looked at it cautiously. This was old technology, though certainly new by Goa'uld standards. That meant it was highly doubtful it could do anything to his ships computer core. So Thor took the crystal and scanned it in order to transfer the files to his ship, while discreetly scanning for any viruses.

    Once the crystals contents had been fully downloaded into the Beliskner's computer, Thor moved towards his console, but never took his eyes off the Tau'ri group (plus Narim). As Thor looked through the data contained on the crystal his eyes widened imperceptibly. This was…beyond words even for the Asgard Supreme Commander. He saw exploits of the people of Earth…people the Asgard had abandoned millennia ago when they threw off the yoke of Ra's oppression.

    Thor saw a team named SG1…he saw them fight the Goa'uld to a standstill, killing Apophis, Sokar, Anubis…all the most powerful of the System Lords. He saw them meeting with the Asgard, and finally ending the Replicator menace. But then Thor saw the Ori invasion…dozens of massive white warships brushing aside anything that got in their way. Only Asgard vessels of a design Thor didn't recognize could stand against them, and there weren't enough of them to make a difference. Finally, the Asgard saw the destruction of Earth, and the last desperate action of the survivors…jumping into the past in the hopes of saving the future.

    Needless to say, a human would be floored by all of this and quite likely too in shock to function. Even for an Asgard it was a lot to take in, but Thor had a purpose to distract him from the implications of what he had just seen, and that was scanning the recordings to make certain they hadn't been forged in some way. And after nearly an hour of work the diminutive alien had his answer…and it almost didn't surprise him anymore. The files had not been forged or altered in any way…that meant that this story was true, however far-fetched it may have been.

    "This…story…needs to be brought to the Asgard High Council. They will want to meet you, and hear it themselves," Thor said slowly turning back to the humans.

    "So you trust us then? And you believe us?" Rodney asked, speaking for the first time since they had beamed aboard.

    "Trust you? No, not yet. You do intrigue me however, and so does this story," Thor stated clearly, "And so does your anti-Replicator weapon. So it is my duty to take you and your ship before the High Council."

    The human group looked among themselves and were happy for the first time in a long while. Thor may not trust them, which was understandable, but he was willing to hear them out. They were even being taken to the Asgard High Council, which was unheard of. Now if they could just convince the High Council to help them…that would be a major step towards securing the future of the galaxy…

    And with that thought, they felt the familiar lurch of the ship going into hyperspace…destination: The Asgard High Council, rulers of the most powerful Empire in the Ida/Milky Way Galaxy group.
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    Did you have to bring those aweful techno bugs into this? Lol!
    I'm glad to see Thor. He's one of my favorite SG-1 characters.

    Again, excellent job. More, more!


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    AN: And here is the chapter. Not much to say up here, so here we go:

    Ida Galaxy


    Asgard High Council meeting room

    "This is a first…" John Sheppard said, as he stood in the middle of a large room, surrounded by a group of Asgard.

    "I thought there were only seven of them?" Rodney asked, remembering an SGC report.

    As it turned out, Rodney was remembering correctly…when Jack O'Neill had met the High Council, there had only been seven Asgard in attendance. But now, there was at least twenty of them, and all of them were looking down on the Tau'ri group…which was understandable since they hadn't met them yet.

    "We are the Asgard High Council; we have summoned you here to explain how you reached this Galaxy and how you have our technology onboard your ship," an Asgard said.

    John looked at the other members of his group…Rodney looked like he didn't want to explain it, Teyla wouldn't be able to, Narim didn't know all the details either…so with a sigh the Colonel stepped forward.

    "I am Colonel John Sheppard, commander of the Milky Way battlegroup," John started, using the name they had decided on for the Daedalus and Prometheus group.

    "The High Council recognizes John Sheppard," a different Asgard said, lifting a hand to let John know he could talk.

    John nodded at the Asgard, and started talking again, "My people are of a race known as the Tau'ri by the people of our galaxy. We are from the planet Earth, and have been roaming the Milky Way for years now. The only exceptions to that are Narim, who hails from the Tollan, and Teyla Emmagan, who is from Athos in the Pegasus Galaxy."

    The Asgard started muttering amongst themselves when they heard 'Pegasus Galaxy' but they still stayed on topic and stared expectantly at John who still had yet to explain how he had known where Ida was or how the Daedalus had Asgard tech onboard.

    "As to how our ship reached your galaxy and has your technology that is a long story. The short version is this; we are not from this time. We used a time travel device designed by the Ancients to flee the destruction of our people in the future. We have your technology because our people were friends with yours after we helped you defeat the Replicators, and you gave us the technology to build our ships after that," John stated with practiced ease. This was hardly the first time he had told this story, as he had practiced with the Tollan.

    Several of the Asgard leaned back in their chairs when they heard that. Thor had informed them that the humans made that claim, but it was different hearing it from the Tau'ri themselves. One of the Asgard leaned forward however, and fixed its large eyes on John.

    "Do you still possess the crystal?" Thor asked, blinking slowly.

    John nodded and reached into his vest to grab the Goa'uld data crystal. Once he pulled it out, a small flash of light deposited it in an Asgard data port. Once that was done, the footage contained on the crystal started playing, showing the Ori invasion. While that was playing several of the Asgard were going over the old SGC reports, in addition to footage of battles with the Replicators. While the Asgard were doing that, the Daedalus group sat down and started to discuss amongst themselves what they would do if the Asgard didn't believe what they showed them.

    "Are you sure the Asgard will believe us John?" Teyla asked.

    "Of course they will…we convinced Thor didn't we?" John pointed out confidently.

    "Yeah, but he already liked humans," Rodney pointed out.

    "I don't know these people as well as you claim to, but even I can tell it won't be easy to convince them," Narim added.

    Of course, they were still being observed by the Asgard, who were steadily starting to believe this seemingly absurd story. The sensors built into Othalla's great hall were even more powerful and advanced than the ones on the Beliskner and because of that they could see two things: One, that the footage wasn't forged, which Thor had already found out. But the second thing was far more important…the Asgard had been aware of the Ancients experiments with time travel…after all, a Stargate launching someone into the past was easy to do with a solar flare. So as a precaution, the Ancients had supplied their allies, the Asgard, Furlings, and Nox with devices that could read what time something was built in. They knew the risks of time travel, and that someone would try it eventually after all.

    So using that device for the first time in millennia, the Asgard were able to identify the footage and files, along with the crystal they were stored in, as being from several years in the future. That was the final nail in the proverbial coffin…the Asgard had all the proof they needed to believe the Tau'ri story. But the much bigger question was this…what would they do with this knowledge?

    In this timeline the Tau'ri had yet to meet the Asgard, and the Replicators were still held back. Realistically, could the Asgard justify using this knowledge of the future to help themselves? Or could they even justify letting the Tau'ri keep their ships and files to damage the timeline? From what they had gathered, the humans hadn't done much to change the future yet, and perhaps it was better if it stayed that way.

    "What is your opinion on this Thor? Do we have the right to use this knowledge?" another Asgard, Penegal, asked the Supreme Commander.

    "I am not sure Penegal. The power to change the future is not something that should be treated lightly. It does however show the Tau'ri have a great deal of trust in our people in coming to us first. They could have taken this knowledge to the Goa'uld, or the Nox, or to their own people. But they want our opinion on the matter first," Thor replied, studying the people sitting below him.

    "While that is true, they should not have had to make that choice. The people of Earth, or Tau'ri as they want to be called, are too young of a race. We cannot allow our judgment to be influenced by our emotions…they are not the Ancients, they are the same as any other humans," Freyr said, not willing to trust the Daedalus group so easily.

    "We are well aware of that Freyr. But they are not the same as other humans. If any other humans we have encountered had our technology, and knowledge of the future, they would not have come to us," Thor pointed out, "In fact, they would likely have avoided us out of fear of us taking our technology back. I remind you that the Tau'ri are showing their trust in us by coming to Ida instead of hiding from our ships."

    "Even so, we cannot let them bring that ship to Earth. It would advance their technology too far, and we would be unable to aid them against the Goa'uld. And if what they told us about the death of Ra and Apophis is true, Earth needs to be included in the Protected Planets Treaty if they are to survive," Penegal added.

    "Will the Goa'uld allow us to include Earth in the Treaty?" Thor questioned the gathered High Council.

    "We will likely have to make concessions, and it will not be easy. But I am sure we are in agreement…one or two ships cannot defend Earth from a determined Goa'uld attack. For them to do that, they would require our latest weapons, and we cannot give the Tau'ri our weapons," Freyr answered.

    Thor nodded, "No we cannot, the Goa'uld would use that against us. Perhaps a compromise? We allow them to keep the technology they already have and help them found a colony. If we do not put the colony under our protection, we can let them keep their technology."

    The High Council mulled that idea over. On one hand, letting the Tau'ri keep their technology was a genuine risk. If one of their ships was captured by the Goa'uld, it would give them access to Asgard technology, in addition to giving the Goa'uld the knowledge that the Asgard had helped advance a human race. On the other hand, if the Tau'ri would agree to not go to Earth until the Asgard could put it under the Protected Planets Treaty, then they could protect Earth. But that still didn't settle what they were going to do about the future knowledge, as Penegal brought up.

    "How are we going to treat their knowledge of the future? Or their so called 'ARG' weapons? With that weapon and the knowledge we could defeat the Replicators for good…but do we want to risk the damage to the timeline?" the Asgard asked his fellow councilors.

    But before any of them could respond, a shout from the lower level distracted them, "Hey! Did you just forget about us down here?"

    When the High Council looked down, they saw an irate John Sheppard, looking right back at them. The Tau'ri group had finished their discussions a while back, and had up to that point been patiently waiting for the Asgard to finish themselves. But John was impatient by nature, and finally gave up on waiting.

    "We cannot allow you to return to Earth. We are however going to help you build a colony for your people, and any slaves you free from the Goa'uld," Thor stated, knowing from the SGC files that they would fight the Goa'uld.

    John gaped at Thor, "Even after all of that you won't let us go home? A large part of our people want to see Earth again, and you refuse to let us?"

    Thor held up a slim hand, "We know you want to return home. But in light of what you have shown us we wish to include Earth in the Protected Planets Treaty. We cannot do so if Earth is at a level where the Goa'uld can justify them as a threat. However, we can help you build your own world, where you can fight the Goa'uld without harm coming to Earth."

    "John, we have to let them get Earth in that treaty," Rodney hissed, "We can't protect it ourselves, and you know that."

    "Of course I know that…" John replied with a sigh, "We accept that, on the condition that we can protect Earth if the Goa'uld attack it. And I assume you want something from us in return?"

    Thor looked at his fellow council members, trying to gauge their reactions. It looked like they had reached a consensus…this meeting itself had destroyed the former timeline. They had nothing to lose in taking the ARGs and the future knowledge, provided they didn't mess around too much with the timeline. So with a blink of his eyes, he turned back to John.

    "We would like to retain the files you gave us, in addition to examples of your anti-Replicator weapon. In addition, if your ship is not needed in the Milky Way, we would like it to help us against the Replicators."

    John nodded, "We are needed there, at least until we can upgrade the Prometheus. But we are fully willing to help you, maybe we can work out a rotation. Have one of your ships take the place of one of ours?"

    Several of the Council members nodded at that. It wasn't an ideal solution by any means, but it worked the best. So with slow nods of agreement, the Asgard High Council voted. There were some dissenters, but most of the Council was united in this decision.

    "We are in agreement then. You will have our aid, and we will allow you to keep the technology you have now, we will also upgrade the Prometheus. We will now return you to your ship, and the Beliskner will tow you back to your galaxy," Thor said, before the human group vanished in a flash of white light.

    Milky Way Galaxy


    USS Prometheus

    Same time

    "We've arrived at P7X-928 sir," a British woman said on the bridge of the older of the Tau'ri cruisers.

    "Good, secure stations and move us into orbit. Time to see if this planet is any better than the last ones," Colonel Pendergast said, as his ship moved into orbit.

    Ever since it had finished being upgraded at Tollana, the Prometheus had been scouting out planets that had a large supply of Naquadah and Trinium. With how early it was in Earth's Stargate program it had been decided that they needed to find a suitable Beta Site to help the eventual Alpha Site in supplying Earth with the vital resources it needed. Of course, it hadn't been that simple, since it was hard to find such a planet that wasn't under the control of the Goa'uld, or else already inhabited. And one person on the ship was getting very restless because of that…

    "How many more of these planets to we have to search?" Ronon Dex complained from his spot at the back of the bridge.

    Pendergast turned his chair to look at the Satedan, "I'm sorry, but we just haven't found one that fits our objectives yet. We should soon enough, and you can return to your team."

    Ronon merely grunted in response and headed down to the Ring room to ring down to the planet. He wasn't taking being left behind very well…but he had been injured in the last fight with the Ori and hadn't recovered in time to go with the Daedalus on its mission to Ida. Thus, he had become the head of the Prometheus ground/security teams. But he knew what his job was, and stuck to it. And he was looking forward to fighting the Jaffa he had heard so much about, since by the time the Atlantis team had arrived to fight the Ori, all the Jaffa had been defeated or evacuated by the Asgard to Ida.

    But that wasn't what he was doing right now, and it rankled him to be stuck in the post of exploring empty worlds for mining potential. He was a warrior, not a miner! And once he beamed down to the world, he quickly started barking out orders to prove it.

    "Team One! Head towards the Stargate, Teams Two and Three, you're with me towards that mineral deposit!" Ronon shouted, getting the small force of soldiers the Prometheus carried moving.

    A group of five airmen moved off towards the Stargate to secure it and figure out this planets Point of Origin, while the rest of the men followed Ronon towards the most promising mineral deposit in the distance.

    They didn't run into much native life, beyond some unusually large reptiles, that resembled small dinosaurs. There certainly weren't any signs of human or Jaffa habitation, and that was a good sign. The Tau'ri had already decided that they wouldn't take a habited planet as their Beta Site, and it was hard to find one that wasn't inhabited in some way. But it looked like they had finally managed to pull it off, as evidenced by what they found at the mineral deposit.

    There was a large clearing, and in the middle was a veritable gold mine of Naquadah, chunks of the precious mineral sticking up out of the ground. And if their scanners were to be believed there was more of it just beneath the surface. And one of the other groups reported finding a large amount of trinium…this planet was perfect for their new base.

    "Prometheus this is Ronon…we have found a good planet. Beam down the engineers and we can start work on building a base," Ronon said into his radio, and soon a mixed group of Tollan and Tau'ri engineers set up a base camp, and started to build bigger structures. They had a base now, and they were going to make sure it was safe to live in.

    While they were doing that, Ronon did some exploring, mostly looking for any dangerous animals. The only things he found were some small dinosaurs, as the Tau'ri group had already taken to calling them. The largest of them had been the size of an Earth cow, and seemed to have a similar place in the ecosystem. All in all, even Ronon couldn't complain about this planet, though he would, at least until the Daedalus got back.

    Now they just needed a name…that would wait until the other ship got back too. For now, the planet would just be called the Beta Site, as the Prometheus crew didn't know how the meeting with the Asgard had gone.

    AN: And there is the chapter.
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    Ronan is my favorite Atlantis team member, so I'm glad you didn't exclude him from this great story. You're making it more and more interesting and exciting with each post, Jaffa Sky. I love it, so keep going. Please update real soon.

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    AN: And here we go with the next chapter.

    Milky Way Galaxy

    Beta Site

    USS Prometheus

    One week before Apophis attacks Earth

    It had been a week since the Prometheus had discovered the Beta Site. In that time, the planet had been more thoroughly explored, and there had been no signs that the Ancients or Goa'uld had ever colonized it. There were some Mayan looking ruins further in, but the Tau'ri/Tollan had no idea who had built them. And it wasn't safe to go near them, as the one downside to the Beta Site reared its head…large reptiles. There wasn't anything like the largest dinosaurs of Earth's distant past, but they were still large enough to be a threat and all exploration outside the mines and base camp had been put on hold until the Daedalus returned.

    But despite that, the planet was a marvelous find. Since the Goa'uld had never found it (most likely due to the extreme distance from Earth), it had never had Naquadah mines before. Because of that, the mineral was common enough that there was rocks of it on the surface. That was almost unheard of, in addition to a deposit of trinium from a crashed asteroid. Even the Tollan were surprised by just how rich this planet was, considering that Tollan had once held a large amount of mineral reserves itself.

    And all of that meant the Prometheus had never left orbit since the planet had been found. Theycouldn't afford the risk of someone else finding the planet and taking it from right under the Tau'ri's noses. And at the moment, the bridge was a scene of barely controlled chaos as the hyperspace translations of two warships were approaching the system.

    "Raise shields and ready the Tollan weapons," Pendergast ordered as his cruiser moved into a defensive orbit, "I authorize the use of nuclear weapons if we need to."

    With those words, deep in the nose of the Prometheus, the first Naquadah enhanced nuclear weapons built on the surface were brought online. They were a last resort weapon, only for use if the Ion Cannons failed to fire. The Tollan weapons had only recently been fitted, and not even their creators were confident they would work.

    "The ships are dropping out in five…four…three…two…one…now!" the sensor operator called out.

    As the crew of the Prometheus looked on, bright flashes of light opened up in space before depositing two ships, one absolutely dwarfing the other. But the crew let out a sigh of relief, as they recognized the smaller ship as their fellow cruiser, the Daedalus. The larger ship was unfamiliar to anyone who had joined the Stargate program after the Asgard had started to push back the Replicators. But to the veterans, they recognized it as an Asgard Beliskner class cruiser, the older variety of Asgard mothership.

    But then the radio started to crackle, before a familiar voice came through, "Prometheus this is Colonel Caldwell, it's nice to see a familiar ship. It seems you've been busy while we've been gone if our sensor readings are anything to go by."

    Pendergast grinned as he replied, "Good to see you too Colonel. And yes, we have been busy. This planet is perfect for a Beta Site…but I have to ask, who are your friends?"

    "That is the Asgard cruiser Beliskner, Thor's ship. He towed us back from Ida, and is going to help us build up this planet into a true base. We would have arrived sooner, but we have been rescuing slaves from the Goa'uld to help us run the base," Caldwell answered.

    "You are rescuing slaves just to make them work for us?" Pendergast asked, not quite sure he heard right.

    "No we aren't. We rescued them from the Goa'uld, and by 'we' I mean the Daedalus, and offered to settle them on a planet safe from the Goa'uld. However, most of them claimed that they wanted to settle with the people who rescued them from slavery."

    "As long as they know what they are getting into. I'm sure your crew needs a break Colonel, so follow the Prometheus in. Is Thor coming too?"

    "Yes he is, but I don't think he'll beam down to the planet. And we are going to need a name other than 'Beta Site'. Colonel Sheppard will explain more once we have landed."

    A couple hours later

    Beta Site


    "So…you met this 'High Council' and they told you to stay away from Earth and build your own colony?" Ronon asked, once his team had finished their explanation.

    "Yeah, more or less," John answered with a sigh.

    "Then go grab Atlantis and bring it here," the Satedan said like it was obvious, "That would be enough to keep the snakes away."

    "We can't just bring Atlantis here. We don't have any ZPM's, and we already agreed to not take the ones we do know about yet. They could be more useful later on," John replied.

    Ronon shrugged, while looking in Thor's direction. The diminutive Asgard was working with the Tau'ri/Tollan engineers on using his ships matter replicators to quickly build a much larger city. They were even planning on getting a shipyard started up, since the Daedalus and Prometheus couldn't always go to Tollana for repairs.

    "I wonder why Rodney isn't over there," Teyla mused, not seeing the scientist anywhere nearby.

    "He said, and I quote, 'I'm a physicist, not an architect! I'll be working on that new cruiser design!'" John quoted, doing a passable imitation of Rodney's voice.

    Ronon barked out a laugh, before scanning the tree line. If there was one thing the former-Runner had learned on this planet, it was never to let your guard down. The native life could be dangerous if one wasn't paying attention.

    "What's up with you Ronon? You seem to be watching the forest a lot," John asked his friend.

    "Those dinosaurs from that movie you showed me? Jurassic Park right? Well this planet has similar creatures running around," Ronon replied, firing off a shot at the trees, leading to a screech as a large lizard fell from a tree with a smoking hole in its chest.

    The group of engineers looked up at that, and when they saw what it was, they moved back to talking to Thor. After a week on the planet, it had become a regular occurrence to see Ronon shoot a 'dinosaur'. Thor didn't even blink, as he was just a hologram, not the Asgard himself. For their parts, John and Teyla were surprised at Ronon being able to see the thing in the first place, let alone get a perfect shot off.

    "Well, looks like you're fully recovered big guy," John said, looking over at the smoking lizards body.

    "Of course I have. It takes more than one of those stupid staffs to keep me down," Ronon replied, re-holstering his gun and taking a bite out of his meal.

    John shook his head and ate his own food. They had been subsisting on old MRE's for so long, that having a home cooked meal was a nice change of pace. Teyla seemed to be enjoying it too, and John couldn't blame her either, considering she hadn't been used to the MRE's. But, of course, the moment they started to relax and enjoy their food, Rodney finally made an appearance.

    "Hey, save some food for me!" the scientist complained when he noticed how little food was left.

    John moved over to give Rodney some space, "About time you showed up McKay."

    "You know I was busy working on that new ship design! I couldn't get here any earlier!" Rodney protested while he ate his own meal.

    "That reminds me…how do you plan to build a new warship?" Narim asked, having moved closer when his fellow scientist showed up.

    Rodney sighed before replying, "It won't be easy unless the Asgard agree to aid us. It took a lot of resources on Earth to build the Daedalus and Prometheus. We would need their construction technology to build a ship."

    "Are our shipyards not enough? Do you require us to build larger shipyards?" Narim questioned.

    Rodney shook his head, "No, it's not that. We need to build it from the ground up, with Asgard technology. Your shipyards don't have that ability."

    Narim frowned, "But we could build the cruiser and transfer it to the Asgard for the technology. That would eliminate the requirement for a new shipyard."

    "No it wouldn't. When I say 'ground up' I mean the whole ship needs to be built with Asgard technology. It is much faster and more efficient, and can build a stronger ship," Rodney clarified.

    Narim nodded, since that at least made more sense. It seemed like there were some things that even his people couldn't do.

    Soon enough, the group had finished eating and had moved over to where Colonels Caldwell and Pendergast were discussing something.

    "Hey! What are you guys arguing about?" John asked as his team walked up.

    Caldwell looked at his colleague before turning to John, "We are debating which of our ships to send after Apophis. We both agree that we can't rely on SG-1 to take out those ships. It was a stroke of luck the first time…we can't rely on that happening again."

    John nodded, "I know what you mean. I have faith in SG-1, but it can't hurt to send one of the ships. I vote for the Prometheus."

    "Why is that Colonel?" Caldwell asked.

    "It can handle two first-generation Ha'tak's without much trouble. We need the Daedalus here to keep an eye out for other threats," John explained.

    "Makes sense. Is your ship ready Colonel?" Caldwell asked, turning to his fellow commander.

    "As ready as she'll ever be. Just give the order and we'll start watching Earth," Pendergast replied.

    John nodded, "It should still be a week or so till Apophis attacks Earth. I think we all need a break, so the Prometheus will head out day after tomorrow."

    The little group nodded, and went their separate ways. Once they were ready, they would finally do their first move to help Earth. Keeping an eye on SG-1 could only help
    things after all.

    Klorel's Ha'tak

    Hyperspace en-route to Earth

    A week later

    Standing on the bridge of a Goa'uld Ha'tak class vessel, was the premier team of the SCG. SG-1 had used the Stargate to get to this vessel in an effort to head off an attack on Earth that Daniel Jackson had seen in an alternate reality. But the last thing they had expected when using the 'Gate was to end up aboard a Goa'uld mothership.

    They hadn't even known they were on the vessel until the lurch of it entering hyperspace had knocked all but the stoic Jaffa, Teal'c, over. They had then moved to explore the newly identified ship, and found the Goa'uld equivalent to a bridge. Looking out the 'window' they saw the familiar (to their time traveling cousins) blue tunnel of hyperspace. But since SG-1 had no idea what was going on, Teal'c explained what they were seeing.

    "We have entered hyperspace O'Neill. This vessel is heading for Earth," Teal'c said, in response to a question from Jack.

    "Hyperspace? Like Star Wars?" Jack asked an obvious question.

    Teal'c raised an eyebrow, "Indeed."

    "So we are on a ship…I didn't know Stargates could be used off of a planet's surface," Daniel said, fascinated by this new discovery despite the circumstances.

    "Neither did I Daniel Jackson," Teal'c added before he got another question, this time from Sam.

    "Teal'c, how fast can this ship go?" the scientist asked.

    "A Goa'uld attack vessel can reach ten times the speed of light," the Jaffa warrior, turned SG-1 member answered.

    While the rest of the team looked out the 'window' at the mesmerizing tunnel of hyperspace, Sam did some quick calculations in her head.

    "Colonel, at that speed we won't reach Earth for over a year. The planet we came from is too far away," the Captain informed the rest of her team, specifically her commander.
    Jack nodded, "That's good news…come on people; let's get back to the 'Gate!"

    With that, the small team moved back to the Stargate and started to plan what to do about the ship they were aboard. They weren't able to get far however…the doors sealing the 'Gate room started to grind open, and they had to take cover behind some packing crates.

    Walking through the opening doors was a large group of Jaffa soldiers and civilians. And in the middle of the group, was a Goa'uld sarcophagus. Once the group reached the Stargate, the 'Goa'uld TV' in the center turned on, and showed Apophis. The Goa'uld looked over his servants, and started to speak.

    "We are near the end of our mission to destroy the Tau'ri. My loyal servants, you have shown your worth, and that is the reason you have been included in this great mission. For now, you will follow the orders of my son Klorel, as if they were my own," Apophis said, as the sarcophagus opened its lid.

    Stepping out of the healing device was a very familiar face. It was Skarra, Daniel's step-brother, and Jack's best friend from the first planet they had visited, Abydos. But when Skarra started talking, his voice was that of the Goa'uld in possession of his body…Apophis' son, Klorel.

    "Thank you father, I will not fail you. We will finally bring an end to the insolence of the Tau'ri, and the Sholva Teal'c," Skarra/Klorel said.

    Apophis nodded,before cutting the connection. Once the orb had changed back to its normal dull silver sheen, Skarra/Klorel stepped out of the sarcophagus and led his
    Jaffa out of the room. SG-1 moved to the 'Gate, and started to argue about what their next actions would be.

    "Jack…we have to save Skarra. We can't just leave him like this!" Daniel said, angrily gesturing at the door.

    "I agree Daniel, Teal'c, where would he be going?" Jack asked.

    Before the Jaffa could respond, Sam added her own two-cents, "Sir, we don't even know if Skarra is still in there! We need to destroy this ship and stop the attack on Earth, not try and rescue Skarra when there might not be anything left to rescue!"

    "I have to agree with Captain Carter. I have never heard of a Goa'uld letting its host free, and this ship must be destroyed," Teal'c said.

    "I know that! But if we take out Skarra, then this ship won't have a commander. Now where is the bridge Teal'c?" Jack asked again.

    "The Pel'tak is where we were before coming back here O'Neill. Klorel most likely is there, and heavily guarded," Teal'c answered.

    "Okay then…Teal'c, you're with me. Carter, you and Daniel plant some C4, we need to have a backup plan," Jack ordered, before leaving with Teal'c.

    "Yes sir!" Sam replied, moving to set C4 on the Stargate.

    While she did that, Daniel helping where he could, Jack and Teal'c headed for the bridge. They needed to reach it quickly if they were going to stop Skarra before he could summon more guards. Once they reached the bridge, they ran into the room, firing the newly acquired Zat's from the cargo hold. Soon enough, all of the Jaffa guarding the Goa'uld were dead, and Teal'c was holding a Zat to Skarra's head.

    "Well then…nice to see you Skarra," Jack said, standing in front of an unarmed Skarra.

    "You don't scare me Tau'ri. Now have this Shol'va unhand me and I may let you live as a slave!" Klorel said with Skarra's mouth.

    "Not going to happen snake-boy. Now let me talk to Skarra or something bad may happen to you," Jack replied, trying to get through to his friend.

    "Nothing of the host remains! This body is mine now, don't bother trying to get through to your friend," Klorel replied haughtily.

    "Teal'c, this thing won't kill him right?" Jack asked, holding up his Zat.

    "No it won't O'Neill…the first shot causes immense pain, but will not kill," Teal'c replied.

    "Okay then…this is your last chance snake-boy, Let. Him. Go." Jack said slowly, aiming his Zat at Skarra/Klorel.

    "Never," Klorel spat, glaring at the human daring to threaten him.

    "Your choice, let him go Teal'c," Jack ordered, firing his Zat as soon as the Jaffa had released his friend.

    "AAAHHHH!" Skarra screamed as the Zat's pulse ran through his body, before collapsing to the floor.

    Jack immediately ran to his friend, setting his Zat down in favor of putting his hands on Skarra's shoulders.

    "Hey! Skarra, are you there?" the Colonel yelled.

    "O'Neill…you came for me?" Skarra said, and it was the young Abydonian, not Klorel speaking.

    "Of course I did kid…I'll never leave you alone," Jack replied softly.

    "We're still friends right O'Neill?" Skarra asked sadly.

    Jack looked shocked by that, "Of course we are Skarra…why wouldn't we be?"

    Skarra looked on the edge of tears, "I'm sorry O'Neill…"

    "Hey you have nothing to be sorry for…" Jack started, before with another scream, Skarra was pushed down into the depths of his mind…Klorel reasserting control.

    "JAFFA! KILL THE SHOL'VA AND HIS FRIEND!" Klorel screamed, as a group of Jaffa broke through the doors.

    Teal'c grabbed the Goa'uld again, and held his Zat to Skarra/Klorel's head, while the Jaffa stormed into the room.

    "Let go of Lord Klorel now, and we may let you live," the First Prime said.

    "Shoot us and I will kill Klorel," Teal'c shot back.

    "Teal'c…we can't handle this many Jaffa," Jack said, setting his Zat on the ground.

    Teal'c looked like he wanted to argue, but conceded and set his own weapon on the ground. The Jaffa moved started to move forward, and Skarra/Klorel turned to Jack and Teal'c. Without even saying anything, he had his Jaffa pull them to the Gate room. Once there, they saw the Goa'uld long-range communication device light up with Apophis' face again.

    "What is it my son?" the Goa'uld asked.

    "I have captured two of your greatest enemies father, the Shol'va Teal'c, and Jack O'Neill of the Tau'ri," Klorel said, bringing Jack and Teal'c into sight.

    "Teal'c!" Apophis said, somewhat shocked at seeing his former first prime, "Well done my son…are there any more Tau'ri aboard your Ha'tak?"

    "No father…it is not possible for there to be any more," Klorel answered confidently.

    Apophis nodded, "Very well my son…kill them now. And watch out for that warship that has been attacking our worlds."

    "I was planning on showing them the destruction of their world before I killed them father," Klorel protested.

    "NO! Execute them now, and do not fail me my son," Apophis replied, cutting the connection.

    "Do you want us to kill them my lord?" Klorel's First Prime asked.

    "No, bring them to the Pel'tak," Klorel said, leading the way.

    But following the group, unnoticed by the Jaffa or Klorel, were Sam and Daniel. They were going to have to rescue Jack and Teal'c, and do it soon too.
    Once the group had reached the bridge, Klorel hit a key on the console, bringing his Ha'tak out of hyperspace. And Jack drew in a sharp breath when that happened. Floating in front of him was Saturn…they had somehow already reached the Solar System.

    "Now do you see the folly of your actions? We are going to destroy your homeworld, and you will see it before I execute you and the Shol'va," Klorel said.
    Jack for once didn't have a witty comeback…but he didn't need it, as gunfire rang out from behind them. The Jaffa guarding the bridge were quickly felled, as Sam and Daniel ran into the room. But when the latter ran forward to save Jack, Klorel knocked his Zat aside and used his hand device. Daniel collapsed to his knees, face twisted in pain.

    Jack drew his M9 pistol, and aimed it at Klorel, "Skarra! Stop this now! Don't make me shoot you!"

    But the Goa'uld didn't even turn to acknowledge Jack. With no choice, the Colonel shot his weapon hitting Skarra in the chest twice. Moving forward, Jack held his young
    friend as the life left his eyes. After gently setting his body on the floor, Jack stood up and watched with the rest of SG-1 as Earth came into view…


    USS Prometheus

    Orbiting the Moon

    "Two Ha'tak class motherships approaching Earth sir," one of the bridge crew reported.

    "Rodger that Ensign, continue monitoring their progress," Pendergast ordered.

    The Prometheus had been orbiting Earth's moon for the past two days, waiting for the Goa'uld motherships to arrive. That had been hard on the crew, as they had seen their home, floating blue and serene in front of them, nothing like the burnt husk that Earth was in their timeline. And knowing that they couldn't go home was wearing on them. Several crew members had tried to hijack an F-302 from the hanger and fly to Earth already. Thankfully the incidents had been few and far-between, but Pendergast knew it would get worse the longer they waited.

    So he was relieved that Apophis had finally showed up, and he moved the Prometheus behind the Goa'uld vessels. For now, the Tau'ri cruiser just shadowed the Goa'uld motherships, not firing its weapons out of fear of killing SG-1. But that meant they were powerless to do anything as two missiles streaked from Earth and impacted the golden energy barriers of the Goa'uld Ha'taks.

    "No effect…the missiles didn't even damage the shields," another crew member said.

    Pendergast sighed heavily, "Fire Ion Cannons…target the hyperdrives and shield generators. We can't let them escape, or attack."

    "Yes sir!" the weapons officer replied, as blue-white bolts shot into space at the Goa'uld ships.

    The Ion Cannon blasts tore right through the Ha'tak's shields like they weren't even there, but they were still low powered so as not to destroy the ships. But the Ha'taks did start leaking fire and bodies, as they started listing without shields.

    "The Goa'uld vessels hyperdrives and shields are destroyed Colonel."

    "Good firing Nelson, now we just need to hope SG-1 can escape," Pendergast replied, watching the Ha'taks wearily.


    SG-1 had managed to escape their prison with the aid of a familiar face…Teal'c's trainer, Master Bra'tac. But as they were heading for the bridge of the Ha'tak, they felt a jolt. The first one was small, and Jack was going to comment on it, but before he could, a much larger jolt hit the Ha'tak. This time, the vessel seemed to actually take damage, if the dimming of the lights was anything to go by.

    "What was that?" Jack asked.

    "I do not know O'Neill…someone must be attacking the Ha'taks," Teal'c replied.

    "That ship that Apophis mentioned?" Jack questioned.

    "Most likely human…now keep moving!" Bra'tac hissed, leading the way to the bridge.

    As SG-1 and Bra'tac's Jaffa moved on the bridge, they encountered few of Klorel's loyal Jaffa. Most of them it seemed had moved to seal off the damage, and repair the ship.

    Once they reached the bridge, they found Klorel had already moved to Apophis ship, since it was less damaged. But several Jaffa were still there, and opened fire on the group. Bra'tac's rebels were killed quickly, but Klorel's soldiers didn't last much longer. But Jack noticed something was off...

    "Hold on a second, where's Skarra's body?" the Colonel demanded.

    "It is likely he was placed in a sarcaphogas, and moved to the other ship." Bra'tac replied, "The damage was to the host, not the Goa'uld within. It is the custom among Jaffa to fully dispose of the bodies of rival system lords, through immolation, when they are defeated, lest they be resurrected by their surviving followers."

    "Kind of a new take on 'leave no man behind'", Jack said raising his eyebrows, "So Skarra may still be alive."

    "Indeed he may be O'Neill," Teal'c added.

    Ignoring the banter, Bra'tac ran forward and re-set what was left of the Ha'tak's thrusters to make it collide with the other vessel. While he did that, Daniel was holding off a group of Jaffa in the hallway. The moment Bra'tac finished his mission, a scream of pain rang out from the hallway.

    "Daniel!" Sam yelled, running into the hall.

    When she got there, she saw the young man leaning against the wall, a staff weapon wound on his shoulder. When Sam moved to help him up, Daniel pushed her away.

    "No! I'll stay here and cover you. Get to Apophis…save Earth," Daniel said, panting heavily.

    Sam looked ready to argue, but was pulled back into the room by Jack. The group then ringed over to Apophis' ship, not noticing a bright flash of white light take Daniel away after he crawled into the sarcophagus and was healed by it…

    But while that was happening, the rest of SG-1 was running through Apophis' ship, after wrecking the control panel and killing his Jaffa escort. With no other choice, they headed for the glider bay, taking off as the ships collided. They barely escaped the detonating Ha'taks…the Gliders were ruined by the explosion.

    As they floated towards Earth, they saw a dark ship floating in the distance. It wasn't a design they recognized, and it was moving away from the Ha'taks. It had been that ship that attacked the Goa'uld vessels…SG-1 was sure of that if nothing else.

    AN: Yeah, I know the ending is a little rushed...but I couldn't figure out how to make it work in any other way without re-writing the episode, which I didn't want to do. Also, the Mayan structures are Furling buildings. The beings from the episode 'Crystal Skull' were supposedly Furling creations, and the Mayan style pyramids enhanced the Skulls powers, thus I made the assumption that where the Goa'uld would build Egyptian pryamids, the Furlings built Mayan ones. Or else helped build them at least.
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    Apr 18, 2005
    Excellent work, Jaffa Sky! Yet another of my favorite characters, Bra'tac is brought into this awesome tale. Glad to see SG-1 too. More, More!

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    AN: Here we go with another chap:

    Milky Way Galaxy

    Orbit of Luna

    USS (TNS) Prometheus

    Sometime after the destruction of Apophis' 'fleet'

    With a groan, Dr. Daniel Jackson opened his eyes. As he looked around, the room he was in looked like the med-bay at the SGC. Daniel would have been comforted by that, if he hadn't known that he had been aboard Klorel's mothership. So he warily sat up in bed, noticing first and foremost that he lacked any weapons. Daniel may not be military, but he knew being in an unknown location with no weapons was not a good thing.

    Before Daniel could get out of his bed though, a door at the other end of the room opened, and in walked a man in an odd uniform.

    "Whoa, lay down Dr. Jackson, you might strain your wounds," the man said, holding a hand up.

    "Who are you?" Daniel asked, holding his side as it stung slightly, and raising an eyebrow in a credible imitation of Teal'c at this man knowing his name.

    "I am Colonel Pendergast of the Terra Novan Navy," the man, Pendergast, answered with a smile like he was making a joke only he understood.

    "Terra Novan…that would mean your planet is Terra Nova…which means New Earth? How would anyone name their world that?" Daniel asked, almost talking to himself.

    Pendergast just continued to grin as he said, "So you figured that out? Our people were freed from Goa'uld oppression by the Asgard several years ago and we found out our heritage from them. So we decided to name our world 'Terra Nova' in honor of that."

    "The Asgard? The people who built Thor's Hammer and protect Cimmeria? What are they like?" Daniel asked, his curiosity getting the better of him.

    "They are nice people…not human of course, but they are great friends to have," another man said as he walked into the room, "I'm Colonel Sheppard by the way."

    He's a Colonel too…not only do they claim to have named their planet in honor of Earth…but they have the same military ranks? Something is off here…Daniel thought, observing the two men in front of him.

    "What, something wrong with how I look?" Sheppard asked when Daniel didn't say anything.

    Daniel shook his head as he broke out of his thoughts, and realized a very important thing to ask…

    "How did I even get here? Wherever here is?" the archeologist asked, "The last thing I remember is being aboard that Goa'uld mothership."

    "You are aboard the TNS Prometheus Dr. Jackson. As to how you got here, that was a little gift from the Asgard," Pendergast answered.

    "That still doesn't tell me where I really am…or how you know my name for that matter," Daniel protested.

    "We are orbiting Earth, well more like its moon, and we know your name from your exploits against the Goa'uld," Sheppard answered.

    "The Goa'uld know our names?" Daniel asked.

    "Yes they do Dr. Jackson. Now then, do you want to return to your planet now?" Pendergast asked.

    Daniel almost shook his head…here was a chance to make some allies against the Goa'uld, and he didn't want to lose the chance. At the same time though, if he didn't return to the SGC soon they would write him off as dead. But still…the chance to meet a totally new culture that was friends with the only race the Goa'uld feared according to Teal'c…it was almost too big a chance to pass up.

    "I should go back, but how would we contact you for diplomatic talks?" Daniel asked hopefully.

    "You know, it would be tempting to just say, 'don't call us, we'll call you', but if you want to contact us, use this," Sheppard said, holding out a small silver device.

    "What is this?" Daniel asked, looking the device over and noticing the three buttons on it.

    "A little thing our other friends the Tollan made. You'll probably meet them sometime soon anyway, just keep that hidden…they don't like us sharing their technology," Sheppard said in a stage whisper.

    Daniel grinned at the 'Colonel', he reminded him of Jack…wait a second…what about his team!

    "Please tell me that my friends made it off those ships!" Daniel almost yelled when he realized he had somehow forgotten about them.

    Sheppard looked like he had expected that question, "They are safe…they got off in a pair of Gliders. Now then, are you ready to head back down to Earth?"

    Daniel nodded, and before he knew what was happening, a white flash of light had deposited him in the SGC. Needless to say, everyone in the 'Gate room were in shock at what they had seen, a couple even aiming guns at Daniel. But Jack came running out of the meeting room, having seen the flash of light himself.

    "Lower your weapons!" the Colonel shouted, before running up to Daniel, "it's nice to see you Danny-boy, but what was that flash and where have you been?"

    Daniel looked at his friend, "I'm not quite sure what that flash was…and it's a long story Jack. I'm guessing you want to debrief me?"

    Jack nodded, and led Daniel back to the meeting room, where the rest of SG-1 was waiting. Sam looked extremely relieved to see Daniel alive and in one piece, while

    Teal'c still looked every bit the stoic Jaffa warrior. But even he was smiling slightly at seeing his friend alive.

    "Well Dr. Jackson, would you care to explain where you have been?" General Hammond asked from his end of the table.

    Daniel sat down and set the 'Tollan' device down on the table, "To be honest, I'm still not sure General. When I woke up, I was in a room that looked like our med-bay. And when I tried to leave, a man came in, and he seemed perfectly human."

    "That's odd…are you sure it wasn't a Goa'uld trick Daniel?" Sam asked, while she examined the Tollan device.

    "As far as I could tell it wasn't a Goa'uld trick…how would they know what our med-bay looked like? And the man seemed human enough, he even had the same rank as you Jack," the other scientist replied.

    Jack looked surprised by that, "He was a Colonel? But we certainly can't make people appear out of thing air like that…right Carter?"

    Sam smiled at that, "No we can't Colonel. But it does seem odd…"

    "It was odd, but he introduced himself as 'Colonel Pendergast of the Terra Novan Navy'," Daniel added.

    "Terra Novan? That's Latin right?" Sam asked her friend.

    Daniel nodded, "Yes it is…New Earth to be specific. Which seemed off to me, since all the cultures we have found had no knowledge of where they came from."

    "I have never heard of a 'Terra Nova' Daniel Jackson," Teal'c added.

    "Neither have I, which is why I questioned the Colonel about that. He said their planet had been freed from the Goa'uld by the Asgard several years ago and were told about
    their heritage," Daniel replied.

    "The Asgard? Thor's people?" Jack asked.

    "Yes, which was another thing that seemed odd…but another man came in and told me exactly where I was…a ship orbiting the moon."

    "That must be the ship we saw in the 'Gliders," Sam said, recognition dawning on her face.

    "You saw a ship in the Gliders? What did it look like?" Daniel asked.

    "We'll get to that later…how did you get back here Dr. Jackson?" Hammond said, getting the meeting back on track.

    "To be honest General, I have no idea. One second I was on their ship, the next I was back in the SGC," Daniel replied with a shrug.

    "They sound like powerful people Daniel Jackson," Teal'c commented, not knowing of any technology that could transport people like that other than Goa'uld rings.

    "I know, and they gave me that 'Tollan' device to contact them if we need them," Daniel replied, pointing at the sliver device that Sam was still messing with.

    "So we have a way to contact the people with the big honking space guns…now can we move on?" Jack asked, looking pointedly at Sam.

    Said Captain gave a sheepish look, and left the room to head to her lab. After a few minutes she returned with a bunch of rolled up papers in her arms. After Sam set them down on the table, she unrolled one of them, and a rough sketch of a ship was revealed.

    "I was working on a design for a space ship in my spare time sirs, and this is what I have so far," Sam said, with a bit of a smile on her face.

    "That sure looks familiar," Jack commented, looking at the sketch.

    "Indeed it does O'Neill…in fact it strongly resembles the warship we saw in the Death Gliders," Teal'c said.

    "I noticed that too Colonel, and I can't think of an explanation. I only started on this recently, so the 'Terra Novan's' couldn't have seen it and built a ship. I can't understand
    how it looks so similar," Sam said, looking down on her design.

    Reflected there was a very early sketch of what would have become the X-303 Prometheus. But none of the people in the SGC knew that, they were just wondering how someone built such a similar ship.

    "Colonel O'Neill, get your team working on this. We need to find out who these people are before we attempt to contact them…dismissed," Hammond said, standing from his chair.

    Terra Nova

    Main Settlement

    The next day

    "You should have seen the look on Daniel's face, he couldn't believe what we were talking about!" John said with a laugh, sitting amongst his team.

    "And that is surprising how? I wouldn't be surprised if he was shocked," Rodney replied.

    "You're just ticked off you weren't there too," John shot back.

    "Am not!" Rodney shouted.

    "You are too McKay," Ronon said, lounging in his chair.

    "But…" Rodney started.

    "Boys…" Teyla said warningly.

    That shut Rodney up, though John continued to grin at him. The group had been catching up ever since John and the Prometheus had returned from Earth. That had been a joyous homecoming indeed, as the small population of Terra Nova had burst out in celebration when they had learned of how the mission to Earth had gone. It was a shame they hadn't managed to capture Apophis or Klorel, but at least they had prevented anything from happening to Earth.

    The aftermath of said celebration was all around them, in the form of trash from the various parties. There was also a lot of people stumbling about, squinting at the sun. It was a good thing that the enough people managed to stay sober to run the ships, or there would be problems defending Terra Nova.

    "What I would like to know, is why you even talked to him John. I thought we were not letting Earth know about us?" Teyla asked her friend.

    "It was a spur of the moment decision really," John said, sheepishly running a hand through his hair, "When we attacked the Goa'uld ships they were too damaged to last long enough for Daniel to reach the Stargate and escape. So we had to beam him out…and we couldn't just beam him to the SGC without telling him about us. That wouldn't have been a good first impression now would it?"

    "No it wouldn't, but it still doesn't seem like that was a good idea," Rodney added.

    "It might work in our favor though. If they know who we are, they won't attack us on sight if we go to a planet at the same time as an SG team," John replied.

    "True, but now we can't just hide from Earth and protect it from the shadows," Ronon said.

    "It's not like we declared an alliance you know. They don't even know who we really are, just that we are friends with the Asgard and come from Terra Nova," John said.

    The other members of his team still looked dubious about it, but could see the logic in John's idea. Granted, they had been trying to hide from Earth, and didn't want to let the SGC know they existed. But by the same token, the SGC database they had downloaded wasn't complete…they could end up on a planet at the same time as an SG team…maybe even SG-1. Getting in Earth's good graces meant that if that happened they wouldn't be attacked on sight. And they had the added benefit that they had a way of knowing when Earth was under attack if any of the changes they made to the timeline affected things too badly.

    "Well…now that we have that cleared up, has anyone seen Narim or Thor around?" John asked.

    "No we haven't, last we heard they were on the Beliskner talking about upgrading the Tollan shields and weapons," Rodney answered.

    John raised an eyebrow, "Really? I don't remember the Asgard letting us upgrade our tech that easily."

    "That's because they didn't. But the Tollan are a lot more advanced than we were," Rodney pointed out.

    "Makes sense…didn't you say that the Asgard didn't want to uplift Earth's technology John?" Teyla asked.

    "Yeah they didn't, not until we helped them with the Replicators, and even then we got older examples," John replied.

    "There's your answer…we already helped them with the Replicators, so they are willingly sharing the technology. Plus they aren't uplifting the Tollan, so much as improving already advanced technology," Rodney said.

    "Speaking of Tollan technology, how is that new ship going Rodney?" John asked.

    "Well enough, the Asgard have helped a lot to design it. I think we can have the ship built in a couple of months with their hel…" Rodney started talking, before the group found themselves aboard the Beliskner once again.

    "Hey Thor," John said, once he realized what had happened.

    "Welcome back Colonel Sheppard. I assume your mission to Earth was a success?" Thor asked from his seat.

    "It was…but we had to reveal ourselves to Dr. Jackson from SG-1," John replied.

    Thor blinked, "I was told you had not planned on letting Earth know of your existence?"

    John sighed and went through his explanation again. Thor nodded throughout the talk, understanding the reasoning behind the Colonel's move.

    "It is understandable that you would attempt to gain favor with Earth this way. Be aware however that the Asgard still plan to include them in the Protected Planets Treaty," Thor said.

    John nodded, and asked the obvious question, "Do you need us for something Thor? I doubt this was a social call."

    The Asgard blinked again at John's terminology, "The Beliskner will be returning to Ida soon, and the High Council has requested the Daedalus to accompany me and help defeat the Replicators. The Valhalla will take its place guarding Terra Nova."

    "You want our help fighting the Replicators? But in our timeline you made big enough ARG's to handle a whole fleet of Replicator ships at once," Rodney said.

    "Most likely that was with newer ships. The Beliskner class is proving difficult to modify and allow usage of your Anti-Replicator Weapons," Thor replied.

    John sighed, "Oh joy…so you need the Daedalus to handle the Replicators."

    Thor nodded, "Until we can finish modifying the Beliskner class, yes we do. We are in your debt Colonel Sheppard, and we do not make this request lightly."

    "Yeah I know. Can you beam us over to the Daedalus now?" John asked.

    Thor nodded, and beamed the former Atlantis team over to their flagship. Said ship was then towed by the Beliskner into hyperspace on the way to the Ida Galaxy.
    Hopefully this would mark the end of the Replicator threat…

    AN: And that's a wrap :p
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    AN: And here is the next chapter. Would be nice to see some more reviews though.

    Milky Way Galaxy

    Gaia (Nox Homeworld)

    TNS Prometheus/Asgard ship Valhalla

    With a flash of light and pseudo-motion, two vessels dropped out of hyperspace. One was the newly re-christened TNS Prometheus. The other, was the far larger Asgard Beliskner class cruiser Valhalla. As the two vessels powered their engines, they approached a brilliant green jewel hanging in the darkness of space. This planet was Gaia, homeworld of the only other surviving Great Race known to Earth…the Nox.

    Looking at the pristine world brought up strong feelings from the crew of the Terran warship. The Nox had been good friends to them in the dark days of the Anti-Ori Resistance, their last friends in a hostile galaxy. But it also stirred similar feelings to seeing Earth again…the beautiful planet in front of them had been a burnt husk the last time they had seen it…


    "Heading home…it still feels weird to call the Nox planet home doesn't it?" John asked his team as the swirl of hyperspace flew by them.

    "Yes it does John. These people are very kind to offer us shelter from the Ori," Teyla replied.

    "Yeah, that's just how the Nox are. I don't think we've ever found such a peaceful race before," John said.

    "Of course not, who else are such pacifists when they have technology as advanced, if not more so, than the Asgard?" Rodney butted in.

    "If only they would use that tech to fight the Ori," Ronon added.

    "Let's just be thankful they let us stay on Gaia, shall we?" Caldwell said from his chair.

    That brought the discussion to a halt…at least until the human vessels dropped out of hyperspace. And the sight before them brought gasps of shock from them. The formerly beautiful and verdant green world was burning, and they could see the fires from orbit. And even worse…floating above the Nox world was a fleet of Ori motherships. All of them except a couple on guard duty were pumping golden beams of energy into the expanding firestorm…and targeting the Nox cities first. The fire was ruining the cloaks as the Nox tried to fight it. But no Nox weapons fire shot towards the Ori vessels…if the peaceful race even had weapons, they were still refusing to use them.

    "No…not them too…" John said, watching the horrible sight in front of him.

    "Is there anything we can do to help them?" Teyla asked, setting a hand on her friends shoulder.

    "No…we don't have enough Mark IX's to handle that many ships…and we could never run that blockade," Caldwell said, like the words were forced from his mouth.

    One of the guard motherships had noticed the human cruisers by this point, and was quickly accelerating towards them. With no other option, the two warships jumped into hyperspace, leaving behind the ruin of their last allies…

    End Flashback

    And with that thought on their minds, the Prometheus and its crew followed the Valhalla towards Gaia. The large blue vessel had sent a message beforehand, and it was hoped the Nox still had the old Great Race Alliance codes in their systems. It had been centuries since the Asgard or Furlings had communicated with them after all.

    "Prometheus this is Aesir commander of the Valhalla the Nox have cleared your crew to beam down. I will be joining you in the Nox capital," the Asgard captain said.

    "We read you Valhalla, we are ready to beam down our diplomats now," Pendergast replied, before cutting the connection and turning to his temporary guests.

    "We are ready to beam down Colonel," Narim said, adjusting his vest.

    "Yep, we're ready when you are," Ambassador Janet Kerensky added.

    Pendergast nodded, and beamed the two diplomats and their escorts down to the surface. A beam of white light from the nearby Beliskner confirmed that Aesir had done the same. Now it was in the hands of the people on the surface…

    With a flash of white light, a group of people appeared in the middle of one of the Nox floating cities. As the Terran group recovered from their beaming, they saw a large group of curious people staring at them. All of them were Nox, as evidenced by their unique clothing and the twigs that seemed to grow in their hair. One in particular stepped forward, and looked over the Terran group.

    "Are you from Earth? We have not seen them in a long time," the Nox woman said.

    "They were originally from Earth, but no longer. We have a lot to discuss Lya," Aesir said, stepping forward.

    The Nox woman, now identified as Lya, nodded her head, "It is a pleasure to see you Aesir, it has been far too long. The years have not been kind to you I see."

    The Asgard blinked his large eyes, "No they have not. I see no difference in your people; you are much the same as when we last met."

    "Thank you my friend. Now, follow me to our meeting room," Lya said with a warm smile on her face.

    Aesir followed the Nox without hesitation, while the joint Tollan/Terran group looked between each other, shrugged, and followed along after the diminutive alien. As they walked, the group took in the majesty of the Nox city. Even when they had been living on Gaia to hide from the Ori, they had rarely been able to visit the majestic flying cities. And they were decidedly enjoying the opportunity now, and they felt more at ease than they had in a long time. Something about the way that the Nox merged technology and nature just relaxed the Terrans.

    As for the smaller Tollan group…they were wide-eyed, despite their own technological achievements. The Nox had managed to merge nature and technology, something the Tollans wished they had been able to do on their former homeworld. Maybe if they had Tollan would still be a stable and beautiful world…in any case, it reinforced their objective of not making the same mistakes on Tollana. The more scientific minded members of the delegation even started to wonder if they might get the Nox to teach them how to use their technology, to improve Tollana.

    Soon enough though, the group reached the Nox meeting room. Four large flags decorated the walls, a blue flag for the Terran group, showing the Point of Origin for Terra Nova, Orion's Belt. The Asgard had a red flag with a Norse Rune emblazoned on it, while the Tollan had an orange flag with a Mayan temple. Finally, the Nox had a bright green flag with a tree stitched into it. Sitting underneath their respective flags the delegations got to the point of why they were there.

    "The Nox welcome you to our world, and request to know why this meeting was called," Lya started.

    "On behalf of the Asgard High Council, I was sent here to renew our former Alliance," Aesir stated calmly.

    "The Nox would welcome a chance to renew our friendship with the Asgard race," Lya nodded.

    Narim took that chance to talk, "The Tollan would also like an alliance with the Nox. We have heard much about your race and would appreciate a chance to share our knowledge."

    "What do the Tollan have to offer in return?" the Nox woman asked.

    "We are told you do not use weapons correct?" Narim asked, and at Lya's nod he continued, "In that case the most we can offer you is a trade partner and an ally against the Goa'uld."

    Lya nodded again, but didn't say anything, though she did look expectantly at the Terran delegation. The group was still getting used to seeing the Nox alive again, so they didn't notice the look right away. But as soon as they did, Kerensky cleared her throat, before beginning to talk.

    "As Aesir explained, we are from Earth, but our new homeworld is called Terra Nova. We came here hoping to gain an ally in our war against the Goa'uld, just like the Tollan," the Russian woman said.

    "If you are allies with the Asgard, and from Earth…then you know we do not fight anyone, even the Goa'uld," Lya pointed out.

    Kerensky nodded, "And we realize that. We are not asking you to help us fight the Goa'uld, but we would like to have you as our ally in order to help our wounded."

    Lya nodded herself and then turned to Aesir, "And the Asgard are helping them with this war?"

    "We will aid the Terrans after the Replicators in our home galaxy are defeated. And I can assure you that the Terrans are not going to ask you for your technology," Aesir answered.

    "I was not worried about that. Even SG-1 did not request our technology. The Nox call for a recess while we discuss the Tollan and Terran proposals," Lya said, standing up and moving for the door.


    Ida Galaxy

    Asgard/Replicator border zone

    While the discussions with the Nox were going on, a battle-group approached the border of Replicator controlled space. There were several Asgard warships, all Beliskner class, though only a couple had the new ARG modifications. Floating in the middle of the fleet, and looking almost like a lamb amongst wolves, was the comparatively tiny Daedalus. All of these ships were heading in as the first hunter-killer fleet in the Asgard's war with the Replicators. Their mission was simple…guard the ARG equipped ships, and said ships would tackle any and all Replicator warships.

    With the advent of the new Anti-Replicator weapons, the Asgard had changed strategy for the first time since the war began. Instead of holding back and protecting their holdings, they were taking the war to the Replicators and taking back their ships.

    But the key to that plan was the Daedalus. While its shields were weaker than the Asgard warships, the smaller Terran cruiser was much more maneuverable. So the plan was to send it ahead of the main fleet to soften up the Replicators before the larger and slower Asgard vessels joined the battle.

    Of course, that led to some problems, but they had been mostly solved now. And the bridge crew of the Terran cruiser was ready to start their mission.

    "Do we have the coordinates?" Caldwell asked from his chair.

    "Yes sir…ready to jump on your command," Major Louis replied with a slight French accent.

    "Attention, we are jumping into Replicator territory, all hands to battlestations. This will be our hardest battle since the Ori, I need all of you to give 100 percent," Caldwell's voice rang out through the cruisers speakers.

    All over the ship, the crew was running to their stations. They knew how important this mission was, because the Replicators were the only reason the Asgard Fleet had been unable to aid them against the Ori. If they succeeded in this mission they could stop that from happening, and keep the Asgard in one piece. But that didn't change just how risky this was…the Replicator ships were all more powerful than the Asgard equivalent, and that meant that the Daedalus was at a severe disadvantage. But as the blue tunnel of hyperspace enveloped the cruiser, they all knew what their job was…and they were not going to fail.

    As the small ship vanished into the grey hyperspace portal, a single Asgard watched from the bridge of his ship. That Asgard was Thor, and he had been thinking about
    the Terrans as he watched their ship prepare for the battle. And he liked what he saw…the Terrans reminded Thor of their progenitors, the Ancients. They had the same sense of justice, and came to the aid of their friends much like the Ancients had.

    "They are proving to be worthy successors to the Ancients…it may be time to declare a Fifth Race," Thor said to himself as he watched his fleet prepare to follow the human vessel.

    "Indeed they are my friend, but the Furlings and Nox have to agree with us first," another Asgard said.

    "I am aware of that Odin. However, the Furlings have not been in contact with us even longer than the Nox," Thor reminded him.

    Odin nodded slightly, "Our scout vessels are still searching for our old allies. And Aesir will contact the Nox soon."
    Thor nodded himself, and then went back to silently watching his fleet. The coming battle would help decide if the Terrans (and by extension Earth and the Tollan) were ready to become the Fifth Race. A small part of Thor was hopeful that they would. The void the Ancients left behind had yet to be filled, the Asgard couldn't relate to the primitive beings of the Milky Way without hiding behind holograms, the Furlings had vanished, and the Nox didn't leave their homeworld. It was time for a new race to take up the mantle of guarding the Milky Way, and the Asgard were hopeful that the humans could take up that mantle…

    Unknown Location

    Unknown Time

    While the Asgard and Nox were reconnecting with each other, and in the case of the former, launching the largest offensive since the first war with the Goa'uld, another race was watching these events. They had been absent from galactic events for nearly one thousand years, aside from small actions like helping the Tollan ancestors escape from Earth. But they still had probes watching events in their former territory, along with their ally's lands.

    It pained them to watch the Asgard be pushed back by the Replicators, but they were unable to aid their ally. The rise of the Goa'uld was even worse…the Nox had abandoned the galaxy and fled to their homeworld, leaving the humans to their fate. And it didn't help that the Goa'uld desecrated the homes of the Ancients, stealing their technology and using it to play god to the younger races. It was absolutely sickening to watch.

    But the Third Race had their own problems to deal with. They had, until recently, been fighting their own war. Their enemy had been just as dangerous as the Replicators, and it had taken centuries to defeat. And the war had left them drained and unable to leave their new galaxy. The Third Race had been powerful once, but that was before they had lost so many ships and men to their enemy.

    It was to their eternal regret that they had been unable to help their allies, and they considered themselves responsible for the rise of the Goa'uld and the damage done to the Asgard. So when the sensors the Ancients had built for them detected the arrival of two damaged ships, the Third Race had known even before the Asgard had. They had quickly vectored probes to Tollan, the home of their children, for lack of a better word. Once there the probe had cloaked and moved towards the planet. Seeing how devastated Tollan was hard to look at. It looked like yet another failure…but that wasn't why the probe had been dispatched.

    As it neared the two odd looking vessels, it became clear that something was wrong here. There was a curious energy wake surrounding the ships, and it wasn't the residue of hyperspace travel. In fact, it strongly resembled a device that the Ancients had forbidden…a time-travel device that had a tendency to create alternate realities. It had been banned ever since the First Race had found that out, and it was only because of that ban that the Third Race possessed the sensors needed to identify its usage.

    But these ships were clearly not Ancient in design, they were far too primitive. They also seemed to be using Asgard technology, in the form of their shields, transporters, and hyperdrives. That was interesting to the probe, as the Asgard had never been known to share their technology, not even with their allies. So these unknown people were floating over the ruined homeworld of the Third Race's children, using forbidden Ancient technology, and what looked like stolen Asgard technology. This would require further observation. So the probe latched onto the hull of the larger warship and used its cloak to blend in with the gunmetal grey armor. After the vessel jumped into hyperspace the probe lost telemetry, due to the different dimension that is hyperspace.

    That didn't worry the Third Race observers however…they expected that to happen. What they didn't expect was the ships to come out of hyperspace and send a transmission…

    "This is Narim, second in command of the Tollan Gate Team. We were rescued by two ships of the Tau'ri of Earth. They have generously taken us home and would like to open talks between our people."

    The last thing the observers had expected to hear was the voice of one of their children…and what was more disturbing was who the ships belonged to. While it had been a long time since the Third Race had fought the Goa'uld, their language was still loaded into the translators…and even if it wasn't, they knew the name 'Earth' well enough.

    The former homeworld of the Ancients, Terra, renamed by the current Human population…how had they developed space travel without the probes knowing?

    But then the observers remembered…these ships used the Ancient time-travel device, and Asgard technology. It was highly doubtful that Earth possessed space vessels at this time. But it did spike more curiosity as to when these ships were from. So the probe continued to observe the vessels, from their meeting with the Asgard, where they fought the Replicators to a standstill, to protecting Earth from a Goa'uld attack. And it even saw them start a new colony.

    This brought hope to the Third Race…when they were finally ready to return to the Milky Way, they could do it in the hopes of gaining a new ally and reconnecting with their children. And they could reclaim their former name…the Furling Empire.

    Somewhere on the Higher Plane

    Ascended Meeting Room

    While the lower races were going on with their lives, everything they were doing was being watched by the Ancients. The former First Race had drastically shrunk in size. What had before been the largest Empire in the known universe was now represented by a relative handful, no more than a few hundred thousand.

    The leaders of that group were now meeting to discuss the changes going on in the lower plane. It took a lot to get them to gather, and one of them was very nervous knowing one of his devices was the reason. That man was Janus…a Lantean scientist, who had ascended recently by the Ancient standards.

    Someone found my time-travel device and are using it to change the timeline…this can't be happening, the former Lantean thought as the rest of the Ascended Ancients, both Alteran and Lantean, filed into the room.

    Most of them wore expressions of disinterest, only here because they were summoned. A few of them sent openly hostile looks at Janus, as he was the source of this meeting. Only a handful gave Janus pitying looks, and only a couple actually looked at him like they were happy to see him.

    "Janus, step forward," one of the hostile Ancients said amplifying his voice.

    "Yes High Councilor," the scientist said, moving into the center of the room.

    "You are aware of why you were called before the Council, correct?" the man asked.

    Janus nodded, "Yes I am…two human ships used my device to travel back from the future and are changing the timeline."

    Even the disinterested members of the group looked up at that. It was their highest law not to interfere on the lower plains, and the humans using Janus' device were doing something that only Ascended should be able to.

    "Is this true?" one of the others asked.

    "Yes it is. And we shall decide what to do with these humans," the first man replied.

    Several of the Ancients gave looks of disgust at those words…they couldn't just interfere on the lower plane because of a couple of human ships…could they? One of them spoke up against that even.

    "High Councilor, you know our laws forbid interfering with the lesser races, and these humans are not doing anything to justify our action. As near as we can tell they are only fighting the Goa'uld and helping our allies…something we don't care to do anymore," Oma Desala said.

    "We are well aware of that Oma. That is the only reason we have not intervened yet," the first man chastised his fellow Ancient.

    "Then what are we going to do about them High Councilor?" Morgan Le Fey asked.

    "We will continue to observe the humans, and move to limit the damage to the timeline. So long as they don't attack our allies or enslave our children we shall not interfere in their movements," the man replied.

    The other Ancients nodded, and moved back to what they had been doing. But now they had an actual job to do…watch their wayward children.

    AN: And there we go :D
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    Ancients. of course, they would screw this up. But some of that doesn't make sense, i mean, they didn't interfere when the time machine was used in the show, nor when any sort of time dilation was used similarly.

    so what makes this different?
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    Because they are making more large scale changes. When the Time-Jumper was used in the show they didn't change much (in fact, they did their utmost to PRESERVE the timeline). Whereas in here they are doing their best to change things. Quite the difference ;)