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Discussion in 'Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by Bro-cos, Sep 1, 2005.

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  1. jedi_killeroak

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    Apr 16, 2005
    IC: Anubis (Command Ship)

    "Sir, we have an active spere on ship, and it seems that we have visiters too." as the officer looked towards his new commanding officer, and pointed towards his readings.

    As Seith looked over the shoulder of the gate keeper, "So it seems. Shut all down the gates till further notice, and seal the doors, except the ones going to the prisons. There we will meet them and discuss their release. Also, inform Lord Anubis of the situation, too."

    As the unknown group entered the chamber hallway, they could hear many doors becoming locked or unlocked and see a light blue tint if they stared at a door long enough. The door that stood one hundred feet in front of them opened by itself, and a small light turned itself on. Behind them, the gate it self was locked into postion,of current place and time. (They would not know this till they tried to leave,or reactivate it.)
    It is there, but the light in the room makes it look like it is not there. If they go back into the main room that they came out of, they would see it.

    Anubis was very upset about hearing the news. He quickly got his robes on and was slowly but very perposely headed towards the secret chambers, that now held some very unwelcomed guests. "I want sheilds up, now, and be ready for anything. These humans are known to be quite bother some, and very destrutive when they are cornered. Plus, I want a full company of troops ready for battle!"

    There was a chorus of "yes,sirs", and "right away,sirs", coming from the small group of officers that had followed him. As things went into motion, Anubis had to give these humans some, but small credit. He did not know how or when, but they had successfully found the "New gate", that he brought the Sith over on. Now, they too were on the thresh hold of a greater exporation, into the great workings of many more galaxies.

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Thread Status:
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