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I.E., CA STARSHIP PROFILE-Lando Calrissian's lady luck

Discussion in 'Pacific Regional Discussion' started by TheForceContained001, Jul 5, 2008.

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  1. TheForceContained001

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    May 21, 2008
    The Lady Luck?a SoroSuub Personal Luxury Yacht 3000?was the personal starship of gambler and Rebel Alliance/New Republic hero Lando Calrissian. The ship was named after Ymile, the girlfriend of Dominic Raynor, who secretly helped Lando win Cloud City from Raynor, and whom Lando nicknamed his "Lady Luck" for her assistance.

    Lando owned numerous starships throughout his long career, but the Lady Luck has been the one that remained in his possession the longest. Calrissian purchased Lady Luck from an Orthellin royal mistress after the Battle of Endor. When Lando was captured by the Rodian gangster Reelo Baruk, the ship was impounded in a Nar Shaddaa hangar bay, guarded by many of Reelo's thugs. With the help of Kyle Katarn, Lando escaped from the infamous Rodian's hideout, and the two prepared to escape the planet, but not before Reelo made one last ditch effort to stop the two New Republic heroes. Using a E-WEB repeating blaster cannon and a handful of thugs, he attempted to damage the vessel beyond repair, though fortunately for the luxury starship, Kyle Katarn held off the attackers using one of Lady Luck's cannons.

    Lando lost the Lady Luck on Kessel in 11 ABY, after being forced to leave it there. He feared that it would be disassembled by the pirate forces there, but when the Smuggler's Alliance came to Kessel to begin a spice mining operation, they found the Luck unharmed where Lando had left it. Mara Jade personally presented it to him when he returned to Kessel.

    During the Black Fleet Crisis, Lando went with Colonel Pakkpekkat to investigate the Teljkon Vagabond. He and his crew attached Lady Luck to the Vagabond's hull, after managing to get past its defenses. The group managed to uncover the secrets of the vagabond.

    In 17 ABY, Lando flew it to the Skip 1 on the Smuggler's Run, in search of Han Solo. However, after he was captured by Nandreeson, the smugglers there presumed him to be dead and gutted the interior of the ship, taking whatever they could get. After Lando was rescued by Han, he returned to Skip 1 and salvaged what he could of the Lady Luck's former contents. Shortly after, he used it to transport injured smugglers to Wrea, when Kueller detonated a series of bombs that devastated the run.

    Lando continued to use the Luck during the Yuuzhan Vong War and flew it during the Battle of Ebaq 9. During the climactic Liberation of Coruscant, the advanced sensor systems of the Lady Luck proved invaluable, allowing Lando and his wife Tendra Risant to relay important information to Galactic Alliance forces.

    source wookie encyclopedia

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