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StarWars: Versus Battles

Discussion in 'Star Wars Community' started by tnek89, Apr 20, 2014.

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  1. tnek89

    tnek89 Jedi Youngling

    Apr 14, 2014
    Hey there! And welcome to Star Wars VS. Battles! Here, I'll pin two SW characters against each other, analyze their unique skill sets, and declare a victor (In my opinion). Then you guys need to chime in and give you opinion! I've been wanting to do this for a while, so I picked two of my absolute favorite Star Wars Characters.

    Competitor #1: Shaak Ti

    Quote:"…and Shaak Ti's the most cunning Jedi I've met. She's even taught me a few tricks."
    Obi-Wan Kenobi

    Competitor #2: Darth Maul

    Quote: "You have been well trained, my young apprentice. They will be no match for you."
    ―Darth Sidious

    First Category: Lightsaber Combat and Martial Skill

    Shaak Ti:

    Being one of the six great swordbeings of the Jedi Order, Master Ti was renowned and highly skilled as a lightsaber combatant. Her graceful style, a mixture of her mastery of the Makashi and Ataru forms, has been described as elegant, quick, and precise. Also, during the Battle of Coruscant, Shaak Ti was shown to have a proficiency in Jarkai dual blade fencing, wielding an electrostaff along with her lightsaber. This shows that she has at least decent amount of skill with a staff like weapon as well. Acrobatics were instrumental to Ti's technique. She would evade attacks thrown at her with her superior agility and strike back with a onslaught of fast-paced, stylistic counters. This, however, doesn't mean she doesn't have the sufficient strength to deliver a strong power attack. During her battle with Galen Marek, she was able to stagger him, utilizing a leap as a fulcrum for a head on power attack. This made up for her preferred forms's shortcomings. She has also been shown waging a marathon battle while constantly on the move. She was able to make up for many weaknesses of Makashi and Ataru, blast deflection being one of them. She was able to evade or redirect blaster fire with ease. Another weakness she made up for was the ability to fight groups of ememies. Shaak Ti excelled at this, holding off an army of magnaguards during the Battle of Coruscant. She had a decently strong proficiency in hand-to-hand combat, overpowering a magnaguard with her bare hands. She was able to work many of her force powers into her lightsaber sequences with perfect precision. Her style however didn't come without it's faults. Her preference for flashy barrages lacked efficiency, however this could be made up for due to her incredible amount of stamina. She also had some difficulties holding of a barrage of power attack over a long period of time. Master Ti was a master tactician, noted for her subtlety and experience. She was able to take care of direct threats while still maintaining a larger situational awareness.

    Darth Maul:

    Darth Maul was an aggressive master duelist, specializing in the Juyo and Niman forms. He also mastered Jarkai duel blade fencing. Maul was also a master of the deadly unarmed combat discipline, Teras Kasai. In fact, Darth Plagueis described the Zarbrak's hand and feet to be just as lethal as his saber. A blend of both is what made Maul such a powerful adversary. Maul was effective with a blaster, but thought of this weapon as uncivilized and preferred not to use it. Maul was more than capable of flawlessly linking force based attack into his lightsaber attacks, however rarely does this and prefers a pure physical victory. Maul's quick, unpredictable and ferocious techniques overpowered even his most powerful his opponents. Actually, Darth Plagueis was bewildered by his speed. Also boasting a strong defense, Maul was able to defend against the more than capable Ataru specialist, Qui-Gon Jinn and a young Obiwan Kenobi. Maul's strong use of double bladed saber play has caught more than a few of his opponents off guard. His versatile style gave a new experience to anyone who battled him. The strong Sith Lord had the tactical ability to preplan attacks in his head but was still was flexible to an incredible extent. Despite his inconceivable amount of skill, his aggression could sometimes take control over his common sense. Maul usually lead his opponents into a false sense of security before going in for the kill. This Sith Lord was potent against groups and blaster wielding enemies.

    Second Category: Physical Conditioning

    Shaak Ti:

    Master Ti was a Togrutan of an unspecified age, but around the time of the Clone Wars, her peak, I like to think of her as about 28-35. Due to her heritage, she had passive echolocation, sensing her opponents ultrasonically. This also helped her speed up her movements faster than most other Jedi. Shaak Ti was in excellent physical condition, being able to wage a marathon lightsaber duel during the Battle of Coruscant.

    Darth Maul:

    Physically speaking, Maul was in about his 30's and in absolutly incredible shape, mainly due to Sidious's harsh Physical conditioning of him. Sidious trained him to take an insane amount of pain caused by thing like lightning without being affected. Like the rest of the Zabraki species, Darth Maul sports an amount of horns on his head, which have been shown to be able to impale an assailent, however this is somewhat rare. Maul was also fully capable of intense acrobatics and like abilities, shown on multiple accounts.

    Third Category: Force Abilities

    Shaak Ti:

    Master Ti was the absolute epitome of force physical augmentation, whether is be blasting apart a magnaguards head with her knee, use extreme amount of force speed while waging a marathon lightsaber duel for an insane amount of time, or becoming a physical tank. Her Consitor Sato abilities are astonishing, and her telepathic abilities (including mind trick, beast trick, etc...) are amazing as well, being able to control the greater Sarlaac, influence the force sensitives around her, and duel Galen Marek at the same time. She also makes use of extremely powerful force pushes, being capable of effortlessly destroying walls. During her time on Felucia, she was able to influence the force state of the planet itself. Master Ti can also use her strong powers in telekinesis to send objects flying at high speeds with finesse and polish. She can also used incredible subtlety and tact with this power, as when she tied the cape of General Grievous to a bullet train. She was also had some skill with tutaminus, using it on a couple occasions. Although she rarely used it, Shaak Ti had a destructive force blast ability, similar in nature to kinitite, however I speculate that this ability is physically exhausting, which is why she doesn't use it often. She is also known to be a skilled healer.

    Darth Maul:

    Maul has shown competence in telekinesis, as well as force grip and choke, such as when he interrogated Hath Monchar. When pushed to the limit(Though this is rare), he could be able to bring down ships with the force, as he did after he lost his cyber leg. He used telekinesis in many cases very tactically. He was also able to effectively use force physical augmentation to help withstand lightning attacks and become incredibly physically agile and hardy. He also was able to use force speed to the point where even droids could not percieve it. Maul was highly skilled in combining the force with mechanics, using techniques such as Mecha-Deru. He also had the ability force scream. Maul was advanced in telepathic techniques, such as when a telepath tried to probe his mind and shortly after went insane and fell into a coma. His force pushes and shoves were able to send large objects flying. Although very powerful in the force, Maul always preferred to fight an opponent using physical combat and his skill and prowess in it.

    VERDICT: This comes down to a really close battle, but in the end, I give this one to Shaak Ti. Although Maul might be able to overpower Shaak Ti as a duelist due to his strong offense and her lack of being able to hold on power attacks, Her force abilities far exceed the limits of his and her precision would be his down fall. But that's just how I see the battle playing out. Feel free to leave a comment and tell me what you guys think!:)
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