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Discussion in 'Fan Audio' started by Nathan_P_Butler, Oct 9, 2006.

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  1. Nathan_P_Butler

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    May 23, 2003
    (I'm assuming this is fine, since this board actually points people to Fanworks for fan audio in its menu and scrolling text.)

    It's been just over three years since Star Wars Fanworks was founded, and just over four years since the formation of Rayzur's Edge Audio that led to Fanworks. In that time, especially within the last two years, the Star Wars fan audio genre has grown by leaps and bounds, and we are proud to have been a part of that growth.

    However, as the podcasting craze had gained momentum, the Star Wars fan audio genre, which was one of the earliest pioneering subgenres in online audio productions, has started to become just another smaller subset of the larget podcasting field. As such, new listeners often come into the genre without realizing that there are more Star Wars fan audio poductions out there than just the one or two that they have been accidentally exposed to.

    As such, we are currently looking for ways to help get the word out about Star Wars Fanworks and the Star Wars fan audio genre that we cover. To this end, you will soon start seeing voluntary 30 and 60 second promos for Star Wars Fanworks appearing in various radio shows. At present, the following shows have agreed to help promote Fanworks and the genre in this fashion: ALTA Radio; ChronoRadio; Echo 3 to Echo 7; Fan Audio News Source; Imperial Holonet Radio; Setnin Radio; Star Wars Action News; Star Wars: In the Beginning; The Galaxy Report; The Jedi Council Speaks; VaderCast; Fan Audio Made Easy; RoneyZone Radio; Star Wars and Beyond; and The Butlerniverse. Dany Pepin of Creative Audioscapes has also expressed an interest, but whether such an advertisement would make sense for the French-language Delta Source is up in the air. We are also confident that we will eventually hear a positive response from the teams behind Centerpoint Arcade; Star Wars: Bookiees; Star Wars en Direct; Ian's Sci-Fi Review; Requiem of the Outcast; and Star Wars FM. (We have been thus far unable to reach the teams behind the Force-Cast and Star Wars Galaxies with Yivvits and Mr. Bubble, and the Coruscant-Cast is the flagship of the Star Wars Podcast Network, so it will be promoting TSWPN, rather than Fanworks, obviously.)

    We are also hoping that the months left leading up to Celebration IV, Celebreation Europe, ConCarolinas 2007, the 30th Anniversary of Star Wars, the 5th Anniversary (and end) of ChronoRadio, and the 10th Anniversary of The Star Wars Timeline Gold (hosted here at Fanworks) will provide more opportunities to get the word out.

    But . . . we'd like your help. We are currently recruiting for people to help us make Fanworks even better. We are looking for people to write reviews and editorials, cover various conventions, make sure that Star Wars podcasts are listed with various podcasting websites like Podcast Alley, to submit news recaps or major news events to other sites like or, and become involved (if not already) in the discussions on the Fanworks message board at We are also looking for other suggestions on how to make the Fanworks site and community more helpful, useful, and visible as possible without otherwise compromising our overall mission of providing unbiased, full-genre coverage to Star Wars fan audio.
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