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    Saturday, June 5, 2 P.M.
    Barnes & Noble
    14709 US 31 N
    Carmel, IN, 46032

    Meet Author Steven Barnes
    Star Wars: Clones Wars: The Cestus Deception

    Random House calls up and says, "Hey, would you like to host Steven Barnes, the author of the next Star Wars novel?" I say, "He's touring?" She says, "No. I just want to send him to Indianapolis because you guys consistently have the best signings nationwide. You were the largest Timothy Zahn signing, the largest James Luceno signing, and the largest Troy Denning signing. Why send Steven Barnes anywhere else?"

    That's right, no place else in the country will anyone be able to get their book signed! A massive thanks to Bloodfin Garrison for being our partners in this success!

    For more information on Mr. Barnes:

    Also, there is still time to bid on the posters from Dark Horse. Remember, this supports a very good cause (and gets you a unique collectible):

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    I just read the email news Anthony. Thanks. :D
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