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NSWRPF Archive Storm Hawks: The Alchemist Stone

Discussion in 'Non-Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by Master_Dmentae, Aug 24, 2007.

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  1. Master_Dmentae

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    Jun 17, 2006
    This RP background is based on an animated tv series on Cartoon Network and YTV called Storm Hawks.

    Note: not all of this intro is needed to be read immediately, only the main story and chara sheet, other bits can be read if information is needed or if you want to. For more info, go to [link=]-[/link]


    The planet of Atmos is in civil war - the residents of Atmosia and the Cyclonian Empire ruled by Master Cyclonis are at war. Utilising airbourne technology - a result of Atmos' mountainous landscape, the only inhabitable areas are mountain peaks called Terras, which are above cloud level. The wastelands are sea-level and below cloud level where barely anything can live due to its inhospitable terrain and hazards.
    Atmos' skies are patrolled by the Sky Knights, who are losely governed by the Sky Council, these Sky Knights are made out of individual squads containing a mixture of races and genders who ride motorcycle-like vehicles which have the in-built ability to convert into flying 'Skimmers'. Skimmers are the airbourne tanks of Atmos, they are used by both the Sky Knights and the Cyclonians in their battle for conquest over the other. Another airbourne vehicle used in the war are Carriers, these behemoths are utilized by Sky Knight squadrens as Skimmer garages, living quarters and other means. In the Carrier crew there is the main pilot who flys the craft and is in controll of the Carriers weaponry, the pilot rarely exits the carrier to fly a skimmer, the leader, the mechanic, the navigator and someone who does odd jobs - cooking, cleaning, whatever. The Aurora Stone has been destroyed and a new stone has surfaced, unclaimed in the underground of the wastelands, few know its exsistance and it has the combined power of all Crystals.
    Also in Atmos there are a number of Crystal deposits in the different terras:

    * Aurora Stone ? A crystal capable of generating power far beyond that of any other, this stone is stolen in the first episode to power Master Cyclonis' Storm Engine and destroyed in the same.
    * Blazer Crystals - Blazer crystals are used to power weapons, giving them fire properties.
    * Blizzard Stones ? Blizzard stones allow weapons to fire streams of ice which the user can control.
    * Blocking Crystals ? Blocking crystals temporarily suspend the effects of other crystals.
    * Cloaking Crystals ? Cloaking crystals turn things invisible on contact. They can also be used to masquerade as another person.
    * Drizzle Crystals ? Drizzle crystals turn into moisture to create clouds in open air, or into gallons of water in confined spaces.
    * Engine Crystals ? Engine crystals are generic crystals used to power carriers and skimmers.
    * Eruption Crystals - Eruption crystals cause things to explode violently.
    * Firebolt Crystals ? Firebolt crystals are the Cyclonian equivalent to striker crystals, mass-produced by the empire for use in Cyclonian weapons. Their effectiveness varies based on how well-refined they are, the higher-grade versions being capable of forming destructive thunderclouds from the energy release.
    * Floater Crystals ? Floater crystals make objects hover when touched to them.
    * Frost Crystals ? Frost crystals (or "Icers") give weapons ice properties, allowing the user to fire energy blasts that freeze on contact.
    * Furnace Crystals ? Furnace crystals generate heat, but not to an extreme. They are the crystal equivalent of a campfire.
    * Leech Crystals ? Leech crystals (or "leechers") drain energy from other crystals, exploding after draining a certain amount.
    * Levitation Crystals ? Levitation crystals are like floater crystals, only more powerful and controllable.
    * Messenger Crystal ? Messenger crystals store and replay messages.
    * Oblivion Crystals ? As the name suggests, oblivion crystals are meant to send a target to another dimension. For some reason,
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