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stupid steriotype!

Discussion in 'Scotland' started by lejmar_faldor_uk, Apr 28, 2001.

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  1. lejmar_faldor_uk

    lejmar_faldor_uk Jedi Master star 4

    Aug 20, 2000
    1 im not scotish
    2 im not pretending to be
    3 DON'T KILL ME!

    did anyone see that ITV news thing on Halifax joining with bank of scotland? they showed a clip of a man in a cilt (sp) getting money from a cash point!

    now ok i have never been to scotland but do you guys really go round in them all day?

    another bloody steriotype

    or another one of Faldors Bloody mistakes??
  2. ObiMcD

    ObiMcD Jedi Master star 4

    Jul 31, 2000
    Now I'm not from Scotland, but I know quite a bit about it and YES, men sometimes (i'm not saying always) wear kilts.
  3. LadyVader81

    LadyVader81 Jedi Knight star 6

    Jan 2, 2001
    Wouldn't know about about everyday situations but for special occasions they do I know that.
  4. Gav Daragon

    Gav Daragon Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Mar 25, 2000
    Normally we only wear kilts for special occasions eg weddings, dances etc. I don't know of anyone who wears their kilt all day every day
  5. Calamity Jinn

    Calamity Jinn Jedi Padawan star 4

    May 23, 2000

    Well, the majority of Scots don't wear kilts all the time, but there are a few wandering around who do. I've been told they're quite comfortable. :)

    Being female I wouldn't know about that, but I do have a good appreciation of anyone who wears one, providing it's their own tartan they're wearing. :D
  6. draconai

    draconai Jedi Youngling

    Oct 28, 2001
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  7. Count_Vaseline

    Count_Vaseline Jedi Youngling star 2

    Apr 20, 2001
    a simple answer is,

    No, we don't.
  8. Shara

    Shara Jedi Padawan star 4

    Dec 4, 2000
    That is so totally the wrong forum.

    Anyways, I'm glad that I am one of those few Americans that are not disillusioned enough to think that all Scots wear kilts. Hate to be around those that do wear them more than not when it gets drafty though ;)
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