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Sturm's Outlander Club version 4.0 ( Closed for business until 2005 - Goodbye messages updated 1/2 )

Discussion in 'EU Community' started by Sturm Antilles, Oct 28, 2002.

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  1. Daarthe_Hoorn

    Daarthe_Hoorn Jedi Youngling star 1

    Dec 31, 2002
    The everlasting thread...
  2. Pervy_Hobbit_Fancier

    Pervy_Hobbit_Fancier Jedi Youngling

    Dec 31, 2002
    EDIT- Well, I guess this is officially the end! :_| See you all in the Bantha!

    EDIT2- I guess since I have another 80 minutes to edit this, I'll make another goodbye post.

    I cant really remember the individual people who were here at all of these events, so I'll just post my memories.

    3rd Version
    My first online drink
    *shudders* I used no capitals for the first few days
    Teasing Lank and Maiden (How was I to know?)
    OPPM :mad:
    Valyn as Spiderman
    Finally figuring out the difference between
    Fier and Fire
    Meeting Sha :D
    Claanka and the clones
    Finding out the OC was going to be closed

    4th Version
    The Ewan icon
    Sha attacking OPPM
    The Solo family
    Missing the wedding and the birth! :_|
    Playing with Fier ;)
    Being Talia
    Phantom Pages :mad:
    Axl and his WUL/post goal
    Political parties
    Maiden teasing me!
    All the barfights that have sprung up
    Corran's promise
    The end of the OC :_|

    And that's my post, I think at least someone might read this. May the Force Be With You All! :D

  3. Infiltrator

    Infiltrator Jedi Knight star 5

    Jan 4, 2002
    happy new years

    i loved this thread


    *takes left over spirits from the bar*
  4. Sturm Antilles

    Sturm Antilles Former Manager star 6 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Jun 22, 2000
    Instead of blowing up the Outlander Club as he had with previous versions, Sturm casually walks throughout the establishment, shutting down power systems and closing drinking containers. He squints up at the skylight that he had broken numerous times, deciding to leave it as it is until 2005, even if nightcrawlers and other Coruscant thieves manage to get past the military-grade forcefield surrounding the building.

    Glancing down, he types on an oldstyle datapad, writing the goodbye message from himself and his friends. Satisfied with the results, he walks to the door and jacks the datapad into a power unit, so it will flash the message in hologram form over the next two and a half years. It reads :

    'Well, here we are at the end. As I mentioned in the opening post for OC 4.0, this place has meant a lot to me over the last six months. More than an average social thread on a message board should, because myself and so many more of us made such great friends here, and had such fun when wasting time that could have been spent improving relationships, exercising or getting work done.

    I'd like to say my thanks to my close friends here, and then your own goodbye messages follow...

    [hl=black]Friend_of_Skylark - Heather, you're by far the coolest person I've met through the OC, and as cheesy as it sounds, I've really cherished our casual friendship, whether talking in the club, sending eachother stupid PMs, or just chatting on AIM late at night. Thanks for being such a great friend, and I hope we never lose touch with eachother, because we both have such damn good taste in everything we like compared to everyone else. May your dreams be filled with Robert Smith wearing David Bowie's magical, mystical jock-strap.[/hl]

    The rest of you follow in less-important order...

    Skylark - You were my first OC crush, along with many of the rest of us guys in version 1.0 I imagine. ;) I wish you the best, even though I don't hear from you as much as I'd like. I hope you had fun in the early days here, before everything was mired by excessive sexual escapades...

    Valyn! - Old buddy, I hope you've had more luck in relationships in recent times, as bad luck seems to always follow you and me both. Despite scaring some of the girls away from certain EUC social threads, you were fun to talk to and never boring. You always had well-thought-out posts and stories, and someone who can have good grammar is always welcome. I look forward to more of your story-writing, and I hope you get your Fantasy novels published someday. May the Force be with you, and provided you can keep your mouth clean, you're always welcome in the EUC. :)

    flying_fishi - Despite not getting along with everyone, you were mostly nice to both old and newbies of the club, and to me you were always warm and welcoming. I hope we can stay in touch throughout the EUC, and I promise I'll visit ( or live in ) Australia someday! :D

    Rev_Leidu - Where'd you go, Rev? You just disappeared one day. You had been around since 1.0 and before ( The J/J/K and "boner" threads in Lit ) and were always fun to talk to in those early days. May the Force be with you, and keep a foot in the JC. :)

    GRANDADMIRALAXLROSE - Ah how you love to make fun of Moorpark. Well Thousand't suck quite as much! But still sucks! ;) Even though you went through about five girls in the OC, and were often clueless, you always were nice and had a big heart. See you around the rest of the JC, my friend.

    Ysanne_Isard - Even though we just started to become friends recently, I think you're one of the coolest, mellow girls I've ever known, and I hope we stay friends in the months to come. :: hugs her::

    jaya02 - I'm really glad I met you, Jaya. Even though you never got along with other people in the OC, or me at times, we still had a good summer and I'll always remember you as "girl with the smile in the dream in the dark".

    NarundiJedi - Even though I'd seen you around the JC for
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