Sunshine Blues (JA)

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    In case any of you haven't seen this yet ... I thought I'd add my own obi-torture to this wonderful mix. :)

    Title: A Bad Case of the Sunshine Blues
    Author: Syntyche
    Date Completed: 6/28/01
    Rating: G, non-slash
    Archive: (shrug) just ask me so I know where it's going. :)
    Spoilers: None
    Tissue Warnings: None
    Obi-Torture with resultant Qui-angst: Mild
    Time frame: 2 years before TPM; Obi-Wan is 23.
    Legal shtuff: Not mine --> no money earned from this little venture --> not meant to infringe on copyrights held by George Lucas, or anyone else associated with Lucasfilm, etc.

    Summary: On temporary leave from the Temple with his Master, Obi-Wan Kenobi comes down with a bad case of the sunshine blues.

    Hmm ? Those headers get longer every time ?

    Tremendous thanks to Jane Jinn and Peta, betas extraordinaire, for gently and kindly showing up the rough spots; and to all the members of betas_anonymous for their help.

    Dedication: "Sunshine Blues" is dedicated to Ginger Ninja, for most encouraging reviews at Fanfiction.Net. Writing is a labor of love, but feedback is the triple fudge icing on a double chocolate cake. Thanks, GN!

    A Bad Case of the Sunshine Blues
    By: Syntyche

    Sometimes, it was good to get away.

    Qui-Gon Jinn stretched his long legs out, crossing them at the ankles, and simply enjoyed the feeling of warm sun on his tired muscles. The Council, after keeping the pair in the field for nearly a year and a half, had finally taken pity on the Jedi Master and his Padawan-learner, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and granted them a brief vacation on the sun-drenched world of Selva II.

    Their small beach house was located just at the edge of a coastline with sand so white it hurt his eyes to look at it, and water so deeply blue it welcomed him to dive in and savor its refreshing cool. The planet's suns shone brightly on the beach, undiminished by the few wispy clouds in the azure sky.

    Qui-Gon was relaxing on the little patio of the shack they'd rented, clad in casual slacks and a light tunic. A science fiction novel he'd been meaning to read was accessed on the datapad resting atop his chest, but Qui-Gon was simply feeling too lazy to bother with reading it. Oh, yes. This was good. No squabbling senators, no trade disputes, not even a border skirmish. They had needed this vacation. He had needed this vacation.

    His Padawan-learner, Obi-Wan Kenobi, was out and about, experiencing the sights possibly, or swimming or even lounging on the beach somewhere. The young Jedi had even taken to sailing in their ample spare time; Qui-Gon had accompanied him once, but the rocking motion of the waves had turned him a distinct shade of green, much to Obi-Wan's amusement. Qui-Gon hadn't seen the young man for the past few hours, but he was not worried. Obi-Wan was more than capable of taking care of himself; besides, if nothing else, his Padawan's appetite would bring him back long before dark.

    Qui-Gon shook his head with a rueful smile and eased deeply into the lounge chair with a contented sigh. Yes, this was one decree of the Council even he had no plans to defy ?


    The unusually tremulous call from his Padawan woke Qui-Gon from the light slumber he had drifted into.


    He noticed that the shadows on the beach had lengthened and he was now completely submerged in shade as the sun had disappeared beyond the roof of the beach house. It was long past dinnertime. "What is it, Obi-Wan?"

    When no reply was forthcoming, Qui-Gon was out of his chair in an instant and pushing through the doors that led into their common room, morbidly expecting to find his Padawan a mutilated mess on the floor somewhere. Absentmindedly he reflected that only Obi-Wan could get into trouble on a vacation, but that was a point Obi-Wan would have immediately refuted and countered with the reply that it was something he'd picked up from his Master - and probably rightly so.

    "Padawan, where are you?"

    The front door slammed shut on its old-model s
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    Part Two :)

    Later that night, after a refreshing meditation, Qui-Gon checked in on his Padawan again. He was immediately disturbed to see that Obi-Wan had huddled in on himself sometime during the evening. His teeth were chattering loudly.

    Despite the fact that his eyes were squeezed shut, he still sensed his Master's presence.

    "M-Master? It's c-cold. It's very cold," he complained.

    "Perhaps that's because you're only wearing a towel, Padawan," Qui-Gon said dryly, but affectionately, trying to keep the worry from his voice. "Wait a moment."

    The Jedi Master retrieved his own coverlet and returned with it to his apprentice. Despite the warmth in the room and the heat radiating off of his body, Obi-Wan shivered and shuddered, chattering out his thanks as Qui-Gon draped the thick blanket over him and tucked it around the bed gently, mindful of his Padawan's abused skin.

    "You're welcome, my Obi-Wan," he replied quietly. "But if you're not feeling better by tomorrow, we're finding a Healer."

    "Nooo," Obi-Wan groaned, shifting in the cocoon of thick blanket Qui-Gon had made for him. His agitated movements caused the blanket to scratch against his wounded skin and his features tightened. Still he continued to beg. "Please, Master, no. I'll be fine, I promise! Please!"

    "Obi-Wan!" Qui-Gon's hand on Obi-Wan's shoulder stilled his restless Padawan. "You're acting like a child. If you're hurting this badly tomorrow, you are seeing a Healer and that's final. Obi-Wan," he prompted when Obi-Wan's eyes dropped to the floor, either in anger or dread - he felt both from his apprentice. His finger hooked under his apprehensive Padawan's chin and tilted his face back towards him. "I will not risk you getting sunstroke, Obi-Wan." *I care about you too much to see you hurting,* he almost said, but refrained, instead offering his Padawan a small smile. "It would ruin our vacation."

    Obi-Wan returned his smile with a tiny one of his own, but his expression was still filled with dread. "Yes, Master."

    "All right." Qui-Gon knelt by his Padawan. "I want you to rest now." The Jedi Master worked carefully to gently thread out the long stands of unbraided hair behind Obi-Wan's right ear. Obi-Wan obligingly dropped his bare shoulder further into the blankets and tilted his chin slightly to the side, allowing Qui-Gon access to re-braid the thin symbol of his apprenticeship.

    Qui-Gon worked slowly, taking his time despite his own fatigue. When he'd finished, Qui-Gon surveyed his handiwork. It was a bit sloppy, perhaps, unlike Obi-Wan's usual meticulous braiding, but for being out of practice, he thought he'd done pretty well.

    After his apprentice had drifted off into a peaceful slumber, Qui-Gon rubbed his tired eyes and decided to go to bed himself. Soon enough the morning rays were shining through the window and Qui-Gon rose to check on his apprentice.

    Obi-Wan was no better than he'd been the previous night - in fact, Qui-Gon was certain he was worse. He shivered continually despite the warm summer air lazing in through the open windows, and when pressed, complained of nausea and a headache. Qui-Gon let him rest in a cool bath nearly the entire morning, and with his Padawan thus occupied and out of hearing range, he contacted a local Healer via the comm and was reassured the Healer would arrive shortly. Obi-Wan would throw a fit, but Qui-Gon wasn't taking any chances and hoped he hadn't been wrong in delaying so long already.

    When his Padawan finally emerged from the 'fresher, dressed in his sleep pants with water still sluicing down bare skin he refused to towel off, Qui-Gon gently patted the damp back and shoulders down, despite Obi-Wan's hissed protests, and applied a fresh layer of salve.

    Someone came to replace the front door and Qui-Gon watched only long enough to ensure the job was done and to pay the humanoid before heading to the kitchen to put together a light lunch for himself and Obi-Wan as he waited for the Healer.

    "Lunch, Obi-Wan," he announced, setting the tray on the dresser in
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    Excellent! It is great to see this here,too. Keep writing, "Muffin."

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    I've read this before at, but this short story never fails to bring a smile on my face. :)

    Now that you've posted here, does that mean you'll also be posting your other story here, too? I don't remember the exact name of it... something like "To Whom Loyalty is Due'"?
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    :D :D A most excellent story Syntyche!!!

    Poor Obi-Wan, even on vacation he manages to find more than enough trouble! :) :)

    Muffin! ROFLOL!!!!
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    Little Obi? LOL :D I know I've read this at ff.n, but I'm glad to see it here too. Considering all the server problems ff.n has been having lately do you think you could post some of your other stories here too? I'm sure there are plenty who would love to read them. :) (like me) ;)
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    This is mortifyingly hilarious. Poor Obi-wan, for the burn AND the females. :)
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    LOL! [face_laugh] That was sooooo funny! I read it @ FFN and it was just as good second time round!

    Made me cringe in places! Muffin! ROTFL!!!

    Post more stuff here please!!! :D
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    [face_laugh] [face_laugh] [face_laugh]

    ROTFLOL!!!!!!! That was GREAT!!!!!! [face_laugh]

    "Qui-Gon, having met Obi-Wan's miniature fan club, understood." :) I love that! :D

    Great story, Syntyche!!!!!!!! :D
  10. Syntyche Jedi Youngling

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    Wow! Absolutely I'll post my other fics here. Thank you so much for making me feel welcome ... I didn't feel that I could really earn a niche among the great writers here with my stabs at Obi fic, but I'll post a few others as soon as they're formatted if you all like.

    I'm so pleased you all enjoyed this one. :)

    thanks again!
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    AWWWWWWWWWW [face_love] Muffin, hehe! Very cute! I loved it!

    MUFFIN :eek:
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    That was Hilarious. Great.
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