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Story [Superman] I Wanted to Tell You... -- one-shot

Discussion in 'Non Star Wars Fan Fiction' started by AlwaysAround, Aug 12, 2008.

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  1. AlwaysAround

    AlwaysAround Jedi Youngling

    Aug 12, 2008
    Fandom: Superman Returns
    Genre: drama, angst, slight romance
    Rating: PG
    Characters: Superman, Lois Lane, Jason White, OC
    Pairings: Superman/Lois Lane
    Summary: Home was not a place to be. Home was where the ones he loved dwelled.
    Spoilers: Superman Returns
    Author's Notes: There is a significant alteration to one part of this story in comparison to the film, but it is superficial and does not change the outcome of the film's events.

    ?I wanted to tell you??

    The words that came after that simple overture were his lifeline in the frozen sea, the beacon to shine the way out of the abyss. Somehow her voice, the only thing familiar and beloved in this wasteland of nothingness, found a way through the dark to pull him back from the precipice of oblivion. Life bled back into his cold form as her warm lips caressed his, and then those of her?his?son touched his brow.

    She had bestowed him with a gift far greater than he had ever imagined. He had resigned himself, ready to let go. She had someone to protect her now, and he had given the world that had moved on without him his last effort. It was time to take the hands of his fathers and walk with them once more, to be at peace and without pain. Now he clung to those words more fiercely than anything he had ever strived to achieve, even more than the will he had summoned for the very sacrifice that had nearly finished him.

    If not for the world, if not even for her, for that child alone he would live.

    After a meaningless stretch of time?was it hours, days, or years??sensory experience began to return to him. The soft hum of machinery and fluorescent lighting, the almost imperceptible whisper of ventilation systems, cold air, the smell of antiseptics, the brush of fabric on his skin as he breathed. The weight of his body on a firm and not terribly comfortable mattress. The feeling of cotton in his mouth and throat. Then, creeping up throughout him like a spurt of ivy growth across a fence, dull pain in all his bones and muscles, concentrated in his back and arms. The light sheet covering him might as well have been a mound of wet sand.

    The clues to his whereabouts were obvious before he even opened his eyes, and it was surreal. He'd lost count long ago of the number of times he'd set foot in hospitals, but never as a patient. The idea hadn't even seemed possible. What could they do for him? But then again, what else was there to do for him in this state?

    Slowly he worked on raising his eyelids, which was no small task given that they felt as heavy as marble. The colorless room was dim and the blinds on the windows drawn shut. It was night then. How long had he been lying here?

    The only piece of equipment he was hooked up to was a heart monitor. The room was absurdly empty. How frustrating and terrifying it must have been for the staff to deal with him, a biological puzzle they couldn't begin to solve. He felt oddly guilty, and touched that they had done what they could for him, as natural as the action was. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

    A few feet away from the foot of the bed lay his costume, neatly folded and draped across a chair, his boots standing alongside. A small smile tugged at the corner of his lips. It was one less minor thing to worry about, or perhaps instead another minor blessing, that the garment had survived a fall from orbit in much better shape than he had.

    He felt exquisitely awful, and in a very human way he desired nothing more than to shut his eyes again and fall back asleep for a week. Or a month. Just five more minutes, Ma, he recalled whining as a boy on Monday mornings as her astonishingly robust voice chastised him for not dragging his butt out of bed and getting ready for school.

    But no. Now that he knew what he knew, he couldn?t stay here another minute. He had to see him again, anew. Even if he had to crawl on his hands and knees, he would make his way to 312 R
  2. AlwaysAround

    AlwaysAround Jedi Youngling

    Aug 12, 2008
    Poonam sighed and took another sip of coffee, precious black gold, that Dan had been kind enough to fetch for her from the cafeteria. Met General had been teeming with injured this weekend from the unprecedented disaster that had literally shaken the city, and its staff and facilities had been taxed nearly to their limit, many pulling double shifts as some of the very nurses and doctors who worked here wound up admitted. A handful was still unaccounted for, perhaps never to cross these hallways again. She suppressed a shiver and let the hot beverage dissolve the lump in her throat.

    It was a bit quieter here at her station, but the new state-of-the-art ICU wasn't exactly meant to be open yet. Numerous critical patients had been shuffled over to accommodate the influx, and one in particular had been placed here out of sheer importance. She was a strict believer that all human beings put their pants on one leg at a time no matter what their status was, and thus all were equally deserving of the best care, but even she had to admit this was warranted.

    She was tasked with monitoring Superman. The Man of Steel.

    That he was a patient was enough to turn the world upside down, even more than it already was. He wasn't supposed to be here, comatose and fighting for his life. He had done so much for everyone, time and time again, but he wasn't supposed to die.

    She figured this was a sign that all things must come to an end, that nothing was impervious, not even him. Hell of a way to be reminded. Superman was a stranger, a being from another planet, and yet it was as if everyone knew him. There were doctors and nurses who were familiar with him, even on a first-name basis. They had joked with him, taken victims from his arms, even helped console him when the strain of his self-appointed duties grew too great. It was as if the entire hospital had turned into a wake, people swapping stories about him as he lay beneath their roof, already mourning him or praying for his recovery.

    Poonam had never had the honor of speaking with him personally, but she knew his loss would hit her as hard as if it were a family member. He was a friend to the entire city of Metropolis. That was clearly evident by the masses crowded around outside holding vigil. If only he knew how many were out there pulling for him. Maybe that knowledge would give him that extra bit of strength to come back.

    What if he remained alive, but never woke up again? She envisioned a sad future, his handsome form confined to a bed for years, those famous blue eyes closed forever like a tragic gender-reversed Sleeping Beauty. There wasn't even any life support to shut off, no will to refer to in such a case. No one to claim him or take over his care. The world loved him, and yet he was alone. There wasn't even a single vase of flowers in his room to greet him in case he did rouse. She was rather surprised no one had thought to bring him some. Then again, there probably wasn't a single flower shop open in the metro area at the time being.

    That reporter had come to visit him, at least. Lois Lane. Maybe she would do something for him in such a dire event. Rumor was that they were close, after all.

    For just a moment Poonam looked away, pinching the bridge of her nose. Her thoughts were all jumbling together into one neurotic mass. She was tired, her head had been aching almost nonstop since yesterday, and dammit, she was depressed.

    Just a moment.

    She looked back in time to see the monitor line indicating Superman's heart rate go abruptly flat, then wink out entirely.

    No. No.

    The breath left her lungs as surely as if she'd been kicked in the gut, and for a second she was just too stunned to do anything more than stare at the screen, willing it to be a lie, a hallucination. That the signal had gone out indicated something was wrong with the machinery, but if it had gone flatline?

    She heard herself exclaiming a Code Blue into the intercom system, but it felt like her voice was coming o
  3. Miana Kenobi

    Miana Kenobi Admin Emeritus star 8 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Apr 5, 2000
    Yay! A Superman fic!!

    Wonderfully done! And that poor nurse... I would have been so nervous if Superman had died under my watch.

    Great job!
  4. AlwaysAround

    AlwaysAround Jedi Youngling

    Aug 12, 2008
    He had always loved to fly. But now it was especially relished.

    Reaching the upper atmosphere and seeking out the sunrise, still a few hours away from Metropolis, had been difficult. His relative weakness hadn't allowed him to remain on the edge of space for long either. But it had been well worth the effort to bathe in the healing radiation, and his aches had lessened. He arced back toward Earth renewed of body as he had been of heart and spirit with Lois's revelation.

    To say he had been shocked by the discovery of thousands of people gathered around the hospital was an understatement. Their hope and devotion had awed, humbled, and moved him deeply. Even more astonishing was the notion that his mother had traveled all the way from Smallville just to be left outside, unable to be with him. Her whispered prayers and comforting heartbeat had caught his ears as he sped off into the night, trying to remain unseen. A knot had grown in his chest at the thought of how long she had been there waiting for him. She had always waited for him, when he had left to go north, then to Krypton, and now nearly to death's door.

    Martha Kent was a far stronger soul than he.

    He had been torn, but the thought of Jason beckoned to him like a siren call. He made a silent promise to return to her quickly, and to thank everyone who had strived to save him and support him in his darkest hour.

    Soon that particular house on Riverside Drive came into view. The seaplane that had carried him to salvation bobbed placidly alongside the dock, and a light was on in one of the windows?the study, as he recalled from his earlier uninvited visit. He suspected who was awake at this hour, but for now his only focus was for the one directly upstairs.

    Not surprisingly, the window was unlocked. The soft breeze that stole inside stirred an airplane mobile that chimed softly. Brightly colored drawings hung on the walls, and more plane motifs covered almost every square inch of the room, from toy models on a nightstand to prints on the bedsheets. Amusingly, though, it was Aquaman who decorated the little boy?s pajamas.

    His heart swelled and broke in the same moment.

    Jason White, this sweet, fragile, curious, quiet, artistic, burrito-and-trashcan-loving little miracle was his. His own child. An impossibility, yet he existed?growing up and calling another man Daddy as his true father went off in search of a threadbare hope that he wasn?t alone in the universe. That which he had sought to find in the first place had been here all along.

    His gaze traveled up and down Jason?s slumbering form, seeing every feature as if for the first time all over again, now through the lens of fatherhood. He was so beautiful. So perfect. Tears of regret and wonder filled his eyes. He hadn?t thought he could love anyone as fiercely as he did Lois and his parents, but this somehow surpassed all. The one thing he had longed for the most, and believed he could not have, now lay here before him, so close and yet out of his grasp.

    Could he truly think of himself as a father? This child shared his blood, but had never known the sound of his voice reading him stories and singing him to sleep every night, the touch of his hand steadying those first steps of life, the encouraging smiles and lingering embraces sending him off to preschool. He was a stranger to this child, at most just a distant hero to admire. Richard White was the one who had borne the responsibility of raising Jason, had made him happy and safe and loved.

    Sorrow warred with joy as he looked upon this living gift. He had wasted so much time. Perhaps he and Lois could have found some measure of resolution, some balance between their desires and his duties, if only for Jason. If only he had known. If there had been any chance, any hint, that his birth parents? declarations were not absolute back then, he might have waited...and he would have never left in the first place. Not even the potential promise of Krypton?s survival could have drawn him away from his s
  5. AlwaysAround

    AlwaysAround Jedi Youngling

    Aug 12, 2008
    Across the river, the glitter of Metropolis was significantly diminished. There was a great deal of cleanup and repair to be done. At least it would be something to keep his mind occupied.

    Below him he heard the soft traverse of delicate feet on grass, and the familiar flick of a lighter. It was customary for him to blow it out, but he held back, simply watching her instead. Things were different now, so drastically different. There was so much they had to say to each other, but he didn?t even know where to begin. He marveled over the strength Lois possessed that he hadn?t even known of, for her to be the mother of his child.

    He loved her so much. He always would, in spite of anything.

    She held the lighter as if waiting, hoping, for a sign. When none met her, she extinguished the flame and didn?t even keep the cigarette. A lone stubborn tear escaped her eye, and she hastily swiped it away, as if even in private she couldn't allow herself to falter. He hovered a bit closer, preparing to greet her and reassure her that he was alive and well, when he was prematurely introduced by a cheerful send-off from the window he?d just exited.

    ?Goodnight!? Jason shouted.

    Confused, Lois glanced up at her son, and then followed his line of sight to the sky above the riverbank. Her mouth dropped open.

    Amused and a little chagrined, he smiled shyly at her. It took all his restraint not to swoop down, gather her in his arms and kiss her.

    ?I l?? she began, but cut herself off, giving up in a sigh. The shape of her mouth and tongue, though, betrayed her true thoughts, as did the yearning in her eyes. Somewhere deep within him an ember was stoked back to tentative life, despite his better judgment and all the obstacles that lay between them.

    Instead she said, ?Will we see you? Around??

    This was a promise he could make now. ?I?m always around.?

    Lois smiled back at him, and it was like the sun feeding his soul.

    Content, he soared away toward the city. The world, his mother, and a new day were waiting for him.

    Kal-El would not keep them a moment longer.

  6. AlwaysAround

    AlwaysAround Jedi Youngling

    Aug 12, 2008

    Apologies for not advertising the fact that my "one-shot" consisted of 4 separate consecutive posts, but I was trying to be stealthy. Thanks for reading and enjoying.
  7. Miana Kenobi

    Miana Kenobi Admin Emeritus star 8 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Apr 5, 2000
    My bad then for posting in the middle. :)

    Beautifully done, though! Really captured Supes perfectly.

    And yay for the Aquaman pjs! :p
  8. AlwaysAround

    AlwaysAround Jedi Youngling

    Aug 12, 2008
    Of course I couldn't let that go unnoticed. ;)

    No problem, and good to hear.
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