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Story [Superman] Superman: Doomsday Crisis (Updated 8/14)

Discussion in 'Non Star Wars Fan Fiction' started by RX_Sith, Jul 27, 2008.

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  1. RX_Sith

    RX_Sith C&G Game Host star 5 VIP - Game Host

    Mar 13, 2006
    Title: Superman: Doomsday Crisis
    Author: RX_Sith
    Characters: Kal-El (Superman), Lois Lane, Doomsday, Brainiac, Lex Luthor
    Timeframe: Sometime in the Superman Universe.
    Genre: Superman story with Kal-El (Superman) facing Doomsday, Brainiac, and Lex Luthor.
    Author's Note: This is a story about Superman and his battle against Doomsday with Brainiac and Lex Luthor as well.
    DISCLAIMER: The characters in the Superman Universe are the property of DC Comics, which obviously I have no affiliation with.

    [b]Chapter One: Crisis in Motion[/b]

    Inside of the Fortress of Solitude, Kal-El is talking to his father, Jor-El. "My son, my only son," Jor-El says solemnly, "I am speaking to you about a villain that is one of the most dangerous that I have ever seen," Jor-El sincerely tells him as he starts to show Kal-El a vision from a long time ago on the planet Krypton.

    An evil demonic apparition is seen as it starts to wreak havoc upon the Kryptonian landscape. It is the one that has caused massive destruction to the citizens of Kandor, the captital of Krypton a long time ago. Jor-El shows Kal-El visions of the alien spacecraft as it floats through the black void of space. It has a very sinister form to it as it creeps through the Kryptonian system. It looks like a huge skull wrapped with tentacles as menacing jaws protrude from its hull. The ship emits a strange and eerie whitish power that starts to shrink the city.

    "What is that?" Kal-El asks inquisitively. "It is a ray that Brainiac invented to shrink the city of Kandor," Jor-El tells his son. "Why did he do something like that?" Kal-El inquires. "He was going to restore his homeworld of Bryak by re-materializing the shrunken cities into their normal form thereby repopulating the planet that he once ruled."

    "So, what happened to him?" Kal-El asks. "He was captured and the city was restored to its normal size," Jor-El replies, "He was encased in one of the Phantom Zones and sent out of the Kryptonian system. I don't know what happened to him after that."


    Lex Luthor stares at the television screen in front of him with disbelief. ?Superman this, Superman that,? he moans to Kitty, his attractive secretary, ?When is all of this talk about Superman going to stop.?

    "I don?t really know why you are complaining about Lexie baby when you have me around here,? she replies smoothly, ?If I were you, I'd focus more on me than him."

    "I must find his weakness, Luthor tells her outright, "There must be something that I can use against him, all I have to do is find it". He pauses to think and reads an interesting article from the newspaper about a meteor that crashed close to Addis Ababa. ?This is interesting,? Luthor says amusedly to himself, ?Start packing, my dear, for we are going on a vacation."

    "Oh, it's about time you wised up," Kitty replies charmingly as she goes off to pack her things.


    Clark is now working at his desk at [i]The Daily Planet[/i] finishing up on another story that he has just completed. He glances over at Lois looking at her hair and her face, as her beautiful features coalesce in his thoughts. He wanders on over to her station trying to act nonchalantly, "What you typing there, Lois?"

    She doesn't take her eyes off of her work as she continues to type away, "Wouldn?t you like to know?" she teases him deliberately. He looks at her determined to find out exactly what she is writing about. "Come on," he grins at her, "You can trust me." She thinks about his words for a moment. "Alright, I guess it's no big secret," she begins to tell him, "It?s just a story that I?m starting to gather information that will lead me to conclude that Superman is no longer needed."

    "No longer needed," Clark looks perplexed as he motions her to the window where they can see the city below, "Did Metropolis really become that peaceful suddenly?" he asks as they can hear sirens and gunshots in the distance.

    "No, of course not silly," she turns from the window, "It's just that crime has been here before Superman and it will cont>
  2. RX_Sith

    RX_Sith C&G Game Host star 5 VIP - Game Host

    Mar 13, 2006
    Chapter Two: Crisis Begins

    Lex Luthor was alone in his office staring at the meteorite that he had just stolen from a museum in Addis Ababa. He sat upright in his desk looking at the computer screen reading about the stories written about Superman. He stared at the meteor again. "Soon, Superman," he gloats, "Soon, you will succumb to my plan".

    A red beacon flashed in front repeatedly on the screen. "We are nearing Earth, my liege," L-Ron reported to Brainiac. "Good," Brainiac stared at the screen, "Prepare experiments 4421, 3542, 5124, and 7907," he orders his assistant. "Right away, my liege," L-Ron dutifully replies.

    "I will destroy this son of Jor-El," Brainiac boasts, "He will beg me to relinquish me from my parasitical ways. Once again the pride of Colu will be the destroyer of this pathetic Earth that he now lives on. No longer will I have to live in this feeble, meager anthromorphic form!"

    "At least you look sinister, my Liege," L-Ron states proudly.

    Brainiac gives L-Ron a glaring look. "Don't make me use one of my experiments on you as well. The people that he protects on Earth will be of no match for my pets."


    Lois and Clark are busy typing away their respective stories that would be featured in tomorrow's newspaper. Lois fidgets with her pen clicking it incessantly while Clark looks at it amazed by its repetitive nature.

    "Gee, Lois," he points at her pen, "I'm surprised you haven't worn that thing out."

    "Get real, Kent," Lois replies sternly, "We have our own stories to finish."

    "Mine is already done," Clark beams. "Great, then leave me alone so that I can finish my story as well," Lois orders him.

    Suddenly the sky grows dark. The sun has been eclipsed. "Strange, I don't recall a solar eclipse being announced," Lois mentions as she looks outside the window. Clark grabs his stomach. "I'm not feeling well," he announces. "Well, go to the nurse's station and have her give you some medicine," Lois motions to him while still staring outside the window at the solar eclipse.

    Clark sneaks off to a private room as he begins to unbutton his shirt revealing a red 'S' symbol. He completes his transformation into Superman and opens the window. He jumps out and starts to fly up towards space. [i]'This is odd,'[/i] he mumbles to himself as he now nears outer space.


    "Here he comes, my liege," L-Ron reports. "Good, release the experiments upon this Earth," Brainiac orders. The rear doors open on Brainiac's sinister looking ship. A group of boxes encased in dull black capsules are released into Earth's atmosphere. Upon entering they start to decompose and then they burst open as they begin to form evil aberrations.

    Superman goes after one of the monsters that have been unleashed into the air above the ground. The skull ship menacingly enters the atmosphere of Earth slowly descending towards the countryside of the blue planet. It then disappears as silently as it had entered. It lands next to one of the cities largest power plants. It then slowly starts to grow bigger and bigger as it sucks the energy out into its venomous tendrils. The city starts to grow dark as the energy dissipates into the hideous ship.

    "By the time he finishes with my pets, I?m sure that we will have sucked this planet dry of its resources," Brainiac brags to L-Ron. "A very ingenious plan, my liege," L-Ron replies in robotic harmony, "All we have to do is wait for our ship to be restored to full power."

    "I want to watch as my pets get rid of the son of Jor-El," Brainiac boasts as he watches his on the screen his experiments starting to grow bigger and bigger.

    Superman arrives at the smallest of them. [i]'I've never seen anything like this,[/i] he thinks as he grabs a hold of the smallest creature and flings it to the ground, [i]One down, three more to go,[/i] he says as he grabs hold of the next creature. He does the same to it and flings it towards the ground, [i]'This is easier than I thought.'[/i]

    The creatures that Superman has thrown to the ground lift>
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