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Story [Superman]The Man of Steel(Book 2 of 3)--Updated 3/15/12

Discussion in 'Non Star Wars Fan Fiction' started by mrjop2, Apr 2, 2011.

  1. mrjop2

    mrjop2 Jedi Knight star 4

    Jun 6, 2007
    I appreciate it. I might just skip this week, so I can focus on finishing my HTTYD story. I really would like to get the next HTTYD up and going before the end of the month.
  2. JediMaster1511

    JediMaster1511 Jedi Grand Master star 10

    Jul 15, 2010
    That's cool. I'll be ready for the next chap whenever you you can get it posted. :)
  3. mrjop2

    mrjop2 Jedi Knight star 4

    Jun 6, 2007
    Chapter 8: Investigation

    After taking another fork full of spaghetti, Lois looked at Clark as if she were trying to figure him out. She had been acting very peculiar ever since that morning. Clark could not figure out what she was thinking, but she definitely had something on her mind. ?I don?t see it.?

    ?You don?t see what??

    ?You and that woman. I mean, you?re nice and everything, but she?s way out of your league.?

    ?You mean Lana? It?s good to know that you have my best interest at heart,? Clark said dryly, and then took a bite from his slice of pizza. She had a knack for being brutally honest. It was hard to get used to at first, but over the months, he had grown accustomed to it.

    ?Now don?t get all sensitive on me, Smallville. She seems to be a business woman and you?well, you come from somewhere where cow tipping is considered hip.?

    ?Lois, we both grew up in Smallville.?

    ?You grew up milking cows and feeding chickens. Somehow I get the feeling that the same can?t be said about Miss CEO.?

    Clark took another bite of his pizza, determined not to let Lois to get to him. ?Why, Lois Lane, you?re not jealous, are you??

    That playful accusation caused her to become defensive. ?Jealous? Don?t make me laugh. I?m just looking out for you. Without me, who knows what kind of trouble you?d find yourself in.?

    Clark was about to respond when he felt his Blackberry vibrate in his chest pocket. He reached for the phone and saw that his mother?s name was displayed on the screen. ?Hold that thought.? He pressed the button with the image of a green phone. ?Hello, mother.?

    ?I?m always impressed when you know that it?s me, even before I say a word.?

    ?I?ve told you before, cell phones have caller ID as standard technology.? His parents had never been very big on modern technology. Clark was only recently able to finally convince his mother to give up her rotary phone and upgrade to a standard dial-up phone.

    ?I just find it amazing what technology can do, that?s all.?

    ?Is there something I can help you with, Mom??

    His mother?s tone quickly became more serious. ?I think it?s important for you to know that Smallville was just hit with a meteorite shower."

    ?Really? Was anyone hurt??

    ?I don?t think so, but there is a lot of damage. Clark, I can?t help but feel a similarity between this incident and the one that brought you here.?

    Clark was thinking the same thing. The fact that it happened once again in Smallville could not be a coincidence. The first thing that came to his mind, when he heard the word ?meteorite?, was ?Brainiac?. Jor-El had warned him that Brainiac was likely on his way to Earth to find him. His mother did not know any of this, and he was not about to tell her, either. He may be the man of steel, but she was still a typical mother, who was always concerned about his safety. ?I think you?re right; I'd better come over and check things out for myself.?

    ?If you do, you better make some time to visit me. It?s been months since your last visit.?

    ?I?ll do what I can, Mom. Bye, now.? Clark hung up the phone to find Lois grinning at him.

    ?I see that you still have the Blackberry that I gave you.? Like his mother, Lois was not too fond of new technology; she typed up all her stories using an electric typewriter. When they first met, she refused to carry any cell phone, so she gave him her unopened business Blackberry. Recently, she decided to buy the most basic of cell phones for emergency uses. The few times she used her phone, she quickly became impatient with the small number-buttons. Clark had tried to get her into using a Bluetooth earpiece; with that she could use vocal commands to use her cell phone, but she refused to consider it.

    ?I?m afraid that I?m going to have to cut our lunch short,? Clark said, standing up from the table. ?Smallville was hit with a freak meteorite shower. I have to see if everything is alright at home.?

    ?Oh, ok! You better go, then. I?ll pick up the tab this time, but you owe me, Smallville.?

    Clark smiled as he turned and made for the door. Lois remained seated u
  4. JediMaster1511

    JediMaster1511 Jedi Grand Master star 10

    Jul 15, 2010
    Can't wait to see Brainiac get Zod out of the Phantom Zone. This is setting up quite nicely.

    Also like the subtle reference to Batman too.
  5. mrjop2

    mrjop2 Jedi Knight star 4

    Jun 6, 2007
    Sorry for the long wait. Last couple weeks have been crazy and I'm still focusing on my Trial By Fire story. This story will be regaining my full attention real soon. My beta reader has just completed this last chapter I did before shifting my focus, so here it is.

    Chapter 9: Luthorcorp?s New Hope

    Seeing Clark again was something Lana had not prepared for. It never crossed her wildest imagination that she would ever see him again. She had been so unnerved by the encounter that she found it difficult to focus at the task at hand. She was moments away from pitching a proposal that could save Lexcorp from bankruptcy. The process had already been started to rename the company back to its original name of Luthorcorp. She hoped that General Lane would see it as the first step of disposing of Lex Luthor?s legacy that stained this corporation. He was the one whom she was going to have to convince that this company was worth saving.

    Another thing she hoped would win him over was this new office. Despite the repairs made to the top floor office, which Lex had used as his own, she refused to set foot on that level. The stench of Lex?s evil works could never fully be cleansed away from the office. Luckily, she discovered another office a few floors down, one that was much more high-tech.

    This new high-tech extravaganza was far greater than the main office; Lana had wondered why Lex had not made this his main office. The design of the room?and the technology in it?was meant to intimidate anyone who visited it; it was right up Lex Luthor?s alley.

    The desk was what first attracted Lana out to this office. It was a computer desk with a built-in computer and a giant HD monitor underneath the glass desktop. It was the most elegant, yet powerful desk she had ever seen. She never imagined she would ever obtain a position of this magnitude to warrant such a desk and office.
    She remembered when she was approached by Lex for a job at the Smallville office. After graduating college, Lex approached her with a job offer that she couldn't refuse. She knew that he used to be good friends with Clark, but he pursued her so aggressively that she had to accept his offer. To make up for the ridiculous pay she was getting, she dedicated her life to her job. Even she had to be surprised at how fast she went up in ranks. For whatever reasons he had, Lex promoted her well beyond her years; until now, she was probably the youngest CEO in America. What had she done to earn such favor?

    She was heartbroken to hear of all the evil he had done when he had died. On the day of his death, she had begun to question her actual ability. Was she really as good as Lex made her think she was, or was she part of some evil scheme? She was ready to quit her job until she was told that she was elected to be the new CEO of Lexcorp. It was a unanimous vote by the board of directors, which rekindled the confidence in her ability. She took the job and moved here to Metropolis to accept her position.

    She could only hope the board of directors would continue to find favor with her efforts to change this corporation back to its former glory. This deal with General Lane would do just that, with a side benefit of washing this corporation of more of Lex?s residue. As she waited for the general?s arrival, she replayed the holographic recording that she had discovered the moment she had first laid hands on this desk.

    A life-size, life-like image of Lex Luthor appeared on the Lexcorp logo on the floor. The image was so real that it looked like Lex Luthor was actually standing before her. ?Congratulations, Lana Lang. I have always known that your talents would take you farther than you could?ve ever dreamed. Now, in my unfortunate demise, you have become the new CEO of the corporation that my father had built from the ground up. I had no doubt that the board of directors would choose you to succeed me.
    ?I also knew you would find this secret office, and make it your own. Who could resist such an elegant and beautiful office as this one? It
  6. JediMaster1511

    JediMaster1511 Jedi Grand Master star 10

    Jul 15, 2010
    Worth the wait. The way you set up events is really good. Always leave me anticipating more.
  7. mrjop2

    mrjop2 Jedi Knight star 4

    Jun 6, 2007
    Sorry for the long wait, but my HTTYD story has been completed, and now this story has my full attention for while until I can get ahead of you by several chapters, and can return to a weekly post. When this is accomplished, I will start another HTTYD fiction, but for now, Superman has my attention. I have just delivered Chapter 10 to the beta reader. Chapter 11 is currently in progress.
  8. JediMaster1511

    JediMaster1511 Jedi Grand Master star 10

    Jul 15, 2010
  9. mrjop2

    mrjop2 Jedi Knight star 4

    Jun 6, 2007
    I've decided to go ahead and post this chapter even though the beta work is not done. I might update this post when the beta work is done, but I just can't wait any longer.

    Chapter 10: Intergang?s Weapon

    This was the worst possible time to be unemployed. Finding a job in these hard, economic times was a struggle, at best; it also did not help if your former employer was Lex Luthor. Mercy Graves had it all under the employment of Lexcorp. Lex Luthor was an unrealized genius before his time, and did not deserve the ending fate had given him. Because of Superman, Luthor was dead, and now she was on the verge of becoming homeless. This ?hero? took away the man whom she loved.

    Yes, Lex never actually reciprocated her love for him, but given more time, she was sure that he would have. It was the story of her life; she falls for a man with power, and she ends up losing him due to some unforeseen circumstances. Life was often cruel towards her, but she was not the type to complain about it. She was willing to adjust to whatever life had to throw at her, but Superman was a different story all together. There was something about him that filled her with hate.

    How dare this so called ?hero? steal the genius mind of Lex Luthor away from the world. The alien took away a better future for Earth, all in his own name. Superman wanted to hog the glory for himself, and make himself ruler of the planet. He had to be stopped. Somewhere out there, there had to be another powerful man who would step up to him. She was determined to be there and supporting this new ?savior? when he brought Superman to his knees. After all, she knew how to defeat the Man of Steel, but she just needed to find the one to do it.

    * * * *

    Yesterday?s attemptto retrieve the first piece of the ?weapon? turned out to be a dismal failure. It appeared the government was taken better precautionary measures than anyone had thought. It appears that they were disguising the whereabouts of the first piece of the weapon by feeding several false scenarios, and the Intergang had followed the wrong one.

    The punk kids could not care less if the mission was a failure or not. They were more interested in causing chaos and anarchy. They were the perfect cover up for the underground criminal empire that was slowing coming to power underneath Metropolis. Metropolis had no idea that a crime syndicate had taken root into the heart of Metropolis; they were too focused on trying to stop the uprising of rebelling teenagers. It was a masterfully crafted plan, yet some members in the crime syndicate were not happy about it. They were only going along with the idea because of the high-tech weapons that their leader, Bruno Mannheim, could get them. Little did Bruno know, that as soon as he outlived his usefulness, he would end up at the bottom of a lake somewhere.

    Another meeting had been called, but none of the crime lords were excited about it. They all knew that this was about another attempt at finding this ?weapon? , but they were all growing tired of spending their resources and money in another fool?s hardy quest. What weapon was Bruno searching for, that was so important? Instead of growing this crime syndicate to become as powerful as the one in Gotham, they were searching for some weapon that none of them knew about. Time was of an essence in growing this little crime syndicate; Superman could be fooled for only so long.

    When Bruno entered the room, there were a lot of displeased looks on their faced. He knew the opinions of his fellow crime lords, and he hoped that this meeting will put their fears to rest. ?Greeting?s gentlemen, I won?t take much of your time.?

    ?You betta? not!?An overweight man, who went by the name of Chains, said while taking a puff of his cigarettes. ?Enough of my time?s been wasted as is.?

    ?Okay, granted, our search for the first piece of the weapon has not panned out, but all of that has changed. I know for certain, where the first piece is, and we?re about to make a bold move to retrieve it.?

    An oriental woman, who appeared more
  10. JediMaster1511

    JediMaster1511 Jedi Grand Master star 10

    Jul 15, 2010
    Awesome, Metallo.
  11. mrjop2

    mrjop2 Jedi Knight star 4

    Jun 6, 2007
    Just added a cover art for the story!
  12. mrjop2

    mrjop2 Jedi Knight star 4

    Jun 6, 2007
    Thank you for reading, and thanking you for your help in getting Superman: The Last Son of Krypton and Supmeran: The Man of Steel nominated for most underrated story of 2011.

    Chapter 11: General Zod Returns

    ?Get your hands off me!? Lucy scowled as they grabbed her by the arms. She started to put up a fight until one of the punk kids put their high-tech weapon right up against her temple.

    ?How bout I blow your pretty lidda face off??

    Lucy knew they were serious and decided that it was not wise to resist them?yet. She obeyed them as they pushed outside into the war zone. ?Back off, pigs, or we?ll toast her!?

    Turpin, who had responded to this latest Intergang attack with a large force of officers from the MPD and MSCU, was taking cover behind a mini-van that had been tipped onto its side . Sawyer, who was next to him, peeked around the edge of the vehicle and confirmed that they had a hostage. ?Great, now they?re into taking hostages. That?s the last thing we need.?

    ?Strange,? Maggie replied. ?This is strangely out of characteristic for a group of kids whose sole purpose is to cause chaos."

    ?Agenda or not, these punks are really getting on my nerves.?

    The three Intergang kids pushed Lucy further out, becoming bolder with each step. Jimmy watched from the Pizzeria, feeling helpless. He could not allow himself to stand here helplessly and just watch them use his date as a hostage. What kind of date would he be? ?Excuse me,? Jimmy said, pushing his way back through the crowd, into the Pizzeria.

    It was like he was taken over by another man. He could almost watch himself from outside his body as he grabbed a wooden chair and quietly charged at the three Intergang kids from behind. It was the girl who saw Jimmy from the corner of her eye. ?Watch it!?

    The two boys pulled Lucy out of the way and the girl stepped aside to avoid the attack from Jimmy. In a lightning fast move, she was quickly able to disarm him. Jimmy was left standing there in shock, not sure what had just happened, or what she did to disarm him. Was it some form of weapon?

    The next thing he knew, he had three high-tech weapons pointed at his face. ?Bad move!?She grinned. That was when he knew he was about to die. His foolish rescue attempt of Lucy was only going to end with his own demise.

    The girl was ready to put the heroic wannabe out of his misery when a hand came out of nowhere and pulled the weapon right out of her hand. She looked to her right to see Superman standing there in the process of crumpling her favorite weapon as if it was made out of paper. ?That will be quite enough for one day, kids.?

    The two boys went to point their weapons towards their new target, only to find Superman no longer standing where he was, and the weapons that they had in their hands were now gone. They turned around to see Superman now standing behind them holding their weapons in his hands. ?I will have to confiscate these, and I am afraid, you will not be getting these back after class.?

    The three punk kids could only laugh sardonically at the Man of Steel as they quickly reached for buttons on their mechanical wrist bands on their right wrists. ?Keep ?em. Our job, here, is done.? All three of them pressed their buttons and they instantly vanished in a bright white light.

    Everyone there was left there standing in bewilderment. This was an unusual move by the Intergang. Instead of trying to cause more chaos, they decided to vanish and leave the fight. Turpin and Sawyer joined Superman as Jimmy and Lucy checked up on each other. ?God dang it! Am I ever going to get one of those kids behind bars and get some answers outta them?? Turpin growled.

    ?I suspect that some answers will be coming shortly, Lieutenant,? Superman commented.

    ?What makes you so certain?? Sawyer asked.

    ?Because it is obvious this round of chaos was meant for nothing more than to grab my attention. I have had my suspicions that there was more to this gang than just rebellious young men and women. I think what just happen proves that there are brains behind the oper
  13. mrjop2

    mrjop2 Jedi Knight star 4

    Jun 6, 2007
    Chapter 12: Derailed

    The demonstration at S.T.A.R lab was over, now it was time for Lois to get back to the Planet. She had no desire to find a cab and wait through the traffic, so she decided to try out the sky-train It had just reopened today after the track sustained heavy damage due to the tornado months ago. The line at the sky-train docking station was larger than usual as a result. Being without it for a few months made many people realize how convenient it actually was. Getting a taxi was like winning the lottery in the few months of down-time.

    Despite the long line, it was still quicker than getting in a taxi and braving Metropolis? traffic, where you?d be lucky to travel a block in five minutes. With this mode of transportation, one large car traveled on the track throughout the city, with a new car arriving every eight minutes. This made the line go fast, and even with this wait on line, this mode of transportation was still the quickest way to get around Metropolis.

    Lois finally made it onto a car, and was able to take a seat and relax. Waiting in that long line could be quite strenuous at times, depending on who was in front or behind you. It was almost like waiting in line to get onto a roller coaster at an amusement park; sometimes you end up near a person who you wish you could just punch in the mouth. She sat back in her seat and let her head lean back and relax as she waited for the car to depart from the platform. When the bell chimed and the doors slid shut, she was confident that she was going to have a peaceful ride. However, as the car started moving, her hope was dashed. ?Lois Lane.?

    Lois spun in her seat and looked behind her to see Lana Lang walking down the aisle towards the empty seat across from her. ?Miss Lang, Fancy seeing you on the Sky-train. What, did your limo breakdown or did your limo driver go on strike??

    ?I?m not comfortable with riding in the limo, yet,? Lana replied, taking the seat across from Lois. ?Is it just me, or am I picking up some hostile vibes? Are you really that angry about me contemplating buying the Daily Planet out? You realize, that even if I do, you?re job is not in danger. I?d be a fool to make sure that Metropolis?s most famous reporter is not happy.?

    ?I'm flattered," Lois replied. "But, perhaps that the company that you represent tends to leave a bad taste in my mouth,? Lois replied snidely. ?After Lex died, I was hoping that Lexcorp would die with him.?

    ?Lois, not everyone in Lexcorp is like Lex. To tell you the truth, I wasn?t expecting to become his replacement. After I learned about everything he had done, I was ready to quit.?

    ?So money is more important to you than principal. I don?t see that to be much better,? Lois replied. Only after those words came out, did she regret the harshness she put into them. She really was not all that upset about her trying to save Lexcorp. She could not understand why she was being so nasty to her. It could not possibly be because of her previous relationship with Clark. What was there for her to be jealous about?

    The sting of the words was made apparent by the look in Lana?s face. ?I can care less about the money. The only reason I took this job is because I genuinely think that I can make this corporation an ethical one once again. You have no idea what I?ve been doing to try to rid the corporation of Lex?s stench.?

    ?I know, I heard; you?re changing the name back to Luthorcorp,? Lois replied, not really interested in hearing the details.

    ?I?m doing more than just that. Luthor had an extreme hatred for Superman. Why, I have no idea; but I found that he had a huge stockpile of Kryptonite. I?m getting rid of all of it.?

    Lois squirmed in her seat, not liking what she was hearing. ?How are you getting rid of it??

    ?I?m getting help from the U.S. government. I?ve been in talks with General Lane who is interested in taking all of it. We can?t afford it getting into the wrong hands.?

    ?My father?? Lois was furious; her father was the wrong hands in this case. ?What is he planning to do with it??

    Lana shrug
  14. JediMaster1511

    JediMaster1511 Jedi Grand Master star 10

    Jul 15, 2010
    Can't wait to see Zod and Superman square of. I'm going to be waiting to see that matchup.
  15. mrjop2

    mrjop2 Jedi Knight star 4

    Jun 6, 2007
    Chapter 13: Smallville Under Attack

    As he entered this so-called ?town?, he could feel the eyes of the locals on him. Why everyone was staring at him was the least of his concerns; as far as he was concerned, they were nothing more than insignificant insects. He looked around this dirt planet and could not help but be disgusted at how dirty the humans were. It was just completely uncivilized how these people can live their lives in this kind of environment.

    He was startled by a loud and obnoxious noise from behind him. He turned to see a form of primitive transportation device. By the shape of it, he assumed that the back of this vehicle was designed to carry heavy objects. The operator was traveling directly behind him, seemingly wanting to get by him. The oporator lost his patience and commenced operating the vehicle around him, speeding up as he past him on the left.

    Zod watched the vehicle pass him and speed off until he was out of sight. ?Crude transportation device; how very unimaginative.?

    Almost immediately, another vehicle had come up to him and made a similar noise. Raising his right eye brown he turned to look at this new vehicle, who was not as quick to move around him. This transportation vehicle was smaller, and clearly meant for personal transportation. The operator of this vehicle was not content to move around him; instead, he felt the need to lash out at him. ?Get off the road, Jerkoff!?

    He had no idea what a ?jerkoff? was, but he did not care for the tone in his voice; his voice demonstrated superiority. The commoner was trying to command him as his superior. ?Tell me, are you a general of Earth?s military? Are you the supreme leader of this wretched planet??

    The man appeared confused as if he did not comprehend what he had just said. ?Just get out of the road, Idiot!?

    ?By your reply, I take it that you are not.? Zod turned completely around to face the vehicle and its operator. He clasped his hands together to form a massive fist, and he brought it down with such force, that the car collapsed to the ground. The vehicle no longer made noise as he had renderd it useless. The driver was in shock at the awesome display of power. As Zod walked towards the driver-side door, fear was quick to take over.

    Grabbing hold of the door, Zod ripped it off the hinges and threw it aside. He reached inside and pulled the man out of the vehicle by his shirt. He hoisted the man up off the ground, forcing him to look down into his eyes. ?I am a general, and I am physically and mentally stronger than you. Therefore, that makes me superior than you. How dare you command me! You shall show me the proper respect.? He put the man down onto his feet, intentionally not bringing any harm to him. ?Kneel before me, insect!?

    The man was terrified out of his mind, but that did not stop him from trying to take off running. Quickly becoming agitated by the lack of respect from this insignificant fool, he fired two heat beams from his eyes, narrowly missing the man?s ankles. The man took heed of his warning shot and raised his hands over his head in surrender. He turned back around to face Zod. ?Okay, okay, I?m sorry, dude!?

    ?I said, ?kneel?!?

    In front of the other drivers who found themselves stuck behind his car, he humiliated himself and knelt down onto both knees. ?Much better. Now, if you value your life, you will tell me where I may find the son of Jor-El. You may know him as ?Superman?. I shall make him do the same before me.?

    ?I?I?I don?t know, man!?

    Zod did not believe him. He was about to force the answer out of him when another person came up from behind him. ?Freeze! Hand?s above ya head!?

    He turned around to see someone pointing some type of primitive weapon towards him. From the way he was dressed, he held some form of authority on this planet. How much authority he had was yet to be determined, but Zod knew that this man was more likely to have the answer he desired. From the corner of his eye, he saw inferior male run for his life, but Zod was willing to allow him to leave.

    ?Are ya deaf, boy? I s
  16. JediMaster1511

    JediMaster1511 Jedi Grand Master star 10

    Jul 15, 2010
    Closing in on the showdown. I can't wait.
  17. mrjop2

    mrjop2 Jedi Knight star 4

    Jun 6, 2007
    Chapter 14: Lucy's Bad Idea

    ?So, Miss Lane, what kind of mischief are you getting yourself into now,? Turpin asked, taking sip of his morning coffee.

    ?It?s about Lexcorps new CEO, Lana Lang. I don?t trust her,? Lois answered after finishing her mouth full of scrambled eggs.

    Turpin chuckled underneath his breath; he knew that this was going to rear its ugly rear head sooner or later. The truth was that he was also very angry that Lexcorp was avoiding bankruptcy. He had worked for years to bring down Lex Luthor and his evil empire. The corporation needed to have their doors shut, and the legacy of Lex Luthor needed to wash away from Metropolis forever. ?I?ve heard that they?ve decided to put a young, spring chicken in charge of the company. So, what?s she done to get your feathers all riled up??

    ?Did you know that she sold a huge stockpile of Kryptonite to my father? You know my father?s opinion of Superman and what he?s capable of doing.?

    ?Hmm,? Turpin grunted. He did indeed know General Lane well enough to know what he could and probably would do with a giant stockpile of Kryptonite. When Superman first arrived at Metropolis, Turpin was not thrilled with someone stepping in on his job. Unlike the general, however, Superman had won over his respect and willingness to work together to break the back of the criminal underworld that was trying to take root in Metropolis. The general was too busy looking at Superman as a possible future threat to see him as alley in the here-and-now. ?While I share your concern about what your father might do; I doubt that the DOJ will allow him to do anything rash, at least, until the fly-guy has a chance to address the issue.?

    ?I wish I share your optimism,? Lois replied dryly. ?Who knows what could happen with Lana Lang running Lexcorp. I don?t know how much pull she has with the U.S. Government. The fact that she was able to get my father in her back pocket is very disconcerting.?

    Turpin finished the last bite of his bagel and then at sat back in his bench. His eyes were bobbing around in his sockets, testifying of the busy activity going on in his mind. After a minute of silence, he finally replied. ?I suppose I can look up Miss Lang?s background and see if anything pulls up. Unless there is evidence of foul play, that?s the extent of what I can do.?

    Lois thought about the offer. Was she taking this too far? What would Clark think if he found out that she was having his ex-girlfriend?s background checked for criminal activity? The last thing she wanted was to hurt him, but there was something about the woman that she could not bring herself to trust. She refused to believe that this was about jealousy; there had to be some other explanation for the way she felt, and she was determined to prove it to herself.

    * * * *

    It was an answer to her prayers. Lucy was so bored out of her mind at her sister?s apartment, then when the door bell rang, she was quick to answer it. If she watched another stinking soap opera, she was going to tear the apartment up. When she opened the door, she was pleasantly surprised to see Jimmy standing there. ?Jimmy? Aren?t you supposed to be at work now??

    ?I?ve decided to play hooky. The way I see it, I?ve never missed a day of work in my life. I think I?m entitled.?

    ?Look at you; ain?t you a bad boy,? Lucy grinned, happy to see that Jimmy was not afraid to break the rules once in awhile. ?Wanna come in??

    Jimmy?s eyes became wide as he looked around her inside the apartment. It took Lucy everything she had not to laugh. ?My sister?s at work, remember? There?s no reason to worry.?

    ?Oh yeah, I forgot,? Jimmy laughed at himself as he entered the apartment. He found it very disconcerting to be in Miss Lane?s apartment. He still could not shake the feeling that she was going to appear and chew him out for coming into her apartment. She was not a big fan of strangers coming to her apartment. ?Anyway, I?m sorry our date didn?t turn out too well.?

    ?It was exciting though,? she replied. ?Of course, my sister is now even more of an over-protective frea
  18. JediMaster1511

    JediMaster1511 Jedi Grand Master star 10

    Jul 15, 2010
    Nice set up chapter. Good way to keep up the suspense to with what is happeneing with Zod.
  19. mrjop2

    mrjop2 Jedi Knight star 4

    Jun 6, 2007
    Chapter 15: Kneel Before Zod

    Seeing Lana in her sexy and sleek red gown nearly took Clark?s breath away. It reminded him how beautiful she was. He could not help but flashback to the high school days. They were madly in love, more than any high school couple there was. He could remember all the fun times they had: the picnics, the movies, and the dances. Her face was slightly more mature now, but she remained as beautiful as ever. Whether she was wearing her evening gown to get him jealous or not, he could not tell.

    ?Is there something wrong with your food?? Lana asked after taking a sip from her glass of wine.

    ?No, nothing?s wrong, why??

    ?Cause you haven?t taken your eyes off of me since we got here.?

    Clark had not realized that he had been staring. He shook his head and quickly took a bite of his lunch. ?Sorry. Just strolling through memory lane; remembering the good ol? days.?

    Now it was Lana?s turn to stare at him, but not for the same reason; she refused to let her mind go back to the time when they separated. It was the one thought from the past that dominated over-all others. What was on her mind was something that she had been mulling over since their encounter at the Daily Planet. At first, she thought that she was going crazy, but now that she had another look at him, she knew it was not in her mind. ?How old are you??

    ?Lana, we graduated together!? Clark wanted to get off the subject quickly. Even just talking to her as Clark Kent, she was starting to put things together. As Superman, he did not age the same way as the people of earth. Based on his father?s calculation, he could live through three generations of humans. When Lana reached eighty, he will look like he was in his mid thirties. This was another side effect of Earth?s yellow sun. He did not even want to think about what his life will be like when Lois and others began to grow older, and he remained the same. He was contemplating giving himself streaks of white hair when the time came.

    ?Yeah, we did graduated together, and I know you weren?t left behind in school; you were a straight eight student. So you should be around what? twenty-eight? twenty-nine??

    Technically, he was twenty-nine. His mind began to reel, trying to find the perfect excuse to throw her off the trail. His excuse would depend on what she was about to ask him.

    ?You still look like you?re barely in your twenties. Other than your build, you have the face of a college kid??

    ?I suppose I was blessed with a baby-face. Should I grow some facial hair to make me look older??

    ?You put one facial hair on that handsome face of yours, and I will kill you!?

    ?So you think I?m handsome?? Clark smiled, turning the tables on her.

    Lana looked down at her plate to try to hide her blushing face. She had no intentions of getting emotionally invested in Clark again, but there was something about him that made it very difficult. He always had a very likable personality. In her mind, he had been the perfect boyfriend; he was someone right out of those romantic flicks. He was handsome, honest, humble, strong, courteous, and a man with high values and integrity. That all changed, in her mind, when he abruptly ended their relationship without any warning.

    Neither of them had the time to break the awkward silence when a giant explosion rocked the building and shattered the window. The sudden chaos threw both Clark and Lana to their feet as well as everyone inside the restaurant. Clark could hear, through his enhanced hearing, the petrified screams of the people out of the streets. Of all the times that the Intergang would choose to attack Metropolis; they had to choose this very moment.

    He kept his frustration at bay as he turned towards Lana. ?I?m sorry, Lana, but I?ve got to go.?

    ?Clark, are you crazy! You?re gonna get yourself killed going out there!? Without thinking, she reached out and grabbed him by the arm.

    ?I have to; it?s my job,? He replied. ?Stay inside until the danger is over.?

    Clark snuck out of the restaurant by heading into the kitchen and through the back exit. Ste
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    Excellent chapter. Makes me want to see the rematch even more. Also curious as to what is going on with Metallo's body.
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    Chapter 16: Zod?s Aftermath

    With Zod gone into hiding, things were getting back to normal. This gave Superman time to get answers that he needed. He had been expecting Brainiac to come looking for him, not General Zod. There was only one who could possibly have the answers.

    He traveled nearly half the globe to reach his fortress. Entering the massive ice-crystal structure, he climbed a massive set of stairs up to the control platform. The moment his foot stepped onto it, a holographic image of Jor-El appeared directly in front of him. ?I sense that something unexpected has happed. Tell me, my son.?

    ?I was told that escape from the Phantom Zone was impossible. I was confronted with General Zod, today. ?

    ?When I created the portal into the Phantom Zone, It was to be used for two purposes. It could be used , not only, toimprison the worst of the worst criminals, but as a means to save lives. In the Phantom Zone, death does not exist. Sending the injured and dying there would prolong their lives long enough so their lives could be spared. However, as time went on, it became used, merely, for imprisonment. Releasing a prisoner from the Phantom Zone was always meant to be possible, but the technology to do so has never gone past the theory stage. If Zod has escaped from his imprisonment, then it had to be done by someone on the outside, and someone with great intelligence and knowledge of all internal Kryptonian databases.?

    ?Brainiac,? Superman said. The solution was so simple, he could not believe that he had overlooked it. ?Brainiac is here on Earth.?

    ?Brainiac is capable of accomplishing such a task," Jor-El confirmed.

    This was not good news. If Brainiac released Zod from the Phantom Zone, then it stood to reason that they were probably working together towards his demise. That could be very bad for him; tackling two sources that could potentially want to destroy this planet could be more than he could handle alone. However, based on how Zod was acting today, something told him that their alliance was not completely solid. Zod was more interested in revenge for what his father had done to him, and anyone with that kind of mindset was usually very unstable. If Superman had to guess, he would guess that Brainiac had released him in hopes of controlling him to do his bidding, but instead, Zod became reckless and came after him earlier than intended.

    One thing was for certain, that Brainic had come in that meteorite shower in Smallville. What he was currently doing, was the big question. He had to find him before the android accomplished whatever goal he had. Superman leapt to the sky and flew out of the fortress through openings between crystals at the top of the structure.

    After his presence had left the fortress, the holographic image of Jor-El vanished and the lights all dimmed. The fortress had powered itself down, but the silence did not last very long. A bright light flashed inside and a boom tube formed on one of the steps near the display of Metallo?s head. Walking out from the tunnel of light, Bruno was instantly greeted with a blast of frigid cold temperatures.

    Rubbing his arms in a futile effort to keep warm, he pressed on to his ultimate prize. The final piece to the puzzle of Superman?s demise was now his. Now, he had everything he needed to rebuild Metallo and to rid the world of Superman. With Superman gone, the criminal underworld would once again have a strangle hold on Metropolis.

    * * * *

    General Lane was told that he needed to see what was on the news by a young soldier. He hated surprises, so he demanded to be told. Yet, after he had heard the news, he needed to hear it for himself. Finding a portable television, he turned on to MNN news channel and saw it for himself. The replays were showing Metropolis being attacked by someone who had similar abilities to Superman. His worst fears had been realized.

    Another alien of the same origins as Superman had come to Earth. Even thought it appeared that Superman had dealt with him, this proved that there are hostile aliens out there, and Super
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    I like the job you do of building up suspense in these stories. Everytime I get into it it cuts out and it leaves me wanting more and coming back for it.
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    Thank you! The next chapter is going to be quite expolosive.
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    A little late getting this posted becaused of the stupid maintenance for the past 24 hours.

    Chapter 17: Brainiac Strikes

    When Jimmy saw Lucy, he almost failed to recognize her. After their coffee, they went to buy clothing, jewelry, and a hair dying kit for their disguises. When they had everything they needed, they went back to Lois?s apartment to get changed. Jimmy was first to get changed into his disguise, and after looking at himself through the mirror, he did not know if he could pull this off; he still looked more like a nerd than a punk rocker. His fake lip ring and Goth disguise could only do so much to hide the truth.

    However, Lucy was completely the opposite. When she came walking out of the bathroom, it all looked very natural to her personality. Thanks to some help of make-up, her face was as white as a ghost and her lips as black as death. She dyed her hair black and used enough gel to give herself a Mohawk, which she dyed hot pink. She had a fake nose ring which looked very convincing.

    The time had come to put their disguises to the test. Jimmy?s stomach was turning wildly. He had never done something like this in his life. He had done some crazy things with Lois to get some out-of-this-world, headline photographs, but this was beyond crazy. How did he allow her to talk him into something so reckless?

    Trying to find the hangout proved to be challenging. They had to be careful about where they walked, because the police would most likely arrest them just because they look like members of the Intergang. They began by searching alleyways with a high concentration of graffiti. When that proved futile, they went to popular young adult hangouts. However, they came up empty once again. They had really underestimated how hard finding the hideout would be.

    They were nearly at a lost when they found themselves in the middle of what appeared to be a war zone. Superman was in the middle of a fight with another man, who appeared to be just as strong. He had begun to feel guilty that he was missing what would certainly be tomorrow?s front-page story. He was ready to tell Lucy that they should just give up on finding the base when Lucy pointed to a young goth girl sneaking out from a crowd of onlookers. After some heavy prodding, Jimmy reluctantly went with Lucy and stealthily followed the young adult.

    The girl had joined two boys in an alleyway. It was an odd move for them to hide in a dead-end alleyway. However, things became clearer when they activated some remote, which created some kind of tunnel made of light. When the three walked through the tunnel, Jimmy found himself being pulled by Lucy down the alleyway and through the tunnel just before it had a chance to close.

    They now found themselves in some strange abandoned warehouse that was transformed into a young adult?s playground. There were skateboarding ramps, arcade games, air hockey and foosball tables, and even a half-sized basketball court. These kids were living it up.

    Jimmy and Lucy walked among the kids, and most assumed that they were part of the gang. A few, however, were eyeing Jimmy suspiciously. When one swaggered towards his direction, his heart stopped. Was it all over for them, already?

    ?What?s up wid you? You don?t look like one of us??

    ?I? uh??

    ?Leave my brother alone, prick! He?s new here,? Lucy played the part perfectly, getting into the face of the punk kid.

    The kid grinned, inspecting the girl in front of him. ?You?re hot. How ?bout the two of us have some fun??

    ?Get lost, doosh bag, before I make ya!? Lucy curled her lip as she clenched her right hand and made sure that hesaw it.

    ?Your lost,? the punk replied, trying to restore what was left of his pride. ?But your brother bedda get some new clothes, or he?ll be getting a lot of beat downs 'round here.?

    ?You let me worry about that,? Lucy scowled as he grabbed Jimmy by the arm and pulled him away.

    When the punk kid returned to his friends, Jimmy sighed with relief. ?That was close.?

    ?As big as this place is, it doesn?t seem to be as big on t
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    Nice chapter, but I was hoping to see a bit more of Metallo. That being sid, he served his purpose here well.