Tidewater, VA Support The Jedi @ The Virginia Beach Memory Walk 2005

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    To All Jedi,

    I am assembling a Jedi team to participate in the Virginia Beach Memory Walk 2005 event sponsored by the Alzheimers Association. Donations, masters, and padawans are all welcome. The only conditions to join my team are (1)Wear a jedi robe and/or jedi tunic at the event, (2)have lightsabre on hand, and (3)Make a pledge to try to raise $200. If you recruit a jedi force of your own - 3 or more people- , you will be designated the rank of Co-Master of the team and be directly involved in the team's fundraising efforts. Walker participants can win individual prizes if they fund-raise over $200. And T-shirts are given at the walk event to those who raise over $100.

    This fun event is held Saturday - October, 15 2005 @ NAS Oceana Park @ 9:00 AM. Other than at a SW movie release event or convention, what better occasion to wear a jedi costume than with like-minded individuals walking 1-mile for a great cause!

    If you have a friend or relative who has alzheimer's or know anyone whose life has been forever altered by it, then you know donations to the non-profit Southeastern Virginia Chapter of the Alzheimer's Association will provide assistance to those families and caregivers in need of vital services and education.

    Make A Donation or Register for Memory Walk and Learn more about the [link=http://www.alzseva.org]Alzheimers Association[/link].
    Email me if you have questions: alan.ibarra@alz.org

    ...And May the Force Be With You...Always....
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