Surprises of the past (Obi-Wan is kidnapped and helped by the most unlikeliest of persons. AU)

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    Hey-hey everybody!! If I'm not an old relic and people actually remember who I am after my huge absence, I love you and have returned with a story!!!

    LOL. Ok, I have been working on this FOREVER and finally, I am ready to put it up!! I hope you guys like it.

    First, I'm gonna give you guys the trailer I wrote to hopefully perk your interest, then the trailer. Enjoy!!
    Black screen

    Obi-Wan turns and smiles at the camera as a hand flashes behind him, grabbing hold of the back of his tunic and pulls him to his feet roughly, holding a vibro-knife threateningly against his throat, causing a thin trickle of blood to make it's way down Obi-Wan's neck as he gasps in surprise.

    Qui-Gon stands a few feet away from a large alien. The alien has a smug look across it's face, it's hairless blue-green skin gleaming in the light. Qui-Gon's face is red with anger.

    "These are peaceful negotiations! You agreed to them! You cannot hold my padawan as hostage to try to sway my opinion in this!!" Qui-Gon declares angrily, his silver hair flying as he leans toward the alien and bangs his fist on the table.

    "Even if we threaten to kill him?" The alien asks coolly, folding its hand beneath its chin.

    Qui-Gon's face falls, and he leans back. There is a long pause as pain and sorrow fills his blue eyes. He is unable to bring his eyes up to meet the alien's as the Jedi in him forces him to say what he knows he must, and finally, his voice filled with uncertainty, he whispers, "Even then..."

    A sleek silver and black ship flashes across the night sky towards a dark greenish-brown planet, racing at a high speed and disappearing from view.

    Qui-Gon is now sitting across from another alien, this one a light purple color of skin, and a sad look on its face. Qui-Gon's head is in his hands, and he lifts it. Dark circles are underneath the troubled blue eyes.

    "I know I am asking a lot..." He whispers brokenly, his eyes pleading, "but I do not know what else to do. The Malaphia will not budge, and they have my padawan...and I do not know what they are doing to him," his head drops again.

    The alien appears thoughtful, then leans forward and places a hand on top of Qui-Gon's and one below them before placing his forehead against the Jedi's in a fluid gesture that obviously means a lot, "I will do my best to help you in any way I can."

    Obi-Wan, his hands tied behind his back and his tunic ripped open, is thrown into a small dim cell that he can barely stand in. He stumbles to his knees and looks up towards his unseen captor.

    "Sleep well," says a deep voice, and then there is a heavy chuckle and a bang as the door slides shut.

    Qui-Gon is sitting at a long table with both aliens from before and several more. With a sigh, he turns to the blue-green one.

    "You have gotten your way to some extent. I trust these terms are more agreeable to you than the first?" He asks as he raises an eyebrow.

    The alien smirks heavily as does all his underlings, "Quite."

    Qui-Gon tries to hide his relief, "Then you will release my padawan to me?"

    The alien's smirk dies. "We no longer have him."

    Obi-Wan stands knee deep in mud, a shovel in one hand. His braid and ponytail are missing, and his tunic is dirty beyond recognition. He straightens up from what is obviously difficult work and uses his dirty sleeve to wipe mud and sweat off his forehead. His eyes drift towards the sky forlornly.

    Qui-Gon is running down an empty hall at top speed, his eyes wide and fear glowing in them. Not fear for himself, but for someone much more important to him, and someone who is in danger.

    Obi-Wan lies dazed on muddy ground, his eyes closed in pain. A gloved hand reaches down and grabs a good fistful of hair close to Obi-Wan's scalp, hauling him to his feet. Obi-Wan's eyes shoot open, and he yelps slightly as he is pulled face to face with a guard. The guard glares at him with piercing green eyes, his hand hovering at the wea
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    Great start, Jacinta, and yes, I remember you!!

    You haven't been gone that long and...well....I'm not that old!!!


    Seriously, though, very nice beginning, very dramatic and I'm looking forward to seeing how Obi gets out of this!

    (Or if he does... :()

    More, please, Jacinta, and I hope you'll forgive me if I lurk on this one....

    Keep going, though, most definitely!!

  3. Jacinta_Kenobi Jedi Padawan

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    Hey anna!! Glad I'm remembered, and don't worry, more is to come!!! Thanks for answering, and I won't mind.
  4. Happy_Hobbit_Padawan Jedi Master

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    This looks really interesting. I'd like to see where you're going with this. :D
  5. KenobisGirl Jedi Padawan

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    You're back!!!! *Throws a party*

    Oooo, lovely beginning, Jaci! It's just the first post and there's already a bit of Obi-torture. [face_devil]

    That trailer was really great too. Nice and foreboding.

    Please post more soon! :)
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