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Survivor (Fiction)

Discussion in 'Santa Cruz, CA' started by GreyJediPathfinder, Feb 20, 2006.

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  1. GreyJediPathfinder

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    Dec 10, 2005
    Jedi Knight CrysTahl Driel, General, Flight Leader of Grey Squadron, looked out the transparisteel cockpit of her Jedi Aethersprite starfighter at the droid forces arrayed between the Republic Forces and the planet below them.

    "General Driel, the squadron is in position. Awaiting your orders."

    "Understood, Commander." CrysTahl replied as she powered up her weapons systems, "Stay on me, Delta One formation until we're through the first time. After that, lock individual targets and take them down, boys."

    The squadron leapt forward, firing weapons and dodging incoming fire. A dance of death with foe and friend alike exploding into starbursts of expanding gases as ships took hits that shields couldn't halt. CrysTahl kept her starfighter on the edge of the extreme, pushing the hardy fighter into tight spirals, turns and wicked spins to avoid weapons fire and shoot down the Vulture Droids, Tri-Fighters and assorted other enemy ships that came her way.

    A call for help from Grey Seven as his wingman fell to a barrage of fire from a trio of Vultures, CrysTahl spun and skipped her starfighter sideways and dropped two of the Vultures with two shots, the third falling to the fire of the rear gunner of the Grey Seven ARC-170.

    A call from the Republic Gunship near the upper atmosphere for support as Tri-Fighters swarmed it and CrysTahl was off that way. As the Jedi Knight neared the gunship her starfighter shook as a blast hit it, shields barely holding. Checking her sensors CrysTahl couldn't see anything expect for friendlies in the area. Another rocking blast as the Jedi dove and spun away from the ARC-170 that had nailed her starfighter.

    "Break off, Grey Twelve, break off. Cease fire, CEASE FIRE!" CrysTahl fought the controls of her fighter as it spiraled toward the planet's surface. No response from the trailing ARC-170, except that more of them had joined in. CrysTahl reached for the Force and using it wove and spun her starfighter through the massive canyon walls as the surface came rushing toward her. A quick hard turn to the left and one of the ARC-170's was gone in a blast of fire as it impacted a spire. Diving surfaceward the Jedi drove her starfighter at speeds it was not meant to maintain in an atmospheric situation. A weaving and juking to the right spun the fighter through a series of natural rock arches, and loosing two more of the trooper fighters in fiery explosions. A deadly hail of fire kept coming at her from the remaining four ARC-170's. CrysTahl spun her fighter into a deadly spiral and pulled up at gee-forces that should have made her blackout, and except for the Force, it would have.

    CrysTahl could sense that the troopers were intent on the fact that she not remain among the living. Feeling no remorse the Jedi shot down two of the ARC's even as their rear gunners activated their turrets. Feeling the cannon fire stitch its deadly weave through the hull of her fighter CrysTahl dove for the surface once again. The canyon opened up into a plain then a massive forest beyond it. In a flash the remaining fighters opened up and shot out the starfighter's engines, stabilizers and blasting holes in the wing surface.

    CrysTahl could feel the doomed fighter shudder beneath her, "P10, shut down all systems, boost shields!" The Jedi hoped her little astromech was still functioning. With a squeal R5-P10 boosted the shields. Dumping the cargo container CrysTahl had loaded just this morning, the one filled with high explosives, the Jedi masked her ship as it headed for the trees. From behind her the buoyant container exploded in mid-air, taking out the remaining two ARC-170's. Trying one last option, the Jedi opened the comm, and heard the troopers calling for their compatriots for information. Disguising her voice through the Force CrysTahl answered in the masculine voice of the troopers.

    "The Jedi is down, fighter destroyed. No chance of a survivor. I'm hit. Crew is dead. Going down." CrysTahl broke off the connection letting it hiss as in a broken connection. She slowed her fighter with t
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    Dec 8, 2003
    LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!
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