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    This thread is set to host the minutes of each meeting the Sacramento Valley Rogue Force conducts.

    SVRF Officers use only
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    SVRF Meeting
    October 21, 2006
    Called to order by Lord Darth Vader @ 1:30p

    Old Business:

    ** All members asked to review club charter
    ** Next meeting all members agreeing to the terms of the charter will be asked to sign paperwork accepting those terms.
    ** Official bylaws and mission statement will be posted online. Will be able to download PDF copy, if needed.

    ? New members need to wait for old rogue?s numbers to recycle through before they get their own number.
    ? Three (3) meetings or events will now be necessary before you become an ?official? member. There have been problems in the past with potential members coming to only one meeting then never returning. Hang tight ? numbers will come soon. MIA thread is still on the board ? those members were given 2 weeks to respond, and then their numbers will be recycled for use to our newest members.

    *** Trench Run ? last one ? we spent $857 total Books for Barrios profited. They take donations of books to send to needy children overseas. We?ve notified other groups so they can also take advantage.
    *** Mary Franklin from Lucasfilm has been told, too. Maybe they will write us up in the Insider?

  3. Last Supper T-shirt ? being worked on now. Different style shirts for men and women. These will be $10. Keep an eye on the boards. Nasus Savid is POC.

    ** Halloween party game night. Plans going well. AuntBeruLars is POC.


    ? New trench runs:
    -- Bith Lord reports: There is a place that has stuff in storage they need to sell. This place deals in toys ? but unsure of the inventory. The place is located in Albany. He is trying to contact second business in Oakland, also.
    -- Nasus Savid reports: Books for Barrios ? they are taking what is left to the Philippines. If we want to come one more time before mid- Nov, they are willing to make a clearance list for us. They have been notified another 20ft trailer full of stuff is coming soon! We will have first dibs at this. *****Decided to go back on Nov. 4th for the next Trench Run*******

  4. Celebration IV:
    ** Nasus Savid reports: She?s in contact with rep at Gencon about volunteer duties. Good duties go fast ? sign up now. They are 2 hour shifts. There are perks! Also need volunteers in costume. Sign up for fan tables is next week. Hotels have not been released yet but should be coming soon. Once tickets are bought, hotels can be booked en masse. Nasus is willing to hold rooms, but needs to know how many are SERIOUS about coming.
    ** Disneyland is doing the Jedi Academy ? maybe we can make a side trip during C4?

  5. 501st update:
    ** Tionne reports: Lots of events lately. Garrison picnic last week. Adjustments are being made so that no members feel left out of events. Event at Empire comics, they raised $500 for Food for Families. Lucas is Grandmarshal for Rose Parade. Two hundred troopers and 20 Imperial officers will be costumed during the parade.


    ? December 2nd is San Jose toy show. Has old and new stuff. Another trip for the group?? It?s posted on the boards under the calendar.

    ? Date for prop shop will be coming soon! If you have an idea for a prop PM to LDV. We need to find the focus ? we can?t be working on a million different things at once.

    ? Send phone number and email to Lord Darth Vader and whether or not is OK to post them. Once he gets the responses, we can have a group contact list posted on the site.

    ?Zam would like us to do a Star Wars ABC coloring book. Each member interested will draw a picture on a page corresponding to the letter they get (i.e. if you want to do the letter ?A,? you could draw a picture of Anakin on the page). We will compile the book and Zam said she could copy and bind them. Zam asked BithLord to be POC, and he agreed. Contact him if you are interested in taking part.

    ? New potential member at the meeting -- Chris Knobbe. (pronounced Kenobi ? how cool is that?)

    ? Steven (JediDarkNight) was published in the KDVS magazine. Congrats!

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    SVRF Meeting
    Novemeber 18, 2006

    (Pre-meeting business) If Nasus has obtained a hotel room for you for C4, you need to get your own credit card number to her ASAP.

    Meeting called to order: 1:00p
    Notebook went around for attendance (in LDV?s possession)

    Bylaws / Mission statement
    Need to be implemented and signed today by Consent Form (which is a way of covering the group ? also shows commitment)
    Forms passed around and recollected
    Lord Darth Vader reiterated the new guidelines for becoming a rogue (the 3 meeting rule and being active on the boards)

    Dues will be $5 a month / can go 1 mo/ 6 mo/ year at a time PER ROGUE
    These dues will be for conventions, parties, expenses, flyers, workshops, etc.
    Bith will set up a PayPal account for collection of fees if members want to use it
    Vote taken ? unanimous vote for dues to start in January

    Motion by Geri asking for policy statement addendum regarding payment of dues. Asking for some sort of consequence for failure to pay dues, i.e., if 3 mo behind in dues, no ability to go on Trench Runs.

    Motion carried, and sentence will be added that falling behind 3 months or longer in dues makes you ineligible to participate in special events, will suspend voting privileges and that member will pay full price for club merchandise. All privileges will be reinstated with satisfaction of past-due amount.

    Orders taken today / payment when arrive (Last Supper shirts)
    Natural color shirt / front Last Supper / back Rogue Force logo writing
    Official shirt ? (Stormtrooper) ? sale right now for $15
    Starting in January non members will pay $20 and members $15 for shirts
    Couple of other designs in the works right now ? especially for C4

    Going for $10
    Helps with caravanning

    Rose Bowl
    Tionne has been chosen to march as TIE Fighter! Congrats!
    Couple of members are going to watch the parade too!

    San Jose
    12/2 some members are going Will PM each other to set up meet up and post on the boards, too. This is the biggest toy show in Northern California.
    Lots of neat vintage toys?

    Comic Con
    12/10 many members are planning on going post on the thread on the boards that you are attending and if you are working the table
    Devin will be there at 7 for set up
    After the con / will go hang out at Mel?s Diner with the 501st

    Nasus has 8 rooms booked at Holiday already taken for members
    She has one room at Otani (107 night) and 1st on waiting list to be moved over to Holiday Inn
    Nasus needs credit card numbers from people she?s booked rooms for
    She has set up rollaways and all sorts of ?extras?
    Cancellation anytime before April 16 / now it?s $50 cancellation fee

    Table needs to be manned 8-9 hours out of the day
    Need to apply ? tedious process ? so are we must be committed
    Need this for legitimacy
    Importance of a stand out display

    Everyone needs to start brainstorming for the table

    SVRF chat room
    Everyone enjoys this feature
    New calendar is also online

    2nd Saturday of each month for meetings will start in January ? keep consistent

    New members: Donberto (Robert ) / Rooho (Rick Johnson)
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    SVRF Meeting
    January 13, 2007

    Meeting called to order by LDV @1:40

    Old Business:

    Dues day! Members need to see Gerri?
    Reiterated 3 event rule to become a new member

    Gerri: Opened account this morning at Schools CU
    Have tax id # -- so we have non profit status!
    $5 dues per mo
    Until considered an active member -- pay no dues
    Must pay dues to stay active
    A member becomes "inactive" once he / she is behind 3 months -- this means the member can not participate in special events

    Longtime Sacramento County Supervisor, Illa Collins, is retiring 1/22
    Huge SW fan, need costumed members to come out and escort her to stage
    Ceremony held at Museum at ?O? Street
    Need 4 members with authentic costumes. Hopefully, we will have Tionne (in her TIE gear) and Robert (who has a great Anakin costume). We still need 2 more.

    End of February, in SF
    Couple of members plan on going for 1 day only
    Not even going to try to do a booth with so few members and for only one day
    LDV will try to find out when Steve S. is planning on being there?probably Saturday ? and that can be the day everyone can go together ? try to caravan.

    We still has one male and one female shared room available
    Are we going to try to get down there as a group? Caravan / sharing rides? Need to start trying to work that out ASAP.
    Side trip to Disneyland? Is this realistic money wise?
    Need to start the planning aspects of the trip?

    New business:

    Nasus still needs board members to send a personal reference in order to get the table ? just a name and a number.

    Since we are outgrowing our space Gerri has found us a similar place very close that would be willing to hold one whole side of their establishment for our group since we can commit to the same time and date each month. Vote was taken of members willing to make the switch. Unanimous ?yea? vote. Will begin meeting there in Feb. (Our new locale is Mountain Mikes Pizza. Truxel and 1589 W El Camino. Posted with Rogue Leader's authorization.)

    For accounting purposes Gerri needs real name, board name, rogue number, phone number and email. Jedidoria will post on the boards reminding everyone to send the info, and will compile a list to send to Gerri and to the rest of the members.

    Pat would like SVRF to come up with our own SW ?spoof. She?s seen pictures of a SW rock band spoof, we?ve all seen the Last Supper pics, etc. She suggests maybe a ?The Usual Suspects? line-up or a mock up of the famous Poker Dogs picture but with Wookies and Ewoks instead. Some other ideas / suggestions? Bring any pictures or ideas to the next meeting for her.

    New member today, Kenn Logan. Assigned Rogue 33.

    Recognition of first time visitors:
    Board name: ?Womprat,? real: Mickey. (Brought friend Trina along)
    Board: ?Tev? real: Shawn
    Mike (board name?)
    Old members went through introductions

    Heard about Pasadena: Avalyn and Nasus both have lots of pics, both had a blast! (Avalyn has pics and is willing to share! She?ll burn them to your flash drive or CD ? get in touch with her)

    Next trench run?
    Bith?what he was looking into didn?t really pan out.
    It was suggested we go back to the place we went to first. Nasus will follow up with distributor to find out when next shipment is going out ? Books for Barrios side trip along the way, perhaps?

    Fanboys is coming out soon! Let?s make an event out of it and go with the SF group to the opening?

    Meeting adjourned: 2:25
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    SVRF Meeting
    10 Feb 07

    Called to order 1:37pm (Motion by Bridget / second by Carlos)

    Devin is ill, and unable to attend the meeting. Bridget will fill in.


    We will need a tentative head count so we can plan accordingly. A thread will be started on the boards.
    (Tentatively going: Belda, DarthMetalHead, Tev, Tionne, Russell, TJ)

    Since we don?t have enough of the group going for the whole Con, we won?t be setting up a table. Maybe we can help by offering bathroom breaks to our friends from San Fran at their table?

    March -- March 11, maybe?
    Thread will be posted for sign-ups and volunteers -- watch for it.

    (Gerri) Books are always open; any member is free to look at them.
    $5 mo dues will be collected at each monthly meeting.
    Rogue numbered members may pay one month at a time, many months at a time, or even for the rest of 2007 all at once.

    Three new members have met their three meetings obligation: ekim, Womprat, RooHo.

    Ideas for charity work?

    1 Artisan work to sell at cons
    2 Ronald McDonald house
    3 Habitat for humanity. We can all show up in T-shirts!! And don?t have to worry about costumes
    4 Fisher House (Military base version of the R. McDonald house)
    5 Fundraisers at food establishments (logistics will need to be researched)

    Important to remember that if in costume ? needs to be truly authentic.


    JediDarkNight -- anyone interested in helping with film making PM him

    TionneHawk gave the rundown on the Rose Parade. Told the story of meeting THE MAKER! She should be in the new Insider.

    Ekim reminded everyone that he?s taking his 5th wheel to CIV. He?ll allow people to put food in his fridge. He will have the area as a hang out for SVRF.

    Tev suggested the group takes a bus down to CIV in order to keep costs down.

    Bridget moved to adjourn the meeting at 2:21 pm/ Carlos second
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    SVRF Meeting
    March 10, 2007

    Called to order by Nasus @ 1:05

    Not enough attendees to warrant setting up the table.

    Volunteer schedule for our fan table will be put together by early May. Remember that SVRF table should take priority over other volunteer opportunities. We said we?d do a table because everyone attending said they would be willing to cover a shift, so we need everyone to take part in helping out. Plan on approximately 1 hour per day at the table. Since the plan is to have the volunteer schedule done even before the CIV event schedule comes out, the schedule will be fair. If there is an event you wish to attend during your volunteer slot, it will be your responsibility to swap shifts with someone else.

    The New Otani room is still available. Contact Nasus if you are interested.

    Volunteer Opportunities
    (Geri) The March of Dimes Walk is April 28th in downtown Sac. Presented the idea of the group walking together in matching t-shirts for visibility. Vote taken for interest, unanimous vote for taking part. Most likely will do the 2 ½ mile course. More info will be coming in the April mtg. Possibility of Trench Run after the walk?

    (Belda) Information on the Ronald McDonald House will be forwarded to LDV.

    SVRF Gear
    Need an ?event? shirt. Regular t-shirt discussed to do things such as Habitat for Humanity, or the March of Dimes Walk. Nicer polo shirt discussed to use for events when we need to look a little more formal.
    Discussed selling pins and patches at CIV. Nasus is looking into it.

    LDV expressed how great it would be if more of the group had costumes. The following info was given out to anyone interested in making their own: ? type in ?Jedi boots.? There are usually decent boots available for very good price.

    Wonder-Con Report
    Loads of fun ? lots of people. Pictures posted on the site under ?past events.? Costumes were fantastic, fan films were really great. (See for SW fan films)

    Rooho?s Film (Resurrection)
    LDV couldn?t rave enough about the quality of the production. Next meeting will be at Rooho?s place in order to see filming in progress (vote taken / unanimous ?yeas?). Watch boards for info (carpooling will be arranged, too).

    JediDarkNight will be working on a flyer for our group. He will be contacting LDV to get the information.

    San Jose Toy Show. March 24th. Keep an eye on the boards.

    Meeting adjourned at 3:08p
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    SVRF Meeting
    14 April 2007

    Filming went well today at RooHo's. The set is amazing, and everyone is proud to be part of what looks to be a fantastic fan film.

    CIV Discussion:

    Shirt for CIV has been decided on. Will be a polo shirt with styles for both male and female (male -- regular polo with buttons up by the collar, female -- no buttons, V neck with polo collar). Our logo will go on the front, and Rogue number can go on the sleeve if you wish. The shirt will be $30. PM Nasus with your size, if you want the male or female style and whether or not you want your Rogue number on the sleeve.

    Jackets have also been chosen. There are two styles. One is $25 (plus embroidery cost) and is nylon with fleece lining and a hood. This is available in all sizes up to 6X. The other style is a Dickies black jacket. It is $35 (plus embroidery cost) and looks a bit like Luke's sand-colored jacket he wore in Cloud City (sort of a short waisted jacket with pockets on the arm). Again, PM Nasus with style, size and if you want your Rogue number on your jacket.

    Manning our CIV table:
    The CIV table schedule will be made up with everyone attending covering the table for one hour per day. Everyone will be arbitrarily set into a time slot before the CIV schedule even comes out, so it is fair for everyone. Once the CIV schedule comes out, if your table shift interferes with something you'd like to do for that hour, it will be your responsibility to change shifts with someone.

    Hoping to have a wooden SW picture of characters with cut-out holes for kids to put their heads through for picture taking (like at theme parks). LDV and Zam are working on this.

    Discussion of having a raffle for a cardboard stand-up. Will try to pick one up at next Trench Run to take to CIV for this purpose.

    Misc. Gear:
    Nasus has a price for pins and pencils that will have our group name and website on them. She is still working out the logistics and is seeing if it is truly financially possible to buy these things to give out at CIV.

    April 17th is the day that everyone will get charged one night on their credit cards for their CIV rooms. After this date, there is a $50 charge for changing reservations. Nasus gave everyone their total due for the rooms. After ensuring LDV was still breathing after hearing his total, we resumed the meeting.

    March of Dimes Walk:
    Geri will need to get a thread going with details of the walk. Tentatively, it looks like attendees will be:
    Leia 1138

    Trench Run scheduled for after the 2.5 mile walk.

    Meeting adjourned at approx. 7pm
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    SVRF Meeting
    May 12, 2007
    Called to order at 1:25pm

    Members / Guests attending: Marcus, Devin, Tina, Tina S, Dillon, Earl, Mike, Chris K, Chris C, Lana, George, Jackson, Pat, Susan, Belda, Alex, Russell, Tara

    Heroes to Heroes
    In the search for community service work, TJ had proposed in a thread that as a group we gather up our old sci-fi and comic-book related magazines and memorabilia and send them to a group called ?Heroes to Heroes.? This group sends the goods off to American military members stationed around the world. This suggestion started quite a heated debate on the boards. The issue was brought up briefly at the meeting and put to the membership for a vote as to whether or not support ?Heroes to Heroes.? The vote was a unanimous ?yea? in support of this endeavor. While waiting for confirmation from the Heroes to Heroes organization, Tara will be sending off the first batch of items that were brought to the meeting to troops in Afghanistan. (Avalyn donated great movie / pop culture magazines related to Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, The Matrix, etc. Kudos to her for being so generous!)

    March of Dimes Walk
    The walk was very successful! Hopefully, we?ll be able to take part again next year with even more walkers.

    CIV gear
    T-shirts (polos) are being made and will be ready by CIV. The jackets will take longer, and will, unfortunately, not be ready for CIV.

    CIV planning meeting
    All CIV attendees are welcome to Susan and Earl?s house for a planning meeting on May19th at 2:00pm. The SVRF table schedule will be made as well as group plans for the evenings at this meeting, so don?t miss it!

    We will continue trying to get more SVRF?ers to costume. Suggestions were given as to where to find costuming help, and threads will be started on our boards with links to cool sites. Everyone was in agreement that it would be fantastic if we could all put together Rogue pilot costumes. Jackson said he might have a lead on obtaining orange jumpsuits.

    Ideas were thrown around about getting out into the community. Maybe the Shriner?s hospital or the Children?s Receiving Home. The SVRF needs to start stepping out and doing events by ourselves and becoming more visible within the community.

    Group Activities
    Maybe the group can start getting together one more day a month for a group activity. Some suggestions were: paintball, bowling, mini golf, movies and dinner, even a trip to Tahoe, Reno or Vegas. The group could go Star Wars camping in Crescent City or Death Valley. Watch for upcoming threads in the boards about these activities.

    Miscellaneous Business
    Avalyn is moving to LA, but promises to keep in touch. This will be her last meeting.

    Pat has the pictures made up to show at CIV so SVRF can start selling them at a later date. She has done a watercolor pencil rendition of the poker-playing-dogs but instead put Ewoks in the picture. She also has done a rendition with Han and Greedo playing poker with the dogs.

    Meeting adjourned at 3:00p
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    SVRF Meeting
    June 9, 2007
    Called to order at 2:10pm

    Members/guests attending: Tina S., Chris C., John, Pat, Dillon, Gerri, Devin, Chris K., Steven, Mike, Alex, Belda, Bridget, Earl, Susan, Tara

    New PR Officer:
    With the promotion of Susan to Vice-Chancellor, we were in need of a new PR Officer. Congrats to Chris K. (Marric) for his appointment to this position. Attendees of CIV know that Chris is well suited for this job!

    Sac-Con table schedule:
    Chris K, TJ, Devin, Tina, Belda and Russ in AM.
    Pat, Gerri, Dillon in PM.
    A small table display is planned.

    If anyone is going, take SVRF flyers with you!

    SVRF Gear
    T-shirts must now be paid UP FRONT. If the shirt is not paid in advance it will not be ordered for you.
    New items discussed were:
    Lanyards w/ SVRF ID
    Temporary tattoos
    Stick pins

    Extra ?FUN? SVRF Events
    A motion was passed to have a 2nd SVRF get together each month (Chris motioned / Devin 2nd / unanimous ?yea? vote from membership). Chris (Bith) will now be organizing a 4th Saturday event. This will be a ?stand alone? event outside of our regular club meeting, and it will be some type of fun activity. It is a pick-and-choose type of deal ? come when it interests you and your schedule permits.
    Ideas for future 4th Saturday events include:
    Camping, bowling, paintball, State Fair night, movie night, car racing, mini golf, skydiving (!), BBQ night, Squaw Valley, Tahoe / Reno gambling, Unity BBQ

    Modesto Film Festival
    There was a mini CIV held at the Modesto Junior College on June 2nd called ?A Celebration of George Lucas.? There were costume groups there, films, and all things SW. We need to keep an eye out for these types of events so we can take part in the future.

    Everyone must come to the next meeting with a personal costuming idea. Keep an eye on the boards for threads.

    Charity Work / Fundraisers
    There is a new name of our ?Heroes for Heroes? project. A motion was presented and approved to change the name to ?Rogue Force for the Forces? since we are working independently of the H4H group (Devin presented the motion / Gerri 2nd / unanimous ?yea? from membership). Tara will still be the POC for this project.

    Other charity work being researched:
    Shriners Hospital ? Devin
    Ronald McDonald House ? Belda, Susan
    Canned food/ toys / coats ? Susan

    Group fundraisers being researched:
    Crab feed ? Devin
    Avon / Tupperware, etc. ? Susan

    These fundraising and charity ideas will continue to be discussed at each general membership meeting, since they will be ongoing projects for the SVRF.

    Guest visiting today: Phil / WyoJedi on the boards. We met him at CIV, and he looked us up! He now has 2 events under his belt (CIV and June meeting) so he is already only one more event from becoming a ?numbered? member. Welcome Phil!

    Meeting adjourned approx. 3:30 for ?unofficial? CIV discussion and sharing of pictures
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    SVRF Meeting
    July 14, 2007
    Called to order at 2:40pm

    Members/guests attending: Devin, Tina S., Chris C., John, Pat, Dillon, Gerri, Chris K., Steven, Mike, Earl, Susan, Tara, Lana, George, Jackson, Phil, Russell

    New Officer
    Jackson will be taking over the position of events coordinator. He will work with Chris C. for a while, and then take the position over completely in a month or so.

    Happy Birthday to our vice-chancellor, Susan!

    Continue to post your costume ideas on the costuming thread. We will have a costume ?idea? workshop as our 4th Saturday event in Aug. (8/25)

    Simplicity pattern #0579 is a good one to start with for basic costume ideas.

    4th Saturday event for July
    We will trench run to Petaluma. Wear your orange trench run shirts (let Susan know if you are interested in buying one). Chris (Bith) will be posting a thread with more information.

    SVRF Merchandise
    The SVRF is going to start selling the Last Supper shirts for $20 (which includes shipping) and the Darth Vader apron for $18 (which will also include shipping). If orders come from out of the country, we will charge them extra to cover our shipping and handling costs. There is a database being made up of all the people from CIV that expressed interest in our table, and we?ll be sending out postcards to gauge interest.

    If anyone is waiting on decals, get in touch with Devin. He can mail them to you if you don?t want to wait until next meeting.

    Newest Rogues
    Congratulations to CaeliRose (Lana) on officially becoming Rogue 34, and to WyoJedi (Phil) for becoming Rogue 35!

    Don?t forget your $5 a month dues. If you get 3 months behind you will become an ?inactive? member of the SVRF.

    Charity Work
    Ekim attended the Ronald McDonald House volunteer training. His ideas / suggestions:
    Special events at the RMH will be the easiest and most effective way for us to jump in.
    Halloween carnival is Oct. 26 from 6-8pm.
    The RMH also has Christmas and Easter events.
    E-Scrip at Safeway is a great and easy way to give monetarily to the RMH.

    After much discussion within the group, it was decided to commit to doing a booth at the Halloween carnival. Many ideas were discussed such as a dunk booth, bean bag toss or an arts and crafts table. The final discussion centered on doing some sort of game, AND doing some easy paper-type craft.
    *This will be an OPEN topic for each meeting until all details and set and the event is over.

    LDV will continue to look at the possibility of doing a crab feed in late winter. Maybe we could do it jointly with the Rebel Legion?

    LDV will also follow up with the Shriners Hospital, and see if there are any volunteer opportunities there for us to plug into.

    Marric continues to work on us attending Sac Creation-Con at the end of September. He will give us status updates at each monthly meeting, and/or post information on the boards as it becomes available.

    SiliCon is October 5-7 in San Jose. This might be a fun ?mini-CIV? type of trip that the group can take. Keep an eye on the boards for a thread on this convention.

    Elimination of Board Position
    It has been determined by the SVRF executive board that the position of 501st Liaison is no longer needed by the group.

    The SVRF will continue to work to keep collaborative options open to other fan groups such as the Rebel Legion.

    SVRF officers would like to meet up with the officers of the other local fan groups to find out how the communication breakdown between the groups has occurred.

    It is imperative that there is open communication within the SVRF. All members are in agreement that WE ARE FAMILY, so let?s clear up misunderstandings immediately so they do not snowball.

    Meeting adjourned at 3:45pm.
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    SVRF Meeting
    August 11, 2007

    Called to order 1:19pm
    Members / Guests in attendance: Tina, Chris K, Chris C, Tara, Gerri, Lana, George, Mike, Carlos, Russell, Rick, Mike, Barbara (LavenderRose73), Kent Morris, Melissa Hawkins

    Charity Work / Ronald McDonald House
    Mike presented information on our Ronald McDonald House Halloween Carnival commitment. It will be October 26 in the evening for 2 hours. He has requested a big space for us and would like us to do one craft and one game. Lana brought coloring pages and masks to use as our craft and asked everyone to vote on their favorites.

    Mike suggested that the SVRF should use this event as a catalyst for costuming, since the kids will get a big kick out of a bunch of Star Wars characters running around! Rick?s crew would like to come out in their excellent Resurrection costumes. Anyone not in costume should wear their SVRF polo. (If you haven?t ordered one from Susan, contact her ASAP.)

    Pat got her TIE helmet!

    Lana is still working on her lead on the orange jumpsuits.

    Tina gave out information from Richies Armor:
    X-wing helmet $90
    Y-wing helmet $105
    Chest box $45
    All of these prices include shipping but quantities are limited so move quickly! Contact:

    The costume event this month (the 25th) will be a great time to kick around ideas and check out some of the great costumes from some of our members. Everyone is encouraged to attend!

    Cons / Events
    It is agreed that there is not enough interested to take part in SiliCon, and that the group would rather work on attending Sac Creation-Con.

    Chris K. has cards to hand out for Creation Con. Take as many as you can pass out! He will continue to update us on the boards with any new info regarding our group attendance. Members need to keep an eye on ticket prices since there may be a cut-off date or price increases as the date gets closer.

    Remember that we represent the SVRF when we attend events and Cons so we need to present ourselves accordingly. Please wear your SVRF polo if you have one. Orange t-shirts will be used for all Trench Runs.

    Gerri reminded everyone to stay caught up on their $5 monthly dues. Everyone needs to stay active!!

    Newest Member
    George ? Lana?s hubby ? is our newest official member. He will make up a board name and post to the boards. LDV will get him a number.

    SVRF Website
    Our official SVRF site is down. Chris C. is working on finding us new service. He said it will cost approx. $5-10 a month for the hosting, and we will have to pay for the domain name. He thinks it?ll take him about 2 weeks to get it up and running. There is the possibility of us all being able to get email addresses through our new site, too. Chris explained that Devin has been footing the bill by himself for our site, and that we really should be making that a group expense paid for by our dues. All members in attendance voted ?yea? (No ?nay? votes) to using up to $20 of club funds a month for our site. Chris is hoping to use affiliate sites linked to ours so that we may be able to defer some of the costs. He will post to the boards as it gets off the ground.

    Lana is working on a neat new project, too. PM her if you need the details.

    Rick still needs 3 Jedi for the movie. He needs women Jedi, too! If you have a traditional Jedi costume, Rick can augment it with some of his props. PM him if you are interested.

    Rick is hoping to attend some of the Cons and advertise the movie. He is working on trailers and commercials and will try to bring some of what he is working on to the Costuming workshop on the 25th.

    Other business:
    Some examples of merchandise / business cards were brought to the meeting. The hard business-type cards will be $1 each, and lanyards will be about $1-5 each. Next month Susan and Mike will bring examples of regular type business cards.

    Carlos brought up a fundraising idea for the group. He is in charg
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    Thank you...thank you...perhaps I should get working on ones from last month since our meeting is a week away??? I am the procrastination queen.:(
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    when ya can ... no hurries
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    yeah it's not like your the Secretary or anything[face_whistling], way to drop the ball "turbo"
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    Thank you MaraJade...the rest of these peons just don't get it.:D
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    SVRF Meeting
    8 Sep 07
    Meeting opened at 9:15am

    Attendees: Tina, Devin, Chris K, Chris C, Susan, Earl, Marcus, Barbara, Belda, Russ, Mickie, Mike, Ella, Gerri, Pat, Dillon, Tara

    Dress Code
    At all official gatherings, please wear black polo shirts (if you have them). It is important to project a professional image so this will be a policy strictly enforced and amended in the By-Laws.

    Event booth protocol
    Booths will be staffed with two workers at all times, NO EXCEPTIONS. More than 2 people clutter the area. Shifts will be assigned and strictly enforced. If you are not ?on shift,? then no loitering behind the table. Greet all non-members that approach the table and give them proper SVRF information.

    Morning shift workers will be ?set up.?
    Ending shifts will help break down and clean up booth.

    Sac Con
    LDV mentioned that we need to do a better job at greeting people at the table. (See event booth protocol)

    Creation Con
    Sep 28-30, Doubletree
    Chris K. is working on getting the set-up information. He knows we will have a 6 ft. table for our area. There will be a planning meeting as we get closer to this event.

    Business Cards
    Mike is working on this. His contact can print these for $5/50 cards or $10/100. Contact him with the information you want on your cards.

    Ronald McDonald House
    Oct 26 (Fri) 6-8pm
    Continue to plan for 200 attendees. Will have two tables with the crafts discussed at previous meetings. It appears that we will have all the paper and craft supplies that we need from member donations. Discussion on this will continue next meeting.

    We will be having temporary tattoos made up with the SVRF logo on them to give away at the RMH as well as future cons and events. Dues will go to pay this expense.
    All members in attendance voted ?yea? for this expenditure.

    Combat Ribbons
    Devin discussed us having ?combat ribbons? that would be given in lieu of service at a con or an event. This would be an incentive to work a shift at our events. He is still researching the size and cost of these ribbons and will continue discussion at a future meeting.

    Stick Pins
    In addition to the combat ribbons, there was discussion of possibly having a ?Rogue of the Month.? They would receive a special pin. The officers would vote on a member that has gone above and beyond ?normal? or ?typical? SVRF duties / service. Discussion centered on what would qualify as ?above and beyond? as well as whether or not there are enough activities to require a monthly award. Discussion was tabled for a future meeting.

    New Rogues
    Rogue numbers were assigned to new members. LavenderRose was given #36 and RooHo was given #88.

    Chris is still working on the new website. Keep checking for updates.

    If you attended CIV, send a PM to Chris with your favorite memories / favorite parts of the convention and he?ll post them on the new site.

    Meeting adjourned 11:25
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    SVRF Meeting
    November 10, 2007

    Called to order at 1:32 pm

    Ronald McDonald House

    The RMH Director loved having us at the Halloween Event and wants us back for their Holiday event in December.
    There was great participation and a lot of fun had by everyone.

    Mike will be POC for the Christmas Event as well which will be 12/1/07 from 1-4pm.

    Second Annual SVRF Christmas Party

    Location is Gerri's clubhouse, PM her for directions.
    It's on 12/15, it will be a potluck, and everyone needs to bring their own drinks.
    Bith is working on games.
    Gift exchange is $10 minimum and $15 maximum.
    Only active members can attend.

    Web site update

    Bith is hard at work on the new site and it'll be up soon.

    New Business

    There are great embroidered coats available through Susan. It has the SVRF logo on the back.
    $75 for Dickies coat, and $65 for wind breaker.

    Meeting adjourned 2:25
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    SVRF Meeting
    January 12, 2008

    Attendees: Tina, Devin, Chris C., Chris K., TJ, Gerri, Mike, Tara, Susan, Earl, Ross, Pat, Belda, Russ, Dillon, Marcus

    1:20 Called to order

    23rd February
    Meet at 8am at WalMart in West Sac (by Ikea)
    Wear official polos

    Costume Workshop
    March 1st (Saturday) 10a-4p Locale to be determined
    Anyone with a sewing machine needs to bring it

    March of Dimes
    Gerri has us set up as our own team for the March of Dimes walk. It will be held April 26th at 8:30 on the steps of the capitol. Meet on the 10th St. side.
    Go to site for the team site
    Wear official shirt

    If you?ve ordered anything from Susan, please pay for it promptly. She has leftover ordered shirts and she will try to recoup the costs.

    Club to Club Event Ideas
    Star Trek group
    Susan G. Koman walk for breast cancer

    Fun Events
    Ice skating
    Movie night / drive in
    Camping in Crescent City
    Trench Run
    Star Wars Origami night
    Trivia night

    New Business
    New potential member -- Ross. He will make a board name and start to post.

    Adjourned 2:15
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    SVRF Meeting
    Feb 9, 2008

    Attendees: Devin, Chris, Chris, Michelle, Gerri, Tara, Susan, Earl, TJ, Tina, Dillon, Pat
    Guests: Ross (2nd meeting)

    1:23 Called to order

    (Concerns were raised about our cramped and loud meeting space. We continue to have to fight for space and the noise level increases every month. It was agreed that if it is possible to get the small back room back at Round Table, we should try to make that happen. Details will be posted as arrangements are made.)

    New bylaws given to all members present. Bylaws acceptance form needs to be signed by March meeting.

    23rd February
    Meet at 8am at WalMart in West Sac (by Ikea)
    Wear official polos

    March of Dimes
    Go to site and start raising funds for our team.

    March -- movie night and costume workshop.
    Send movie and entertainment ideas to Marric.

    Upcoming date needs to be determined

    New Business

    TJ wants to start a thread that will be information on all upcoming movies. We can then decide as a group if it's something we want to do together.

    Discussion about a Collector's Club starting up within the SVRF.

    Discussion about visiting a children's hospital with our costumed members.

    Website should be online soon.

    Adjourned 2:26

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    Nothing like being prompt, eh?

    SVRF Meeting
    March 8, 2008

    Called to order at 1:45p

    Attendees: Devin, Tina, Chris, Tara, Gerri, Pat, Dillon, Steven, Russ, Belda, Susan, Earl, Barbara, Alex

    Old Business:


    Make sure you have seen the bylaws and be ready to sign the statement that you agree to them at the April meeting.

    Charity Event
    We are only going to do 2 charity events per year. The March of Dimes and the Halloween Ronald McDonald House.

    New Business

    Gerri has resigned as Treasurer. Susan will be covering the position for now.

    The new website is almost ready -- should be up soon.

    We are going to do every other Sac Con from now on.

    Adjourned 2:20
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    SVRF Meeting
    April 12, 2008

    Called to order: 1:20p

    Financial Statements:
    The bank statements were handed out and gone over. See Susan with any questions.

    March of Dimes:
    April 26th
    Everyone needs to have an envelope with donations if you are going to walk (unless registered online).
    Park at DMV and we'll catch the shuttle to the walk. Shuttle starts running at 730a.
    Walk starts at 9am.
    Wear Polo shirts or costumes.

    May Meeting:
    Date will be changed due to Mother's Day. Most likely 3rd Saturday. Watch boards for information.

    Toy Fusion is now Heroes Alley
    Events every last wknd of the month
    Want costumed members there.
    Vos is our POC.

    Meeting adjourned 2:02p

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