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Sac, CA SVRF Meeting Minutes

Discussion in 'Pacific Regional Discussion' started by Lord_Darth_Vader, Nov 10, 2006.

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  1. Jedidoria

    Jedidoria Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jun 21, 2006
    SVRF Meeting
    May 24, 2008
    Called to order 1:13p

    Members present: Susan, Earl, Chris, Tara, McGyver, Dillon, Pat, Gerri, Marcus, Myke, Tina

    Chancellor / Rogue Leader Position
    There was discussion surrounding LDV's resignation on the boards. Gerri motioned (Pat 2nd) for Susan to keep temporary power. The discussion continued, and when the motion came for a vote, it was a unanimous "nay" by all members. Gerri then put a second motion on the table (Pat 2nd) for Susan to take over leadership (Rogue Leader) of the group. That motion passed with a unanimous "yea" vote by all members. Everyone was reminded that "Chancellor" is an elected position, and anyone will be welcome to run for that office when elections come around.

    Open Positions
    Vice Chancellor is now an open position. Both Marric and AuntBeru expressed a desire to run for that office. There will be a notice posted to the group that anyone that desires to run for the position can do so. Elections will be held at the June meeting. Club Photographer is also now an open position.

    There was a discussion on how the group wants to spend the dues we are now collecting. Options included supplementing costs for events or paying for an event for active members. Everyone present was in agreement that we should be spending the dues on the group, and on group activities. Gerri motioned that all members present at the meeting attending the group movie function would get a $5 "stipend" to spend at the snack bar this time and we would discuss and vote on spending dues for each individual event in the future and then do what the group decided(Chris 2nd). This motion passed with a unanimous "yea."

    Upcoming Events
    We have an opportunity to escort Daniel Logan when he is at Travis AFB. Myke is the POC and will be posting a thread.

    Sac Con is June 7th, and we will be having a table. Scheduling will be done on the boards.

    Susan passed out a calendar with all of our events for the next 8 months on it. These events will get "final approval" at the next meeting, so look over the calendar and be ready to discuss any additions or changes you'd like to see.

    Member Updates
    Chris and Michelle (Chico) went on inactive status.
    McGyver is joining us again -- welcome back!
    Congrats to Myke (Vos) on his Rebel Legion induction.
    Kudos to our brand new PR guy, Myke, for setting up the Daniel Logan event.

    New Business
    Discussion is needed in the future about us opening up our membership to ANYONE and how our bylaws address this issue.

    Perhaps the group would like to start meeting in varying locations around the city in order to be accomodating to all members? Gerri / Susan will look into it.

    Meeting adj. @ 2:28pm
  2. Jedidoria

    Jedidoria Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jun 21, 2006
    SVRF Meeting
    June 14, 2008

    1:30p Called to order

    Members present: Pat, Gerri, Chris C, Chris K, Susan, Dillon, Tina, Tara, Earl, Lavender, Marcus, McGyver

    Approval of May minutes
    Gerri moved to accept, Tina seconded the motion. Unanimous ?yea? for acceptance.

    Financial status
    The group is in good financial shape right now. Bank balance discussed, please see Susan if you want the exact figures.

    Inactive members
    Mike Ralston is now inactive. We wish him good luck and hope he returns soon.

    Movie day event
    Everyone had a really good time, and the group hopes to do it more often.

    ?Fun activities? calendar
    There are many activites planned for the rest of the year, see Susan for a copy of the calendar. Planning will continue for the events, and there will be threads on the boards as the events get close.

    Vice Chancellor Vote
    Paper ballot vote between Chris K and Gerri. Chris K won the election. See Tara for vote tally. Congrats to Chris on his new position!

    Old Business
    Discussed opening up the group to a broader Sci-Fi audience instead of just Star Wars fans. Tabled the discussion for another time.

    New Business
    Discussed possible trip to San Jose in July for gaming convention. Watch the boards for information.

    Meeting adjorned: 2:18p

  3. Jedidoria

    Jedidoria Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jun 21, 2006
    SVRF Meeting
    Aug 9, 2008
    1:30p Called to order

    Members present: Steven, Pat, Chris K, Susan, Dillon, Tina, Tara, Earl, Myke, Lavender, Rus

    5th of July BBQ
    Great success! Everyone had lots of fun, and we plan on making this an annual event.

    Midnight Madness Shopping
    Toys for the new Clone Wars movie are now out. The shopping was fun, and our members found lots of great stuff.

    The group hopes to put together a camping trip for the fall. Susan will look into Bodega Bay and Myke will check about going to Ft Bragg. Maybe mid-Sep thru mid-Oct would be a good time. Details will be posted.

    Daniel Logan event at Travis AFB
    There is a list of attendees on the boards. Keep watching the thread for updates.

    Halloween RMH
    The group has decided to go ahead with the Ronald McDonald House Halloween event again this year. Myke is our POC, and he will give us more info at the next meeting.

    Group Belongings

    We need to start thinking about getting a storage unit if we can get all of our items returned. We hope to not have to replace all of the items already bought and/or donated to the group, and Susan is working on getting all of the items returned. We need a central location where we have easy access to the items for events.

    Pat is doing pics for members in their birthday month. They are "awards" to commemorate the numbers of years a member has been with us. Marric got a 2 year and Leia got a 3 year award. If you are a member, you must not be shy!! Post your b-day on the boards for all of us to know about, so Pat has proper notice.

    SF Event
    We are all still hoping to do the group event to San Francisco. We will discuss it more at the Sep meeting. THe cost is $59 per person for a city pass. Start saving now!

    From the Land Beyond Con
    Sep 26/27/28. Fri and Sat are the Land Beyond Con and Sun is Sac Con. We have decided as a group just to do The Land Beyond Con on Fri and Sat and not do the Sac Con on Sunday. Sign ups will be posted on the boards.

    State Fair
    Myke believes there may be a SW day. Maybe Labor Day weekend? Keep an eye on the boards. Maybe we can all go together and stay late for the fireworks.

    San Jose Toy Fair
    Early September? This is not a group event, but members may want to go.

    Ren Faire
    This will be a group get-together in October. Will discuss more at the September meeting.

    Meeting adjourned: 2:15p
  4. Jedidoria

    Jedidoria Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jun 21, 2006
    SVRF Meeting Agenda
    Sep.13, 2008

    Members attending: Susan, Tina, Pat, Lavender, MacGyver, Marcus, Russ, Earl, Myke, Marric, Tara, Dillon

    Guests: Kimmie, Ross

    Meeting called to order: 1:30p

    Aug Minutes: (Jedidoria) Posted to thread

    Financial Report: (Boba) Only expense is the renewal of our website and we are waiting for a copy of the invoice to reimburse Bith for his expenses.

    Old Business

    Club Inventory
    *Banners retrieved
    *Working on getting the rest of the items for the carnival
    *Need to come up with an inventory so we can ask for an accounting of club items

    Land Beyond Con
    *Everyone needs to schedule with Vos
    *Vos will post thread

    October Events
    *Camping is tentative at this point / may need to wait until spring
    *Ren Faire will be a group event / will try for Saturday
    *RMH Carnival needs planning / try to do new activities this year
    **Next meeting will need to nail down details: who is attending, what we are doing as activity, what will we give away, will R-2 be there??

    New Business

    Christmas Party
    *Will be Dec 13th at the JD/Marric residence
    * The party will be a potluck, and the group will provide the drinks
    * Will do white elephant gift exchange
    * Be ready for SW Pictionary!!!

    SF Trip
    *Maybe do Nov 15 instead of later in the month?
    *Need to confirm numbers at October meeting

    Other Business:

    *Ross is now an official member. He will get with Jedidoria and get a number

    Meeting adjourned: 1:57p
  5. Jedidoria

    Jedidoria Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jun 21, 2006
    SVRF Meeting Agenda
    Oct 11, 2008

    Members attending: Susan, Tina, Pat, Earl, Ross, Dillon, TJ, Steven, Raul, Tara, Chris

    Meeting called to order: approx. 1:30p

    Sep Minutes: (Jedidoria) Posted to thread

    RMH Carnevil 10-24 5-8pm:
    *Myke has already confirmed our table
    *Still need to confirm with Gerard
    *Thane will be coming in trooper gear
    *Myke will post a thread

    Nov 15th San Francisco trip:
    *Susan gave out pamphlets w/ info
    *We can meet and carpool 7-7:30am
    *Must let Susan know by RMH Carnevil

    Ren Faire
    *Sat 10/18
    *Meet 9:30a at ticket booth
    *Marric will start thread

    November meeting
    *Should we meet?
    *Could be short meeting to catch everyone up on dues and discuss potluck for Christmas party

    TJ / SCCG TV
    *Sac Comics Creators Group
    *15 min- 1/2 hour "news" shows
    *TJ is "The Fandom Menace"
    *Episodes online / see thread

    Members news:
    *Chico Chris is an active member again!

    October birthdays:
    *Earl, Steven, Myke
    *Maybe do Nov 15 instead of later in the month?
    *Need to confirm numbers at October meeting

    Meeting adjourned: 2:17p
  6. Jedidoria

    Jedidoria Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jun 21, 2006
    SVRF Meeting Agenda
    Jan 24, 2009

    Members attending: Susan, Tina, Pat, Earl, Ross, Dillon, Steven, Raul, Tara, Chris, Myke

    Meeting called to order: 1:32p

    Feb Meeting / Museum Day
    *Unanimous vote to move the meeting to Feb 7 so as not to interfere with Valentine's Day
    *On that day (2/7/09) almost all Sac museums are free. Susan will post a list of museums to the boards and we will vote where we want to go. We'll meet up for a quick meeting at Round Table, then car pool together to the museum that was picked.

    *Feb 27/28/Mar 1
    *Most people are going on Sat, 2/28. We'll call each other once we get there and all go to lunch together.
    *Chris will start a thread regarding when everyone is going, since some people may be going all three days...or days other than Saturday. That way members will be able to know who to look out for / carpool with / etc.

    *Opens in SF 2/6/09. No plans for it to show in Sac unless it does exceptionally well. There will be no group event planned to go to SF to see it...maybe once it hits DVD we can plan a viewing party.

    SacCon / participation
    *There was an open discussion about our participation in SacCon. It was determined that it will be most cost and time efficient for us to no longer set up a table for SacCon. The group will instead focus on the 3 day "From the Land Beyond" Con which is a SciFi/Horror Con. The group feels we have the most potential for getting new memebers at that Con compared to SacCon. Myke will continue to organize this event, and will post a schedule for manning the tables for that weekend.
    *We will have 2 people per shift work the Con. The table can not be a gathering place for members. We want to appear more organized / and we want to start actively recruting for new members.
    *There will be further discussion as the Con gets closer.

    *Chris will review the group's By Laws to determine if elections need to be held at this time.

    March for Babies / Running for Rhett Marathon
    *It was determined by group discussion that we will not take part this year in the March for Babies. Instead we will man a water station for the Running for Rhett Marathon. Susan will post more information about participating as it becomes available.
    *Runnin' for Rhett is a non-profit running/walking group raising money to fund scholarships for local college students majoring in Special Education. It's in honor of Rhett Seevers, who was born in 1997 with cerebral palsy and died in 2004. His story inspires those who feel defeated, uplifts those who feel down, and encourages people to take that first step and move into life.
    *The race begins Sunday, March 15 at 8 a.m. at Raley Field in West Sacramento.

    New Business

    Meeting adjourned: 2:05p

  7. Jedidoria

    Jedidoria Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jun 21, 2006
    Feb 7 Meeting

    Attendees: Susan, Earl, Marcus, Pat, Dillon, Tara, Chris, Myke

    No business...went to Sacramento Science Center after meeting up at Round Table. SO BUSY we couldn't get in. Went to Logan's Roadhouse for grub.
  8. Jedidoria

    Jedidoria Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jun 21, 2006
    March 14, 2009
    Called to order 1:10p

    Members: Myke, Kimmie, Chris, Tara, TJ, Pat, Dillon, Steven, Raul

    We lost Marcus to a tragic car accident. The SVRF will be retiring his number (#27) and giving him the title: Guardian of the SVRF. He will be greatly missed by all.

    Due to their loss, Susan and Earl will be stepping back from the group for a while. In the interim, Chris will step into the role of Supreme Chancellor. (Susan has already warned Chris not to get too comfortable in the position!) This is until Susan and Earl are ready to come back.

    Race for Rhett has been cancelled for this year. Maybe we?ll be able to participate next year.

    New Members: Megan and Tommy

    Adjourned: 1:40p
  9. Jedidoria

    Jedidoria Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jun 21, 2006
    April 18, 2009
    Called to order: 1:15

    Attendees: Tina, Ross, Kimmie, Myke, Raul, Steven, Pat, Dillon, Tara, Chris

    Introductions: New members Tommy and Megan ? third event today! (2 meetings, 1 con) Chose numbers so can be ?official.?
    Mike (Darth Zemog) first meeting.

    Update on Susan Earl
    They seem to be doing as well as can be expected. They hope to be back to the group soon.

    Myke went over upcoming events and cons. Chris reviewed SVRF rules for Cons?show up on time if working table?only people assigned to work should be behind the table?we need to be professional when we are representing the group.

    The Land Beyond Con is Sep 25-27. This will be an official SVRF event. Myke will post sign ups when it gets closer.

    Super Con is coming up in May (16&17) in San Jose.

    Sac Anime is in August. It is moving to the Radisson Hotel.

    Group Events

    The group needs to try to get together more often. Ideas for upcoming events:

    Movies ? Wolverine (Today)
    Star Trek (Next meeting)
    Movie Night
    SF Trip

    JediDarkNight said that UC Davis Campus has an open game night (Once a month? Once a week?) that has multiple board / card games going all evening. He said it?s a lot of fun. PM him for details.

    May 2 is Free Comic Book Day

    Tommy and Megan are starting a WoW raiding guild. They are still setting it up?it?ll be a Horde group on the Baelgun Server. More detail to come?

    Adjourned: 1:55
  10. Jedidoria

    Jedidoria Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jun 21, 2006
    May 9, 2009
    Called to order: 1:10p

    Attendees: Chris, Tara, Pat, Dillon, Megan, Tommy, Mike, Myke, Kimmie

    Needs update! Tara will post thread. If you are a new member, she'll need lots of, phone, etc...old members send update only if some information has changed.

    Mike (Darth Zemog) is now an official member! He's been to 2 meetings/ one event.

    The group talked about the movie. Long, geeky discussion ensued. :)

    Star Trek
    Group is getting together today to watch the movie at Regal Natomas at 3pm.

    Movie Night
    Fanboys is released on DVD in May. We will have a BBQ/Movie Night in June (June 27) hosted by Chris and Tara so we can get together and watch the movie. It will be a potluck...hamburgers and hotdogs will be provided. There will be a sign up posted for food, and a thread started so everyone can save the date.

    Upcoming Events (Myke)
    May 17th Make a Wish Twilight Walk
    Capitol / N and 10th St 5pm
    RL will be there. Costumers welcome to come out and walk. Changing area provided.

    Harware Wars
    June 4th 5:30p and 8p Crest Theater K. St Downtown Sac
    Meet Director Ernie Fosselius in Person

    June 13th Summer Reading Program Kickoff
    Franklin Community Library 1-3p
    Indoor event / room provided to change
    Any costumers welcome to come and help entertain the 1000 kids expected at this event.

    June 27th Red, White and Blue Parade
    Sunrise Blvd between Madison and Greenback 9am
    Marchers in costume are welcome to come join in on this pre-4th of July event.

    PM Myke if interested in any of these events.


    More new movies coming out...Transformers, Terminator...will try to continue to set up movies after the meeting so we can all enjoy the movie together.

    Adjourned 1:50p

  11. Jedidoria

    Jedidoria Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jun 21, 2006
    Meeting 8/15/09
    Start: 1:13p

    Attendees: Kimmie, Myke, Susan, Earl, Mike, Dillon, Pat, Tina, Chris, Tara, Steven, Kayla

    Official Business:

    Officers Meeting in September -- Noon

    New CR -- Susan

    Land Beyond Con 9/25-27
    We will be posting a thread with details. Sign ups will be at the September meeting.
    Star Wars Stars in attendance: Ray Park, Daniel Logan, Matthew Wood, Peter Mayhew, Doug (Vos)
    Details on our group dinner will be discussed at next months meeting.

    Star Wars in Concert
    Everyone with tickets is going on Saturday. So far attendees are: Kimmie, Myke, Susan, Earl, Mike (+1), Ross, Tina, Chris, Tara and possibly Dillion and Pat. We will all do dinner together following the concert.

    RMH Carnival
    Nothing posted on their website yet as far as a date. Myke will do follow up and post on the boards.

    Ren Faire
    Folsom City Lions Park 10/17-10/18. We always make this a group event. Plan on trying to attend.

    Christmas Party/New Years Party
    Discussion was had regarding whether we should have a party before Christmas or combine the two holidays and have a big party for New Years. Members in attendance decided to do a before Christmas party. More details will come as we get closer.

    Other events members may be interested in:
    Aug 21-24 Gathering of the Gargoyles (the Disney cartoon). Find it online at:

    Aug 22 San Jose Toy Show (already a thread)

    Sac Anime is coming up. It?ll be at the Radisson Hotel on Leisure Lane in Sac.

    Sep 4-7 Dragon Con in Atlanta

    Club Stuff:
    We could start a new thread per week -- one member to be in charge of it to try to keep discussion running (since the boards are so quiet anymore). It can be on absolutely any (appropriate)topic. More details will be posted on the boards.

    Birthday Update. We will start trying to celebrate birthdays again each month. Cookies, cupcakes, etc., something small to recognize our members.

    Comic Con
    Recent movies
    Kimmie and Mykes engagement! Congrats!!

    Meeting adjourned: 2:19
  12. Jedidoria

    Jedidoria Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jun 21, 2006
    Meeting 1/9/2010
    Start: 1:25p

    Attendees: Kimmie, Myke, Susan, Earl, Mike, Dillon, Pat, Tina, Chris, Tara, Steven, Raul, Kayla, Mike, Chris C

    Official Business:


    Dues have been reinstated. It is $5/mo OR if you pay in January, you will get a discounted rate of $40. Susan will be posting the paypal link if were unable to pay at the Jan meeting.


    Wonder Con April 2-4
    We will try to make plans at the March meeting for carpools, and to set a meet up time for dinner for anyone that goes to the Con.

    Comic Con
    Hotels open March 18.
    Four day passes and Saturday passes are already sold out.

    Celebration V
    Looks like only Susan, Earl and Tina are planning on attending.
    Aug 12-15 in Orlando, FL.

    Club Outings

    Discussion about stating to try to do events after the meetings. Some of our members travel quite a distance and we'd like to start making it worth the time they put into making it to the meetings. Suggestions are bowling, movies, and going out to eat after the meeting.

    Plans were made to go "Glow in the Dark Mini Golf" and then dinner at the Old Spaghetti Factory afterwards on January 30th (in Rancho Cordova). And Chris C offered to do movie night in February. More details will be on the board.


    Discussion on how to get the website up and running was decided we would do a Fan page on Facebook. Tina and Susan will be working on it.


    Mike is going to work on doing a new flyer for us for Cons.

    The entire group needs to be thinking about Star Wars "people" we may like to bring in to do Land Beyond Con. The promoters have said they'd do the work behind getting the people we want to the Con, but we will have to foot some of the cost. We can try to bring in actors, writers, artists or voice actors. Think about who you'd like to meet at the Con and as a group, we can discss the feasibility for getting that person here.

    Suggestion for the group to try to go to a Kings game together. We will look into ticket prices.

    The group took a picture with traveling Yoda. Yoda has been all over the world visiting SW fans, and he stopped by and paid us a visit.

    Metting ended: 2:27p

  13. Jedidoria

    Jedidoria Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jun 21, 2006
    Meeting 4/10/2010
    Begin 1:20p

    Attendees: Kayla, Dillon, Chris, Tara, Kimmie, Myke, Mike, Pat

    Upcoming Cons

    June 6th Sac Con
    We will be having a table.
    We want to keep coming up with ideas for special guests to bring to the cons. The organizers are supportive of our ideas, we just need to have some!

    June 27th, IndyEuphoria
    Scottish Rite
    Indie stuff -- comics, vinyl, toys. No anime!!

    Sep 3-5th Sac Anime
    Scottish Rite

    Sep 25-26th Sci-Fi Horror Show
    Scottish Rite

    October (date TBA) RMH Carnival


    WonderCon discussion
    Everyone had a good time, as always...

    May 1 Free Comic Book Day
    Event planned for Empire Comics

    May 8th-- next meeting
    Iron Man II comes out. Group plans on getting together for movie before or after the meeting so we can all go together. Maybe food and bowling, too??

    Meeting ended 1:45p
  14. Jedidoria

    Jedidoria Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jun 21, 2006
    SVRF Meeting Minutes
    May 8 2010

    Attendees: Kayla, Dillon, Mike, Chris C, Chris K, Myke, Kimmie, Pat, Susan, Earl, Tara, Tina

    Called to order: 235p

    Iron Man II
    The group went to see Iron Man II before the meeting. Discussion.

    Sac Con, Sun, June 6

    Con runs from 10-5p

    Need table coverage
    930-12 Susan & Earl
    12-230 Dillon, Pat and Mike
    230-5 Tara and Chris

    There will be a donation jar on the table to raise funds to bring guests to the Con.
    Still flyers for the con leftover from WonderCon...will have avail for the table.
    Myke will be there all day.

    Decision made to cancel June meeting so our members dont have to travel two weekends in a row. Only meeting will be getting together for Sac Con. Everyone at the con at the end of the day will go to dinner together.

    Celebration V
    Susan and Earl have confirmed their attendance

    July 3rd SVRF BBQ
    Susan will work to find a park for us to go spend the day in for the second annual SVRF July 3 BBQ. More details to come...

    Meeting ended at 255 and the group went off for the yearly SVRF Bowl-A-Thon

  15. Jedidoria

    Jedidoria Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jun 21, 2006
    Meeting Sept 11 2010
    Called to order: 145p

    Attendees: Chris, Tara, Kayla, Dillon, Pat, Tina, Myke, Kimmie, Scott

    It appears traveling Yoda may be lost. Susan has a possible lead on him and will be checking the post office this week. If we can't find him, the group has decided we will buy a new Yoda and a new scrapbook for Master Kenobi. If we can find Yoda before Sac Sci Fi and Horror Show, we think that a picture with Billy Dee is the least we can do! Will keep everyone up to date per postings on the board.

    Sac Sci Fi and Horror Show
    Sat Sep 25th and Sun Sep 26th

    We have our table set. It looks like we may be set up to share with the Rebel Legion, but Myke will work on getting us a separate table since RL has a list of people already coming to work the Con. Chris will finish the PVC banner-hanger and have it completed for the Con.

    Table Schedule:

    930-130: Tara and Chris and Kayla
    130-500: Pat and Dillon
    5-7p: Myke and Kimmie

    1030-1: Myke and Kimmie
    1-3: Pat and Dillon
    3-5: Chris and Tara and Kayla

    TJ has offered to help on Saturday, and we will add him in once we know his availability.

    RMH Halloween Carnival
    October 22nd Friday
    Set up 430. Event from 6-8 pm.

    We will do the same bean bag toss as in years past, and also do a ring toss over lightsabers. We need to buy candy and medals for the kids. Need items for 200 kids. Maybe Chico Mike can make us a new color sheet for the kids.
    Everyone should try to come in costume or group polo. Even if your costume is not "canon," wear it anyway! It's for the kids!!

    We'll talk about it more at our October meeting.

    Btuf Clothing
    Scott is willing to give all SVRF members a discount on his shirts. (See the Btuf FB page) If interested talk to him or Myke. They are super cool!!

    Meeting ended 230p

  16. Jedidoria

    Jedidoria Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jun 21, 2006
    Meeting 10/9/2010
    Called to order: 115p

    Attendees: Chris, Tara, Dillon, Pat, Myke, Kimmie, Scott, Susan, Earl
    Guests: Jennifer, Dusan

    RMH Halloween Carnival
    October 22nd Friday
    Set up 430. Event from 6-8 pm.

    We will do the same bean bag toss as in years past, and also may do a ring toss over lightsabers if we can figure out how to make it work. JD will buy the candy and medals for 200+ kids. Chico Mike has offered to do a new color sheet, which we are excited about. Nasus will get bags for us to hand out like we did in years past. Marric will look into designing a We discussed the possibility of a scavenger hunt, but decided against it due to many of the children at the event having physical limitations. We want everyone with a semblence of a costume to wear it -- afterall, this event is all about the kids and they love to see everyone dressed up. Everyone is welcome to help at this event -- the more the merrier. Set up will begin at 430. We are hoping to get the group together for dinner afterwards.

    Yoda was recovered and met with Billy Dee! We have sent Yoda back to Master Kenobi.

    Sac Sci Fi and Horror Show Recap
    It was a really successful con. Good people, good energy. Our two guests this month came to us via contact at the Con, which is fantastic. The new banner stand worked out great, thanks to Marric for making it. This is a Con that we feel like our time/effort is well spent.

    Christmas Party
    Plan now for our annual SVRF Christmas party (likely the second Saturday). The theme will be Christmas in the 80's, so start planning your outfit NOW. If Jedidoria has her way, Xandau will be the movie we are all watching. The rest of the group has mixed feelings on this movie, so if there are any other suggestions, JD will (maybe) consider it. PM her.

    Myke has posted threads will all of our upcoming events. Read the boards!!! Talk and engage one another!!

    Meeting ended 200p
  17. Dusan

    Dusan Jedi Youngling

    Dec 5, 2010
    I finally figured out how to do this(I'm technically challenged). This is Dusan, the guy that showed up for the first time 2 months ago. I'm sorry, I had an emergency the day of the last meeting, will there be a meeting next Sat? I'd still like to be part of the group if I'm welcome.

    I don't know how to get in touch with Myke, but I'd like thank him for inviting me & say 'Hey.'

  18. TaintedJedi

    TaintedJedi Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 2, 2004
    Dusan - we are having a holiday party instead of a meeting this month. Click [link=]HERE[/link] to go to that thread. Also, you can find Myke [link=]HERE[/link] on the boards and send him a PM, or you can find him through our Facebook page [link=]HERE[/link]... he is listed under the "Admins" heading. Feel free to post in one of the threads here in our forums, start your own, or join in on Facebook. We are scattered to the four winds these days, but we ARE a fun bunch to chat with when you can wrangle us together. ;)

    Welcome aboard!

  19. Jedidoria

    Jedidoria Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jun 21, 2006
    Hey Dusan! Glad you found us here. Sorry you missed us at RMH, we were looking forward to seeing you. It looks like TJ took care of all the info you'll need...hope you can make it to the Holiday Party!!
  20. Jedidoria

    Jedidoria Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jun 21, 2006
    SVRF Meeting 2/12/2011
    Started: 115p

    Attendees: Chris, Tara, Dillon, Pat, Mike, Myke, Kimmie, Steven, Tina, Ross, Dusan
    Guests: Maria, Shawna

    Upcoming Cons:

    Wonder Con
    April 1/2/3
    The majority of the group is going to try to go on Saturday, 4/2. We will start a thread as this gets closer so we can make arrangements to all meet up for lunch.

    Comic Con
    Tina was able to get tickets!! Pat and Dillon were persistant and able to get tickets, too. No one else had any luck...
    Myke and Kimmie are going to try to go as volunteers.

    Sac Con
    March 6th, Sun, Scottish Rite
    We will work this Con. Thread will be started w/ sign-ups to work the table for the day.

    April 16-17, 2011
    Red Lion Inn, Sacramento
    Thread on the boards

    Stockton Thunder
    March 19th (Sat) Stockton Thunder is hosting a Star Wars night at the Stockton Arena. 501/RL will be attending. Contact Myke for more info.

    Open Floor discussion:

    Clone War series / Upcoming movies

    Dusan picked a Rogue number. He is our newest "official" member, Rogue 23!!

    Guests Shawna and Maria attended...learned about us from local Cons and Myke. Hope to see them next month!

    Meeting ended 205p
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